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  1. I forgot to mention, the lower third is just a gradient red box with basic thin Avenir. At least bold it. It's such a cheap-looking contrast to the ticker design which they keep.
  2. I haven't watched much local news in a while. So I only just saw KRON's opens recently for the first time. Are they from a generic package? Maybe a uniform Nexstar package? Or are they unique to KRON because I really love them and the way they use scenes of the Bay Area. It's very slick and modern. Which is quite contrary to KRON's actual production quality the last couple of years. The new studio looks good. Those are a lot of screens which they can definitely use in many different ways. I'll miss Instant Classics. It's iconic and KRON. I feel it's better than the generic music every other station uses. Which, to be honest, sound more dated and tired.
  3. I haven't watched KRON in a while, but I'm always interested in graphics and music packages. I'm a fan of Instant Classics. It's so iconic. And regardless of KRON's actual content, Instant Classics brings a sense of comfort. This is my first time seeing the opening graphics and I love them. Surprisingly modern and contemporary. The set also looks like the most modern design they've ever had.
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