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  1. Well that was fast, also at least she can start applying for a job at Newsmax or OANN freely now.
  2. Considering how small the market I can understand why they would want the newer ones.
  3. KNXV did a little segment regarding his passing.
  4. I'm pretty sure that blindsided James Spann. Also he did the 10 pm news last night so that must've been very sudden.
  5. ABC 3340 anchor Christopher Sign passes away overnight. https://abc3340.com/news/local/abc-3340-anchor-christopher-sign-passes-away
  6. Midwin Charles, CNN and MSNBC legal analyst, dies at age 47.
  7. I like the new graphics it suits them.
  8. WRDW/WAGT got the new graphics and a new set at a new building.
  9. I think they made it work.
  10. They've got Johnathan Weant as their chief meteorologist so this should be interesting.

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