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  1. For the past several years, WAKA in Montgomery, AL was noted for being the first station in the US to air the main run of Jeopardy!, at 10:30 AM Eastern/9:30 AM Central leading into Price is Right (and a whole nine hours before Wheel of Fortune). This season, they moved it to 4:30 PM, the show's most common time slot in the Central Time Zone (most stations do Jeopardy!/Local News/National News/Local News/Wheel of Fortune). The Doctors now fills the 9:00 AM hour. Now, the earliest airing of first-run J! I'm aware of is 11:30 AM Central on KTRK in Houston.
  2. WFXT in Boston is replacing their Mel Robbins hour at 2:00 with the Xploration E/I programs. On Mondays, two episodes air. On Tue-Fri, one episode airs at 2:00 and Millionaire airs at 2:30. Monday episodes of Millionaire air at 1:40 AM Tuesday, which is a Simpsons rerun from from Wed-Sat. In New York, WLNY has added a local program "Inside the NY Jets" Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. This bumps one of two episodes of Last Man Standing to 2:30 AM, replacing Millionaire. As a result, Tuesday episodes of Millionaire will air Sunday afternoons at 2:00 PM.
  3. Ouch. They barely gave it a chance. Savannah never really had faith in game shows besides Wheel and Jeopardy!; I seem to recall they didn't carry the last few seasons of syndie Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, either. They do carry the reruns going on now, but only because they happen to be the biggest market with a CW+.
  4. Not anymore. Lima finally acquired both shows' weekend runs, and will be one of the few markets to air them on Sundays and not Saturdays. It looks like their normal times will be Jeopardy! at 11:30 AM and Wheel at 6:00 PM leading into CBS Weekend News (which they delay to 6:30; WCBS airs it at 6:00). However, for this weekend, due to NFL on Sunday, Wheel gets the 11:30 AM slot and Jeopardy! moves to 1:00 AM Sunday. This now leaves only one market that doesn't carry either show on weekends: Harrisonburg, VA (WHSV). The only other one that doesn't carry Wheel is Springfield, MA (WWLP
  5. Airs Monday mornings at 8:00 AM on WWOR in New York, and will continue through next season.
  6. Yep, WCBS filled it with Judge Judy reruns on Mondays and repeats of the previous day's Inside Edition from Tuesday-Friday. WABC did only do 30 minutes up until the early 2010's. They used to air the syndicated version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? at 12:30. It later moved to 2:00 PM before the show was cancelled in 2019.
  7. Rachael Ray is playing a "retro week" of past episodes this week. Monday's episode was the show's very first. Interestingly, all the closing logos at the end were kept intact, including the old "KingWorld" logo (now CBSTVD).
  8. It looks like they keep pre-empting one of the two runs with infomercials, according to their website schedule, but they seem to still be carrying both runs for next season.
  9. I stand corrected. I contacted them today asking if they had any plans to air Thursday's Wheel since it's the season finale, and they said it will air at 4:30 AM that morning (not the morning after; 14.5 hours early!!) on their CW+ subchannel. So much for other stations saying, "We're not allowed to air Wheel before 7:00".
  10. That lists Dr. Phil twice, at 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM. I really doubt the WCBS/WLNY duopoly will air Phil a total of three times a day. If anything, if Drew at 10 is true, maybe the Judys move to 5:00 AM.
  11. Probably since the series premiere. A bunch of 1997 Wheel of Fortune recordings from WLNY have been surfacing online these past few months and some of them have promos for Judge Judy at 10:00. Where did you see this, though? My listings have the Drew repeats at 8:00 PM (bumping the Dr. Phil repeat to 5:00 AM the next day), and the Judy's still at 10. Although annoyingly, Xfinity still lists them as the same episodes that air at 4:00 on WCBS even though they're not.
  12. It's continuing on WLNY, but it's being reduced from two runs to one starting 9/14, and only repeats are airing for now.
  13. WBZ pre-empts Wheel about twice as often as J!. Most of the non-NFL-season affairs are only half an hour and they always choose J! over Wheel, even if it means moving it to Wheel's time slot. Also, WBZ moved J! to 7:00 during TNF ever since they started carrying it in 2014, according to a local Wheel fan back then, so Wheel would have been the one only airing twice a week. https://buyavowel.boards.net/post/59340/thread Not only that, but once the pandemic started, WBZ began airing infomercials at 7:00 and 7:30 on most Saturdays (except for July 4), relegating Wheel and
  14. PAA repeats on WSBK over the weekend, so it's totally pointless for them to air it on WBZ anyway. And Jeopardy! does move to WSBK if a tournament episode is pre-empted, but Wheel never does. WBZ even pre-empted a repeat of a Boston-themed episode they sponsored with an offseason PAA this summer. I heard that when the game shows first moved over, they didn't air the Friday episodes at all, except for special Boston-themed episodes of Wheel (that were actually filmed in Boston to promote the move), which would air Saturdays at 7:30, pre-empting Jeopardy! Weekend. Nowadays, you'll never see WBZ p
  15. One more change that actually happened a few months ago and is probably permanent: Wheel of Fortune Weekend now airs on KTXA instead of KTVT, one of the few markets to separate the weekday and weekend runs between two stations.
  16. Not that. WBZ has a local program called Patriots All Access that airs every Friday during NFL season, and also on several Fridays during the offseason. It airs on WBZ at 7:00 PM and then repeats on WSBK sometime on Sunday mornings. Friday episodes of Wheel of Fortune and most Friday eps of Jeopardy! are bumped to overnight. Jeopardy! gets moved to WSBK if it's a tournament episode, but Wheel never gets moved there. The offseason episodes of PAA are only half an hour, so only Wheel gets preempted. Also, whenever WBZ has to preempt 7:30 for a special event, they move Jeopardy! to 7:00 and bump
  17. And Wheel of Fortune will continue to be pre-empted to 2:07 AM every Friday night for NFL season (with Jeopardy! also bumped roughly half the time).
  18. WRBL (CBS) in Columbus, GA added a newscast on Saturdays at 7:00 PM and now follows it with infomercials at 7:30. As a result, the weekend run of Wheel of Fortune (previously 7:30) now airs Saturday nights at 11:30 PM followed by Weekend Jeopardy! (previously 7:00) at midnight.
  19. In Dallas, it's moving from 2:00 PM on KTVT (CBS O&O), in favor of Drew, to 9:00 AM on KDAF (CW), replacing a double run of DailyMailTV. In what is probably one of the few cases of Millionaire returning to the same station it aired on its first-run, KTXA in Dallas (indie) now airs it at 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. During the show's final years in first-run, they only aired one run at 6:30, which is now repeats of KTVT's 6:00 news. Also, KTXA replaced a HIMYM double run with a RightThisMinute double run at 8:00 PM.
  20. So it looks like Wheel and Ellen really are the only strictly-single-airing weekday syndies, unless anyone knows of any markets that air Ellen twice. I've never seen it, and I know for a fact Wheel doesn't (although WJFW in Rhinelander, WI once repeated the same day's Jeopardy! and Wheel in primetime to replace the infamous 30 Rock reunion special that most NBC affiliates refused to air).
  21. I could have sworn I've seen at least one market repeat Rachael Ray overnight... unless that was its only airing.
  22. Go to zap2it.com and enter zip code 48864.
  23. It is indeed leaving syndication. Sony is now offering Common Knowledge instead. Both shows will continue airing in first-run on GSN. Guess The Game is leaving syndication as well.
  24. Are there are any weekday syndies besides Wheel of Fortune and Ellen that don't offer a second airing of any kind - whether it's a full-on second run, or an "encore airing" like many markets do with the newsmagazine shows, and many of the hour-long talk shows? I know for sure WOF doesn't, and I've never seen any markets repeat Ellen overnight or on lesser sister stations, but I've seen it with all the other hour talks. It's always bothered me that Wheel only has one run, since every other syndicated game show gets one from the get go (Funny You Should Ask, 25 Words or Less, America

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