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  1. I'm assuming they didn't make up Wheel... Judy will likely still offer at least two runs when it ends first run. I hope CBS TVD rolls out a Wheel equivalent of Daytime Jeopardy! given that it's the most prone to pre-emptions, stations usually don't bother giving it makegoods because of its popularity decline and dropping returning champions, and only about 60% of a season's episodes get reruns from either summer hiatus or WOF Weekend, plus it's not on any streaming platforms (except Celebrity WOF on Hulu). I'm sure they'll add Alex's final week to the host of J! episodes available on Netflix.
  2. Seems like it's been getting pre-empted there a lot lately. I believe it also got JIP'd on 1/1 because ABC had College Football until 3:30 CT which ran long until about 3:45.
  3. Wheel didn't air on most NBC's, but it did air on most CBS's. It aired on all ABC's except for WJLA in DC and WPBF in West Palm Beach, which always makes up local news at 7:00 if the usual 6:00 is pre-empted. WLIO in Lima, OH (NBC) aired Wheel and Jeopardy!, but Wheel was accidentally a repeat of Tuesday's episode. Here's a list of what stations actually did air Wheel at 7:00 ET last night: https://buyavowel.boards.net/post/111614/thread At least two markets replaced Wheel with Jeopardy!. WDAF in Kansas City (FOX) pre-empted J!'s double run from 2-3 Central, so they moved the first-run ep to 6:30 in Wheel's slot and bumped Wheel to 11:00 PM in place of TMZ. WBNS in Columbus, OH (CBS) made up a local newscast at 7:00, which is J!'s slot, and slid it to 7:30 and did not air Wheel at all. WBNS is one of multiple stations that will always move J! to Wheel's slot if J!'s is pre-empted but Wheel's isn't (others include WBZ Boston, KATU Portland, WFTV Orlando, and KRQE Albuquerque). CBS O&O KTVT in Dallas moved Wheel to KTXA in favor of a local newscast makeup at 6:30. However, WXIA in Atlanta (NBC) did not move Wheel or Jeopardy! to WATL (My), which they almost-always do on pre-emptions. And unsurprisingly, given how much they hate Wheel in general, WBZ Boston (CBS O&O) opted not to air it, nor make it up, but they moved Jeopardy! to WSBK, which they normally only do if a tournament episode is pre-empted (but Alex's final episodes are more important). Still, no reason not to move Wheel there too. They are also pre-empting Wheel on Friday with a half-hour edition of Patriots All Access, meaning it gets very little viewers on the day of Alex's last episode on the sister show. Many West Coast markets moved access syndies to the 8:00 hour, including ABC O&O's KABC and KGO. KABC also pre-empted Tuesday's Wheel for Georgia coverage and ran a crawl at the end of Jeopardy! saying Tuesday's episode would air Saturday in place of WOF Weekend. I don't know of any stations last night that aired Wheel but not Jeopardy! - they either aired both, neither, or only J! - although I imagine WLS Chicago did since I didn't see any announcement about J! moving to 6:30 (it normally airs at 3:30, so it was pre-empted, but they probably moved it to 7.2 Localish).
  4. Are there any current examples of one station airing a syndicated program at the exact same time as its network primetime version or a primetime spinoff of said program on a competing station? When Celebrity Wheel of Fortune premieres on Thursday, it will be on at the same time as the regular Wheel of Fortune in the Phoenix market: CWOF on KNXV, WOF on KTVK, both at 7:00 MST. KTVK is the only station in the US that doesn't air Wheel in prime access, but prime itself. Similarly, I'm sure there must have been some markets where the syndicated Family Feud was airing on a My, CW, or indie at the same time as Celebrity Family Feud on ABC. Probably the same when Judge Judy had its primetime special as well. It's much rarer with Wheel since no My's or CW's carry it regularly, and only two indies carry it: KTVK and KJZZ in Salt Lake City, and it doesn't have a second run that some may relegate to those stations, like with Feud, Judy, and even Jeopardy!
  5. How far in advance can stations schedule syndies to air a specific program at an irregular time on a certain day? I ask because I noticed that a lot of stations over these past two weeks have still been giving Jeopardy! higher priority than Wheel of Fortune despite the former being in reruns, with regards to the latter still getting pre-empted by local specials (such as Buffalo Kickoff Live on WIVB and WROC; Wheel was bumped on both three times over the past four weeks including tonight) and the former getting better makegood slots on ABC affiliates from the Christmas NBA pre-emptions. I'm sure J!'s ratings will skyrocket next week for Alex's last shows, but I doubt these classic late 2000's reruns are outperforming first-run Wheels. WPVI in Philadelphia moved Friday's Wheel to its Localish subchannel, but moved Friday's Jeopardy! (originally Alex's final episode, but changed to a rerun) to Saturday at 7:30, usually WOF Weekend's slot. WABC did the exact opposite (although the Saturday at 7:30 slot would have meant JIP if College Football ran long, which it managed not to). Another O&O, WTVD, moved J! Weekend to 7:30 due to local news at 7:00 and didn't air Friday or Saturday's Wheel at all (they don't air WOF Weekend during CFB season but do air J! Weekend around 1:00 AM). Also, KABC in LA opted to broadcast Wheel before Jeopardy! on Friday night instead of the usual other way around, which resulted in Wheel getting JIP'd because of NBA running over. KOMO in Seattle moved Wheel from 7:00 to 7:30 and J! to 9:00 or 9:30 (forget which), and that too got JIP'd. I feel like some of these stations may have scheduled the 12/25 airing of J! back when it was still slated to be Alex's final show.
  6. And it would result in Wheel getting pre-empted multiple times by NFL and MLB pregame, if they kept the traditional ABC O&O scheduling of J! at 7:00 and Wheel at 7:30. There would need to be a better solution than what 90% of the FOX's already do with Wheel by putting it late at night after the game.
  7. Looks like WBZ finally gave in to all the complaints from Wheel and Jeopardy! fans. Patriots All Access has been moved from Fridays to Saturdays starting this week. It's still at 7:00, so the shows are still pre-empted, but only reruns this time (though unlike the phase where they were airing infomercials at 7:00 earlier this year, neither show is moved overnight; they are simply not airing at all on weekends). No more Friday pre-emptions! Now if only WKRN in Nashville could do the same with their Titans show and have it pre-empt WOF Weekend instead of first-run episodes weekly.
  8. That's true. WKRN Nashville (ABC) airs The Mike Vrabel Show (AKA "Titans on 2") Tuesdays at 6:30 CT during NFL season, bumping Tuesday eps of Wheel to 12:06 AM. They used to air it at 7:00 back when ABC had ill-fated sitcoms in that slot, but then once people actually started caring for the first primetime hour on ABC again, they got complaints, and so Wheel is now the victim; the show used to air on Mondays until the 2019-20 season, where it moved to Tuesdays. However, when the Titans played in that Tuesday CBS game recently, they did not do the show, so Wheel aired.
  9. This another very bad time for syndies that air in the prime access hour on FOX... the 7:30 ET slot is pre-empted five times this week and next, and the 7:00 slot three times. This week had an optional NFL game on Monday, a national one on Tuesday (with pregame starting at 7 instead of 7:30), the usual Thursday, then next week has Thursday plus PAC-12 starting at 7 on Friday 12/18. It's interesting that FOX tried to buy Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! off the ABC O&O's recently. If they did get them, do you think they would continue to start NFL and MLB pregames at 7:30? If so, that's a huge blow to Wheel (Wheel airs at 7:30 ET/6:30 CT in most markets). Markets like Kansas City, Baltimore, and New Orleans lose half of the next two week's Wheel episodes, and this is the "Secret Santa" home viewer sweepstakes, usually the highest-rated period for them even though they don't do it in sweeps months anymore.
  10. All the ABC O&O's are pre-empting Wheel of Fortune tonight (but not Jeopardy!, typical) for some special about Holiday Shopping that is also airing about a dozen times over the weekend on their respective Localish subchannels. Some like WABC and WTVD are moving tonight's Wheel to Localish, KABC and presumably KGO are delaying Friday's episode to Saturday night after College Football, the rest are bumping it overnight. WPVI pre-empted Wheel three times this week. Monday for Eagles MNF moving Disney Holiday Singalong an hour early, Wednesday for the Philly holiday festival, and Friday for the shopping special. Monday's ep was moved to Localish (along with Jeopardy! which was also affected, but only on that day). Wednesday's ep was delayed to Thursday night, and the Thu-Fri eps are airing back-to-back at 2:30 and 3:00 AM Friday night. WPVI does not air WOF Weekend during college football season, and they don't air Jeopardy! Weekend at all, despite them pre-empting Wheel far more often than J! on weekdays. KTRK, the only one of the O&O's that has news for the full prime access hour and does not carry Wheel (they do air Jeopardy!, which they took from KHOU in 2015 and its time slot has varied since then), is airing the shopping special at 3:30 PM, pre-empting Inside Edition. I'm fairly confident that Wheel of Fortune suffers from the most pre-emptions among syndicated shows due to it being forced to air in prime access, which is when stations want to air specials, sports pregames, etc. Entertainment Tonight is probably second since it's also a popular prime access choice but at least they offer encore airings and upload their segments online. Wheel only posts one brief clip per show (usually the Bonus Round if it's won, or a random puzzle being solved or clip from a contestant interview otherwise). This is the second time in less than a month that the ABC O&O's replaced Wheel with a special. Apparently ABC needs the extra revenue.
  11. Binghamton's duopoly of WIVT (ABC) and WBGH (NBC) used to air The Dr. Oz Show twice a day, first on WBGH at 4:00 PM, then on WIVT at 5:00. This season, the WIVT airing was dropped and replaced with the primary run of Funny You Should Ask (with the second run airing at 2:04 AM) and the secondary run of Jeopardy! (first run airs at 7:30 after Wheel)
  12. WPVI is carrying the Seahawks/Eagles game on 11/30. There is no pregame. However, they will be airing the Disney Holiday Singalong an hour early at 7:00 PM, pre-empting Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, rather than moving it to a subchannel or overnight. This means they will get primetime before any other ABC affiliate in America. I imagine that's got to be a rarity. This comes on top of two other WOF pre-emptions later in the week for local holiday specials (while Jeopardy! is left alone those other two days, as WPVI frequently pre-empts WOF for specials but never J! unless it's an hour affair), meaning WOF will only air two days next week out of a possible six counting the weekend run (WPVI does not air WOF Weekend during College Football season, and they don't air J! Weekend at all year-round, despite them always giving J! priority over WOF and more promotion on the weekdays, oddly).
  13. Same happened with WABC and the Giants/Buccaneers game on 11/2 (which was also the Season 4 premiere of The Good Doctor). They passed it on to WPIX CW 11. Most if not all of the Jets and Giants MNF games end up on WPIX. The only one I recall WABC airing last season was the Jets/Giants game on 12/9/19. Worth noting that when WABC does carry MNF games, they never produce pregame shows, since it would pre-empt Wheel of Fortune. Despite this, the other ABC O&O's (and WCCO) have no problem doing so. WLS will always bump Wheel for MNF pregame, and WPVI usually does too when they carry games (although they did not air a pregame on 12/9/19 likely because that was the first day of Vanna White's highly-anticipated hosting stint on Wheel). AFAIK, WCCO airs all MNF games that involve the Vikings. Wheel gets pre-empted by them multiple times per season for that reason, usually delayed to late Tuesday night (since Monday night is used for CBS primetime makegoods) or just skipped entirely.
  14. Speaking of certain syndies being favored over others, I noticed that several West Coast markets gave Ellen top priority when making schedule changes on Election Day. Many of them moved Ellen earlier in the day and dropped other talks like Kelly, Rachael Ray, and Tamron. I thought that was interesting given that Ellen's ratings have reached an all-time low with all the recent controversy.
  15. If they did air it, they would have only pre-empted Jeopardy! since it was 7:30 ET/PT. And if that was the case, knowing how many stations favor J! over Wheel (even before Alex Trebek's passing), they probably would have moved J! to 7:00 since many stations do that when J!'s slot is pre-empted but Wheel's isn't, or if J! gets delayed or pre-empted by an overrunning event. KATU 2 in Portland (also Sinclair) does this frequently.
  16. There was also a separate pre-show produced by WKRN (the second highest offender for Wheel of Fortune pre-emptions behind WBZ, including this) and aired on most or all Nexstar-owned ABC affiliates. Last night's episode of Wheel was lost in roughly 30% of the US, 10 markets total - the O&O's plus New Haven (WTNH), Nashville (WKRN), and Midland/Odessa, TX (KMID).
  17. KABC in Los Angeles used to produce a syndicated entertainment show called "On the Red Carpet". In most markets, especially on the ABC O&O's, it aired on weekend afternoons. It ended as a regular series a few years ago. However, special editions still air before award shows. Their CMA show airs on all ABC O&O's and Nexstar-owned ABC affiliates at 7:30 ET/PT before the actual awards. I don't see the point in this, especially this year where there's not even a Red Carpet for the CMA's. It means Wheel of Fortune gets pre-empted in five of the Top 10 markets, forcing the O&O's to bump it overnight or to Localish.
  18. I saw in a document somewhere a while back that reruns will continue to be offered for at least two seasons after the first-run shows end. What I'm wondering is if there will still be four runs when that happens, or if CBSTVD will reduce it to two.
  19. There actually is a change now, and it's a dumb one. The 7:30 airing of TMZ (again one of three airings of the same episode) moves to 6:30, which completely pre-empts the primary run of 25 Words or Less. On any days with FOX pregame shows at 7:30 (which is Tue-Fri all this week), we lose the new episode, and they continue to air the secondary rerun feed at 12:30, rather than move the new episodes there. And it's super annoying to track down when the missed episodes will air in that slot, because the 12:30 episodes are listed as the new episodes that air at 6:30, even when the latter isn't pre-empted. Due to the NFL makeup on Monday, and the usual World Series on Tue/Wed/Fri and TNF, Baltimore (WBFF), Kansas City (WDAF), New Orleans (WVUE), and Mobile (WALA) all lose Wheel of Fortune for this whole week (but they don't lose Jeopardy!, which feels unfair). Hawaii (KHON) also loses Wheel if the World Series broadcasts runs later than 12:00 AM Eastern/6:00 PM local, since their 6:00 news right before Wheel always runs a full 30 minutes. This happened last night, but only the first couple minutes were cut off.
  20. This is the first Thursday of the year where Thursday Night Football begins airing nationally on FOX, so some temporary changes in syndication may be happening on some FOX affiliates with whatever show would normally air at 7:30 ET/6:30 CT, and even more so on the West Coast. One of the more unique changes is on WLUK in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Normally, Wheel of Fortune is restricted to the prime access hour. However, WLUK slightly breaks that restriction on Thursdays (and most other occasions when FOX has sports that start at 7:30) by shortening their 5:00 newscast and moving Wheel an hour early to 5:30 PM Central, making them the first station in the US to air Wheel on Thursdays. Last year, WXIX in Cincinnati beat them by moving Wheel all the way up to 6:00 Eastern, replacing Jeopardy!'s second run. The main run moved up from 7:30 to 7:00. In the 2018-19 season, Main J! run moved to 7:00 but Wheel was bumped to 1:30 AM. They must have received a lot of complaints for this. This year, they have since added a 6:00 news, so now Wheel stays at 7:00 and main J! is bumped to 1:05 AM. The second run now airs at 1:30 PM. Every other FOX affiliate that airs Wheel at 7:30 ET/6:30 CT/MT is moving it overnight. I was really hoping that WDAF in Kansas City, now that they have Jeopardy!, would take advantage of their acquisition by relinquishing part of its J! double run at 2:00 PM by replacing the 2:30 airing with Wheel, whether on Thursday afternoons or delaying Thursday eps to Friday afternoon. It always irks me when a station pre-empts Wheel and bumps it overnight or drops it, yet still airs two back-to-back Jeopardy!'s slightly earlier in the day as normal. In New York, there really isn't any change on WNYW. TMZ at 7:30 is pre-empted, but they repeat it two more times the following morning and afternoon so it's not like they need to make it up.
  21. And the syndicated version of Millionaire, which the ABC O&O's paired with RTM once FABLife was cancelled midseason. Yes, they brought it back to the airwaves, but only because Disney/ABC Domestic Television needed a quick replacement for stations who were pulling Cops immediately. Its ratings were pretty dismal for its final years, since many markets had stopped carrying it. Not to mention that the game was getting very noticeably difficult, such that no contestant made it to the million dollar question since 2013, and nobody won the million since 2009, back when Meredith Vieira was still the host. In the final season (which is the only season in the current package), nobody won more than $100,000. The Katie Couric show, which was also on the ABC O&O's, didn't do too well, either.
  22. Looks like 1st Look has been demoted on at least some of the NBC O&O's. WNBC, WVIT, and WCAU all used to air it first at 7:30 PM Eastern on Saturdays (provided there were no sports) following George to the Rescue at 7:00. Now, 7:00 is infomercials and George is at 7:30. 1st Look does still air overnight after SNL, though.
  23. They moved it back to KTVT last weekend. However, it won't air in full if CBS coverage of College Football runs past 6:30 Central (which is pretty common given that they always have a postgame show that runs for a minimum of 10 minutes). Similarly, all the other CBS O&O's that had been airing infomercials on Saturdays in prime access for much of last season have since reverted the slots to their familiar programming. WCBS put back ET Weekend at 7:00, but it's kind of pointless since they'll never be able to air the full hour because CFB on CBS always runs past 7:00 (not one single CBS Saturday game last season ended on time).
  24. The listings were updated for Schitt's Creek on WWOR. They are now listed as eps 1-5 instead of 1-9 odds.
  25. That's interesting. All the TV guides here list us as getting eps 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. That will be annoying for anyone who relies on listing info for DVR and such. It's a common problem with WNYW/WWOR though. For most shows where they carry both runs across both stations, both airings are listed as the same episode even though they are not (if the show offers two runs), like The People's Court. And it's still happening with 25 Words or Less even though both airings are now on WNYW.
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