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  1. Looks like the Millionaire reruns may be done for good after the 27th, because that episode is the series finale. WLNY is replacing it with encores of ET (first airs on sister WCBS) starting the 30th. WCBS is keeping Judge Judy at 4:00 and 4:30 as of 9/13, but it looks like the 10:00/10:30 PM encores on WLNY will be gone; they're not listed on Xfinity Remote starting that day. (EDIT: never mind, they are now) What's also not listed starting 9/13 is Daytime Jeopardy! on WABC. I was curious as to whether they would air the entirety of last season like usual or just stick to a loop of Trebek episodes; same for J! Weekend. Also, possibly in the wake of the Mike Richards controversy, the listing for 9/13's main airing of J! is not listed as a new episode, unlike Wheel of Fortune's airing. However, J! did tape one week of episodes with Mike, and Wheel of Fortune taped at least four weeks as of now (plus the entirety of Celebrity WOF Season 2).
  2. Olympic Zone is actually carried on the majority of NBC affiliates, not just the O&O's. It is mandatory for the O&O's, but optional for everyone else.
  3. I'd love to know the ratings on the stations that constantly pre-empt Wheel with NFL specials, like Patriots All Access on WBZ and Buffalo Kickoff Live on WIVB and WROC. The latter has already preempted Wheel about 30 times this season for that and several other specials. Surely these programs/specials can't be that profitable if they're preempting such a popular show that isn't even allowed to have multiple runs/airings (unlike preempting Inside Edition or ET). The Buffalo Bills stuff also airs on WETM in Elmira but it preempts Jeopardy! there, probably one of the only stations that preempts J! more often than Wheel. Stations generally choose Wheel's slot as their first target for specials because of J! having returning champions and/or because J! began surpassing Wheel in national ratings on a regular basis around 2017 (I'm curious which markets Wheel is still the higher of the two; probably the ones where J! airs during the workday).
  4. What other affiliates in the US have aired syndicated Wheel of Fortune earlier than 7:00 PM ET/PT/6:00 CT/MT/HT? The only one I know of is WLNY prior to being bought out by WCBS in 2012. For many years, they aired Wheel at 6:30 ET, one hour before WABC, then in its last few years on that station, it moved to 5:30. CJON in Newfoundland, Canada has aired it at 3:30 ET (5:00 local) since 2014; Jeopardy! airs at 6:30 ET/8:00 local. It's the only place you'll regularly see Wheel on before 7:00 ET, unless maybe American Forces Network airs it even earlier. Also, interesting to note that although Jeopardy! has several 6:00 CT airings on affiliates that don't do 6:00 news, there is only one 6:00 CT airing of Wheel (and likewise, only one 6:30 CT airing of Jeopardy!) in the entire Central Time Zone: KVHP FOX 29 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This station also opts to air their weekend runs on Sunday nights at 9:00 and 9:30 PM leading out of FOX's Animation Domination block. Present-day Family Guy to Wheel of Fortune has to be jarring transition.
  5. Most of the Mountain Time Zone airs both shows in the same hour as well. The only ones off the top of my head that air J! in the afternoon instead of 6:00 or 6:30 are KYMA in Yuma (NBC), KGUN in Tucson (ABC), and KKCO in Grand Junction (NBC). The Omaha market does the same thing as WLOX: WOWT (NBC) does J! at 6:00 and news at 6:30, and KETV (ABC) does news at 6:00 and WOF at 6:30. However, they are not co-owned. There are no PT stations that carry them separately, but there is one ET market that does: Dayton. WHIO (CBS) airs WOF at 7:00 and Entertainment Tonight at 7:30. WDTN (NBC) airs Inside Edition at 7:00 and J! at 7:30. However, during the Olympics, WDTN is moving J! to 7:00 and bumping Inside Edition, meaning J! and WOF will air at the same time, which isn't supposed to be allowed.
  6. WPXI Pittsburgh is one of the few non-O&O's that is starting The Olympic Zone on Thursday instead of Saturday. For the entire Olympics run, Wheel of Fortune is moving to the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (PCNC).
  7. On Phoenix's KTVK, which is independent, they do air at 7:00 and 7:30. It's the only market in the US that does not air Wheel in the 7 ET/PT or 6 CT/MT hour. Ironically, this competed against Celebrity Wheel of Fortune on KXNV. The only other indie that regularly carries Wheel is KJZZ in Salt Lake City, which airs it at 6:00. These two indies also carry Jeopardy!, as does KTXA in Dallas (Wheel airs on big sister CBS O&O KTVT, but does occasionally air on KTXA following J! when pre-empted).
  8. Wheel and J! do still air on WATL on Saturdays, as well as any time they are pre-empted. Both shows will air on WATL for the entirety of the Olympics due to local Olympic specials at 7:00 on WXIA in addition to the optional Olympic Zone show at 7:30. Nowadays, no stations in the Eastern Time Zone air Jeopardy! before 7:00 PM on a regular basis, although CBSMV does allow it to compensate for a pre-emption. They do not allow it with Wheel; during March Madness, WNEM in Bay City, MI attempted to air J!/WOF at 10:00 and 10:30 AM to replace Let's Make a Deal (which does not air on some game days). At the last minute, they were called up by CBSMV who demanded they scrap Wheel from the early time slot. They had to air People TV (from their owner Meredith) instead, and WOF instead aired on their .2 subchannel at 7:30 PM (normally People's slot). Despite that, WRDW in Augusta, GA got away with airing WOF at 10:00 AM on the same days. WBOC in Salisbury, MD has new eps of J! listed for 4:30 PM, but these are actually the "Daytime Jeopardy!" run incorrectly listed as the episodes from the main run.
  9. WMTV in Madison, WI is not doing Olympic Zone at all. Wheel of Fortune will air on WMTV at 6:30 on all Olympic days except for Friday 7/23 where it will move to 15.2 The CW.
  10. TV Passport shows that WGAL is doing The Olympic Zone starting Thursday 7/22; Access Hollywood, both the weekday and weekend edition, is completely off the schedule after the 21st, and Entertainment Tonight is pre-empted on 7/23 since TOZ has to air at 7:00. This disproves that the 7/22-23 editions of TOZ are only for the O&O's. Matter of Fact is pre-empted on Saturdays starting 7/24.
  11. No changes for New York Live on WNBC. CT Live! on WVIT is now only 15 minutes from 11:45-12:00, except on Fridays where it's still half an hour at 11:30. That show has no changes either, but there will be a special edition on Saturday 7/31 at 7:00 PM preceding The Olympic Zone. These two O&O's don't care about the syndies. Kelly Clarkson, Ellen, and Access Daily are completely off WNBC and WVIT's schedules after 7/22. Access Hollywood is also gone after 7/21 thanks to The Olympic Zone, except for WVIT's overnight encores on 7/22 and 23. At least Kelly fans can still watch it on Bravo. No word on whether any of the shows are moving to Cozi TV or not, but I doubt it. The only time I remember them moving to Cozi was during 45's impeachment trials, and that didn't happen until at least a week after the daily pre-emptions started. Since the 11 AM ET hour isn't impacted, I don't think anyone would mind if WNBC put New York Live on a brief hiatus and replaced it with Access Hollywood on a one-weekday delay (I doubt it's ready to go out to stations that early). Similarly, WVIT could cut the 11 AM news from 45 minutes down to 30 like they do on Fridays and put AH at 11:30. The hour shows would be infeasible unless they wanted to drop the 11 AM news. I'm curious to see if any NBC affiliates will break protocol and air Wheel of Fortune before 7:00/6:00c. I remember KNDO/KNDU in Yakima and a few other West Coast ones did it during the 2018 Winter Olympics, but WOF was new episodes then. KSBY in San Luis Obispo only aired WOF at all once during that year's period, at 12:30 PM since that ep had a local contestant. Another local contestant about a week later had to wait until the Monday afterwards to see her ep locally where KSBY specially delayed her ep to that day and made up that day's actual ep at 12:30 the next day.
  12. Saw a promo on WNYW FOX 5 that Nick Cannon is coming this fall. Didn't say what time, though.
  13. It looks like only the O&O's will be airing Olympic Zone on 7/22 and 23. WTVJ, Miami's O&O, has it listed starting 7/22, but WPTV in West Palm Beach (Scripps) has it starting Monday 7/26. Likewise, WXIA Atlanta (Tegna) is not airing Olympic Zone until 7/26. In most years, they air additional local Olympic coverage before TOZ at 7:00 so that both Wheel and Jeopardy! can move to WATL. On 7/22, Wheel and J! are listed as normal on WXIA, and Wheel also is on 7/23 but J! isn't listed at all, but will presumably air on WATL (they were not listed on WATL during the US Open, either). From 7/26 onward, both shows are listed for WXIA and WATL, which presumably means they will air on the latter during the Olympics, which was the case in 2018. Oddly, KNSD has Wheel/J! listed on Cozi TV starting 7/26, but their pre-empted episodes on 7/22 (J! only) and 7/23 (both shows), as well as their weekend runs on 7/24, are not listed at all. WSAV in Savannah has J! gone entirely after 7/22. They usually delay pre-empted Wheel or J! episodes to weekend late nights, usually after SNL. Of course, it's harder, if not impossible, for stations to make-good syndies during Olympics because coverage takes most of the overnight slots.
  14. I'm curious with how syndicators will react to the mass pre-emptions during these weeks. Wheel of Fortune is doing Secret Santa from July 12-23 (first time they're doing it in July in addition to the usual November or December), which is important for viewers because they need to see if their SPIN ID is drawn during the show for a chance to win what a contestant wins. Since 7:30 ET is Wheel's most popular time slot, chances are there's going to be at least one ID drawn whose holder doesn't get to see it. And since Wheel is a repeat (though it's SPIN ID drawings will be new) and Jeopardy! is still doing new episodes, I'm sure many NBC affiliates that normally air Wheel at 7:00 and J! at 7:30 will move up J! to 7:00 on at least the 23rd despite the "win at home" opportunity. Methinks Wheel should have moved this up a week to avoid Olympic interference, even if it's only for one or two days, depending on who carries The Olympic Zone this year (WNBC and WVIT have TOZ listed for 7/22 at 7:30 despite no events that day). Also, July 26 is the week where LeVar Burton will be guest-hosting Jeopardy!; there was a lot of publicity about it when it was announced he'd be doing it and he's probably the most anticipated guest host. I wonder if Sony considered delaying it two weeks like they did with Alex Trebek's final week because it would have been pre-empted by Christmas NBA on most ABC's. Granted, J! will not be impacted during the Olympics nearly as much as Wheel; most of the Central Time Zone airs J! between 3 and 5 PM which is in between the daytime and nighttime Olympic coverage, so it should still air just fine in most of the East Coast except for some 7:30 airings in the Eastern Time Zone on stations that opt to do Olympic Zone and keep Wheel at 7:00 (I know WECT in Wilmington, NC was one of them in 2018). Judge Judy's series finale is also on July 23, so that will undoubtedly get pre-empted by Olympics in some markets, but I imagine there won't be much fanfare for it, especially since the last taped episode already aired back in June. Do we have a list of what stations are doing The Olympic Zone? I imagine all the O&O's are. KNSD's listings on TV Passport have J! pre-empted for it on 7/22 (in past years they moved J! to 7:00 and skipped Wheel; maybe J! will move to 7.2 Cozi TV?). Note that TOZ will air at 7:00 ET/4:00 PT on 7/23 instead of 7:30 because of the opening ceremonies starting at that time in primetime.
  15. Is YS only going to be offering a single run? That's unique for a weekday syndie, first-run or not. The only others AFAIK are Wheel of Fortune and Ellen.
  16. Pictionary starts 7/12 on the FOX O&O's. When we had 25 Words or Less's trial run back in 2018, we only had one airing. For Pictionary, we'll have two airings, but they'll probably be the same episode. In NYC, Pictionary airs on WNYW FOX 5 at 12:30 PM (replacing the second run of 25 Words or Less) and on WWOR My 9 at 11:00 PM (replacing the fifth of six runs of Family Feud).
  17. All Access was initially only carried on half of the 12 O&O's: WNBC (NY), WVIT (CT), KNBC (LA), KNTV (SF), WCAU (PHL), and WTVJ (MIA). The latter two dropped it well before the cancellation, leaving only four stations still airing it at the end. I caught the last episode on WNBC. There was no acknowledgement whatsoever about it being the end. If KNSD did want to add a 7:00 newscast, Wheel or Jeopardy! would have had to move to another station. In the Eastern and Pacific Time Zone, those shows are required to air at 7:00 and 7:30 PM in either order, even if they are not carried on the same station. J! is allowed to air outside of this hour in CT, MT, and Hawaii, but Wheel is not. If KNSD did add 7:00 news, Wheel would probably get the boot, since removing J! would require moving Wheel to 7:30 and whatever station acquires J! putting it at 7:00 which would switch the order in that market and probably throw off fans. Also, I recall at least two instances in the past of KNSD moving Jeopardy! to 7:00 to air local specials at 7:30 and not airing that day's Wheel at all. Also worth noting that KNSD is the only NBC O&O that carries the duo.
  18. My YouTube channel got suspended just for posting clips of Wheel of Fortune, sometimes with edits such as onscreen text or arrows to point out an editing error or the like. Even my gameplay of the WOF Xbox One video game got blocked by Sony. Granted, I did post multiple full episodes without putting the full show title in the info, but they got caught anyway. One WOF fan has been screen recording every episode of the 2020-21 season off various Locast feeds and has been posting them on YouTube unlisted and without the show name (or "wheel" or "wof") in the info or tags. They used to be public without incident, but the episode that aired Election Day (which many fans were flocking to because of most markets pre-empting it) got blocked, so they are now all unlisted, but all 185 episodes of Season 38 to date are readily available if you know where to go.
  19. They're simply sliding Access Hollywood to 7:30 following the 7:00 news, the same way WCAU in Philly does it. WNBC never cared much for All Access anyway. Any time WNBC did 7:00 newscasts before this upcoming permanent one, AH would slide to 7:30 and AA would be pre-empted, even when the anchor would sign off saying "All Access is next". Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe before Extra moved to WNYW FOX 5, WNBC aired Extra at 7:00 and AH at 7:30, and whenever NBC had Thursday Night Football pregame or "The Olympic Zone" at 7:30, AH would move up to 7:00 and pre-empt Extra. Given how much WNBC favors it, I'm surprised they don't opt to carry the overnight or next-day encores except for the Friday episodes re-airing at 3:36 AM Saturdays. Speaking of AH at 7:30... my Xfinity listings show that the 6/17 and 18 episodes of AH are being pre-empted on both WNBC and WVIT. Anyone know what's going on those days? Is there a special for the O&O's?
  20. Or it could just be random. Every time WABC moves J! Weekend to another slot, it's almost always different. WOF Weekend most commonly gets moved to 5:30 AM Saturday, but J! Weekend is basically just whatever's available. I've seen it air at 1:00 PM Saturday, 5:00 AM Saturday, 4:30 AM Sunday, 2:00 PM Sunday, etc. Another "On the Red Carpet" episode aired last Saturday to promote Raya and the Last Dragon, and J! aired at 4:30 PM Saturday. A lot of stations have also begun pre-empting WOF Weekend with infomercials. Last Saturday, WMTV in Madison, WI aired Wheel on 15.2 The CW at 1:30 PM Central, and aired an infomercial on 15.1 NBC at 6:30 PM. WHP in Harrisburg, PA did the same, bumping WOFW to early Monday morning.
  21. This week is all new episodes according to WLNY's listings. Next week is reruns from earlier this season.
  22. I've noticed come March that a lot of stations will temporarily pre-empt WOF Weekend with infomercials but leave J! Weekend alone for some reason. WHP Harrisburg does that a lot as well, with WOF moving to either late night, or 12 PM Saturday, though it looks like it's still at 7:00 so far this year. WCCO and KTVT, both O&O's, frequently pre-empt WOFW with PP as well; KTVT usually moves it to KTXA, and WCCO bumps it either to 3:30 AM Sunday or doesn't air it at all. WBBH in Fort Myers sometimes pre-empts WOFW with Time Life infomercials and always leave J!W alone. WWMT has Wheel back at 7:00 next Saturday for now.
  23. Does anyone get weekly news syndie "Daily Flash"? A friend overseas who has an interest in American syndication asked me to record an episode for him. It's listed on WLNY Saturday mornings at 5:30 AM. However, every week I try to record it, it's a random infomercial instead. This is odd since they're listed as new episodes on both my TV provider and even the schedule on WCBS' site.
  24. WLNY still airs it as well, but they've been airing at 2:30 AM, so it's not like it could get much worse than not at all.
  25. Have any stations dropped or demoted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? this week after what happened with Chris Harrison?
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