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  1. The only time they ever aired Jeopardy! on weekends were in some cases of Friday episodes being pre-empted and delayed to Saturday rather than bumped to 6.2 or overnight. This happened with the NFL Draft last year; Friday's episodes of Jeopardy! and Wheel were moved to Saturday night at 7:00 and 7:30, though J! was JIP'd halfway through because the Draft ran long since it was virtual. They also aired the 12/25/20 airing of J! (originally slated to be Trebek's final episode, but later changed to a rerun) on Saturday 12/26/20 at 7:30 PM, replacing Wheel, due to the NBA Christmas pre-
  2. Love stories like this! I once read an account of someone working at a Jeopardy! affiliate where the screen went black right before Final Jeopardy! on the day Ken Jennings was defeated. Phones rang off the hook, the station had to issue an apology, and they had to schedule a re-airing of the episode. WTHR airs Wheel at 7:00, while the other stations that messed it up air it at 7:30, so it wasn't simultaneous; it had to be a problem with the master for those stations. Wheel and Jeopardy! are sent as single .mxf files. Contestants can also request master copies, which are given on st
  3. Huh. Half a dozen Tegna stations messed up Thursday's broadcast of Wheel of Fortune: WTHR, WCNC, WBNS, KSDK, KHOU, KFSM. All of them cut to a break in the middle of Round 1, then when it came back for Round 2, it was Wednesday's episode for the rest of the show. How does an error like that happen, let alone on multiple stations? Aren't full episodes sent to stations individually as one file, not as each segment/act? I've seen occasions where a station will accidentally play the wrong full episode of a show likely due to simply cueing the wrong master, but how does a station acciden
  4. WDAF is pre-empting Wheel for Chiefs specials from Fri 1/29 to Fri 2/5. Six first-run episodes in a row (and WOF Weekend due to FOX PBC) are airing in late night: 11:00 PM on 1/29, 12:30 AM for the other weekdays. It is the only show affected by these specials. Hardly seems fair to be pre-empting what is probably their most popular syndie for over an entire week (yes, J! is beating Wheel nationally, but I doubt it beats it in markets that air it in daytime, especially post-Trebek). If Wheel kept tabs on all of their affiliates' programming decisions like Jeopardy! does (they have a
  5. Indeed it was, from the few minutes I saw of it. Thanks for clarifying.
  6. OTRC made a comeback these past two weeks as weekend filler for most of the ABC O&O's. Most listings titled it "On the Red Carpet FYC". I have no idea what FYC stands for; I watched a few minutes of it tonight, and it's formatted just like the original syndie series, just with more Zooming. It aired both this weekend and last, but I see no listings for next weekend. Time slotting is as follows: KABC Los Angeles: 6:30 PM PT Sat KGO San Francisco: 3:30 PM PT Sun KFSN Fresno: 6:30 PM PT Sun WLS Chicago: 4:30 PM CT Sun KTRK Houston: 4:30 PM CT Sun WPVI Phil
  7. Family Feud does. Even Judge Judy now sometimes has cases that carry over to the next episode.
  8. And another Buffalo Kickoff Live is airing tonight, this time only half an hour for everyone. But WETM is airing it on their subchannel so that it doesn't pre-empt Jeopardy! So if WETM has to air Buffalo Kickoff Live at 7:00, they move it to 18.2 so that Jeopardy! doesn't get pre-empted, but if it's at 7:30, they're okay with pre-empting Wheel of Fortune? Seems like a double standard to me. I can't imagine J! still getting that much higher ratings than Wheel now that Alex's episodes have finished. I know they did used to air the half-hour 7:00 BKL's in place of J!; I guess they got
  9. Another episode of Buffalo Kickoff Live aired last night. I spoke to someone at WETM and he explained that, while the show is an hour in cases like this, they produce it in two self-contained half-hour segments. This is because the first half features NFL replay footage. WETM, WBGH, and WSYR cannot air that first half because of rights issues (I guess the footage is owned by CBS), so that's why they only air the second half. WIVB and WROC, both CBS affiliates, aired the full hour last night, pre-empting Wheel and Jeopardy! in both cases. At this rate, Wheel will have more pre-emptions resultin
  10. WILX 10, Lansing, Michigan's NBC affiliate, debuted a new local show in October titled "Studio 10". This resulted in three talk syndies moving earlier, and two game show feeds getting bumped to late night. This was their afternoon lineup before... 12:00 PM - Daytime Jeopardy! 12:30 PM - 25 Words or Less (only run) 1:00 PM - Days of Our Lives 2:00 PM - Dr. Oz 3:00 PM - Rachael Ray 4:00 PM - Kelly Clarkson And after... 12:00 PM - Dr. Oz 1:00 PM - Days of Our Lives 2:00 PM - Rachael Ray 3:00 PM - Kelly Clarkson 4:00 PM - St
  11. Wheel's prime access run doesn't actually apply to the weekend run; stations mostly just air it there anyway for the same of consistency. A small number of stations air it outside prime access, or a bit before. I know there are at least a couple NBC's in the Pacific Time Zone (one of them being KSBW) that airs Wheel at 6:30 on Saturdays instead of 7:30. Entertainment Tonight also mostly airs in prime access (though it's not mandatory like it is for Wheel), but it offers a second feed for stations to air in late night or in daytime the next day or on a sister station, which is just
  12. They probably just didn't air it at all. The only reason I know that they re-aired that one episode on KTXA at 7:30 was because they put an announcement about it on their Twitter. During the day of the Capitol riots, it did move to KTXA and they also mentioned it on Twitter and at the top of their special local 6:30 broadcast.
  13. They finally did it. Yesterday, WBZ was quick to learn that Biden was planning on giving an address sometime in the prime access hour, so they programmed both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! (the latter of which had a Boston-based contestant) to air on both WBZ and WSBK, instead of only Jeopardy!. Indeed, Wheel got cut off during Round 4 while Jeopardy! was joined in progress during Double Jeopardy!; CBS carried Biden's speech while ABC, NBC, and FOX did not. Hopefully, WSBK will be used as a backup for both shows more often. As far as I know, this is the first time Wheel aired on WSBK since th
  14. And Wheel almost-always moves to KTXA if it's pre-empted, even if it's last-minute, right between two Jeopardy!'s. It aired there on Wednesday. Most of the Saturday reruns air on KTXA as well since KTVT often airs infomercials at 6:30 instead. One of the only times Wheel didn't move was when there was severe weather one time last season and coverage was simulcast on KTXA for 6:30. 7:00 onwards had CBS primetime programming simulcast on KTXA until the coverage ended. Also, the other day when Biden spoke for much of the 6:30 time slot, pre-empting Wheel on most of the East Coast, KTV
  15. Depends on the station. Many don't bother. Jeopardy! Weekend often airs at random times in the CT and MT markets that air the weekday run in daytime. Not many markets air Wheel Weekend outside of the same time slot it airs Mon-Fri. One of the few exceptions to this is KTUL in Tulsa, which airs Wheel Weekend Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM Central, instead of the typical Saturday at 6:30 PM. WCBD in Charleston, SC, being one of the few local stations that airs local newscasts on Saturday at 7:00 Eastern, airs Wheel Weekend Sunday nights/Monday mornings at midnight due to said newscasts.
  16. WBBH in Fort Myers, FL pulled a similar move. Both game shows were pre-empted on Wednesday. Normally, when J! gets pre-empted (whether new or rerun), it airs on a one-day delay for the rest of the week and the Saturday rerun is dropped. The same goes for Wheel only if a new episode was pre-empted. If it's a rerun, or if it's scheduled to be pre-empted on Saturday as well, it just gets skipped. However, J! couldn't slide to Saturday, especially not Alex's last episode, due to NFL starting at 7:30 ET that day. Instead, Wednesday's J! aired on Thursday, and Thursday and Friday's aired on Friday,
  17. Apparently Buffalo Kickoff Live airs in all the upstate NY markets that have a Nexstar affiliate. I knew it also aired on WETM Elmira, which usually pre-empted Jeopardy! while leaving Wheel intact, and it airs on WSYR Syracuse I believe, pre-empting ET. I just discovered that it also airs on WBGH in Binghamton, pre-empting one of two Modern Family's. There was another edition of BKL last night, and it was optionally a full hour. Since it only airs in access, most of the stations only aired half an hour to avoid pre-empting Jeopardy!. WIVB was the only one to air the full hour, sinc
  18. Another one I forgot: WDIV Detroit. When TNF was on NBC, they would move Thursday Jeopardy!'s from 7:30 to 7:00 and wouldn't air Thursday Wheels at all. They also did this during the 2018 Emmys and the 2018 Winter Olympics except on Saturdays since I believe the 7-8 hour was Wheel/J! Weekend; it is now Infomercials/Wheel Weekend. In those instances, since it was a two-week period, Wheel got bumped to the ThisTV sub. WDIV pre-empted both Wheel and Jeopardy! on Wednesday for Capitol coverage. Wednesday's Jeopardy! aired Thursday at 7:00 right before Thursday's episode, bumping Wheel
  19. I'm assuming they didn't make up Wheel... Judy will likely still offer at least two runs when it ends first run. I hope CBS TVD rolls out a Wheel equivalent of Daytime Jeopardy! given that it's the most prone to pre-emptions, stations usually don't bother giving it makegoods because of its popularity decline and dropping returning champions, and only about 60% of a season's episodes get reruns from either summer hiatus or WOF Weekend, plus it's not on any streaming platforms (except Celebrity WOF on Hulu). I'm sure they'll add Alex's final week to the host of J! episode
  20. Seems like it's been getting pre-empted there a lot lately. I believe it also got JIP'd on 1/1 because ABC had College Football until 3:30 CT which ran long until about 3:45.
  21. Wheel didn't air on most NBC's, but it did air on most CBS's. It aired on all ABC's except for WJLA in DC and WPBF in West Palm Beach, which always makes up local news at 7:00 if the usual 6:00 is pre-empted. WLIO in Lima, OH (NBC) aired Wheel and Jeopardy!, but Wheel was accidentally a repeat of Tuesday's episode. Here's a list of what stations actually did air Wheel at 7:00 ET last night: https://buyavowel.boards.net/post/111614/thread At least two markets replaced Wheel with Jeopardy!. WDAF in Kansas City (FOX) pre-empted J!'s double run from 2-3 Central,
  22. Are there any current examples of one station airing a syndicated program at the exact same time as its network primetime version or a primetime spinoff of said program on a competing station? When Celebrity Wheel of Fortune premieres on Thursday, it will be on at the same time as the regular Wheel of Fortune in the Phoenix market: CWOF on KNXV, WOF on KTVK, both at 7:00 MST. KTVK is the only station in the US that doesn't air Wheel in prime access, but prime itself. Similarly, I'm sure there must have been some markets where the syndicated Family Feud was airing on a My, CW, or in
  23. How far in advance can stations schedule syndies to air a specific program at an irregular time on a certain day? I ask because I noticed that a lot of stations over these past two weeks have still been giving Jeopardy! higher priority than Wheel of Fortune despite the former being in reruns, with regards to the latter still getting pre-empted by local specials (such as Buffalo Kickoff Live on WIVB and WROC; Wheel was bumped on both three times over the past four weeks including tonight) and the former getting better makegood slots on ABC affiliates from the Christmas NBA pre-emptions. I'm sur
  24. And it would result in Wheel getting pre-empted multiple times by NFL and MLB pregame, if they kept the traditional ABC O&O scheduling of J! at 7:00 and Wheel at 7:30. There would need to be a better solution than what 90% of the FOX's already do with Wheel by putting it late at night after the game.
  25. Looks like WBZ finally gave in to all the complaints from Wheel and Jeopardy! fans. Patriots All Access has been moved from Fridays to Saturdays starting this week. It's still at 7:00, so the shows are still pre-empted, but only reruns this time (though unlike the phase where they were airing infomercials at 7:00 earlier this year, neither show is moved overnight; they are simply not airing at all on weekends). No more Friday pre-emptions! Now if only WKRN in Nashville could do the same with their Titans show and have it pre-empt WOF Weekend instead of first-run episodes weekly.

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