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  1. Question for those in the industry... are syndies sent as one big file of the full episode, or is each segment its own file? A friend of mine was watching Wheel tonight and texted me asking if my airing was "messed up" like his. He said his affiliate accidentally skipped Round 3, then aired Round 4 twice in a row. If the files are individual segments, I could see that being an easy mistake to make. I do know that Wheel has issued SD episode masters on DVD's for contestants who request them, and there are about two minutes of silent black screens where the commercial breaks would be.

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  2. WTSP in Tampa, FL added a logo bug to its syndicated programming starting today. I watched most of Wheel on it last week and there was no logo during any part of the show, but today, a "10 Tampa Bay" bug appeared at the start of each segment.

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  3. What's the deal with NBC's "Clear the Shelters" special? It looks like all the O&O's are carrying it but only a few non-O&O affiliates are. WNBC is airing it on its main station and the Cozi TV subchannel. Access Hollywood got pre-empted two days in a row as a result (yesterday, Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved an hour early due to the Giants game which pre-empted the primetine lineup).


    KNSD is airing it Saturday at 6:30. WBRE is one of the few non-O&O's that is airing it tonight, and is pairing it with a second special, pre-empting both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! tonight. I imagine it can be scheduled whenever the affiliates choose, but must be between Friday and Sunday of this weekend.

  4. Starting tonight, WKRN in Nashville temporarily moves Wheel of Fortune to 12:06 AM Central on Tuesday nights due to The Mike Vrabel Show. This results in Extra and the Dr. Phil encore sliding back half an hour, and Right This Minute at 1:33 AM is skipped over to the Kelly & Ryan encore at 2:00.

  5. 10 hours ago, Nelson R. said:

    Starting this year their only Monday simulcast is tonight and then they will simulcast two Saturday games in the new Week 18 (the final week of the regular season). But granted horrible timing. They should’ve put off the season for both shows a week. And Jeopardy would’ve dodged the Richards week.


    To make matters worse, the MNF game went into overtime, ABC's feed did not sign off until just after midnight Eastern/9:00 Pacific. I found at least two affiliates that didn't air Wheel at all because of them slotting it too close to the game. KOMO 4 in Seattle aired Wheel and J!, but both about 35 minutes later than the times listed.


    Despite the Richards stuff, J! is still getting preferential treatment over Wheel. KXTV 10 in Sacramento was supposed to show J! at 9:00 but they slid it back about 5 minutes to air in its entirety, then JIP'd Wheel in the middle of Round 1 after J! finished. J! was the only show they programmed to slide. They couldn't let Wheel slide too and then JIP Inside Edition at 10:05?? And then KATU did some news after the game, and slid two infomercials and J! half an hour later, which meant J! aired in Wheel's scheduled slot of 10:30, and Wheel was skipped to the 11:00 news.


    Wheel/CBS MV probably won't care about all this since O&O's KABC, KGO, and KFSN all slotted both shows in the 10 PM hour and truncated their newscasts to not run past 10:00 (KABC did not do news; only postgame and two local special encores as padding before Wheel/J!).


    I heard that back when MNF was on ABC every week, the West Coast would slide Wheel to air Tue-Sat, but that's not favorable now because Saturday's airings are also pre-empted by college football and slotted in primetime slots that may or may not be impacted by overrun. Still, what a day for Wheel to get screwed like this. It would be nice if CBS MV gave them the master again to make up later in the week. I only know of one affiliate that didn't air J! at all tonight (KOTA, also did not air Wheel).



  6. Bet CBS Media Ventures is thrilled to know that the Wheel and Jeopardy! season premieres are impacted by a national Monday Night Football game on the West Coast ABC affiliates... All airings have to be moved to primetime slots between the game and 10/11 PM newscasts, and then of course there's the potential issue of the game overrunning and having to JIP one of the shows.


    Since ABC brought back national MNF last year, their broadcast goes until 11:15 ET/8:15 PT, which means some affiliates are forced to schedule a half-hour syndie that will get JIP'd halfway through at best. KGUN in Tucson, AZ is doing half an episode of RightThisMinute from 8:15-30, then the ABC Fall Preview Special at 8:30, then J!/Wheel at 9:00. KOTA in Rapid City, SD only has a 45-minute gap between the game and news, so Wheel is slotted from 9:15-45 MT and only half of Jeopardy! from 9:45-10:00. Last year, Wheel was the 15-minute show; I guess the Mike Richards controversy was a factor in changing that. Still, you'd think they'd just put one of the game shows at 9:30 at best and put half an infomercial or some other filler for 9:15-30, or at least put one of the shows down for a guaranteed full airing in an overnight slot.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    Yeah, even though WCNC hasn’t aired it in years so it’s irrelevant to Charlotte, this is a slap in the face to Alex. They should be airing Trebek episodes. I guess they are trying to distance themselves from Mike Richards.

    They could have easily simply aired S37 E1-52 over the course of the year for J! Weekend since Alex hosted 75 episodes last season.

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  8. For the first known time, Daytime Jeopardy! is going to feature episodes from the current season instead of only the previous one. The first two weeks will be Mayim Bialik's two weeks as host from last season, then it jumps ahead to her episodes from this coming season, meaning Daytime Jeopardy! will only be one week behind first-run Jeopardy! instead of a year behind. If this keeps up, I could see affiliates viewing this as pointless and dropping it, especially the ones that double-run J!. People might get confused when Mayim is hosting both episodes, especially if the current champion is on a 6+ day streak, so that one episode would be Day X but the other would be Day (X - 5). J! Weekend will also be showing Mayim's episodes from last season to start off.

  9. Starting 9/13, WLNY's airings of Judge Judy will uniquely be the C and D runs, rather than repeats of the A and B runs that air earlier in the day on WCBS, meaning NYC will now get four unique episodes per weekday instead of two.


    For the "Judy Library" encores, the A and B runs will start with Season 21 (2016-17) in order (A: 2101, B: 2102, etc.), and the C and D runs will do the same with Season 18 (2013-14).


    How many weekend runs does Judy have? Two or four? WCBS/WLNY has three total airings on weekends, but the first two (5a on WCBS, 10:30p on WLNY) are the same episode. If only two, the weekend run will be Season 17 (2012-13, the first in HD) starting with odd-numbered episodes (1701/1703 one weekend, 1705/1707 the next, etc.); I'm guessing that was a period where new episodes premiered in both the A and B runs.

  10. What happened with The Good Doctor? I just put in zip codes for nearly all 210 DMA's on Zap2It. and zero markets have cleared it; the listing page was always blank. Did Sony decide not to roll it out after all?

  11. The CW+ never updated its online schedule. Here is the current lineup according to WNNE in Burlington, VT.


    New shows: Highway Thru Hell, Divorce Court, The Liquidator, Moviefone TV (debut), MacGyver

    Gone shows: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Jerry Springer, Seinfeld, SSN Sports, Nightwatch

    Increased runs: American Ninja Warrior (now airing weekdays in addition to 3 weekend runs)

    Reduced runs: Judge Jerry (4 to 3 weekday), To the Rescue (2 to 1 weekend), Made in Hollywood (2 to 1 weekend)



    6:00 AM - Highway Thru Hell (formerly Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? x2)

    7:00 AM - Divorce Court (formerly Judge Jerry)

    7:30 AM - Judge Jerry

    8:00 AM - Steve Wilkos x2

    10:00 AM - Maury x2

    12-2 PM - [Local]

    2:00 PM - black-ish x2 (formerly Judge Jerry x 2)

    3:00 PM - Judge Jerry x2 (formerly Jerry Springer)

    4:00 PM - Divorce Court x2 (formerly The Goldbergs x2)

    5:00 PM - Steve Wilkos (formerly black-ish x2)

    6:00 PM - Bob's Burgers x2

    7:00 PM - Family Guy x2

    8-10 PM - [CW Primetime]

    10:00 PM - The Goldbergs x2 (formerly Seinfeld x2) [10:00 preempted in some markets by sister station newscast]

    11:00 PM - Schitt's Creek x2

    12:00 AM - American Ninja Warrior (formerly Steve Wilkos)

    1:00 AM - The Liquidator (formerly SSN Sports)

    1:30-6 AM - [Local]



    4:00 PM - American Ninja Warrior (formerly To the Rescue and SSN Sports)

    5:00 PM - Bloodline Detectives (formerly American Ninja Warrior)

    6:00 PM - Bob's Burgers (formerly Central Ave)

    6:30 PM - Family Guy (formerly Central Ave)

    7:00 PM - Central Ave x2 (formerly Family Guy x2)

    8-10 PM - Movie (formerly Nightwatch and Bloodline Detectives)

    10:00 PM - The Goldbergs (formerly Seinfeld) [Preempted in some markets by sister station newscast]



    1:00 PM - Moviefone TV [NEW SERIES] (formerly Made in Hollywood)

    5:00 PM - Highway Thru Hell (formerly The Goldbergs x2)

    6:30 PM - Family Guy (formerly Bob's Burgers)

    7:00 PM - MacGyver (formerly Nightwatch)

    10:00 PM - The Goldbergs (formerly Seinfeld) [Preempted in some markets by sister station newscast]


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  12. Since College Football on ABC started this weekend, weekend syndies, especially access ones, temporarily leave or move to other slots.


    On WABC, Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune Weekend are airing Sundays at 4:30 and 5:00 AM. In some years, they would air early Saturday mornings instead of Sundays. My friend won the WOF episode that is repeating on 9/11-12 and he never even got to see the whole thing the first time because WABC scheduled it after the final rounds of the NFL Draft and it got JIP'd due to overrun; now he and his family will have to get up at 5:00 AM to see the rest of it a year and a half later.


    On WPVI, WOF Weekend is not airing at all for the season and J! Weekend airs Saturday nights at midnight or half an hour after CFB finishes. Unlike when they used to air Castle in that slot, J! airs in its entirety after the news rather than getting JIP'd (WABC does the same with Wipeout); Castle now airs at 12:30 AM and gets JIP'd after J! (I don't get why they don't mind putting J! Weekend in random slots but absolutely refuse to air WOF Weekend anywhere outside Saturdays at 7:30). Local weekend syndie FYI Philly (normally Saturdays at 7:00 and was the main reason J! Weekend wasn't carried until recently) moves to Sundays at 1:00 PM.


    WTNH, as they did in previous years, air J! and WOF Weekend Sundays at 1:00 and 1:30 PM during CFB season. WFTV in Orlando is moving them to 5:00 and 5:30 PM Sundays; last year, they also had those slots, but they were swapped, possibly because they would rather WOF get JIP'd after overrun from WNBA than J! at the time.


    By the way, we don't even know what rotation of episodes will air in the weekend runs or Daytime J! yet. I imagine WOF will be the usual random selection of eps from the previous season, but I wonder how much of J! Weekend will be Trebek episodes, and if Daytime J! will include every episode of last season or skip eps with certain guest hosts...

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  13. 6 hours ago, KS-IL-IA said:

    Does anyone know if The First 48 will be back in syndication this fall? It's disappeared from a couple of schedules.


    Also, will Couples, Personal Injury and Protection Court(s) still be distributed, even though there are no new episodes? (I did see that Paternity Court is still circulating, at least on WBNX in Cleveland.)


    First 48 is continuing on WLNY with its same "delay all five episodes to weekends" scheduling: Saturdays 4p, Sundays 2a, 4p, Mondays 1a, 2a.


    Couples is reduced to one run on WPIX starting 9/13, but it will continue.


    Protection Court is ending on WLNY Friday 9/10. It is being replaced with Relative Justice.


    Paternity Court is still running on WLNY, but will be reduced from three runs to just one. Previously, it aired weekdays at 4:30a, 5:30a, and 1p. This changes to just one airing at 5:30a starting 9/13.


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  14. On 9/2/2021 at 11:42 AM, WCAUTVNBC10 said:

    Can't speak for NYC but here in the Philly region we started getting tornado warnings during the afternoon news block and they all stayed on air til 8PM after the storms moved out. Everyone's on the air right now covering the resulting flooding and tornado damage.


    WPVI ran coverage all from the 6:00 news until about 7:48 when Wheel of Fortune got joined in progress. ABC World News and Jeopardy! aired on 6.2 Localish, as well as Wheel in its entirety.


    KYW also simulcasted the full CBS primetime lineup on WPSG that night in anticipation of more interruptions. They did the same with Price is Right the next morning.



    In NYC, WABC first cut in briefly during Wheel of Fortune from about 7:48-7:51 for updates on the flood warnings. Both WABC and WPVI had coverage during parts of the 9:00 hour as well, pre-empting part of The $100,000 Pyramid. The next morning, WABC ran coverage all morning and pre-empted Live with Kelly & Ryan and Tamron Hall. The latter aired on 7.2 Localish but K&R did not. There was a brief moment with difficulties where they aired Tamron for a few seconds, however. They signed off not too long after 11:00 AM, going to The View already in progress.

  15. 11 hours ago, justin2kx said:

    -WNYW: TMZ (1st run) moves back to 6:30p from 7:30 to make room for You bet your life.

                    25 words or less (2nd run) at 1a


    Currently, the 12:30 PM airing of 25WOL is the secondary run, and the 6:30 PM is the primary. With this change, hopefully the 12:30 becomes the primary.


    Also, as with many of the other WNYW/WWOR syndies that have two runs, both runs of YBYL are annoyingly listed as the same episode even though they probably aren't since they're numbered S1 E1, E3, E5, etc. with odd numbers.

  16. 1 hour ago, CLETVFan said:


    Good riddance to Mike.  He was no longer a good fit for both shows and became a distraction after news of his treatment towards others went public.  


    Wonder if this changes plans on airing the five episodes he taped as host.  I also wonder if both Wheel and J! will each get a ratings boost thanks to the controversy.



    J! probably will, except for Mike's five episodes when/if they air. However, the first week of their hiatus, which was another run of their "Around the World with Alex" package of reruns from the 2000's and 2010's, had a pretty big drop, so much that Wheel actually beat it (although to be fair, J! repeats are obvious and Wheel's are not; they try to disguise them as new eps a lot of the time so the GP doesn't know better)

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  17. Anyone know of any affiliates that picked up The Good Doctor for weekends? Looks like it wasn't cleared in NYC; Xfinity listings currently go to Monday 9/20 and there are no airings for it listed anywhere.

  18. 39 minutes ago, scrabbleship said:


    It's a relic from when Wheel had a daytime version that has remained out of inertia if anything. The involved parties seem to like the status quo more than anything at this point. 

    Yeah, I think it's really just an "old times" thing.


    Wheel was creaming the competition (and J!) in ratings for decades. They probably figured it was so successful with just one airing with a prime access mandate that it wasn't even necessary to give it a secondary run. That all changed once Nielsen began counting multiple runs cumulatively and Judge Judy and Family Feud jumped to the top (both had up to four runs at the time; Feud now has six). Jeopardy! and Daytime Jeopardy! are counted separately in ratings; that's why they're titled differently.


    Given that Wheel very rarely tops the game show ratings now (usually only when there's an upset such as breaking news or a trial pre-empting everything pre-7:00 ET), it's really high time they start rolling out another Wheel run. CBS TVD actually almost did for the 2012-13 season, but they backed out for some reason. It is known that it was meant for early fringe and would not have been allowed to be paired with Daytime Jeopardy!


    At the very least, CBS MV/Sony should put out a "recommendation" that if a station carries both runs of J! and Wheel, Daytime J! should be used as a defacto "alternate slot" for Wheel if it's pre-empted in its regular slot. You have WDAF in Kansas City double running J! at 2:00 and 2:30 CT every weekday very rarely with any problems (especially since FOX rarely carries breaking news on the non-O&O's), yet Wheel has to air at 11:00 PM or later at least once a week from September-December for NFL and MLB pregame, and for the full week before the Super Bowl if the Chiefs play. They do generally move Wheel's Weekend run to Saturday or Sunday afternoon when FOX has evening sports (I've seen them air it as early as 12:30 PM CT), so I wish they and others would do that on weekdays. KMVT in Twin Falls, Idaho replaced Daytime J! with Wheel at 4:00 MT when it was pre-empted by the March Madness finals earlier this year.

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  19. 5 hours ago, phillynewslover said:

    since J! airs first on most Central Time stations


    All but one Central Time Zone station, actually. The only one that airs Wheel first is KVHP FOX 29 in Lake Charles, LA which airs Wheel at 6:00 and J! at 6:30. That is the only market in the Central Time Zone where those shows air at those times. Wheel airs at 6:30 in every other CT market and J! airs between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. 


    Also, J! is required to air in prime access in ET/PT, just not CT/MT because it isn't usually possible to put both J! and Wheel there. However, J! is allowed to move to an earlier time slot when it's pre-empted; Wheel is not. Some affiliates will try it anyway, though; KAUZ in Wichita Falls, TX normally double-runs J! at 4:00 and 4:30 CT (Daytime J! first, then the main run, but on occasions when Wheel gets pre-empted, it moves up to 4:30, primary J! moves to 4:00, and Daytime J! doesn't air for the day.


    During this year's March Madness, WNEM in Bay City, MI had planned to air J!/WOF at 10 and 10:30 AM in the hour vacated by Let's Make a Deal (which goes off-air on some game days). CBS Media Ventures found out about this, called them, and told them they could not air Wheel that early, so they had to air People at 10:30 instead. Doesn't make sense to me; they would rather Wheel not air at all than a few hours early?


    And during the Tokyo Olympics, several West Coast NBC affiliates moved J! to 3 or 4 PM Pacific. Nobody moved Wheel to afternoon slots except for a couple small Mountain Time Zone affiliates: KKCO Grand Junction (4:30 MT) and KPVI Idaho Falls (5:30 MT; they did not carry Olympic Zone)



    2 hours ago, ScottJ said:

    Pat Sajak isn't going to host Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy,  so there's no point in speculating what his sign-off would be. 


    Apparently they didn't want anyone already hosting a game show on the air to guest host Jeopardy!. I would have liked to see Pat do it (again), but I'm sure all the "fanbros" on Twitter who keep gunning for Levar would probably throw a fit.

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  20. The FOX O&O's are airing a preview special for You Bet Your Life this weekend. WWOR My 9 is airing it Sunday at 3:30 PM and WNYW FOX 5 will air it later that day at 6:30 PM. It will also air on Monday 9/13 at 2:30 PM on both stations.

  21. 1 hour ago, WheelWarrior said:

    What's also not listed starting 9/13 is Daytime Jeopardy! on WABC. I was curious as to whether they would air the entirety of last season like usual or just stick to a loop of Trebek episodes; same for J! Weekend.

    Spoke a bit too soon. It's moving from 2:05 AM to 2:20 AM on WABC starting 9/13 (technically 14). Like with the main run, no episode info listed yet.

  22. 25 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    Yeah I think that Millionaire will be done after next week. Was hoping that WCNC would replace the 12:30 Judge Judy with Daytime Jeopardy but it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case. I can’t find any listings past two weeks out.


    KTXA in Dallas is getting rid of it as well, replacing it with Hot Bench.


    However, Millionaire is still listed on the CW Plus schedule at 6:00 and 6:30 AM weekdays. Could be a placeholder until they change it to something else, though.

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