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  1. Reportedly, there will also be one exclusively for LA and SF. The NY/PHL episode aired at 6:30 PM ET on both affiliates, with the latter preceded by a special introduction from the host of "The ClassH Room" which normally airs in that slot on WTXF. Listings had the episode listed as another airing of that day's regular A run episode.
  2. Family Feud now has eight unique runs, with all of them carried by WNYW/WWOR; I thought the seventh and eighth were repeats of two of the runs until I checked listings and saw each one was a different episode. Has any show ever had more than four runs a day? Insane.
  3. Storm of Suspicion is Saturdays at 2 on WLNY. The other two have not been cleared in NYC. Also, speaking of weekend syndication, it happened at some point last season -- The Good Doctor, which debuted last season, originally had two feeds, one for single run markets and one for double run. At first, double run markets just got the next two episodes each weekend, while single runs just got one, to not mess with the show's heavy continuity in either case. At some point, they changed this so that for double run markets, the "A" episode is a repeat of last weekend's episode, and the "B" is the same episode that single run markets get. I'm guessing they did this either to keep both single and double run markets in sync with each other so the doubles don't get "ahead" (plus they would have looped back to S1 by now since the single run is currently on late S3), or because of how double run markets that might put one of the two runs in an undesirable slot would essentially rob viewers of alternating episodes. WPIX has only been carrying one run though it's pre-empted about half the time by Mets games and CW sporting events.
  4. And combined with WKRN's deal with the Titans, Nashville will only get Wheel three days a week for its first three weeks; it will miss 40% of its first-run September episodes. That is extreme and shouldn't go unnoticed by Sony or CBSMV.
  5. That will only lead to more outcry from viewers especially in markets where DJ! airs overnight like WABC. It is a fair approach for markets that air DJ! in the afternoon, though I think it would be better, for the sake of messing with only one first-run show and not two, to just show Wheel in place of Daytime J! the day of or the next day, so J! fans don't go, "What do you mean Jeopardy! aired a few hours ago? I missed it because of you moving up Wheel of Fortune?!" We know most J! fans don't care for Wheel unlike the other way around. There was a time in 2020 where WTHR accidentally aired the two shows in reverse order (J! first instead of second) and realized it mid-show and ran a crawl announcing that J! would continue in the 7:00 slot and Wheel would air at 7:30. Indy J! fans on Twitter were ticked that they missed it and some even demanded that they air the episode again in place of Wheel the next day (obviously, they didn't). That being said, KPTH-DT3 (formerly KMEG) did this when TNF was on CBS and managed not to break Wheel's rules. They're one of the few Big 3's in the Central Time Zone that aired J! at 6:00 PM instead of news, so on TNF days, J! would move up to 4:30 (where much of CTZ airs it) and Wheel would move up to 6:00, and they would air a special promo announcing such: "Your favorite game shows, just a little earlier". KAUZ also did this during March Madness (moved primary J! up from 4:30 to 4:00 to replace DJ!, and Wheel to 4:30) until CBS Media Ventures stopped them. The O&O's also don't use the Localish subchannel anymore for Wheel or J!. WABC, WTVD, and WPVI used to use it more often than not when needed; WLS I don't believe ever did. I think a more fair solution for the O&O's would have been to air impacted Wheels the next day at 10 AM after Live! and cut down the new 10 AM newscasts to half an hour on those days only. Cutting an hour newscast in half to accommodate a syndie isn't unheard of; WLUK frequently cuts down its 5:00 newscast to air Wheel an hour early when pre-empted by FOX sports (even when both Wheel and J! are impacted). The Wheel premiere is also pre-empted on WIVB and WROC since the Bills are playing and they air specials just about any time the Bills are in the spotlight. Not a huge loss for WIVB since they're a duopoly with WNLO, but WROC frequently bumps Wheel overnight. J! is impacted by this on the much smaller WETM (moves to 18.2).
  6. Yes, I've been meaning to mention this. ABC is dropping a huge bomb on the access syndies with this new MNF pregame, especially Wheel because of the O&O's and because of its prime access/one feed only rules. I imagine Wheel wasn't aware of this until it was too late, but considering the first three Mondays have MNF on ABC (with 9/25 having a game that starts at 7:00), they really should have pushed back the season premiere (which would have also pushed back Pat Sajak's final week so that it won't overlap with NBA Finals and result in pre-emptions on the West Coast). The bigger issue here is that assuming the MNF deal is the same next year, Ryan Seacrest's first episode will very likely suffer this same problem and be pre-empted in about a third of the US (counting the West Coast). I did the math and Wheel is impacted by the new pregame show in about 2.5x the areas J! is. The biggest market where J! is impacted is DC (WJLA). And in the case of J!, at least they'll likely re-air the missed episodes in a few months on Daytime J!, and ET also offers an overnight or next-morning encore (and every segment goes on the YouTube channel anyway). Wheel offers neither of these. ET is also not restricted to prime access, nor is J! in the Central Time Zone. There will also be some affiliates that opt to replace Wheel with J!, one of them being WRIC. At this point, Wheel being forced to air in prime access with not even temporary exceptions allowed, plus still only having one feed a day (when even Who The Bleep, despite its low clearance, has two, when the number of markets carrying both feeds can be counted on one hand, even NYC is only carrying one), is only hurting it more than it's helping it. These rules are only still in place because it had these rules to avoid competing with the NBC/CBS daytime version that hasn't aired since 1991. All four networks are finding more reasons to start primetime at 7:00 or 7:30 on special occasions. ABC has Day 2 of the NFL Draft, the CMA Red Carpet on O&O and Nexstar stations, and now national MNF days, CBS has March Madness, FOX has World Series pregame, NBC has The Olympic Zone and the Hall of Fame and NFL Kickoff pregame. Wheel's rules really need to change. It makes no sense in cases like WFTV where they air Daytime J! at 3:30 and first-run J! and 7:00 but Wheel is forced to air at midnight on a Saturday night. They should be allowed to have Wheel replace Daytime J! either day-of or the next day. And with some markets now carrying Feud up to eight or even NINE (Denver) times a day despite "only" six unique feeds, a second Wheel feed (maybe a Dr. Phil-style rerun package of Pat's last few seasons after Ryan takes over?) would get eaten up, especially since the general public doesn't really know when Wheel is new or a repeat. It's sad that ABC is suddenly treating Wheel like this. This is far worse than when Thursday Night Football came about on CBS and NBC since more and larger markets are affected.
  7. Jeopardy! does have some benefits in the CT/MT zones. Aside from getting it earlier than larger ET/PT markets, several of them are able to double-run it in the 3 or 4 PM hour, and unlike Wheel which is forced to be slotted in prime access with rarely any exception, they never have to worry about getting pre-empted by sporting events, pregame shows, debates, or some random local telethon or special that the station is looking to produce. Pretty much the only afternoon pre-emptions for J! are tennis and golf on NBC, and Black Friday college football on CBS and ABC. Even during the Olympics, J!'s typical 4/4:30 PM CT is in the open window between Olympic broadcasts that's meant for 5:00 newscasts in ET, but in many cases, Wheel is forced to take two weeks off if the affiliate opts to air The Olympic Zone (CBS MV will not allow them to move Wheel up to 4:00 or 4:30 to replace half of a J! double run, which is silly). If it weren't for Wheel still being forced to be slotted in prime access with just one single run (both clauses being leftovers from when it was also a daytime show to avoid competition or confusion between the two versions), I think many CT/MT affiliates would jump at the opportunity to put Jeopardy! at 6:30 and Wheel sometime in the afternoon or even late morning, if they were allowed to do so. At least then, us Wheel fans would have an early opportunity besides the blurry recordings of CJON's airings that show up on YouTube by 4:30 ET.
  8. Or it could be that WPIX had a conflict with a Mets game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think WABC has locally aired a MNF game since a Jets/Eagles game in December 2019.
  9. So with Rachael Ray leaving, what is the likelihood of WABC and WPVI moving GH back to 2:00 and either adding a 3:00 newscast, or adding a 10:00 AM newscast with Tamron Hall moving to 2:00 or 3:00?
  10. In NYC, Big Bang Theory is moving from WNYW/WWOR to WPIX starting 9/4. Saw a promo for it on the latter this afternoon.
  11. WDAF in Kansas City has temporarily moved Wheel of Fortune to 1:00 AM due to the Chiefs being in the Super Bowl. It returns to the normal time on Saturday (one day before the big game, funny enough). https://fox4kc.com/news/red-day-specials-move-wheel-of-fortune/ Doing this for an entire week seems pretty extreme. They also did this in 2020 and 21. Do any other stations ever move or pre-empt syndies for a week or more for planned stuff like this? I remember in 2019, WXIA shifted Wheel to WATL for the entire week leading up to that year's Bowl since Atlanta was hosting the game.
  12. Another oddity with WPXI: They swapped Wheel and Jeopardy! back in July, but starting in September, Jeopardy! moved back to 7:00 on Saturdays only, and the Saturday run of Wheel got relegated to 4:30 AM Saturday morning. At first, this was done to accommodate local program "The Jerome Bettis Show" and NBC's package of Notre Dame Football games which start at 7:30. Now that NFL season's come and gone, Jeopardy! is still airing at 7:00 on Saturdays and 7:30 is now random specials or infomercials, with Wheel still airing at 4:30 AM.
  13. Not unless Wheel's prime access hour mandate is lifted, which I doubt will ever happen given that the only reason it exists was to avoid being slotted too close to the former NBC/CBS daytime version, which has been gone for over 30 years. Way back when, WPTZ was interested in picking up Wheel but they could only fit it at 5:00 PM. KingWorld said no deal and it went to a competitor (they do carry it today at 7:30). KTRK would have to truncate the 6:00 newscast which they never like to do. Any time the ABC O&O's put out a special that pre-empts Wheel on the other O&O's, KTRK airs it 3:30 to pre-empt Inside Edition before all the news. They also do not carry the CMA Red Carpet special that ABC feeds to the O&O's just before the ceremony (similar to how the NBC O&O's start Rockefeller Center Christmas Celebration at 7 instead of 8).
  14. Are you sure KWGN double-ran J! at 2:00 and 2:30? That would mean the KDVR/KWGN duopoly carried three runs of J! total, which CBSMV doesn't offer. What does this mean? Is Conners in syndication already? And I thought WFTV was airing WOF/J! Weekend Sundays at 5:00 and 5:30 PM during football season (with WOF first instead of J! likely because they would rather WOF be the show that gets JIP'd after WNBA or MLS overrun than J!; they were reversed last season). Also, speaking of Good Doctor, it is part of the CW+ lineup weekends at 7 PM, replacing MacGyver. There appear to be two feeds of TGD similar to what they did for Schitt's Creek: one feed for markets that only air one unique ep per weekend, and one for markets that air two episodes per weekend.
  15. 9-1-1 has not been cleared in NYC. WCBS got Magnum P.I. at 12:05 AM, and Major Crimes replaces Bull at 2:05. The latter will also air in random weekend afternoon slots on WLNY.
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