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  1. KHQA was. They have not been able to air syndies all this week.
  2. KPTH in Sioux City has their local and syndie operations back up and running, at least on DT3 CBS (formerly KMEG). KDBC is still having some problems in the news studio, but syndies and commercials are back to normal. Means no more slates for J!/WOF, though.
  3. Was KTUL able to air syndies, at least? I don't see any "Where is ______?" complaints on their Facebook other than the morning news.
  4. WPBN was able to air Wheel and Jeopardy! today but without commercials. KBOI appears to be back to normal with syndie and local ad programming. KDBC is still having problems. Portions of their newscast appear to be prerecorded and played back on a Mac computer, and their end card is shown on monitors instead of being directly fed. Their airing of Jeopardy! today had the slate. After that finished, they played a stock footage clip of aerial views of El Paso twice. After that, Wheel of Fortune started with the first three seconds or so cut off (so the opening was just "..
  5. There was no Wheel of Fortune tonight on WGFL in Gainesville, FL.
  6. KIMA is airing BBT with commercials right now. No Jeopardy! or presumably Wheel of Fortune on KVAL in Eugene, OR. Repeat of CBS Evening News is airing right now at 7:00 PT, unless it's just the P+ feed not airing the shows. KBAK Bakersfield, KAEF Eureka, KATU Portland, and KOMO Seattle are all airing either Jeopardy! or Wheel right now with proper commercials. KBAK's P+ feed is airing CBSN, though.
  7. KBOI in Boise is not airing Jeopardy! or Wheel, either. 8:00 ET/6:00 MT was CBSN and 6:30 was the West Coast feed of CBSEN. KDBC in El Paso did air the shows, but the commercial breaks just had a tech difficulties/please stand by card. Right before Wheel started, they actually aired the slate that is normally not supposed to be aired. WOF 10-19 KDBC Slate.mp4
  8. Checked the following Sinclair stations that air Wheel of Fortune on Tuesday night at 7:00 or 7:30 ET and they were airing The National Desk instead: - KHQA Quincy, IL - WSBT South Bend, IN - KVII Amarillo, TX KPTH-DT3 Sioux City was showing CBSN on Paramount+ instead of Wheel. Not sure if that was also the case OTA. A couple of fans in Michigan on Twitter were saying that there was no WOF or J! on Monday or Tuesday, with one of them saying that they were replaced with Wipeout reruns (which I believe are meant for weekends; WABC airs those after midnight
  9. WTOV posted this notice. According to comments on their Facebook page, J! and Wheel last night were replaced with a "news show", and the same is happening today with 25 Words or Less and Kelly Clarkson.
  10. Even though he'd always only get to watch half of it at best?
  11. Does this only affect local news or does it affect network and syndicated programming too? I tried to watch Wheel on WWMT tonight and their Paramount+ feed was just the CBS network feed; as soon as CBSEN signed off, there was a black screen for a few moments, then the 10-second countdown into the version that is feed at 7:00 ET. However, the feed of WWMT on my IPTV was showing Wheel. cbsenrepeat.mp4
  12. What I don't get is, why doesn't CBS just take the 7:00-7:30 slot since CFB never ends before 7:00 on CBS because of the postgame show? This has been going on for years. At least ABC's games sometimes ended at 7:00 when they did 3:30-7:00/8:00-11:30, but even then they just decided, "Screw it. Our stations don't always get to air news or programming between the games so let's just close up that hour from now on." Why not just make 7:00 on CBS "College Football Postgame" like FOX does with "The OT", and encourage CBS affiliates to air local news at 7:30/6:30c leading into primetime? I'm sure so
  13. Stations seem to have different policies on whether to strictly stick to their listed schedule when it comes to running newscasts after sporting events that run long, or to run that newscast for the full 30/60 minutes and JIP programming afterwards (or slide those shows back to air in their entirety). The most frequent time this comes into play is Saturdays on East Coast CBS affiliates during college football season. CBS always schedules games to run from 3:30-7:00 ET (sometimes with another one from 8:00-11:30), but I have never, not once in years, seen this game end before 7:00.
  14. This week began FOX's weekly screwing with prime access, fortunately for the last season. On Thursdays until TNF on FOX is done, WNYW moves You Bet Your Life up to 6:30 replacing one run of TMZ (they did the same last season when TMZ was at 7:30). WLUK in Green Bay does what they've always done: 5 PM newscast is shortened from 60 minutes to 30, allowing Wheel of Fortune to air an hour early at 5:30 PM Central, the only pre-access hour airing anywhere in the US on a semi-regular basis (not counting all the random time slots WOF Weekend gets moved to during college football).
  15. The incompetence of WTNH in Hartford/New Haven, CT pretty much answered this. It's likely one big file. Last Friday, WTNH not only began airing the wrong episode of Wheel of Fortune, but they timed the commercial breaks incorrectly and kept cutting off the show in the middle of rounds, and leaving the actual commercial breaks as blank screens. Then halfway through the show, it kept switching back and forth between the wrong episode and the right one. What the heck was going on in the master control room that night? https://streamable.com/zqytp6

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