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  1. She did not although that could change next year. Yes she is. I did as well. She would do well on that program as well.
  2. I agree. They both should have weekday slots.
  3. She’s going to be subbing on MSNBC most of this week. I really wouldn’t know what she wants to do.
  4. I could see Andrea steeping down and/or Chucks show being canceled so Morgan can make one of those slots. I think Morgan would be on weekdays as well. So can I. She certainly has a very bright future ahead for her at NBC News/MSNBC.
  5. I’m thinking and hoping that she has a show on MSNBC next year. She has the right kind or energy, passion and reporting to host a TV show. She has excellent potential!
  6. I predict that Morgan Radford will have a show somewhere on a new schedule.
  7. Have any of the networks had a special report on Michael Flynn’s pardon?
  8. That’s most likely the case because of the pandemic.
  9. Same here although I think Bill Ritter happened to be in the studio before the news broke. It was good timing.
  10. I don’t disagree although that’s what Adam told me when I asked him.
  11. I saw that. WABC wanted to ensure there viewers heard about Terbeks passing from them first.
  12. I’m curious how Bill Ritter got to the studio so quickly unless he was already in.
  13. Adam said he’s going to be on Sat nights while there are new SNL episodes.
  14. There was a special report on channel 7 on the passing of Alex Terbek.

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