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  1. Was the difference between an optional and mandatory SR and what are the different levels for special coverage?
  2. I thought David was born in 1959. He did start at WABC during his original tenure in 1981. I think Mike will replace Bill although we will see what happens. WABC should have replaced Bill Beutel with Greg Hurst. He was about 30 years younger than Bill and familiar with the viewers. It is what it is although that would have made the most sense.
  3. There’s a reason why WABC went with Bill Ritter over Greg Hurst and Robb Hanrahan when Bill Beutel retired. I actually think they should have went with Harry Martin although that obviously was not the direction they wanted to go in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Marza reached Bill when he eventually does retire.
  4. Perhaps that’s the future of WNBC having people anchor newscasts alone. Viewership isn’t what it’s supposed to be and the days of views getting used to teams like Chuck, Sue, Janice and Len I think are basically over. I don’t think you need two anchors at 11pm as it’s only a 35 minute newscast.
  5. It was basically about wanting to talk to him. It wasn’t rude or threatening. Maybe he was having a bad day that day.
  6. If I was Amy I’d be carful since she had cancer. Even if she is fully vaccinated the risk of getting seriously ill is still higher than zero as low as it is.
  7. I’m not a fan of Trump myself although I guess that’s not appropriate. Many like Bill and he seems like a decent person although I have a story about him. When I was a young kid I used to call newscasters because for some reason I wanted to speak to them I guess because they were well known. I called Bill and left him a message maybe around 9pm one evening. He calls my house at around midnight to tell my parents he didn’t appreciate my call. I can understand him feeling that way although I don’t think it was necessary for him to have called at midnight and even tho my parents didn’t think I sh
  8. What does Bill say? I don’t watch WABC too often.
  9. I’ve noticed that Chuck hasn’t been on a 6 for at least the past week and it isn’t mentioned that he’s off for the night. Is he taking the summer off or is something else going on?
  10. That actually may be a part of why they are continuing to socially distance. I think it’s the right call. I hope not either. I’ve read more and more about people fully vaccinated getting ill with covid and some seriously ill although unlike those who are vaccinated so far very few fully vaccinated people are dying. I’ll have to check his post out. There are real concerns with the virus for those who are vaccinated and especially those who aren’t.
  11. If Liz is back and on at 6 then it really doesn’t make sense. It’s not like she left the 6pm newscast or is even currently away.
  12. That’s odd. Perhaps this is a sign of what’s to come? Let’s continue this discussion in the speculation 9000 thread.
  13. It could if it has an effect on ones health. That’s smart given what’s happening with delta. I think the arrangements are either to protect those who are expecting and/or someone like Bill who is over 70.
  14. That’s possible. It could be as Bill is 71 with possible health conditions and we quite honestly don’t know how long the vaccines will be effective for, are they effective against the delta variant or can vaccinated people spread covid to non vaccinated people. If Bill said it was either keeping this arrangement for now or him retiring WABC may have decided they’d prefer to keep him over going back to anchors sitting side by side.
  15. You make a good point although far too many don’t get the vaccine because of misinformation. If Shirleen didn’t get vaccinated I can understand why and if these precautions are still in place even to protect her then that’s wonderful that WABC has that kind of work environment where they care about those who work there. I just hope those who did not get vaccinated had a good reason not to.

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