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  1. Probably will not happen I believe they are just trying to cut people not find a replacement. They only had 3 meteorologists for years until they hired Mike
  2. I say they should give Mike the top spot . They need to put Mark back on mornings as I don’t believe a almost 20 year veteran should be on weekends. As well as I’m not a fan of Kaitlyn Cody . I also hope Bill can find his way to another Chicago station maybe Channel 2 as he’s a great meteorologist
  3. They finally woke up and smelled the coffee it’s been on the market more than a year and they haven’t had any bites. Now there is more retail space than ever. They finally realized they won’t be getting any bites anytime soon . Might as well put the space to use
  4. Why does WBBM have news on at 6:30 tonight . They usually air Entertainment Tonight at 6:30
  5. They should convert it into a Studio B I know it would probably cost over $100,000 for a second studio but letting it sit dormant is not productive.
  6. Yes they might as well put another side studio in the old street front like WFLD has done. It’s been on the market over a year and now because of the coronavirus the economic crisis is worse and now it is really not going to sell
  7. Better that then cold as a fish I’d rather have a little too personal as opposed to cold like Irika and then when she does say something it makes zero sense or it’s awkward
  8. Overall here Is my list as a whole: Breaking News Coverage-WLS News Gathering-WLS Investigations-WBBM Consumer Complaints-WMAQ Weather-WMAQ Sports-WFLD Overall Apperance-WLS/WFLD (their new graphics help a lot however I wish they would use the complete package) News set-WFLD WGN does a lot of things simply just ok now and in my opinion apart from having a official investigative unit I honestly think WFLDs newscast are better .Of course WGN leans slightly Democratic and WFLD slightly Republican but as far as their news coverage appearance and anchor
  9. Yes I think their evening newscasts are good now. I also like Brads straightforward approach and how he won’t pick sides on issues. I can enjoy that as well as their investigations are hard hitting. However about that morning show it’s not good. People don’t want to hear hard hitting no nonsense news the first thing in the morning. As well as the fact they scrapped their traffic reporter. I honestly like Good Day Chicago for mornings Channel 7 Middays . I still like Channel 5’s news as they get to the point , and as channel 2 exposes corruption I believe channel 5 focuses more on consumer com
  10. WBBM got new curtains in the newsroom I believe it’s because they hosted the CBS Weekend News this weekend
  11. They probably won’t even fill the position while not as desperate as WBBM , I’m sure they will try and make cuts when and where they can.
  12. It’s fast paced I don’t have a problem with their 10pm newscast . I actually appreciate how they just read the news and don’t give opinion. Lori is a little too opinionated for my taste. Dari can be a little cold sometimes but I like Steve just fine. I do however think they should hire a actual sports anchor. Instead of having Steve and Dari read sports headlines

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