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  1. Oooh Tim is cheating on CBS 2 with FOX 32 I’m telling
  2. CBS 2 broke in as soon as the tornado warnings were first issued . FOX 32 was on with Mark Strehl as well Kaitlyn and Mike joined soon thereafter. Channel 7 did not break in until WFLD confirmed there was a confirmed tornado over Beecher . WMAQ has a much stronger case because the Olympics are much more prestigious, and they were on in the heart of the danger, but WLS couldn’t break in for a soccer game come on…. WGN was on the whole time but coverage is weak. In severe weather it should be mandatory to break in I don’t care if it’s the Super Bowl , T storms are different but if there i
  3. This is a very dangerous situation and WLS has the poorest coverage due to sports coverage . WFLD WBBM are solid WGN is running on fumes. WMAQ leeks going in and out due to the Olympics
  4. Channel 5 had the best coverage Channel 7 was fine . Channel 2 did a good job Jim Williams held things together. Don’t know about Channel 9 didn’t watch much but they appeared solid. Channel 32 was on and off all night and was running on fumes with their smaller weather team They kept going in and out I think she was by herself , not last year because there really wasn’t any major coverage if I can recall however before WFLD had more meteorologists (not now) because they canned Bill if it was just Bill or Mark they would say let me get the latest warnings and we will be right back stay
  5. They are all still going wow I’m impressed
  6. Noooo that is misleading WMAQ WLS and WGN all tied with a 1.4. WGN hit the 1.4 at 9pm. WMAQ and WLS have 1.4 at 10pm. WGN has 1.0 at 10pm. WFLD’s late news is at a 0.8. WBBM is running on fumes at 0.4. So technically you are right but it’s not the whole story. I’ve been watching WMAQ , WLS is too sterile , WGN is too boring , WBBM good investigating reporting but everything else is a nightmare, and WFLD ticked me off when they got rid of Bill Bellis.
  7. While their set as aged very well , I do not see why they don’t do a complete overhaul.
  8. I don’t think KYW got a new desk just the new monitors
  9. Mary Kay is having a technical meltdown on Channel 2 as of right now no weather forecast as she cannot be heard
  10. It was a joke I honestly think management is looking for a excuse to get rid of a million dollar salary.
  11. WFLD in Chicago has main team Sunday thru Thursday as more people watch on Sundays compared to Fridays.
  12. I wish they would stop promote Mike or Mark already and stop having Kaitlyn Cody do the weather . They are regressing I’ve been watching WFLD since they’ve gotten their news set redone but I think I’m going to go back to watching WMAQ

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