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  1. At least they choose not to switch to the KOIN Pkg because it was in testing. CBS Pkg looks good on them.
  2. Most Likely because they are beginning transitions to new graphics already with CBS Sports. So sometime this week they may begin rollout. Because FOX O&Os rolled out there graphics this time last year (Super Bowl).
  3. A mix of TEGNA and Scripps and they did a good job, now I cannot wait to see the weather graphics they’ve been working on.(They’re still using previous weather graphics)
  4. FOX 47 has the new graphics with WXMI FOX 17 producing now.
  5. I really don't know what to think about these graphics tbh. I mean when KMOV switches I hope the make them as modern as their current graphics And when KPHO switches I hope they make them more modern too.
  6. "KC" Promoting Kansas City. But they don't have to do it so tight. And with that logo they look a lot similar to KMOV now.
  7. I said that too. Because when they switch to the standardize graphics they would've switched graphics 2 times this year.
  8. WNEM looks like they're going with their current color scheme for the new graphics. Or this could just be the CBS 2016 O&O package from LinearDrift.
  9. They look a lot like KMOV now
  10. I hope this gives the FOX O&Os something like the NBC O&Os it's own icons and it's own standard template and switching over to 1 unified weather system and the main font Neue Plak Especially KDFW KTTU KSAZ WTTG Definitely WOFL WJBK KRIV
  11. This looks good on them. I just wish the Weather Graphics had consistence Like TEGNA and SCRIPPS as well as The NBC O&Os
  12. KMOV is keeping their current graphics
  13. Modified version because the 7 has an arch
  14. It'll be a set in a box and the reason the weather center is getting bigger is for more room and space for multiple meteorologists to work.
  15. The WDIO were done by Linear Drift and that package was around before KOIN so not a knockoff. They were done by the same people.
  16. When did WMAQ switch because I went to go check they’re still on the original LOOK N weather graphics.
  17. Sounds like Kim is now competing since he didn’t get what he wanted with TEGNA.
  18. I was looking up Subtropical Storm Theta but for BayNews9 this popped up Here's another one...................
  19. The “NEWS” font is Plak just thought you should know
  20. It's Helvetica Neue the same exact 6 from WTVJ's old logo before 2012
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