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  1. The WDIO were done by Linear Drift and that package was around before KOIN so not a knockoff. They were done by the same people.
  2. When did WMAQ switch because I went to go check they’re still on the original LOOK N weather graphics.
  3. Me and @ABC 7 Denverhave a lot more information about them than you guys. It is a whole brand new package. You guys will like it.... the main font will be Gotham. They’ll use flat elements mostly and from what I’ve seen they give TEGNA a run for its money. And ABC will adopt a new flat weather icon set. And ABC7ny will switch to Baron and maybe WPVI too. Everything is changing guys. Flat , modern and ABC is gonna prove they’re number 1 This new package will be way different. But ABC considers the KABC package as it’s cu mandate. I’m the new mandate it’ll look more refreshing wi
  4. The graphics won't be either from Hothaus or a custom WPVI package.
  5. This will be coming this evening. (It was delayed due to Weather graphics issues.)
  6. Sounds like Kim is now competing since he didn’t get what he wanted with TEGNA.
  7. WMDT 47 ABC switched graphics today.
  8. I was looking up Subtropical Storm Theta but for BayNews9 this popped up Here's another one...................
  9. Thx... can’t wait to see their new graphics......
  10. I have no clue they're just making new cuts of MCTYW TO where it'll match with the modern graphics.
  11. WFAA's Election is great set I think that's victory park but it looks a lot more like Young St.

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