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  1. KDOC in Orange County/LA market changed hands and flipped to religious programming as of late this week. Between this and the morning news block coming to KCAL, there seem to be a lot of displaced mid- and lower-tier syndicated shows in the area going into the new season.
  2. I don't think this has been shared here yet. The next season of HOT BENCH will see two new judges joining Michael Corriero in the fall. That's because Tanya Acker and Patricia DiMango have decamped for an upcoming Freevee court show produced by Judy Sheindlin and company. TRIBUNAL will pair the HB alums with Sheindlin's son Adam Levy, and see Byrd returning as bailiff. https://deadline.com/2022/04/judy-sheindlin-panel-court-show-tribunal-amazon-freevee-judge-judy-bailiff-petri-hawkins-byrd-patricia-dimango-tanya-acker-ordered-1235011842/
  3. CBS46 in Atlanta will not carry Dr. Oz's replacement from Sony, The Good Dish, opting instead for 3 p.m. local news (and Inside Edition). I wonder what kind of carriage The Good Dish will ultimately get, and how many other stations/groups might decline to pick it up.
  4. What used to be the show's website now appears to be fully promoting the campaign, which seems...not ideal for station partners: https://doctoroz.com/
  5. Not the first time NBC has tried this out. From WSJ in 2017: In Los Angeles, KABC runs ABC World News 2x in early fringe...once at 3:30 p.m. (taking the East Coast feed) and again at 6:30. I'd go so far as to assume this kind of ratings ploy is also behind the trend of double-running syndicated shows like Disney's "Tamron Hall" and "Kelly & Ryan" during overnight hours.
  6. Lauren Lake's daytime one-hour project has a new name, revised format, and a fall 2022 launch date: https://deadline.com/2021/06/we-the-people-with-judge-lauren-lake-court-series-entertainment-studios-fall-2022-syndication-1234779517/
  7. Apologies if this is repeat information...per on-air promos in Los Angeles, YOU BET YOUR LIFE will premiere Monday 9/13; and NICK CANNON begins 9/27.
  8. KNBC is adding a 7 p.m. newscast, effective Monday 6/7. This presumably replaces ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, which would shift to 7:30 p.m. to replace the cancelled ALL ACCESS. https://tvnewscheck.com/top-news/journalism/article/knbc-los-angeles-adding-7-p-m-newscast/
  9. Now we have a name and time period information for this. It'll be called THE NATIONAL DESK:
  10. Fox TV Stations have re-upped three strips: 25 WORDS OR LESS; DISH NATION; and DIVORCE COURT, for two additional seasons each, through the 2022-23 season.
  11. I can't speak to the specifics of the contractual language for either of those shows, but it would appear from the durable ratings through the years that CBSTVD's strategy has maximized the value of the show and consistently driven viewership to broadcast stations and their newscasts. A cable window may have diluted that valuable tune-in driver.
  12. Wow: IMDBtv and Amazon Studios have landed the upcoming Judge Judy project. I wonder what CBSTVD has in mind for the rerun library: continue to offer them to stations, or maybe establish a diginet around them?
  13. Allen's latest acquisitions include the multicast/diginets This TV and Light TV from MGM.
  14. I suspect that's a typo in the PR quote and it's meant for fall 2021. But if you count the year they did it as a web-only show, it will still have been a two-year pilot project by the time it launches nationally.
  15. Per your link, they will "offer the show to other station groups for fall 2022". I wonder which station groups will join up.
  16. Ice T and Fox are teaming up again, this time for a conflict-resolution/mediation-style program, being developed with pandemic protocols in mind. A four-week preview is slated for March on some Fox O&Os.
  17. Niecy Nash is circling a daytime talk pilot for CBS.
  18. I agree the omission of an Apple/iOS app is troubling. For what it's worth, users may not be missing much. It's been nearly a week and I have yet to find "News on Tubi" in the Roku or Google Play versions of the app. Curious if anyone has had success testing this out so far.
  19. Perhaps these episodes will someday make their domestic debut on Pluto TV, which quietly continues to carry a 24/7 COPS channel: https://www.pluto.tv/live-tv/cops
  20. Sinclair is staffing up for its national "headline service"-style morning show, designed to air on CW and MyNet stations beginning in 2021. It'll be led by former D.C. anchor Jan Jeffcoat and former Seattle anchor Caye Thompson.
  21. The latest hire for PEOPLE is Gretchen Carlson as special contributor.
  22. My mistake; thanks for the correction. I was thinking of the noon show.
  23. This fall KTLA also made its 1 p.m. newscast permanent, after billing it as a Special Edition launched to handle daily pandemic briefings. In both cases, KTLA benefits from: getting to keep all the ad inventory (as explained above); and not having to deal with makegoods when they choose to pre-empt LA Unscripted for breaking news. Expect this to last at least through the end of the 2020 calendar year, even if it may evolve into a more conventional newscast.
  24. Via NewscastStudio, a roundup of talk shows and game shows that have returned to studio with new social distancing measures and/or virtual audiences: Kelly and Ryan Tamron Hall Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy Jimmy Kimmel Live The Talk Ellen
  25. After offering/soft-testing a web-only version last season, it appears Meredith intends to continue posting PEOPLE The TV Show full episodes on YouTube, which may at least boost awareness given that its initial rollout is limited.
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