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  1. Malini Basu is bound for WFAA after announcing her departure from WFXT two weeks ago.
  2. ...I guess I'll finally be the one to start the CBS 2 News thread? It's a long-time coming, that's for sure. I'll kick it off with some sad news for the morning team, which at this point, is not breaking anymore, but should be pointed out: Alternate Version on Instagram It does not sound like she was forced out, based on the comments on her social media and appears that she chose to move on, possibly from the industry altogether, and it's nice to see that she was well-liked by her (now-former) colleagues at the station through the comments. Not aware of
  3. After the infamous Blake McCoy saga, Fox 5 in DC has named a new evening anchor: Anchor-Reporter Rob Desir Joins WTTG News Desir was most recently an evening anchor at WTVR (CBS 6) in Richmond, VA.
  4. Yeah, I kind of agree but I also really associate CNBC with its flashy graphics, booming music, and endless sound effects, and I doubt any of that would ever change. They released new theme songs and some graphic modifications for two of its flagship programs over the past ~2 years and never made the transition into flat like we're seeing here for MSNBC. I will hold my doubts since nothing much changed in 2017 when they last had a huge lineup change, but we shall stay tuned indeed.
  5. Yeah the new lower-thirds and bug is definitely being rolled out right now for actual programming, as seen here on Way Too Early. Literally none of this rebranding was necessary. I admit the look is clean and simple, but the font still feels so off-brand (even if NBC News Now did use it for the longest time).
  6. MSNBC seriously has a branding problem with their direct "Newsroom" competing offerings. They keep changing things around and I get that that has to happen to see what works, but these new show names are just not it. I would hope that they're temporary because they're just convoluted. I still don't understand why they need so many different anchors throughout the day, but that's another issue.
  7. This isn't really a lineup-related thing (well...it could be someday), but I thought this was a pretty significant grab for CNN: She had a very prominent role with CBS so I did not expect this (I'm also just OOTL about her relationship with CBS these past few months). Weijia and Ed have a larger role at the WH today and there's less upward room at CBS so I guess this was the best fit for her.
  8. Emilie Ikeda, reporter at FOX 5 Atlanta, is leaving the station. There was some buzz on her going back to Philly (being that she worked at FOX 29 and it was also her hometown) but she shut down those rumors in a comment by saying she's only going there for a bit before she moves to her next spot. I don't claim to know anything but she did follow some NBC accounts recently, so that's what I'll speculate on. Been numerous cuts/departures planned at KTRK since the pandemic began, most of which have rattled their viewer base. Wondering when we'll see any new hires coming onboard. Same wit
  9. Five Buffalo stations adapt to NextGen on March 18, 2021. Scripps' WKBW (ABC) Tegna's WGRZ (NBC) Sinclair's WUTV (Fox) Sinclair's WNYO (MyNetworkTV) Nexstar's WIVB (CBS)
  10. Reporter Hal Eisner and his photographer Joab Perez were struck after an SUV slammed into Highland Market on Hollywood Boulevard Police have arrested the suspect under suspicion of driving under the influence.
  11. Pretty sure just 2 with this new deal: 2026 and 2030. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  12. New deal announced through the 2033 season: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31088098/nfl-announces-tv-deals-espn-abc-nbc-cbs-fox-amazon
  13. I agree that this is a slap in the face to Robb; it seems like they they felt they needed a Megan for mornings...but just not Megan herself. Way too much turnover still. Will they ever learn to just stop touching their lineup? They still have too many freelancers taking up various spots when actual teams would be much better for cohesion for the station but nothing tells me they're establishing anything solid. As an aside, a small part of me actually thought CBS might have tried to lure Bill Bellis, but I figure he probably would've been too expensive and then they'd only have one
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMcZvAkg_uV/ Weekend anchor Dana Griffin at WYFF in Greenville is leaving after 3 years to head for KNSD in San Diego.
  15. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/vickie-burns-leaving-wpix/228922/ Nothing shocking about this but ND Vickie Burns is out. After Mission finalized its purchase and McConnell was brought on, a changing of guard was imminent.
  16. All Access struck me as being oddly Inside Edition-lite at times, when I thought it should've been something more lighthearted like Access Hollywood. I think the problem was it trying to straddle those lines and they should've gone all in on one of the two. Maybe AH can be expanded to 1 hour now? You also make an interesting point about opening up a 7PM newscast but IMO the time to start one was definitely last year. News is cheap, yes, but I still feel like NBC is going to try for something more lucrative...what would it be? Not sure.
  17. Piers Morgan certainly made headlines these past two days, but over in Australia, Samantha Armytage actually made dramatic headlines for herself last week after she abruptly resigned from Sunrise, the top-rated morning program on Seven Network. Armytage infamously made callous remarks about the Aboriginal community and the merits of adopting Aboriginal children into white families on the program back in 2018, which later forced the network to settle a defamation case. She also often fought against the tabloids, even compelling an apology from the Daily Mail after they themselves ra
  18. Yeah I agree, I don't think this is really an indicator of a change to come. I still think the new CBS Weekend News open is a stronger indicator. (Or maybe it's that I want it to be.) Off-topic, but I like Enforcer as a theme by itself. But I also think it's long in the tooth in all of the current opens. BUT I also hate the new cut that's currently used by KCNC. I'm basically more than excited to see what CBS will do next and hope they just make sensible changes.
  19. In Pittsburgh, WTAE leads in the mornings and at 6PM and KDKA leads everywhere else.
  20. You know, I'll commend you for taking a bold stance on this forum about NN, as it is, indeed, as you mentioned, a dicey topic. The sheer mismanagement of it all, and treating it like a pet project to feed Compton's ego is absolutely astounding and the Times article succinctly describes how hypocritical the network has been from the start. Yes, it is fair to say that the CNN/Fox sphere of television is toxic and an echo chamber and they're also just as much, if not more, of an ego-feeding mission for Zucker and Murdoch. But to prescribe to the world that you are better and fairer than others, a
  21. It's a hell of a day they chose for a "major maintenance project," because Miami weather was hellacious on Saturday. As for if CBSN Miami had anything to do with this, I'm thinking barely maybe. I have little faith in CBS getting their act together, so if we entertained the thought of them really needing to go down just to set up: why would such an extreme move be necessary? I don't think any of the other stations with CBSN had to go through that. I'll stand corrected if it happens otherwise. But they also haven't changed the weather graphics yet, one of the biggest indicators of som
  22. Lot of veterans slowly trickling out. Definitely vacancies left to be filled in the coming months/year, unless these will be cut from the budget (hopefully not).
  23. Huh, after KPIX, could KYW finally get something new? Color me shocked. On an unrelated note, reporter Greg Argos departed the station and the industry about a week ago.
  24. A reunion of sorts with Jessob Reisbeck. Nice to know she's employed again.
  25. An end of an era. I never tuned in to Qubo but I do remember scrolling past it and giving it a glance. This is a sad end to a channel.

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