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  1. Dropping this here for anyone who's missed it and want to look back at his career: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/06/30/dave-lopez-reporter-cbs2-kcal9-retires/
  2. It was mentioned earlier before that KOVR was near completion, but I don't think this article was shared: https://thedesk.matthewkeys.net/2020/06/cbsn-sacramento-launch-cbs-news-kovr-kmax-good-day/ As of June 15, CBSN Sacramento is scheduled to launch in the first half of July. Of course, CBS is in no position to really make CBSN's promises happen right now and the article also makes it clear that "off-peak hours" will all stream the national feed so,.....basically CBSN Chicago soft launch part 2?
  3. 4 stations in Salt Lake City have deployed ATSC 3.0 today. Sinclair's KUTV (CBS) and KJZZ (Ind.) and Nexstar's KTVX (ABC) and KUCW (CW) began broadcasting with NextGen TV today. Also, this article talks about the progress of ATSC 3.0 deployment so far during the pandemic.
  4. Word seems to be that Fox is starting its trimming this month, with developments happening over time instead of like CBS massacre-style. Not related to July, but I found the ones below who have exited just in the past few days. Marcel Clarke, weeknight anchor at KTBC, no longer has any mention of Fox 7 in her bios and her bio's also missing from the website. Her LinkedIn confirms the departure. Paul Wagner, 20-year veteran reporter at WTTG, signed off last night. He made it a point (in the video with Mayor Bowser) that he wasn't actually retiring and was looking at different options. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Brooke Zauner also joined WAGA in early-June.
  5. Not quite debuting on 4:30AM today so it seems the new graphics and open will probably premiere after the early morning newscast. Also, WITI's app store listing below should give clues as to its new branding. The 6's font will remain, and "FOX" won't be housed in the red box, at least in the example picture in the listing (as opposed to the app's icon). As an aside, since Fox doesn't seem to infringe much on stations' established local branding (such as with KTVU), I don't think they'll be changing "FOX6 WakeUp News" to "Good Day Milwaukee" or something of that nature. But at least they already use "Beyond," so there isn't as much to change.
  6. Well, say it ain't so! FTVLive posted this: Katie Kim, weekend morning anchor and weekday reporter, is leaving soon. Robert Feder has also affirmed this, adding that her last day is August 16. Katie is moving back to SoCal to be closer to family. There are open spots in LA, such as at KABC, so....who knows what might happen?
  7. Adding to this, Jamie Yuccas was the anchor for both days. Other LA-based correspondents at the bureau are Mireya Villarreal and Carter Evans. If it goes back to Washington and Major is off, I speculate one of the White House correspondents (Weijia Jiang, Paula Reid, and Ben Tracy) could also take over...? We'll see. Honestly if there isn't a way for CBS to reorganize its Broadcast Center for social distancing and optimization with the ongoing pandemic, we may never see a "normal" CBS Weekend or CBSN broadcast on the regular for at least the rest of the year. This isn't to say that they all have to originate from New York since things are still getting done from elsewhere, but it will be interesting to if/how they evolve their work model as the year progresses.
  8. 6/24/2020: Several producers were laid off from KCBS/KCAL. [source] FTVLive mentioned his sources also revealed CBSN LA broadcasts would basically be stopped for the time being. This part sucks because the station was basically the only station to almost consistently offer separate live CBSN broadcasts and was even relied upon to the point that all stations and the national feed sometimes broadcast its CBSN newscast during overnight hours on the weekends. IIRC as of this past week, the station had been offering live CBSN newscasts on weekday mornings at 7AM (Jasmine Viel, Hermela Aregawi, etc.) and weekend mornings at 9AM (Tom Wait on Saturdays and Lesley Marin on Sundays). This comes as KPIX stopped their CBSN broadcasts last month as well. WBZ (and KCNC?) was/were the only other station(s) with KCBS/KCAL to have been doing actual separate CBSN newscasts, at least during the weekdays. CBSN has really had a long list of execution problems and I feel for the sacked producers and on-air talent the most. Among O&Os, it easily became one of the easiest looping streaming services to access, so it was a great addition. But, to beat a dead horse again on here, for most stations, they didn't even have separate studios/desks to begin with and never integrated CBSN broadcasts much into their operations, so it's always felt so absurdly half-done for something that had landed with much fanfare (when will stations like WCCO, for example, (ever) get separate CBSN space and newscasts?). What's worse is that incomplete CBSNs that force viewers to watch the national feed during the weekends have actually prevented online/mobile viewers from even watching local weekend newscasts, which is truly ironic (for the "always on" tagline they're always using) and honestly, bizarre. Never mind other awkward fiascos, such as WUPA airing WBZ broadcasts. I would hope for better days when CBS will emerge a stronger unit, but I feel we've been down this road many times and always end up disappointed when times get a little rough again, so I can only watch and wait.
  9. Developments in Washington, D.C. and Portland, OR: WJLA, WTTG to Trial 3.0 Advanced Emergency Alerting in D.C. - It's an 8-week trial of ATSC 3.0 emergency capabilities. No start date determined yet. The trial will be held through 4 two-week blocks, with each block progressing in implementation of content. KPDX, KPTV Portland To Offer NextGen TV With Triveni Digital
  10. Pacific Southwest (San Diego, Las Vegas, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, etc.) chapter awarded its Emmys on June 6th. [video] KFMB: 18 wins (including reporter, evening newscast, and breaking news coverage) KVVU: 10 wins (including news writer, overall excellence, and weather anchor) KUAN: 7 wins (including evening newscast, breaking news coverage, and border issues story) KGTV: 6 wins (including weekend newscast, crime story, and historical/cultural story) KNSD: 5 wins (including morning newscast, sports story, and reporter) KSWB: 3 wins (arts/entertainment report, arts/entertainment program, special events coverage) KTNV: 2 wins (morning and evening newscasts) UNLV won almost all student awards New England (Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, etc.) chapter awarded its Emmys on June 20th. [video] WCVB: 14 wins (including evening newscast, anchor, and investigative reporter) WBZ: 10 wins (including weather anchor, team coverage, and breaking news) WTIC: 6 wins (including arts/entertainment report, sports report, and general assignment reporter) WBTS: 5 wins (including investigative report, features reporter, and health/science report) WFXT: 4 wins (including crime report, education report, and community affairs report) WHDH: 3 wins (morning newscast, spot news, and consumer report) WVIT: 1 win (photographer-no time limit) WFSB: 1 win (human interest report) Michigan chapter awarded its Emmys on June 20th. [video] WXYZ: 9 wins (including newscast, investigative report, and political program) WOOD: 6 wins (including weather anchor, continuing coverage, and investigative report) WZZM: 6 wins (including youth feature, health/science feature, and human interest story) WDIV: 4 wins (including breaking news, audio, and news editor) WJBK: 3 wins (crime story, sports special, and investigative reporter) WWJ/WKBD: 3 wins (business/consumer report, single-spot promotion, and news photographer) WWMT: 2 wins (light feature and serious feature) Lower Great Lakes (Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Toledo, Indianapolis, etc.) chapter awarded its Emmys on June 20th. [video] WEWS: 29 wins (including evening newscast, overall excellence, and news excellence) WKYC: 12 wins (including morning newscast, weekend newscast, and spot news) WTHR: 8 wins (including daytime newscast, overall excellence, and news editor) WTTV: 5 wins (including politics story, society story, and sportscast) WTIU: 5 wins (including education story, environment story, special events coverage) WOIO: 3 wins (live reporter, weather anchor, and single-spot promo) WISH: 3 wins (politics story, magazine program feature, magazine program) WRTV: 2 wins (sports anchor, historical/cultural program) WJW: 1 win (society story) Chapters yet to hold ceremonies: Los Angeles: July 18th Heartland (e.g. Colorado): July 25th Capital (e.g. Washington, D.C.): August 8th Southeast (e.g. Atlanta): September 12th Mid-Atlantic (e.g. Philadelphia): September 19th Upper Midwest (e.g. Minnesota): November 14th Mid-America (e.g. Missouri): November 21st Suncoast (e.g. Florida): December 12th Chicago/Midwest: TBA in November 2020 Lone Star (Texas): TBA Nashville/Midsouth: TBA Ohio Valley (e.g. Cincinnati): TBA Rocky Mountain/Southwest (e.g. Arizona): TBA
  11. Wow.. KTVT will be needing a new consumer reporter now. Alanna's departure from broadcasting for law school is also joined by others recently, such as KMIZ's Tyler Murry and WRCB's Claudia Coco. Wondering what the momentum will be for these specific transitions.
  12. Chaos has abounded at O&Os so it's nice to have seen some new hires debut in the past week(s) on-air (albeit actually hired months before the economy is at now). Not conclusive, but in addition to Chelsea Edwards' hiring at KTTV (original post in LA forum), here's some updates: Nicole Nielsen joined KTVT after graduating from OU last year. Cierra Johnson joined KNTV from WBNS. Allison Gargaro joined WOFL from KERO. and Lauren Coronado, Danica McAdam (Lawrence), and Allison Ash all seem to be no longer just freelance at KNSD. Meanwhile, and also inconclusive, the following (not seemingly mentioned before) have left: Sandra Jones has left WVIT to return to Richmond, VA. Liz Harrison retired from KFSN. Cassy Arsenault left WBTS in May. Gaby Rodriguez left KNSD in May. I already feel like the likes of Denise Nakano, Dave Lopez, and Randy Paige were basically sort of "nudged out" of their seats, so to speak. Hope we won't see another sweeping slash a la CBS, even if/when a potential second wave wreaks more havoc on the economy.
  13. Stu officially debuted from SkyFox on GDLA today at 5AM and his adrenaline was palpable like no other (cc: his twitter). Ah, good ol' Stu. IIRC, Rick Dickert is moving to weeknights weather, according to Rita. Also 'lol' when Rita was like, "we won't talk about that other station, but tell us more about how you got started..." (rough paraphrase iirc).
  14. CC: Los Angeles News/DEVELOPING: CBS Layoffs An LA legend: a 43-year veteran of the station and 48 years in the market -- Dave's had a hell of a career and I'm happy he gets to take his break. I would hate to believe it, but wouldn't be terribly surprised if he maybe might have been bought out (a la possibly Brenda Waters) in these troubling times at CBS, but regardless. His announcement video is a must-watch and I'm happy to hear he's likely to get a pretty nice on-air send-off on June 30th.
  15. Bad weather has taken out power at Lee's house in the Hudson Valley during the 4PM newscast, so Jeff has quickly stepped in to carry through the rest. Stay safe, everyone.
  16. Thanks for the catch and for letting me know. It does seem abrupt, but I guess we won't really know what led up to it.
  17. WFOR's Carey Codd is officially gone from the website. His last story was on June 5th, covering the protests, and he had been reporting regularly for the station prior to that. I know this could mean he that he might have been demoted to freelancer, but since he hasn't maintained active CBS social media (i.e. Facebook/Twitter), we probably won't know for sure if he was cut off/resigned/became freelance. EDIT: Refer to bc485's post below for clarification and where Codd has now gone.
  18. Not sure if his career plans are as set in stone as his wife's are, though staying within the umbrella could make sense.
  19. Pretty much correct - Walls will be doing weekday mornings in Charlotte. I believe Walls was mostly weekend evenings and a fill-in for other slots where the meteorologist wasn't able to make it. Having 5 meteorologists at the station likely made for slim chances of any promotion.
  20. It was in the newsroom. [Link for reference]. Reminds me of a post I read (FTVLive, I think?) that remarked upon Norah's insistence that no one else use her studio.
  21. Thanks for providing your insight. This got me thinking, has there been any talk about how long Rosato will be in the seat for weekday AMs? Stokes bouncing in '17 shocked many, and I would hope he doesn't exit as abruptly either. Yeah, Marza's been doing fine as a fill-in but I can see he hasn't really been "officially appointed" into a role and we're all just adapting to it ATM. I can see that Lipof really does like NY, so we'll see what happens by year's end.
  22. I don't recall the last time this occurred, but I can affirm that this is happening today now that Norah's on for Saturday - something like a "special Saturday edition of the CBS Evening News" She also basically confirmed that she will not be anchoring on Sunday, as she said "we'll see you back on Monday." We'll see who's anchoring tomorrow. (Image from today's newscast).
  23. For those not yet in the know: And Norah might (just speculation) do the Sunday newscast too, given the current climate. This follows what her competitors did the previous weekend.
  24. I noticed these comments & responses on his Twitter post as well. But with the hiring of Marza, I really doubt this will happen, and I think Lipof's run probably won't continue with WABC, at least if he actually does return to New York (and considering his wife continues her battle with lupus, who knows if they'll make another move?). There's some chatter in the WABC thread about the line of succession, and I personally don't really see him nestled anywhere.
  25. Another note to add about WBBM: Eric Cox and Chelsea Irving were also removed from the website. I'm not as familiar with CBS2, so I don't know if Chelsea was actively reporting as of recent, given the lack of any active social media.
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