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  1. I just felt like stopping by and dropping some thoughts that have been on my mind -- The serious pain of seeing faces you sort of almost felt like you were friends with after watching the news as often as I did in 2020 (the pandemic has seriously warped my concept of time) and then to see them suddenly suffering from glioblastoma and get wrenched away from our presence has been absolutely heart-wrenching. I do not actually live in Atlanta or DC but I fell into a bit of a "local national" news-watching binge during the height of COVID and the unrest that happened later that summer, and Jovita Moore and Wendy Rieger were two of the few anchors that really stuck out to me from that time. They were so calm, composed, and very straightforward, but still had that unique delivery in their onscreen presence. There were moments that just resonate with me (among much reminiscing) - Jovita's absolute calm in the marathon evening session on the first night of Atlanta protests with Jorge or just delivering night after night amid the absolute frenzy of the Georgia elections. Also, Wendy delivering the 5PM in that position she's held for so many years solo at that very desk carried more meaning than ever. And to go through and recover from heart surgery all during that time in 2020; what a freakin' warrior. That very tender heart-to-heart conversation she had with Doreen post-retirement about the direction she wanted to pave for herself and how excited she was to embark on a new chapter was so meaningful because they knew each other for so long and recognized the significance of that moment in their careers and lives. They are simply two local legends (among many that have also tragically left us during this time) who were taken way, way too soon from us in such unforgiving and painful fashion, and that heartbreak is just exacerbated by the fact that this pandemic is still lingering on with us, continuing to warp our collective sense of societal reality. They will be sorely missed.
  2. More hiring by NBC10 -- quite a robust spree they've got going Leah Uko and Brian Sheehan Join NBC10 News Team Uko starts on March 7 as a nightside reporter. She hails from Charleston, SC's WCIV and Fox 11 in LA before that. Sheehan was already at NBC10 but is joining full-time as a weeknight/weekend reporter, and hails from Harrisburg's WHP.
  3. A gratuitous bump, but after Ryan joined the station in early January, Sara has officially confirmed it on her social media today that this week is her last week on KCBS/KCAL and that she is headed for the Bay (that part on Instagram). Seems almost all but official at this point.
  4. Update for anyone who might want to know as to where he is headed: he posted on socials that he'll be with NBC News as a Cleveland-based reporter.
  5. Highlights: In notes from Stewart to station employees, he said “after 20 amazing years in this industry, I’m looking forward to pursuing an exciting new endeavor! Soon to be disclosed.” Stewart, through a spokesman, declined an interview request. McMahon said Stewart will depart at the end of the year, at which time group department heads will oversee the station until a new leader can be found. She said that “finding the next president and GM of CBS Philadelphia is a priority and we will keep you informed as the process moves forward.”
  6. Thanks so much for clarifying, I get you now. Yeah a distinct anchoring team with Tracy would be interesting. I still don't think they'll do it because of just how much intermingling they do between the 3 of the afternoon/evening anchors, but you make a point. Yeah, Frances and Johnny still make for a better pairing, like Nydia and Gray on Sunday mornings.
  7. Honestly, I'm shocked stations are even going (back) to dual-anchored weekends because I'm so used to the cost cutting and seeing one person run the thing. We all know what happened to Dray but I didn't think they'd put effort back into the weekend mornings after Stephania was left to anchor by herself those following years. Yeah, Rosemary could probably use a co-anchor too, but football tends to make it so that the schedule is generally unfriendly. Not sure if they're going to give her one. But who knows? It could easily be Frances to evenings and we'd all be wrong. And doesn't Tracy already have co-anchors? It was originally 4PM Tracy Jackie/5PM Tracy Jim...or did things change somewhere?
  8. I was thinking the same and I'd love for them to be a pairing, especially because I think both of them do better with a co-anchor to bounce off of. They tend to feed off of their co-anchors' energies. Since they're both coming from Miami, they also know each other somewhat well, so there's not as much of a learning curve either.
  9. Great news for Karen Hua, but the other woman she was posted with in the NBC10 press release is much bigger news (and maybe a slight shock tbh). Frances Wang is a pretty big social media presence for a news anchor/reporter and she's really fully embraced every community she's worked in (Miami, where she is now, and Sacramento, where she was before). So this is a pretty big splash, and maybe there's something they have in store for her in the pipeline. Overall, nice to see new AAPI newsies join the station after Denise was unceremoniously "cut off," if you will, during COVID last year.
  10. NY1. Page Six (not the best of sources, but anyways) suggests her exit was not amicable.
  11. I did some digging because we all know Lieberman can also write his fair share of make-believe, but yes, this does seem to be true. First off, Donchey's background - she's an SFSU alum and was a production assistant at KPIX after graduating, so she's not a stranger to the area or the station. Then, KPIX sports anchor Vern Glenn tweeted this and confirms she's likely coming to the station. And lastly, her recent social media follows suggests she's familiarizing herself with people and entities in the Bay as well as some people at KPIX. I also liked the rapport between her and Chris but I thought after she had her leave, things seemed different with her and the station. They never rotated Lesley back out again, so it seemed like an unofficial permanent decision. It really seems like KPIX has finally dug in to invest in their anchor slate after it had gone stale compared to KGO/KNTV (of course, also helped by new leadership in corporate, which likely encouraged the choices). Now that Ken and Michelle have left, it seems to have been a catalyst to make some decisions (e.g. anchors Amanda, Ryan, and now Sara, along with relatively new reporters Justin, Max, and Jocelyn to fill all the vacancies).
  12. Contrary to their relatively stable morning team, their evening teams have been a carousel btwn the anchors they have at their disposal. I'm sure Shawn will definitely step in and she's been with the station for a year now, so there's really no issues of chemistry or adjustment. I don't think Eun will leave her morning post, but they'll probably rotate Erika in whenever they need a fill-in as well.
  13. After 33 years, a few health scares in the last year or so, and a career of laughs, WRC (News4)'s Wendy Rieger announced her retirement today. She said her retirement was negotiated into her contract 2 years ago, so the health scares weren't the reason for her leave. Truly a unique 5PM news presence and a DMV institution like no other. Her career look-back and subsequent departure will be next Friday, on 12/17.
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole primetime lineup retuned, but nothing on the left-moderate side of the spectrum is really winning ratings under the current administration (and vice versa whenever the time comes). In the current politicized environment, I don't think anything like LKL would succeed on a channel like CNN either anymore. I don't think anyone has the patience to sit down for hour-long interviews anymore unless they're once in a blue moon (see: Oprah's), social media has essentially amplified almost all secrets that exist and will also scrutinize everything, and podcasts have kind of taken over the type of deep-diving we used to see on TV. Assuming nothing really changes about the style of primetime programming, I think CNN could put Laura Coates up in the 9PM hour and she'd fit right in, actually. I'm curious about if they'd do anything with Don (re: above), if they'll end up doing anything else with Smerconish, and if they'll do anything unexpected with their slew of new hires over this past year.
  15. When I saw the photos, I was shocked they even made the change. The silver nothing of a background was definitely inferior to the skyline they had. It gives off even more of a flash studio vibe that the existing set already gives off. I would've just kept things as is until they had something new.
  16. This was reported yesterday, but Johnny Archer from sister station WTVJ in Miami is coming home to NBC10 as a "reporter/anchor."
  17. Audrey Asistio, one of the many afternoon-evening-weekday-weeknight-sometimes-weekend anchors (and also their main Olympics anchor) at NBC Boston, is going home to the Bay Area and will be joining sister station KNTV. [Source]
  18. He has a point to his argument but I think this could put a nail in his coffin at the station. It's been a fraught relationship between him and the station lately and I don't think it's going to get any better. I haven't watched KTVU's coverage but other competing stations, like KNTV, added about 60 seconds as a separate story to address the disparities in media coverage and I thought that balanced the issue well. If anything, him delivering the lines would've been awkward enough, but a solution like that of KNTV's would've done well.
  19. So they're just going to relegate People's Court to the CW? Even when Judge Judy will be on reruns from now on? I guess so... I know they're going for KGO here and it's an affordable choice but a lazy one.
  20. I don't know, IMO progressives who watch mainstream news will keep their pressure on MSNBC to uplift more of their voices so a more centrist/"old Republican" voice would incite a lot of disappointment. CNN isn't doing too hot in its vanilla direction, so MSNBC knows that they've cornered their mainstream progressive wing. If Maddow, who's basically the most progressive primetime host in their lineup (I consider Joy and Ari part of their "pre-primetime") really departs, neither Brian nor Nicolle would make for the right replacement, and no one else in their lineup runs a show like her either. If Maddow does depart, I think Joy Reid would be promoted, as mentioned above. And then promote Tiffany Cross to Joy's slot. Then expand Jonathan's weekend thing and help him establish his niche of breaking weekly news down (for one, he's on PBS NewsHour on Fridays, so he already has that kind of Sunday morning show vibe). I don't anticipate a new hire from outside.
  21. Just some of the tips I can think of in the moment: Watch all channels to catch on to their idiosyncrasies. I would definitely stylize LA news as quite a bit more tabloid-y than those of Philly. No "action news" here; it's all about the "eyewitness". Before the pandemic, I would've largely said ABC7 saw the least turnover, as you might have expected, and though that is still mostly true, the gap between it and its competitors on that issue here has shrunken somewhat due to COVID. There are multiple (or one) LA powerhouse(s) [Pat Harvey, Marc Brown, Colleen & Chuck, Christine Devine, etc.] with long histories at each station, unlike in Philly where Jim and Ukee are essentially the only figures left with a deep Philly legacy. But a lot of legacy anchors and talent have also "cross contaminated" between stations, if you will. Lots have originated from ABC and moved to competing stations to gain their own prominence. Some also left CBS for KTLA (because, yes, it has been kind of a mess). Speaking of which, KTLA is a bigger deal than one would think for a CW-affiliated station, particularly thanks to its strength in the mornings; it's pretty culturally relevant. There's also KCAL9, which is CBS-owned, and known for its primetime news, long before CBS bought it in 2002.
  22. I don't have a solid answer for you, but I believe it's part of the NBC theme that (may have been) made for this year. An anecdote is the Olympic Zone broadcast made for the O&Os, which is like an "olympic behind-the-scenes/lifestyle" show. It uses the same music.
  23. Whatever the television rights may be, I'm sure ABC wants someone there in case something big happens and they have boots on the ground from a face people will know. If Amy wanted to leave, she probably would've done it after the 20/20 scandal, and she has a lot more control over her roles now (from what I presume), so I think she'll be where she is for at least a short while.
  24. I don't think I ever noticed how shrill-y this KNBC variation of LA Groove was until I heard it here on WTVJ, for some reason. Interesting; a bit of a lower pitch might work out better. Thanks to the montage/video uploaders above for sharing.
  25. The only thing that matters is that most of her followers (LA or Houston, no matter; the ego needs to feed too, right?) eat it right up and Houston's media game is particularly social media focused (or dare I say, obsessed). So as cheesy as it may have been, no one's hurting. Happy that she found a place to settle at home, regardless.
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