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  1. I don't know, IMO progressives who watch mainstream news will keep their pressure on MSNBC to uplift more of their voices so a more centrist/"old Republican" voice would incite a lot of disappointment. CNN isn't doing too hot in its vanilla direction, so MSNBC knows that they've cornered their mainstream progressive wing. If Maddow, who's basically the most progressive primetime host in their lineup (I consider Joy and Ari part of their "pre-primetime") really departs, neither Brian nor Nicolle would make for the right replacement, and no one else in their lineup runs a show like her either.
  2. Just some of the tips I can think of in the moment: Watch all channels to catch on to their idiosyncrasies. I would definitely stylize LA news as quite a bit more tabloid-y than those of Philly. No "action news" here; it's all about the "eyewitness". Before the pandemic, I would've largely said ABC7 saw the least turnover, as you might have expected, and though that is still mostly true, the gap between it and its competitors on that issue here has shrunken somewhat due to COVID. There are multiple (or one) LA powerhouse(s) [Pat Harvey, Marc Brown, Colleen & Chuck, Christine Devine, etc.]
  3. I don't have a solid answer for you, but I believe it's part of the NBC theme that (may have been) made for this year. An anecdote is the Olympic Zone broadcast made for the O&Os, which is like an "olympic behind-the-scenes/lifestyle" show. It uses the same music.
  4. Whatever the television rights may be, I'm sure ABC wants someone there in case something big happens and they have boots on the ground from a face people will know. If Amy wanted to leave, she probably would've done it after the 20/20 scandal, and she has a lot more control over her roles now (from what I presume), so I think she'll be where she is for at least a short while.
  5. I don't think I ever noticed how shrill-y this KNBC variation of LA Groove was until I heard it here on WTVJ, for some reason. Interesting; a bit of a lower pitch might work out better. Thanks to the montage/video uploaders above for sharing.
  6. The only thing that matters is that most of her followers (LA or Houston, no matter; the ego needs to feed too, right?) eat it right up and Houston's media game is particularly social media focused (or dare I say, obsessed). So as cheesy as it may have been, no one's hurting. Happy that she found a place to settle at home, regardless.
  7. Hopefully this gives CBS 2 an opportunity to turn a new page for itself, so I'm (very cautiously) optimistic with the changes being made up top.
  8. I agree with both your comments, so hopefully they can adjust accordingly. WVIT is basically just merely aesthetics, but I get that with their tight space constraints. WTVJ definitely brings it up to contemporary tastes, but there are parts that I think is still dated--not that I really think it matters at all, considering market-leader WSVN's set, and WTVJ should never out-tacky tacky.
  9. This would be an amazing and ideal program schedule for CNBC to be able to keep business coverage 24/5. The weekends for CNBC are indeed, even more tragic (but obviously cheap to operate). And I wish CNN did the same exact thing with the International newscasts after a certain hour. But alas.
  10. Re: your idea of tweaking that timeslot - I don't think conservative talk really has a place in the NBC universe because there will likely be large pushback and won't thrive like it does at Fox; the NBC brand overall is mostly tarnished among the bulk of the base. As for tweaking the show, could they turn it into a more primetime-oriented financial-ish (or not -ish) panel/talk thing, more akin to what the other cable news networks engage in? For example, if you keep Shep as a host but add Stephanie Ruhle and/or Contessa Brewer as co-hosts and then add specialist guest(s) per day, then tha
  11. IIRC given that it's a concept that completely migrated from NECN, I don't think we could've expected anything else, since the network is more lifestyle-oriented. I don't think NBC10 was ever a serious contender against WCVB for the "serious news" at that hour so if they just build out their niche, they can corner that part of the market.
  12. Poor Bob Frier still remains jobless given that it seemed he was looking for one last summer, though at this point he seems to be enjoying his time off. The John Brown (re)hire also comes amid their hiring of WNBC's Ray Villeda as a new anchor, who just debuted last week. So after the slew of departures that we harped on a few weeks back, we can definitely say Fox isn't throwing this station to the wayside just yet.
  13. In other news, there's finally a new hire to start filling all the spots left empty since last year: Christiane Cordero is coming home to LA and joining ABC 7 in August from WCCO in Minneapolis. (link is to her IG post) I remember her from during and before the station's George Floyd coverage and it's great seeing her come home. ------ As for Michelle Tuzee, if anyone had any further thoughts on if she might appear again in some capacity, her bio has been scrapped (officially in mid-June). All the best to her and hope she is doing well.
  14. And another veteran at the station has bowed out: Adrienne Alpert, host of Sunday morning news show Eyewitness Newsmakers, is retiring after 48 years. TVNewser article about her retirement
  15. My hot take is every station should use WMAQ's "new" (really used by WCAU first among the O&Os) open. But I was also a 360 fan so I admit my biases. Regardless, I believe it has the most impact, but anyways, that's just my take.

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