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  1. Congrats to Allison! FTVLive had a similar "exclusive" scoop a few days back about her. I don't think anyone can be surprised by this. She joins Tony Perkins and Annie Yu, among others, who've also switched to WUSA from Fox 5. All eyes on Shawn Yancy now with regards to her next move or if she ultimately chooses to move away from television.
  2. I think it's fair to critique the set now that it's been put out into the world, right? A bit of a rant/stream of consciousness below--apologies for the blocks of text. The setting of it all, when compared with WFLA, is better because WFLA's set felt tight and stale. But this is also literally not that different from WFLA's set, which we all kind of criticized. KRON doesn't have the staircase, and it does have the live background of the city and the bay, which kind of gives it an impression of openness. But my point still stands that I think the thick bars dividing up the screens like that make things look hiddy. The two light bars also just don't make sense to me, with one above and one below like that. I also acknowledge that I'm so used to large desks (like the new CBS O&O style) that I'm basically brainwashed to like them now, so seeing the same WFLA desk deployed here just provokes the same reaction in me. I also hate thinking about anchors needing to hang their devices off the side of a desk (like in the WFLA photo) or having no space for any papers (thinking of any detailed live/emergency coverage that might necessitate more desk space) -- it just feels meh. Also, the graphics are way too red; the font does not stand out enough against the red so it's hardly legible for the passing eye. Also, Aerial is utterly forgettable here -- the cut they use is bona fide generic and Instant Classics was definitely more recognizable and more KRON, if that's a thing. But in the end, I can appreciate their modern take (and thank the HEAVENS it's not virtual like some out there are becoming) -- I'm just...not a fan of the execution. There's also a video of the set in action here:
  3. New anchor teams in Raleigh-Durham at WRAL: https://www.wral.com/wral-news-announces-new-anchor-teams/19343883/ [Click for the list of entire anchor lineup in this link] EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 30: Lena Tillett (current 4PM anchor) adds 5:30PM and 10PM Mikaya Thurmond (current weekend mornings) moves to 7AM and 9AM (and Live Center from 4:30-7AM and 12PM) Just an hour break from 8-9 WRAL will hire someone new to fill Mikaya's spot Ken Smith (current 9AM anchor) adds 7AM (and Live Center at 8AM) Kathryn Brown is leaving WRAL and TV news - Kathryn Brown departure clip: https://www.wral.com/kathryn-brown-reflects-on-her-time-at-wral/19345748/ - Brief announcement of new anchor teams: https://www.wral.com/wral-news-announces-anchor-team-changes/19345881/
  4. I had a feeling this was Arnold; it still felt comfortably similar to Beyond (especially KTTV's cut) and the now-former Good Day LA music with the signature. Not that they're exact in any way, but I personally still felt some subtle resemblance, like an homage-ish. I think the new music adapts well to the city feel of LA and isn't too cookie-cutter in any way. Interesting tidbit to note in Chad Cook's post from is Jim Ladas (the VP of Creative Services) led the team working towards this transition, but he just joined the station last month so they certainly had a lot up their sleeve for the rollout in anticipation of Michaela's debut. Wondering if there's any other changes further down the line.
  5. Nothing against the OP and others, but I feel like some of these individual Cox station threads (in graphics and general TV forums) could be combined into one Cox thread about the developments? There seems to have been somewhat of an (implied) consensus that Cox is working to change graphics in coordination with transforming all or most of its late-evening newscasts to "___ Tonight," so I think it would be nice to combine if this is the assumed "path of transition," if you will.
  6. To me, the new weather graphics seem to be the most consistent and cohesive across all the elements used in all of the displays that I have seen so far between it and its sister stations, unless I forgot something odd. I agree the OSI theme is nostalgic, but it's very much still alive at not just WTXF, but also at WTTG/KRIV/KSAZ/etc. in some of their bumpers, stings, and more, so it's never really been dead. But this is definitely the most blatant use of OSI and I'll be honest, I'm really perplexed with this choice. Beyond has so many great cuts, so I don't know what about them don't work with the Seattle market, especially since this would be the first time OSI is deployed in the market.
  7. Scratch whatever I said here above about Fox 11 not needing five mets, because I clearly didn't pay attention to the fact that they hired the Weather Channel's Liana Brackett, who began in early-September. Her shifts are more sporadic and she's still working with the Weather Channel on the weekends, so I'm not sure if Fox is going to give her a more prominent role. But with the job posting for chief met still up, is there really a need for six mets in the LA area at the station? They also got new graphics, including a new bug and new weather graphics for the program. The new bug is fine and adopts the shape of the "Good Day LA" logo while being translucent instead of the solid aqua blue. The weather graphics could use a lot more customization, though; I mean, Arial in some of the fonts? It seems like it could also be just a slight error, but I'm not convinced, because of the awful standardization across all Fox O&Os with their weather graphics. Looks like it could use a lot more work in finesse, but that's just my hot take. In terms of the set, that's also been tweaked, with some more stand-up/full-body shots and we also see the talent being together in one shot at a distance sometimes. Michaela now has her own little desk and I think this is great, because it breaks up the hum-drum of the split-screen format Tony/Araksya were using that was caused by the distancing. The show is also, as mentioned, clearly revolving around her. I'm sure they paid her a pretty penny to come here, so this does make sense and I think it's a good move. Hopefully, she can move the needle and we won't see a "Michaela leaves" headline in three years or so. I'll edit this post with more detailed findings if I can remember. ------------- Interview of Michaela by the LA Times about joining Good Day
  8. Yep, you're right; I should've specified that they currently don't have a team built around the "7 on your side" brand or something of the like. It's been 5 years since they've had the brand so I wonder if they'll keep the name if/when they revive it. I will acknowledge that Phillip and Jovana launched the "ABC7 Solutions" earlier this year but I really feel there's more potential all of that could've been more "cutting-edge." LA could always use additional investigative reporting.
  9. I haven't seen any public announcement of this yet, other than somewhat subtle social media changes, but WABC's 7 On Your Side reporter Danielle Leigh has moved to KABC to become an investigative reporter (link to Facebook page). I'm not sure yet if she's doing consumer business (a la Kristine Lazar or Randy Mac) or more deep-dive investigations (a la David Goldstein or Joel Grover), but I always thought it was a little weird that KABC didn't have its own unique brand of "7 On Your Side" investigations and it seems like they could potentially be working to jumpstart a more thorough investigative operation. Danielle has strong ties to California and the West Coast, having graduated from USC and worked at KING in Seattle and KCRA in Sacramento, in addition to various prior ventures in SoCal. Her new bio: https://abc7.com/about/newsteam/danielle-leigh/ As for WABC, we should probably keep our eyes peeled for a potential new hire to fill her old spot.
  10. Sinclair has brought in more reinforcements for their imminent NextGen launch in the DC market
  11. Totally agree. Boneheaded move by Sunbeam. I can understand not following a contract's stipulations and maybe other miscellaneous/unwanted liability concerns, but there's nuance to every situation. And Alaina was just recently promoted several months back (if I recall correctly) so she was clearly doing something right for the station. Reactions on social media seem to reinforce this. If she stays in news, I can definitely see her being taken up by another station before year's end.
  12. You make a good point, though I argue the deprecation of that signature means most have forgotten it or simply never heard of it. -------------- For a breakdown, Newscast Studio has also published an overview with clips for reference of the new mnemonic and other comparisons.
  13. From what I know, she's from Chicago. It's encouraging to see her continue in news so we should be keeping eyes on what vacancy she'll be filling (...or person she'll be replacing) in or near the Chicago area.
  14. Ohio Valley Emmys (e.g. Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Columbus) came through on Sunday 10/4: RECIPIENTS: https://ohiovalleyemmy.org/files/2020/10/2020_Recipient-List.pdf (Original nominees can be found here: https://ohiovalleyemmy.org/files/2020/10/2020_Nominee-List.pdf) VIDEO: Watch through the Emmys app --> https://watch.theemmys.tv/ Overall excellence: WHIO & Cincy Stories News excellence: WHIO WCPO won 6/16 (human interest program, nostalgia program, specialty assn. reporter) WLWT won 5/16 (news anchor, daytime/weekend newscast, societal news series) WKRC won 2/6 (investigative story, crime story) WXIX won 1/3 (short informational program) ------- WDRB won 13/26 (weather anchor, crime story, continuing coverage) WAVE won 6/14 (serious feature, consumer, health/environment) WHAS won 5/28 (evening newscast, general assn. report, investigative series) WLKY won 2/9 (news director, sports feature) ------- WHIO won 3/6 (overall excellence, news excellence, breaking news) WKEF/WRGT won 1/5 (continuing coverage) WDTN won 0/0 ------ WBNS won 8/23 (general assn. reporter, team coverage, sports anchor) WSYX/WTTE won 7/15 (news special, gen. assn. report, serious feature) WCMH won 0/5
  15. Last week, Adam wrote on an Instagram comment that "[we'll] be seeing much more of [him]" now that Melissa's gone. So just IMO, I think this means that for the time being (or indefinitely), the job will be his.
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