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  1. We can finally put the 4PM anchor issue to rest: WPVI Philadelphia Moves Sarah Bloomquist To 4 P.M. Anchor Team
  2. After last year, CBS 3 is still way down on staffing, so they're reducing coverage while forcing existing reporters to pick up more of the slack where they can. Difficult value proposition for new reporters to consider, though, when CBS just whacks people left and right basically at will. Sad state of affairs and I'm bearish on an actual rebound with this station.
  3. A devastating demise for someone who saw a very abrupt and volatile struggle to the end of her career at WFOR.
  4. I can't figure out how to quote an older response for some reason, but here's where he's going:
  5. Nice catch; they both shared this last Thursday but I certainly never spotted this lol Hopefully that blogger can be done ranting about the station, but... what do I know As for replacements, - Anne is the most natural replacement based on position so it should be the easiest to slot her right in. - If not, I think they'll hire someone new, because Emily is a relatively new mom and VDLC is essentially gone. - But if Emily also wants the job, she would fit right in as well. Didn't Maria also used to anchor with Frank Mallicoat (before he was forced out)? Coul
  6. It's a shame Rita was essentially pushed out due to her shrinking role, but the writing was on the wall after they tweaked the teams when Michaela came onboard. Especially when Vanessa was reduced to zero after that and then Rita basically held onto the scraps that Vanessa had to begin with. I don't think Rita's exit is really wrongly timed considering sweeps calculations ended approximately when she posted her announcement. But Brooke is the new 'it' girl for GDLA so hopefully we don't see another cycling of anchors in 3 years. I wish Rita well.
  7. It seems like they didn't do this too often at WABC, but my memory could just be failing me. Over at KABC, the old blurb last year was long enough of a word salad to be laughable: "Hello, I'm (name). You're watching Eyewitness News at (time), live on ABC 7, ABC7.com, and streaming on the ABC 7 Los Angeles App and Hulu Live." every broadcast. Thankfully, for everyone's sake, it's now much shorter.
  8. Tom deserves all the rest he can get and more after so many years of early-morning wake-up calls. Has KTRK announced who's taking over? The station and Houston, more generally, has seen a huge amount of turnover lately.
  9. Interesting development from WJLA, citing Nielsen data for A25-54
  10. Dan Mannarino is launching a new political show on PIX 11 called "PIX on Politics". The show will begin on Sunday, June 20. Nexstar is certainly diving head first into making their own Sunday political shows, as evident by this statewide show launched last fall in California.
  11. So it seems like WNBC is joining KNTV with launching this new newscast; wondering if all the stations they own on the coasts will eventually launch a new 7PM newscast on June 7th if they don't already have one.
  12. Agreed on the 4PM to be more in line with the rest of corporate, but I get that they don't have to be cookie-cutter if they really don't want to. Whatever KNTV does at these two new time slots won't have anything on KGO - WNT continues to lead and Jeopardy/WOF is hard to beat anywhere. I actually think what KNTV has right now is still best-positioned to challenge KGO, but based on the station's hard push towards 'deep-dive' investigations and documentaries, this might be the way to get them out to a broader audience. Still, I suppose this is NBC's meh response to cutting off All Acce
  13. Feels somewhat akin to this infamous incident last year: https://couriernewsroom.com/2020/05/26/11-local-tv-stations-that-pushed-amazon-scripted-segment/ Stations these days need to stop leaning into these awful sponsored segments and also as a bonus, those humorous types of stories you find at the end of an hour, because those are just the gateway to simply misreporting something that had gone viral.
  14. Agree with above. Proportions are terrible with the circle 7 and if they want to go through with this new flat ABC ball, then the circle 7 needs to be re-tuned as well. Could not agree more. I can recognize the value of the original flat ABC but turning everything else "new" or keeping it more of the same does not make for a congruent appearance. Speaking of new, the introduction of red to the ABC color palette is so out of left field. I'd also expect the new sampled font and templates shown to be something I'd find on Freeform and not on ABC. I can admit that I soun
  15. I know everyone knows Viacom is prime prey material, but this merger here you're stating could happen would be a mess.

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