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  1. Should be this [https://tvnewscheck.com/article/256055/sinclair-names-headline-service-the-national-desk/], which has been in the works for some time now, but more quietly than say, Nexstar's News Nation.
  2. Someone correct me but I really think they did not make her departure a big "to-do" or provided any substantial lead-up to her departure. If I remember correctly, Sarah had already been anchoring the 4 on...Monday? I just feel like if you were a casual viewer, you probably wouldn't have even known Jeannette was going to be leaving (unless it was openly acknowledged, which it seems we weren't aware of....which we should have if they really made it like a thing). Jeannette also didn't post anything about her final goodbyes and as you mentioned, Sharrie tweeted and IGed her goodbyes but it seems
  3. Interesting. Probably just a coincidence, but he is the second "Politically Speaking" host to have originally come from the network to San Diego and then now...return to New York? He follows Alex Presha, who also came from NBC News and is now at ABC News. Perhaps Danny will chart that same path.
  4. I had to search through his Instagram for this to remember when, but I found instances in 2018 (e.g. August, December). They weren't any major timeslots (seems like it was an occasional weekend morning slot), but he was on-air nonetheless.
  5. This was announced on Friday, but here's another departure of a veteran member at WSMV (buyout? leaving before the ship fully sinks? conveniently retiring? probably all)
  6. I do think Aaron and Eun were compatible, with Eun being like color commentator and Aaron being the straight man. But Jummy made a great addition to the team and she also works well with Eun. What I actually think this is a response to, is to the addition of Marissa Mitchell and (soon) Jeannette Reyes to Fox 5; they've reduced Maureen's presence a lot already. All three stations we've mentioned (WJLA who?) are pretty much targeting different portions of the audience at this point and I'm wondering if News4 can still tackle the increased competition like it has been as we approach the next few
  7. After 8 years anchoring together at DC's #1 station (WRC) for the area's #1 morning newscast (News4 Today), Aaron Gilchrist and Eun Yang will be split up. Aaron will be heading national full-time as anchor and correspondent for NBC News Now; he's occasionally subbed-in for MSNBC before so this won't be entirely new to him. Eun will now be joined by Jummy Olabanji, who was originally the "live desk" anchor for the morning news but has since taken on a more significant role as morning co-anchor weeks at a time since the pandemic has caused the station's anchor lineup to r
  8. Chicago/Midwest NATAS had their Emmys on Sunday night (November 22): Another big day for everyone! The ceremony was hosted by comedian Pat McGann, who received acclaim after hosting in 2016. WINNERS: https://chicagoemmyonline.org/files/2020/11/2020-Emmy-Winner-List.docx.pdf.pdf VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnK6rGCfHiw&feature=emb_title CHICAGO WBBM won 11 -- its investigative reporting, as usual, sweeping key categories Dave Savini for investigative series and story Brad Edwards for two news gathering (hard) and religion
  9. They launched it last month (or at least that's when I started seeing it). Matt & Tam were promoting it during the morning newscasts and emphasized the first half was hard news and the second half was soft/human interest news (IIRC). The changing lifestyle habits/re-ramped up pandemic focus/election likely led to this. I personally think the other ABC O&Os should do this too -- there's definitely a sizable audience who care more for the local stations over the national shows.
  10. Includes St. Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Springfield (MO & IL), Fayetteville (AR), Shreveport (LA), etc. Morning/daytime newscast: KMBC & KCTV (both for the Linwood tornado) + KARK Evening newscast: KMBC, KY3-KSPR, KATV, KHBS-KHOG Weekend: KSDK Overall excellence: KMBC News excellence: KMBC News anchor: KCTV: Ellen McNamara Meteorologist: KY3-KSPR: Abby Dyer Sports anchor: KSHB - Mick Shaffer Reporter: KSDK - PJ Randhawa ST LOUIS KSDK: 9 KMOV: 4 KTVI: 2 KDNL: 0 KANSAS CITY KMBC:
  11. New developments in Norfolk, Virginia today: WAVY (Nexstar / NBC), WVBT/WNLO (Nexstar / Fox), WTVZ (Sinclair / MNT) launched NextGen today. All 4 members will also be the charter members of BitPath's broadcast data network (which led the planning process for the launch at the 4 stations).
  12. Definitely not a new concept, but WABC used WTVD meteorologist Brittany Bell this morning for its weather segments. Sam's been off, Amy's out of commission, Jeff's been pulling extra weight recently, and Lee's obviously holding down weekday evenings, so none of this is shocking but I just thought it was interesting. Now, I don't think this will really mesh that well with their existing lineups, but when times get better, could it be time to hire a fifth meteorologist? I'm sure there are also freelancers who can step in whenever, but I was just thinking of WNBC as a point of comparison.
  13. I read about this yesterday at here on TVNewsCheck and I thought it was interesting that it mentioned WAGA at 4:30 was "#1 in its time period." I know AJC showed WSB is (...or could be 'was' now) leading overall (in the demos) at the 4PM hour back in the beginning weeks of the pandemic, and I don't know if the TVNC article meant WAGA was #1 in total households or 25-54, but either way, it shows great promise for WAGA to become an even stronger competitor in traditional WSB territory.
  14. Big news in Raleigh-Durham today: WTVD (Disney / ABC), WNCN (Nexstar / CBS), WLFL (Sinclair / CW), and WRDC (Sinclair / MNT) have all launched ATSC 3.0 tech today. The article also states locally-owned WRAL (NBC) and WRAZ (Fox), and the PBS station WUNC will all fully have ATSC by the end of this year, making RDU "one of the most fully deployed ATSC 3.0 markets in the country.”
  15. Kind of agree with Amra here; KTVT already struggles big time where it's at and this LA duopoly will continue to decline.

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