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  1. I think this confirms what we've been expecting, but here are some official articles published today discussing the new leadership at Sunbeam: 1) https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/251937/new-leadership-at-sunbeam-television-corp/ 2) https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article244695077.html Andrew Ansin (Ed's oldest son) will become CEO. James Ansin + Paul Magnes will be co-presidents. Ownership remains with the Ansins. I think it's fair to say that Ansin solidified his legacy, building a company with a uniquely strong foundation that itself will also only die with its boots still on. Corporates will have to put up a war if they really want to take a bite.
  2. I also watched the newscast and everything went pretty standard/well, however you want to say it, all the way up until their last segment with the Blackhawks interview, and that handover to the 5 -- that was a huge blunder, especially when Dawn thought there was a commercial in between the two. Ah well. I recall reading Tia was supposed to be reporting from "studio 32" so I'd hope she can move soon into that location where Anita/Scott are in that promo posted a few weeks ago. Putting her streetside is a little too noisy, especially if she's going to do live interviews via Zoom/Skype, like she did today. --Edited to add that WFLD's evening opens feel like nothing (when compared to some of those at the sister stations) and the 4PM open was merely about 1 second long, and felt like even more of a bore. I know most don't bother, but..... eh.
  3. Also strong agree about the points you've made. I wanted to discuss this but wasn't sure how to word my thoughts, but you've done it. Long live the Oprah-era of "must-see" daytime talk. I do think Tamron Hall could become a stronger presence over time when it comes to having those Oprah-like discussions on TV, and that's where Disney will strike gold (again, maybe). As for James Corden being a replacement, I don't know if he carries as much of a presence, even for daytime. I don't think his reputation has been riding high and is also a little too vanilla/not dynamic enough. I thought NBC had always tried to paint Kelly Clarkson as the "de facto" replacement for Ellen when she eventually leaves (referring to strong rumors in the past of Ellen's wife, Portia, telling her to stop her TV show), but maybe it's too soon for her to be promoted to that "spot" (and that might also force a lot of syndication changes??) -- I don't know; it'll be a long road ahead. ===================== In other news, KDKA in Pittsburgh is ditching Extra (7:30PM) for a new newscast at that time (with a focus on happy/light news), beginning on August 17. I think this applies to this thread? I believe this means Extra will need a new home if it wants to be shown in the day/primetime? 1:37AM reruns sure don't garner many views.
  4. The tributes can be viewed here: https://abc7ny.com/entertainment/tim-fleischer-retiring-after-35-amazing-years-at-eyewitness-news/6344869/ Tim was a true NY staple and legend; may his retirement be filled with fulfilling rest and joy.
  5. It's in line with the revised website identities they implemented about 2 weeks ago or so. It's more plain, but I sure won't miss the searchlights and the gaudy my-fox branding though, as historically associated as they've been with Fox. (And OK this isn't the graphics thread, but is anyone ever a little annoyed by the end of the arm on the F just being slightly diagonal?)
  6. For those of you in the Milwaukee viewing area, FOX 6 pulled out all the stops for WakeUp anchor Nicole Koglin, who is departing the station after 15 years, which she announced four months prior in March. Today was her last day and she'd been anchoring from home for several months, but the station put up a desk outside the studio for her to be with people one last time on-air. Anyone leaving a station is difficult to watch, but if you're a fan of hers, you can check out what they did for her on her last day today: https://www.fox6now.com/fox6-wakeup-news/saying-goodbye-to-nicole-koglin-fox6-crew-wishes-her-well
  7. Much idiosyncrasy here. #RIPTribune for the end of an era. FOX 6 wears the new FTS infrastructure well though.
  8. Another reported high-profile departure at NBC 10 - weekday morning anchor Vai Sikahema. If this is true, with the slowly growing number of departures or anchor lineup upheavals across their O&O network, NBC won't be doing their ratings (if they arguably matter anymore, anyways) any favors. EDIT at 11AM GMT 7/30: It's true. In an article posted by Philadelphia Business Journal about 12 hours ago, Vai is retiring this year, with a departure slated for sometime in November 2020. More information can be found here: https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2020/07/29/via-sikahema-retiring-from-nbc10-after-26-years.html Vai has reportedly been thinking of retirement for quite some time, as he's been actively involved with his church and nonprofit. Wishing Vai the absolute best post-retirement!
  9. As promised, Portland (OR) witnessed deployment of ATSC 3.0 tech across seven stations on July 28, covering pretty much most of the English-language programming in the area. Meredith - KPTV (Fox 12) + KPDX ("Fox 12 Plus") Nexstar - KOIN (CBS) + KRCW (CW) Sinclair - KATU (ABC) Tegna - KGW (NBC) Oregon Public Broadcasting - KOPB (PBS) John Hane, president of BitPath (broadcast data services firm leading the transition here), said: More information can be found here: 1) https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/251746/seven-portland-or-stations-launch-atsc-3-0/ 2) https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/major-broadcasters-launch-nextgen-tv-on-seven-local-television-stations-in-portland-or-301101679.html ------ In other news, this dives into the specifics surrounding the new emergency alert system launched by the ATSC group. Earlier, I mentioned how WJLA and WTTG in DC are preparing to test the system out over 60 days before officially launching. The new technology is designed to hand stations more power, flexibility, and streamline ability over content dispersion and, of course, monetization potential. An example of the optimization is Sinclair creating templates that will be embedded with relevant information/media that viewers can get/watch directly. The content will also be bolstered by geo-targeting so that area-relevant emergency alerts could run as a bug or crawl on screens just to those in affected areas.
  10. Reese Schonfeld was the network's first president, teaming up with Ted Turner in 1979 to launch CNN the following year, but was eventually fired by Turner in 1982 after butting heads. Later in his life, he became a critic of CNN; here's an example of one of his columns: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cnn-ratings-april-is-the_b_554060 CNN posted this today in remembrance of him: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/28/media/reese-schonfeld-obituary/index.html
  11. The Heartland chapter (which includes Denver, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Colorado Springs, Wichita, Omaha, Lincoln (NE), etc.) held their ceremony last night on July 25th. Video is set to be released on the website /// Final award recipients can be found here. Highlights: KUSA 9News/NBC Denver 24 wins morning newscast, investigative report, investigative series (2), overall excellence, news excellence, live reporter, GA reporter KDVR FOX 31 Denver 21 wins news special, breaking news, team coverage, overall excellence, news anchor, weather anchor KMGH Denver 7/ABC 18 wins evening newscast, investigative series, overall excellence, investigative reporter KCEC Univision Colorado Denver 10 wins evening newscast, light news feature, light series, environment story, news anchor E.W. Scripps Denver bureau 8 wins video journalist, news producer, human interest story, environment program KDEN Telemundo Denver 8 wins news special, GA reporter, GA report (24 hrs), GA report (no limit) Rocky Mountain PBS Colorado 5 wins overall excellence, topical documentary, single promo, entertainment program Cherokee Mountain Businesses (Osiyo TV) 4 wins informational program, informational feature, magazine program, magazine feature KCNC CBS 4 Denver 3 wins evening newscast, continuing coverage KFOR News 4/NBC Oklahoma City 3 wins breaking news KRDO NewsChannel 13/ABC Colorado Springs 2 wins evening newscast KOLN 10/11 Now/CBS Lincoln (NE) 2 wins evening newscast (2) KWGN CW Denver 1 win evening newscast If you want to compare to years past, the link is here. KUSA, KDVR, and KMGH lead the pack, though with less of a lead than last year. KCEC continues to lead among the Spanish-language stations. Positions not nominated this year were sports anchor, small market mornings, medium market mornings, and most student categories. ================================================ In other news, the Lone Star chapter (Texas) has released its list of Sports Emmy nominees. The ceremony will take place on August 22, 2020. The list can be found here. Some highlights are below: Fox Sports Southwest: 33 KXAS: 6 AT&T Sportsnet: 6 Cowboys: 5 WFAA: 5 KHOU: 5 Longhorns: 5 Texans: 4 KPRC: 2
  12. I know Web Archive isn't always 100%, but it shows that even on January 14, Andy's bio has been missing for quite some time. His bio can still be found online (I know it doesn't really mean anything since bios don't really disappear from the internet), but he is still tweeting out weather updates, so it doesn't seem like anything abnormal yet...?
  13. Posts in this thread have shown that the clue to a launch happening "soon" (at least, figuratively) are a change in on-air graphics, with new weather graphics in particular. WJZ and WFOR haven't even moved over yet, so I don't expect them to launch their CBSNs any time soon either (not that they couldn't pull a fast one either, but I would assume they wouldn't?). As for KOVR, they really only have one one week left this month to at least launch in July, but...I'm not holding my breath, especially considering how lowkey the operation will reportedly be anyways.
  14. Wow ok yikes. This and the Out & About post gaffe about retransmission conflicts were mine. I apologize for the untimely/misplaced posts.
  15. Add Sunbeam to the list of ___ vs Dish this week. It's bound to be ugly.
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