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  1. Agree that the top 45-60 minutes are still relatively valuable (read: better than nothing) when it comes to gathering info if it's your only form of morning news. The trend has been in the works for a long time now, but I'm sure the increased polarization and political nature of the news cycle has forced a lot of the soft material to dip into a significantly more syrupy-sweet feel-good infomercial-adjacent nature to balance the harshness of the rest out. After all, the bar for "good" news is so low now, so of course, it has little substance and works well for settling into a daze of background
  2. In reference to the post made in Out & About of Marius Payton replacing the unceremoniously laid-off Tom Randles, I say 'good luck' to him. As expected, the effects of the abrupt firings Meredith made will continue to reverberate. For KMOV, it's in the form of lawsuits: Former KMOV meteorologist Meghan Danahey sues station The "actions" that the author writes are referring to the different instances Danahey mentions where her role at the station was undermined.
  3. I agree with those who think Sarah should be the new permanent 4PM anchor as that would lead to the least amount of disruption. The weekend newscasts are the most disposable (sorry Walter) so I think placing someone like Jaclyn as his co would work out great and also get her to feel out the anchor position. I'm thinking the pandemic obviously partially derailed those plans but none of us knew Jeannette was going to leave either at the time, which has now opened the doors for more shifting. I also think the morning team should definitely not be tampered with, unless the ratings are
  4. I don't keep up enough with Charlotte and NC media in general so thanks for always sharing. Excuse me being uninformed, but I'm a bit surprised about Brigida as she joined WJZY to much fanfare and I really thought this would be her big comeback. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Clearly WJZY is now trying to turn out a comprehensive operation. Not holding my breath as to how it'll consistently do against the heavyweights but maybe the many years of tweaking will finally get to make it something. And don't mind me, but a better cut of Beyond and a better VO would be nice.
  5. I agree; I know it feels odd, but I'm not feeling that Wolf's "demotion" is really an ageist response. He will always have a strong presence at the network, regardless of when he's on air, and he is headed for retirement some time this decade IMO, so others will be groomed for the prominence. Of course that's not to forget how sus they were to shut Brooke out from her post for a bit of time last year (not sure if those reasons were disclosed). Will be curious to see if anything changes in Atlanta or NY this year as well. Re: Acosta-- CNN's basically telling all the
  6. I personally think Cheney is just fine and the criticism isn't warranted here. Novack might just be out for an extended period of time and I personally never viewed him as a full-timer either, even if he's been with the station for years. For any avid watchers, in addition to Michelle, two more reporters left in 2020 Q4: Lori Corbin & Gabriela Milian. Sad to see them go, and especially for Lori's role specifically, as I don't think they will be looking to fill it again.
  7. News from Miami: Sunbeam continues to be the center of the universe with its offshoots every which way WTVJ - NBC 6 - hires two new anchors for its morning team (first reported January 6) Both incoming talent have notable Miami experience. Constance Jones comes from WRIC in Richmond as its evening anchor after roughly two years there. Before that, she spent less than a year at Atlanta's WAGA and nine years at Miami's WPLG. Here's hoping she can settle back in in familiar territory. Kris Anderson comes from Sunbeam's WHDH in Boston as its morning anc
  8. Some troubling news from a troubled station here: As mentioned, admittedly not an avid viewer so I'm not sure if she was already being phased out by year's end of 2020. But regardless, these developments are very sad.
  9. Joe Vazquez, one of the most prolific and consistent reporters at KPIX (not forgetting, stable, considering most of his colleagues have come and gone very frequently), is retiring from news after 16 years at the station and 35 years in the business total. KPIX is such a shell of what it used to be and this is definitely a loss. Not that it will actually do anything, but hopefully with the coming of the new set, can some rejuvenation be ushered in for a station that desperately needs it.
  10. I don't have much to add other than that I agree with you and Ratner would be great but since he's not getting any younger either, I don't see him as a viable long-term partner if ABC does go ahead with their much-rumored graphics overhaul, which would impact their branding in more ways than one. One of the people I've found that I like has been Jeff Collins (most notably at KTTV so wouldn't work for KABC). As for going a different direction, after CBS employed a woman for its new "Weekend News" opens, could we finally see more female VOs gain prominence in local broadcasting? (e.g. high-profi
  11. Accompanying Denver article here: https://tvnewscheck.com/article/257340/nexstar-launches-nextgen-tv-in-denver/ The article also includes a list of Nexstar stations that have converted to 3.0 this year. A development re: Seattle - https://tvnewscheck.com/article/257329/one-media-3-0-launches-stirr-radio-app-in-seattle/ ONE Media 3.0 (owned by Sinclair) has combined both TV and radio so viewers can now receive programming from both mediums in the new format. The service is marketed as STIRR XT, which first appeared in Nashville as a pilot. The radio channels wil
  12. It's an operations or staffing issue brought on by the pandemic. Or someone else with more expertise can chime in, but CBSN Local operations are basically a skeleton right now that prioritize primarily (or only) weekday newscasts, unless it's CBSN LA, for example. -------------- Unrelated, but this is good to hear for CBSN: "CBSN Thrives On 2020 News Explosion, Reaching 1 Billion Streams, Tripling Its 2019 Viewership" https://deadline.com/2020/12/cbsn-streaming-cbs-news-2020-covid-19-1234660980/ Encouraging to read. But CBSN is still dead right now. And 3 stations s
  13. @SFTV I remember talking about this in spec and I'm so glad this is really coming true! The big cynic in me still thinks that this is merely some renovations as was originally mentioned in the IG caption, but I'm holding out hope the set can really be modernized. Also, we're not sure if the ND + head honchos maybe has high hopes (read: new ideas) for KPIX's future, so they could add new features, such as a couch area. I'm very interested to see what will transpire, given that this seems like CBS O&O's biggest infrastructure project during the pandemic (unless I'm forgetting som
  14. I agree that for anyone unfamiliar with his style, he's very polarizing, and he's still a very polarizing figure in the market too, so your opinion is valid. But I think he carved out his own reputation in Chicago by not trying to be like a typical main anchorman, and breaks from the mold that his predecessor followed and many of his competing anchors continue to embody. So this is my interpretation: Brad's always been very vocal on social media with his criticism of city/state political leaders' lack of transparency and action, though instead of sounding off with seemingly straight-up cable T
  15. The other one was Kimi Evans, who was primarily the weekend morning meteorologist. She mysteriously disappeared long ago actually but officially made her exit this past summer. From her Instagram, she would often mention that her doctor advised her that her erratic work schedule was contributing to a worsening recovery so she was likely given something like an ultimatum from her doctor when it came to her job situation.

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