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  1. I was wondering if the music at the beginning of this video from WNBC is part of the NBC Olympic Theme, or just a piece of production music. Does anyone have an idea? https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/sports/tokyo-summer-olympics/todd-frazier-hopes-to-finish-baseball-career-with-gold-in-tokyo/3171554/
  2. Amazon seems to have a knack for not wanting to produce any of the sporting events they have rights to in the U.S. themselves…
  3. I don’t want them to modify anything in this package. They need to add some skyline shots to their opens… they have kept an nbc logo in the background for over 7 years now.
  4. It's Michelle Ross. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQHde13nOz5/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  5. I I have not heard that before. Was it Charlie Van Dyke?
  6. I feel like Collins would be a decent choice. I think I remember his voice on NBC Sports Philadelphia (formerly Comcast SportsNet). I don't know if 6 could also use Jim Cutler, even though he does VOs for WPHL. Then again, WPHL's news presence isn't that huge, and they do have a 10pm newscast agreement with WPVI.
  7. I'm really starting to wonder who will replace Charlie Van Dyke as Voiceover for the Action News intros... 6 is starting to use his voice less and less. The thing is...there is no way that some of these guys that do ad reads and other not news-related promos for them can be his successor. When Van Dyke replaced Jeff Kaye, he clearly was the right choice, and had already been doing promos for the station for a while. I know I'm just ranting here, but with the new guys (who's names I don't even know) doing all of these promos for WPVI, the opens are going to lack a litt
  8. I feel as if we are the only country following this trend though...compare our graphics to those in a country like England or Australia. Even TSN and Sportsnet in Canada have relatively smaller graphics to some of those here in the U.S.
  9. American sports graphics continue to get bigger and bigger...
  10. Maybe a stretch and a fantasy, but I feel as if Hearst would be a good company to buy ABC from Disney. They would have to sell all the stations that aren't ABC affiliated probably, but they also own 20% of ESPN, which could be beneficial to ABC.

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