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  1. Hot take- In the era of Google Maps and Waze, having traffic reports in newscasts at all makes no sense. As for the what already happened part, that's just news.
  2. Not a bad stroll down memory lane... Sorry for those who get PTSD
  3. How did they handle it? Split-Screen?
  4. There's got to (hopefully) be an explanation- but I just watched WCCO's 6pm newscast- Weather was the pre-recorded online/streaming quickcast with only the audio of the meteorologist who recorded it- showed temps and outlook- no radar/satellite/etc. When they panned the set- weather center was empty and you could see the log-in screen on the computers. I get it's a holiday weekend, but as a certain blogger says- the weather is the most important part of the newscast (and I agree!). The #1 station, with 5 meteorologists, in Market 15, and they couldn't have someone there to forecast the weather?
  5. That's what KMSP did here in MN... 7-9 Central was all on WFTC.
  6. Some free advice to CBS O&O stations- when getting the new mic flags with the CBS News [city] on them, go for the three-sided one so people have a shot of actually reading what it says. its CBS Los Angeles by the way.
  7. As long as the network can keep selling it, they will keep running it. Basic economics.
  8. I'm not. Think of all the unforeseen issues that are likely to happen with the launch (like anytime a station launches a new graphics package, for example, let alone a whole new newscast). Having those issues right before the biggest story of the year when viewership is up and more eyeballs to catch a possible major issue makes for a bad first impression. Recent example is KSAZ last night testing their election ticker... And whoever runs that for them probably isn't brand new to the job.
  9. I'm waiting for Audacy to drop the hammer in Minneapolis next. "The Wolf" has only once ever beat K102 (iHeart) in the PPM ratings (and it was under their old country branding as Buz'n 102.9) and is the weakest of Audacy's three stations in the cluster (Jack-FM does really well here). Wolf just tweaked from "New Country" to "Everything Country" (That's New Country with a LOT of Shania Twain, by the way). Given the NY Move, guessing if this tweak doesn't instill life, WCCO 830 and 102.9 becomes reality very soon. There have also been moves to upgrade the talent on 830 in the last year including plucking popular WCCO-TV anchor Jason DeRusha to host afternoon drive. Ironically, 102.9 began life as WCCO-FM playing lite rock... Where else does Audacy need to find and FM for talk? KRLD in Dallas?
  10. Here's the rebrand of KBJR to "Northern News Now"- Shockingly managed to rebrand a whole station and not upgrade to the Gray graphics package. Instead, they rehashed the KBJR Quincy package. Take note behind the weather desk you can see they're working on the Gray wx graphics at least.
  11. That makes two of us... Add in the Gray "honeycomb" graphics package and they'll really have something! I look forward to the facebook comments from the Karens on Monday.
  12. It’s what they’re going with… here’s the jackets and coffee cups (from their staffers on Twitter).
  13. KBJR (Duluth) going back to combined branding for newscasts starting Monday.
  14. I'm going off of another site that claims the 3pm is temporary only through the election. Something in that other sites words as a "money grab"...
  15. Almost two months later, turns out to be a correct prediction- KBJR/CBS3 morning newscasts are combined- Staff from both shows were merged, live reporting in the morning added, and KBJR is now using "F1RST ALERT" Weather branding with the old KBJR/Quincy graphics. That said, looking at their website, the morning newscast will rebrand as "Northern News Now" at 5a and 6a. Evening newscasts appear untouched for now with the exception of weather on CBS3 using the KBJR graphics- otherwise the CBS3 show still has their own branding.
  16. They're still hoping to find the next Walter Cronkite... Someone older and more seasoned to go up against all the trendy TikToking Whipper Snappers the other networks have (every pun intended)
  17. By then Norah's next contract will be up, he will cost much less and won't do any worse in the ratings.
  18. I mean, every branding/graphics package they've had since 2007 features the rectangle of "WCCO". Only difference is that the CBS Eye is currently attached to it. Thank to Jon Ellis for archiving all of these screengrabs! http://www.northpine.com/broadcast/captures/mn/wcco.html
  19. Lifelong Minnesotan here- even if you are correct, they will take a sweet long time to kill off the best known branding/call letters in the state. They had the opportunity to unveil the CBSN MN brand to the tens of thousands who walk by their booth at the state fair and every sign, banner, and giveaway had the classic WCCO logo on it. Along with the billboards, you don’t spend that kind of money on promos and giveaways (even if they are paper fans and reusable grocery bags) to flip it right away.
  20. A little off from graphics, but holy billboards CCO is marketing the hell out of their 4:00 show. One digital billboard flipped to three different “The 4” billboards in a row. Is there really that much $$$ in that time slot?
  21. For the record, that’s pretty traditional for all 4 major stations to close up shop and head back to the studio on Labor Day. People still doing the fair want to see the sights, eat the food, and go home since it’s the first day of school for most of the state on Tuesday. I’m sure all 4 will have a reporter out there to say they’re still “Life from the fair” Weekend shows from the fair are also usually limited if the station has any college football games airing since it’s hard to keep a live audience captive if the game runs long, but it looks bad on air if you’re live from the fair with no one standing around your studio to show off how popular you’re newscast is.
  22. The 4pm has been running since last Thursday from the State Fair (big deal up here!). Tuesday should originate from the studio. To make the case for CCO possibly not being the first, the stations are so preoccupied with their State Fair studios I wonder how much time they have to work on anything else over the 12 day run?
  23. Anything that drew an audience will be moved to Paramount+ and whatever Warner/Discovery does with HBO Max. And the DC Universe fans will move with them.
  24. WDAY/Fargo has been at 7 for most of the summer. Granted, some of them don't usually appear on screen at WDAY and do web-forecasts for the newspaper websites (I.E., The Duluth News Tribune). Could also speculate that some would transfer over to doing forecasts at KVRR/Fargo if the FCC ever approves that deal (KVRR's chief met Rob Kupec left this spring to run for State Senate in Minnesota and no permanent replacement has been named).
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