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  1. Not sure if this has been brought up yet- but NN Now streams on Nexstar Affiliate's fb pages added a WGNA logo adjacent to the NN logo... This was from WFRV's Facebook. Might have been done on previous streams, but I just noticed it on this one.
  2. Gray is launching 4:00 news on KVLY 11.2 (CBS/KX4) Fargo today. Displaces Judge Judy (Which already gets an hour earlier in the day on 11.1/NBC) Not the first 4:00 for the market- WDAY/ABC has had news in the timeslot for a couple of years now.
  3. Recently? Who knows. He has scaled back the amount of games he's done each year ever since he finally got into the Hall of Fame. LaTroy Hawkins, Roy Smalley and Torii Hunter have rotated doing color otherwise. That said, after 25 years he probably commands a pretty high salary- especially since he calls Ft. Meyers home now. Usually it's news in the market when he has an on air gaffe (like this one back when games were on WFTC) Was hoping someone with a Sinclair background knew if they were starting to make some budget cuts at the RSNs...
  4. Minnesota Twins and Fox Sports North just announced that Bert Blyleven is doing his final telecast tonight after 25 years... Transitioning to a role as "Special Assistant" with the organization. Sinclair budget cuts and the Twins made a move to keep him on payroll from their end? https://www.foxsports.com/north/story/minnesota-twins-bert-blyleven-fox-sports-north-broadcaster-special-assistant-090220
  5. Sounds like sales needs to get more creative then... It is much easier to track viewer metrics and trends with the streaming/app than with the OTA signal which means pitching the demographics to the right advertisers is easier than ever. Start by offering it as added value to a package to sweeten a deal (especially in markets where CBS doesn't have the ratings advantage for a sale [read: Chicago]) and readjust if and when things take off...
  6. Are Mid-Morning's ratings really that stellar? It's the newbie in the time slot vs. Today, Kelly/Ryan, and Fox9 Buzz. That said, have any Minneapolis ratings been published lately?
  7. Would picking WCCO make sense? O&O station, epicenter of what caused all the protests?
  8. Sven Sundgaard out at KARE/Minneapolis. Turns out TEGNA indeed has a problem with staff calling people "white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants"
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