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  1. Outside of the Top 10, but same reasoning can go for WCCO... By a quick count, at least eight anchors/reporters/mets have been with the station over a decade (Ameilia Santeniello ('96), Frank Vascellaro ('06), Esme Murphy (1990), Chris Schaffer (06), Heather Brown (06), Mike Max ('05) and that's just from the anchor list)
  2. The L3 one is what they’ve previously used… new one I was referencing is upper left corner. Kinda redundant they had both on, but it was breaking news- bigger focuses for them in the moment.
  3. Rough news day in the Twin Cities (disclaimer: I live close to where todays shooting happened), but KSTP has been using a new live bug for the last couple weeks that add the city, and landmark/intersection the reporter is live from. Not sure I’ve seen too many other stations doing likewise, but it’s kind of a best addition, but it’s useful in a situation like today where multiple reporters are stationed around a community for a story.
  4. Was not sure whether to post this here or on our radio page of the forum… a broadcaster regardless… but one of the victims in the KC Super Bowl Parade shooting was a local radio host on KKFI-FM.
  5. Mike Nelson, Chief Met at KMGH/Denver is calling it quits in 10 months. https://www.denver7.com/weather/mike-nelson-forecasting-pioneer-and-decorated-tv-meteorologist-to-sign-off-from-denver7-later-this-year
  6. I do believe that CBS usually skips FTN when they have the Super Bowl. Was curious why Sunday Morning didn't have more SB/Football related stories then remembered that football coverage was almost the entire rest of the broadcast day.
  7. Apologies in advance if there is something obvious that I am missing here- But do the affiliates have more leeway on Sunday mornings with where they air network programs vs. local news? With a little channel surfing, Fox News Sunday had Shannon Bream interviewing Israel PM Netanyahu, now an hour later I'm on ABC This Week and Jon Karl introed his interview with the PM as the "first... in over three months". Could be true for a variety of reasons- if This Week airs at the same time as Fox News Sunday in some markets and is pre-empted an hour in mine? Or if ABC taped their interview before Fox? Is ABC assuming that if their viewers are channel surfing, they're not landing on Fox? Or... Am I way overthinking all of this?
  8. Here lies the problem/challenge however- One "good" show does not stop the trend that has driven viewers away en masse. The Swifties are still probably sour about the Golden Globes joke last week (I'm sick of it showing up in my newsfeed), half of America can't stand Hollywood's political opinions in their speeches (see Ricky Gervais' call out of that), oh, and ABC was showing a blowout football game at the same time. It's going to take a lot of time, effort, and consistency to make Americans care about awards shows again.
  9. I clicked on this wanting to hate it- but I don't. Their logic for taking "The" out of the logo is sound, they're using a color palate that stands out in the field, and is a fresh coat of paint that actually looks decent given what Nexstar seems to be going for. Keep in mind that green/white have been the primary colors for CW since its launch in 06. That said, the programming has to back up the refresh. The logo revamp is to show they're superhero network anymore, which is fine; but for your first major rebrand in 18 years (and that whole viewership drop in 2023 thing), you need to have programming and content to back it up. I have to admit that their sports coverage wasn't terrible- announcers for the Barstool Sports Bowl made me keep watching on their own.
  10. All of this- and as long as there's advertisers and the channel is turning a profit on the balance sheet...
  11. Gracias for the hat tip- and to your point, all the networks have found their crutch/niche... And I think much of it boils down to- what is exciting outside of those niches to watch? When NFL Games make up 93% of the most-watched TV programs in 2023, the message seems to be clear that the viewers are tired of the same reality shows, singing competitions, and legal/cop dramas. Which network finds the new big program or genre and reinvents "Must See TV"? Or... Have we passed a point of no return?
  12. Only so many people who want to watch Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race seemingly non-stop. Writers strike, sure- but that was an issue for every network to maneuver last year.
  13. Just flipping through channels- Does anyone know the story behind 2 networks (NBC and ABC) Both showing the Tournament of Roses Parade? I don't have cable anymore, but I think HGTV used to show it as well. Feels like over kill. At least NBC v. CBS for the Macy's Parade, they're on different places on the route (And both take different angles to their coverage) Bonus points to NBC for showing the crows just now with ABC's booth front and center on the screen for almost 10 seconds.
  14. The 3rd place broadcast newsroom combining with the 3rd place cable newsroom does not make a powerhouse. At what point with all the consolidation does anti-trust finally apply?
  15. Key words: Well-Educated. Too many people click the first Google result and fail to fact-check themselves.
  16. Website has been changed from NBC15.com to wmtv15news.com. Defiantly rolls off the tongue! In other news, the de-peackockization appears to be complete at Gray after clicking around a bit this morning
  17. Just checked KBJR- post “Northern News Now” inception, the “N” rotated with the peacock or cbs eye, depending which channel was airing the show. Network logos have been replaced with an impressive, yet unnecessary, animated Gray TV logo, the “N”/Tree logo remains with festive Christmas lights added for the season, and a QR code I’d assume gets you to download their app. They’re still using their Quincy graphics. As for the gray logo… does any regular viewer (read: none of us) know or care what Gray is?
  18. So... Old enough to know better, young enough to still get carded at the bar.
  19. Then the question is what do the ratings look like? If WMTV is #1 (And I'm pretty sure it's between them and WISC?) then "If it broken, don't fix it" might apply. That said, WISC did blow up their graphics and branding a few years back...
  20. Not sure if there is a timer tone, but when they show the full moderator desks, you can see the "stoplight" timers at the bottom corners of the desks. Graphics wise... Smart move putting the "NewsNation" logo right in the middle... The L3 will likely be cut out on the cable/morning news shows, but will be prominently featured in the TikTok/Reels clips.
  21. Less than 15 minutes into the GOP Debate on NewsNation/The CW... A couple audio issues that for a small market Sinclair station, it would just be Wednesday night, but really make this national debate minor league. Mics not adjusted before going live, a moderator coughing and clearing their throat while a candidate is giving their remarks...
  22. Heartland is run by the former CEO of Gray, and in another tie-in, their website is a carbon copy of the websites Allen Media stations use... And Allen bought a bunch of former Heartland stations. Small world.
  23. A Gray station switching their FA logo is not necessarily an indicator of anything. KBJR uses the same logo (but in blue) but outside of weather graphics, they still use a slightly modified version of their KBJR* graphics from Quincy ownership (*Before the Northern News Now stunt, KBJR6 and CBS3 had their own graphics packages)
  24. KARE wasting no time going for the football fans heartstrings and pent-up anger
  25. I've noticed this the last couple of weeks for Monday Night Football (ABC not ESPN for what it's worth) that the audio intermittently cuts out for a brief second. It's almost like they're censoring language, but then it happens when only Joe and Troy are talking as well. ABC issue? Language censoring? Something else?
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