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  1. KTTC (Rochester, MN) is getting ready for Gray One.
  2. Ami late to the game on this? Or did the ABC logo bug just get smaller?
  3. Bigger, marginally. Primary season will be in full-swing and Nexstar will dump money and affiliate's resources into it just to move the needle a little (and get that beautiful political ad money)
  4. Matte look, eliminated the bevel effect. Nice modifications to give some more cohesiveness to GrayOne. Note- I don't believe that is the new and improved peacock.
  5. Missing from the new look- a severe weather ticker, apparently.
  6. So let's look at this from the management/money POV (not that that is the correct way, but I like being devil's advocate)- Don't fix what ain't broken. Money is a rare, mystical thing in broadcasting (preaching to the choir, I know...) But the other top O&O ('CCO) has used the same set for over a decade. With the branding and graphics change, the set got some minor updates to cover up the old logo (new hockey glass) but otherwise, they continue to use a set that has aged incredibly well even though it does not entirely match the new look and feel of the station (example: all the dark blue and copper looks a little out of place now). As long as the ratings remain, and the billing is there, CBS will pour CapEx money where they feel it's needed more- like building an entire operation in Detroit, blowing up LA, etc.)
  7. And on '07, Letterman and Ferguson were able to return sooner than the rest because World Wide Pants (Letterman's production company) owned the shows- not the networks and were able to create their own temporary agreement with the writers (Guessing Letterman himself must have funded that?). Not sure if any of the late night shows can pull that now with their respective networks owning production rights?
  8. It's news. It's about TV. It's relevant. You're fine! We were just discussing the Late Late Show ending over the weekend after all...
  9. Corden aside, didn't Ferguson have a clause in his contract to be first in line to replace Letterman? I think the payout was upwards of $10 Million when CBS went with Colbert.
  10. I gave up on all of them after everyone monologues became nothing but political commentaries; but after his part in screwing over Conan (and the shady way he got Tonight in the first place) forget Leno.
  11. Option C... Both. WTVG and WTOL are certainly taking their opportunity here as well...
  12. Not saying I was correct with this guess- It was more of a perfect storm with scheduling (Wild were on Bally North, Timberwolves on Bally North Extra) but the Twins broadcast was shown on "Fox9+" last night (KMSP 9.2)- Bally talent/graphics/production with a Fox9+ watermark in the upper right corner of the screen. Interesting move given Sinclair owns WUCW-TV in the market (and has in the past shown Bally overlaps on that channel...)
  13. I'm not saying that I don't buy that they're using a call letter box, but for reference the last time "WBBM" was a part of Channel 2's branding was 1997. Does that negate any chance of them going back that direction? Not at All- Much like the KCBS situation with the ratings, nothing can really be off the table in Chicago. What is interesting is that after 25 years, going back to calls when they happen to be the same calls as a top-rated radio station in the market who is no longer co-owned...
  14. But they have real audiences again... What was an okay modification to keep a trend going through the COVID audience restrictions can be phased out. I agree with @mrschimpf on this one.
  15. I understand that it's the tabloid fodder and not actual ratings, but just clicking through it looks like the launch of "Live With Kelly And Mark" was less than spectacular. My favorite tweet is "Every time Kelly interrupts Mark, take a shot"... you could take any of Kelly's co-hosts over the years and make that a fun game (Regis, Michael, Ryan, guest hosts) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11981625/Viewers-PAN-episode-Live-Kelly-Mark-branding-couples-fake-banter-painful.html
  16. Gotta laugh once in a while…
  17. Looks like a unique of keeping with the KSTP colors and fonts in the L3 and taking WDIO's weather graphics and opens (all Hubbard, so it makes sense...) Wondering if we see a logo tweak at some point? The "6" behind the anchors looks less italicized than it has been the last 15 years or so?
  18. That's a question for a whole other thread on if/when non O&O affiliates jump on this wagon. Not that I'm opposed to such a thread...
  19. Ding! You'll occasionally hear someone call it "Channel 4", but in Minnesota, "WCCO" (or 'CCO) is a household name. I'll be sure to let you know if hell freezes over and I hear someone call it "CBS News Minnesota".
  20. As of 4pm central, WCCO has flipped.
  21. WCCO has to be flipping today... Facebook page has been rebranded from "WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota" to "WCCO News & CBS Minnesota". No logos changed on the socials yet... Addendum: No way this played into any launch date whatsoever... But WCCO is on virtual channel 4, and the satellite they kept, KCCW (Walker, MN) is on virtual channel 12... Today is 4/12...
  22. Also if you look at the Hearst map in terms of resources and geography, it compliments WESH and WPBF by giving them coverage on the Gulf coast.
  23. Here it be… black box WCCO running next to the Next Weather logo on TV tonight. Logo card from website added with the old CBS 4 for comparison.
  24. Just saw a promo for WCCO’s Next Weather… current “4” logo replaced with just “WCCO”- they’re going the KDKA route. I’ll stomach CBS primetime for a bit to see if I can catch the promo again.
  25. Whoops! Someone’s getting an email from a sales rep right now! (Blame the new graphics!)
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