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  1. Nope... Scott came off of vacation for this one. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/6/15/watch-a-reporter-wreck-her-career-in-live-shot
  2. My apologies! I stand corrected. Missed a few days of posts last month!
  3. What I don't think we were aware of was WGN's foray into Spanish-language broadcasts with this platform... Which I agree with Feder is a wise move given the May Sweeps numbers... If only CBSN Chicago was that insightful with their digital platform!
  4. Ding! (Probably). They dropped Live on the North Dakota stations years ago for local news dubbed "ND Today" on NBC... Lots of product placement and paid content meanwhile infomercials play on the CBS sub-channel at that time.
  5. After about 10 years, Gray is giving KVLY (Fargo) a new set... Mike and Andrea moved into "Studio B" (Old KXJB set) tonight https://youtu.be/H-SyHtIZ5ns
  6. I'm just wondering how strict/timely ABC expects affiliates to be with the change on their logos... Thinking of KSTP, for example, who just redid their logos/graphics/mic flags etc. this year.
  7. So... They're going to "make it different from other morning programs" by adding more giant video walls just like one morning program (Today), and moving to the same neighborhood as another (GMA).
  8. Holy graphics glitch! Wonder that happened here? https://www.fox9.com/video/931968
  9. What are the chances Allen was already in on talks of this happening with the last deal? He said he wanted to buy more stations going forward... Could this have been a possible contingency?
  10. What was the 09/10 look again?
  11. Agreed. The new package just feels too busy- the angles, transitions... Not good if you have a short attention span like I do! The use of blue as the primary also wasn't great- you know, CTM and GMA's primary color. That said, one of Today's new shade's of blue feels very CTM-ish...
  12. Question- Does Gray hub master control for their stations? NY or TX to be exact? This is what happened on Saturday in Fargo when they tried going to Jeopardy... Or is it just a misfire over at KVLY? IMG_0588.MOV
  13. When Nexstar got the "KX" empire in Western and Central North Dakota (KXMA/B/C/D) from Reiten, they changed the longtime "KXnet.com" to "MyNDnow.com". It lasted a couple of months before being flipped back. Gotta love the stubbornness or North Dakotans!
  14. Quotation marks around news? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but do we really need to debate spin and biases here? And for the record, I hate the slant of Fox just as much as I hate the slants of every other cable news outlet.
  15. I mean hey, it's undeveloped land and at the end of the day this means jobs for people which is great. If I had to have one concern, We see so many mega broadcasters with money mistakes/woes and Gray has largely avoided them. "Studio City" isn't going to be their "Bally Sports", is it?

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