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  1. Negative. This is the old set (New one was a HUGE improvement in 2014) Well, WDAY is Forum's only TV property (Along with the other 4 ABC sticks in ND that relay WDAY). Everything else is in newspaper so to your point...
  2. How long do those things normally last? They just got the new set some 5 years ago
  3. It's not usually that dim... But watching right now and yup... Dim again tonight...
  4. Great track- but there needs to be some sort of VO between the teaser and the anchors... Even something as simple as "This is WDAY News At Ten". The instrumental and floating logo alone feel kinda awkward. Work in progress maybe? I'll try to watch tonight and see.
  5. I love the release on their website: "KTLA has a long history of firsts when it comes to technology..." Forget that CBSN, ABC O&O's, Gray, Scripps, etc have had Roku/Fire/AppleTV apps for a long time- Nexstar stations are leading the way like the Internet Explorer of SmartTV news that they are!
  6. It can be anyone vs. anyone in the SF market and KELO will still easily win every time slot. the decades-long ratings slaughter is the only way Gray was able to get KDLT and FOX in the first place. Gray might have the edge over in Rapid City though with KOTA and KEVN...
  7. Looks like a lot of standard Gray elements based on the logo/time/temp bug- Same one that KVLY got last month.
  8. VS1 was beyond a colossal nightmare. But, For markets where there are duopolies with owner groups (Where Fox O&O's have the MyNet "plus" channels, for example) could there be an emergence of bidding to put pro sports on those channels for broadcast TV? First ones that come to mind are- Minneapolis (WFTC), Dallas (KTXA), Denver (KWGN, KCDO) At least with WFTC, they once upon a time in the UPN29 days had Twins and Wolves games (albeit, in conjunction with Fox Sports North)
  9. The keyboard warriors on Facebook could use that advice- The amount of "laugh" emojis being used... Everyone's entitled to their opinions, but finding laughter or happiness in someone who dies from cancer is pathetic- regardless if you agree with their views or not. And of course the Rush fan base is already pointing that out in the comments sections of those Facebook posts...
  10. Saw this when going on the CBSN app just now- beginning of the rollout of the new CBSN logo/graphics? This was the only instance I was able to find so far tonight. CBSN NY is back to the regular logo on their tile already.
  11. Straight shooting, but the editorial piece they have him doing at the end of the newscast waters him down a bit. Hopefully they stopped that after the election? (I honestly usually watch ABC if I am home at that time). There's enough opinion in the news on TV (read: just about every cable news program)- Lester just needs to stick to the facts of the day to have a quality half-hour show.
  12. So from the previews we've seen so far, what we're likely to see are enough changes that will get this board talking, some viewers noticing that something's different on the screen, and more viewers not noticing a thing that is different. Not going to be anything like FOX last year, or CBS at SB50 with a completely new redesign that every regular viewer noticed.
  13. Not directly related to radio operations in the way this board discusses them, but it looks like pressure is on country radio stations to drop Morgan Wallen after TMZ got video of him using the n-word openly... Cumulus has already ordered its' stations to stop playing his music. To be clear- I think it's completely inexcusable to say what he said, but to play devils advocate, he has a number of hits currently playing on radio and a large following... https://variety.com/2021/music/news/morgan-wallen-country-radio-removed-racial-slur-1234899010/
  14. Thinking of that... for KDLH/KBJR and WPTA/WISE, The singular branding was tried on both when owned by Granite (Northland's NewsCenter and Indiana's NewsCenter). It feels like, when watching the Duluth stations, they have had some successes with separate newscasts (to the point that when Quincy remodeled the Duluth building, each station got it's own studio). Is Gray going to try to consolidate newscasts/branding again?
  15. It's a good idea- and honestly an inexpensive one at that since the bulk of the product is already there. I just hate it's that guy's "idea". Could already be in the works at Nexstar, who knows? He'll take the credit for it anyways (while still shitting on the overall product). Hard to take someone who spends his' days calling out stations for typos on L3's/websites etc seriously when he produces them en masse. Hello pot, meet kettle!

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