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  1. Hot Take- Looks better than what NN has right now...
  2. Anyone have access to Ratings for the last couple weeks? NBC v. CBS v. ABC?
  3. Top Ten things we copied from our competitors... 10) Giant video walls 9) location, baby! 8- Giving former Co-Anchors the "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" treatment 7) A newfound appreciation for Smooth Jazz 6) Outdated references to bits from retired CBS programs 5) That DJ we found leftover from the TRL days at Viacom 4) Paint everything orange- that got the Today Show 5 points, right? 3) Hey look! We got an couch from IKEA too! 2) Retired NFL players make great anchors! 1) Sure Willard wore a dress, but we gave Tony a fun hat! A
  4. Sorry if someone already covered this... But in today's NOT hard news, "Tony and Nate's Excellent Adventure" took a tour of Times Square and CBS seems to have no problem recognizing who's turf they're on. They even tried to bring GMA a fruit basket and cake...
  5. What's the requirement for affiliates to have time/temp/ticker? KVLY (Gray) Doesn't ever have that on CBS or TODAY (Unless they insert their alert bar for school closings etc).
  6. It's had minor edits- Mostly to give it the "Boxy" lower thirds like CBSEN has
  7. Just leave it. History proves that CBS will circle back to "This Morning" in 10-12 years. We will be ahead of the curve.
  8. It looks so out of place- almost like it's an afterthought... "Hey Larry, there's no logo bug. Just throw something in, and don't worry about the proportions".
  9. Which is great for Sundays when more people have the time to sit and watch more long-form reporting, but think about the average morning audience- they want news, weather, and want to get on their way. CBS used to at least have that when the Eye Opener was really "your world in 90 Seconds", but that has largely given way to teasers for the days show (example, today Gayle got to light up the new CBS Times Square billboard).
  10. Al made an appearance on Monday's show from home to pay tribute, and TODAY ran another tribute to Willard this morning.
  11. Did they though? WKBW's problems existed long before Scripps got a hold of the wheel (Could argue even before Granite ownership). I don't pay particular attention to this market, but I'd like to think that Scripps is responsible enough to try to correct the problem before blowing everything up and starting fresh...
  12. Nope- @ColtFromGulfcoast got it... KARE is promoting K&R Moving to their station through giveaways at the MN State Fair. Hubbard is going big on news in Market 15- Now it's going to be 4:30-7 (KSTP) 7-9 (45) 9-10 (KSTP) 11-12 (KSTP) 12-1 (45) 3-5 (KSTP) 6-7 (KSTP) 9-10 (45) 10-10:35 (KSTP) Uffda. Somewhere in there, ABC gets to put their programming. Jury is still out K&R on Duluth and Southern MN... Gray just landed new stations in each market...
  13. Any word where Kelly and Ryan are going in MN? Hubbard is doing local at 9AM on KSTP/WDIO/KAAL beginning 9/7... https://kstp.com/news/locally-produced-minnesota-live-program-kstp-tv-schedule/6221771/?cat=12157
  14. So they're moving Jane into the new studio as well? I get the "marrying" concept they're doing, but I'm still a fan of "If it ain't broken..."
  15. Not directly a broadcaster, but it's big enough in MN that competitors are covering the death of former WCCO Sports Anchor Mark Rosen's wife after a long battle with cancer. (Rosen is now with KFAN Radio) https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/08/31/my-heart-is-aching-mark-rosen-announces-wife-denise-passed-peacefully/ https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/denise-rosen-dies-cancer-battle-wcco-mark-rosen/89-c7de92a3-8149-4f8d-b936-c1d8752f1aa6

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