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  1. In Northern MN this week and have watched more than my fair share of WDIO- Weather graphics, yes, KOIN knockoff, News opens/graphics have more of a WISH-TV feel to them. Honestly thought the old graphics (Scripps early 2010's knockoffs) were better, but hey, they're still #1 so what do I know?
  2. And it must not have that big (if any) of an effect on the ratings, otherwise they wouldn't do it. In ABC's case, I haven't watched in a while (post election newsbreak), WNT generally goes longer in their A block than NN or CBS do before breaking. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?
  3. So what's the methodology than for who gets the rights to broadcast? WCIU is probably about to post their best numbers in a while, but if a CBS O&O has it in one market, wouldn't it make sense to make a multi-market deal with CBS and throw it on WBBM as well? Genuine question- I have no clue what the process is.
  4. WCCO is running Monday Night Football bumping Wheel and CBS Primetime tonight... Seems odd that ESPN partnered with a CBS O&O instead of KSTP/Hubbard as the ABC Affiliate? Hubbard's KSTP-AM is also the ESPN Radio affiliate for the market which would make you think they'd get the partnership...
  5. You would think/hope there is a clause in the contract for "Breaking News"
  6. Almost certainly. They've dubbed him "AM Chief Meteorologist" for a while now.
  7. 43 years doing weather at one station... That's got to be a record right? Dave Dahl calling it quits at KSTP. https://kstp.com/news/kstp-chief-meteorologist-dave-dahl-retiring-after-43-years-at-5-eyewitness-news-october-29-2020/5910456/?cat=1
  8. That was bugging me too... No pun intended. Hopefully just a small glitch.
  9. In what world is CBS suddenly expanding/hiring? They just did a mass cleansing at their O&O's nationwide?
  10. I'll be in Minneapolis this weekend... Going to have to try that! Nothing against my local stations or anything...
  11. Hulu Live is the same way now... I'm stuck with Fargo locals- thanks to the smart TV I can get Minneapolis (CBSN Minnesota, KSTP, KARE comes on NewsOn)... But if I watch on the road I get Minneapolis or Duluth (WDIO, KBJR) depending on GPS in the state. Kind of nice to watch other locals and get their commercials etc. Wish you could set your "home" location to any zip code in the US a set number of times a year and not base it on GPS or router location.
  12. Of Course! KCNC, KIRO, KOIN, Vegas, Yuma, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Hawaii (it was The Talk, but I watched a minute or two just to say I did) and a couple of Sinclair stations I couldn't ID (CBS 10 and CBS 13). Hulu figured out the error of their ways and started pulling stations.
  13. Not sure if it's just my system/internet, and I'm positive it's a fluke, but my Hulu Live channel listings currently have what I think is every CBS affiliate in the country listed (Local affiliate is KVLY Fargo) Not that I'm complaining- This is a TV news junkie's dream come true! Anyone else hear/see of this happening before?
  14. I was thinking that, or that he's not allowed at KUSA's studios for quarantine reasons since he is from another market? FTVlive usually reams a station quickly if there's an outbreak in a newsroom, and I don't think WFAA has been singled out for it- but who knows?

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