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  1. Pretty sure @ABC 7 Denver meant KXAN not XAS. It's Monday.
  2. The only people who care about the host issue are the Karens on Facebook who don't realize Trebek can't be brought back from the dead. Jeopardy generally gets higher ratings than Wheel- Using it as a stronger lead-in for NBC Primetime.
  3. Didn't that get rumored once and caused one of the infamous Kelly Ripa freak outs?
  4. Weather Center, but there would still be space for a small set. And with Brad Edwards reassigned to CBSN Chicago, they could put a small enough set in to give the OTT a different look from the traditional news set?
  5. And WCCO has made the switch https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/
  6. Cavuto has always been solid and tries to stick to what's worked for him for 25 years despite all the other changes at the network. It's clear that he likes his 2 hours at Fox Business better than FNC, but even the leftists here (and for the record, I dislike FNC, CNN, and MSNBC all equally) can respect that Neil has pushed back against former president Trump (We don't work for you) (Cutting away from a Trump speech to correct something said about Obama's record). I also appreciate lives with MS, survived cancer, and comes back from vacation to read emails from people hoping he died on air.
  7. KARE has switched to that. Also not sure when, but the TV panel wall behind the anchors is one big screen now as well
  8. I wouldn't hold my breath on Weather graphics... KSFY and KFYR use the same overall package KCRG switched to, but all three aforementioned stations are using the same wx graphics as of right now.
  9. WCCO did not go for "First Alert"... But say hello to "Next Weather"! https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2022/04/21/what-is-next-weather/
  10. Doing your show from the nation's capital has some advantages... You main anchor stationed there when news breaks in America's largest city isn't one of them.
  11. How much $$$ did they have to give Edwards to take the demotion?
  12. I'm all for local ownership and that usually means a lower budget as a result- especially against Gray and Nexstar. They don't use just "KNBN", and try to differentiate themselves from "KOTA" and "KELO(land)" by using NC1- and that's probably good marketing. The pairings of graphics/logo/music just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  13. KNBN (Rapid City SD) appears to be in the process of implementing a new logo- Old one still appears on the website, but the new one appears on-air and on social media. I get it- Play button works great for OTT/streaming, NBC logo colors, Probably last in the ratings behind KOTA/KEVN and KELO so needs a change... What I don't get- How is this more effective than the NBC logo itself? Also the whole GooglePlay logo comparisons
  14. WCCO wins most time slots and demos in MN... Ratings discussions have the evidence.
  15. Could another reason Today and GMA are phasing out outside pieces is due to pre-recording interviews and segments?
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