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  1. Liz Collin has left WCCO after 14 years. The STrib sums it up pretty thoroughly.
  2. I mean, Fox makes somewhat regular use of the balcony in Studio M (Where The Five tapes). Usually during things like election coverage. WFAA could very well do the same- put Jason Wheeler up there on election night for any anchor/reporter for a special event.
  3. I hear Matt Lauer is available CBS does like to find work for Today Show alums (Bryant, Couric, Morales)
  4. Looks like it's going to have a lot of dynamics that WFAA had at Victory- Walk and talks, movement for Delkus given the distance from the WX center and the set (I'm assuming Wx is to the left?) As for the color scheme and lights, really hard to talk about that until we see it lit up. Is it as "State of the art" as they are hyping it up to be? probably not (unless they have an interactive Hansen hologram upstairs?). Is it functional, and fits the station's image? Yes.
  5. But with everyone having wx apps on their phone which are more accurate for the temp thanks to location tracking etc, is time/temp really necessary on the screen? Or in the days of cleaner, simpler looks is it just clutter that can be jettisoned?
  6. More writing on the wall- that shiny new Studio 57 set can probably make for an easy move for CBSEN back to NYC
  7. It's the '98 Camry of news desks- CBS is gonna get 100,000+ miles out of that sucker!
  8. I think there is still innovation- It's just slow and unproven as of yet. For example, I respect @Weetersperspective yesterday about Tegna making efforts to go "outside the box" for successful and unsuccessful reasons already mentioned. In Minneapolis, KSTP has tried revamping their 10:00 show by doing far fewer stories but going more in-depth with their reporting- They have the largest I-Team of anyone in Market 15 and have dedicated certain reporters to JUST doing stories for the "Nightcast". Also putting weather right at the start of each newscast- It's probably a work in progress to see how far the needle moves, but it's an effort to try something slower and more in-depth in an era when brighter and more faced-paced has become the trend. On the flip side you have groups like ViacomCBS who have their traditional formula that in some markets works (WCCO), and in some markets could be fair game for experimentation (WBBM).
  9. But what I'm asking is why would Forum go for the waiver to get the full KVRR signal in the sale if that was going to be the move anyways? It seems that is the more difficult route to go...
  10. Jon Ellis is reporting on the waiver application to buy the full power license/signal for KVRR... Notes the only time this move has worked was Gray in Sioux Falls, suddenly KVRR made it a three-way race for #1 in the market, and Forum would keep the two Fargo newsrooms separate (has any dupoloy ever actually done that?) https://www.northpine.com/blog/2022/01/22/forum-seeks-waiver-for-24m-purchase-of-fargo-duluth-fox-affiliates/
  11. How competitive are the ratings there would be my question? If WJMN has had strong viewership, that might keep them afloat for a while at least?
  12. Indeed. That's why they're proud of all their "regional news partners"! Watch for LOTS of filler from WOOD, WFRV, WGN, and for some reason they think people in the UP care about what's happening in Indy from WTTV!
  13. Here's a first look of what WZMQ looks like as a CBS affiliate... At least logo wise. Posted this on their facebook page- Guessing it came from WICU since it's the same graphics?
  14. Doesn't this belong in speculation? Wondering the same... For precedent, has anything like this happened before where a big three network just jumps affiliates literally overnight? And what kind of contract expires on the 21st of a month? Wouldn't you always do the first or last day of a month?
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