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  1. A Gray station switching their FA logo is not necessarily an indicator of anything. KBJR uses the same logo (but in blue) but outside of weather graphics, they still use a slightly modified version of their KBJR* graphics from Quincy ownership (*Before the Northern News Now stunt, KBJR6 and CBS3 had their own graphics packages)
  2. KARE wasting no time going for the football fans heartstrings and pent-up anger
  3. I've noticed this the last couple of weeks for Monday Night Football (ABC not ESPN for what it's worth) that the audio intermittently cuts out for a brief second. It's almost like they're censoring language, but then it happens when only Joe and Troy are talking as well. ABC issue? Language censoring? Something else?
  4. KARE doing their morning show from the newsroom had me thinking that there were some studio changes coming (since KUSA got some tweaks...) A little ways in to the show, they conceded that there were some technical difficulties in getting the show on the air today.
  5. Megan, Derrick Blakley, Linda MacLennan... Who else?
  6. Not like the graphics have ever been a make or break for what a disaster the whole operation is, at least back at the launch, they had the appearance of a good national newscast (graphics, studio). Every "update" since has made it look cheaper and more small market. Pointless take, I know.
  7. Someone You Should Know... Harry Porterfield has passed away at 95. (WBBM coverage) https://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/news/harry-portterfield-obituary/ (WLS Coverage) https://abc7chicago.com/harry-porterfield-obituary-dead-death-munster-indiana/13958580/
  8. Had to Google their outgoing logo... This is an impressive change for a market their size!
  9. Indeed the God of Weather in a market that has been more or less blessed with a number of strong meteorologists (Jerry Taft, Steve Baskerville, and Jim Ramsey are honorable mentions)
  10. PlutoTV has a Johnny Carson Channel, why they haven't struck a deal with WWP/Letterman for is tenure of Late Show episodes and Snyder/Kilborn/Ferguson LLS is beyond me. Yes... They have to scrub the titles to "Letterman" like they did with "Carson", everything else should be playable for the most part.
  11. Can't wait to see what Today comes up with to counter... Oh wait...
  12. It'll be up until Nexstar changed the website over to their platform. Who knows when that will be- probably bigger fish to fry.
  13. Huge improvement! Less "PowerPoint-y" and looks like it fits a major market much better than the previous graphics.
  14. Also, WCCO doesn't seem to have any issues breaking in with weather programming as needed- and they don't have a second channel to throw CBS to either...
  15. Wondering how TPIR will commemorate this... They've moved from "The Bob Barker Studio", does the new studio get dubbed the same? Do they go the "Bob Barker Stage" route like Jeopardy did? I feel like Fremantle/CBS can't not do something here...
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