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  1. 15 hours ago, C Block said:

    I feel like I’ve caught enough of NewsNation to form an opinion. It’s not that it’s necessarily bad, but it’s just a really puzzling concept and execution. Nexstar could have had a much bigger (but less sexy) impact had they pumped $20 million into their existing stations instead of trying to make something up from scratch.


    I still think the overall positioning is setup for failure. WGN is a brand that is somewhat known nationally, yet they barely use it anywhere other than in some of the set pieces. NewsNation is otherwise how everything is branded, and it’s such a generic sounding and unknown name. It’s going to be hard to overcome that anonymity.


    Then there’s the distribution problem. It’s tape-delayed by three hours for the west coast. And what happens if there’s news outside of the three hour broadcast? They can’t promise that they’ll cover it, and they can’t really push viewers for more coverage on their local stations. Viewers can’t be expected to know if they have a Nexstar-owned station in their market, and if so, which station that may be.


    As far as content, we now know what the local news format looks like when scaled up to a national level. It’s perfectly fine, and I guess I’d rather watch it over any domestic cable news channel. But much of the show is full of what feel like very local stories plucked from the stations without being recontextualized for a national audience. I don’t walk away from it feeling like I’ve gotten a comprehensive national news summary after watching network evening newscasts, which almost never take a story as-is from an affiliate.  It’s less than the sum of its parts. I would rather see more correspondents given more time to do their own stories. I also know that they’re trying to avoid punditry, but bringing on more experts and doing live interviews is definitely worthwhile.


    I hope it doesn’t fail unlike what some people online wish, but I can’t help but think that it’s repeating a lot of the same mistakes that AJAM made, though on a less grand scale. Both projects produced a fairly bland national newscast wrapped around a brand with poor recognition on a high-numbered cable channel. Both of them also ignored their core product (AJE in Al Jazeera’s case, and the local stations in Nexstar’s situation). I can’t see how it’ll last for very long without some major changes.



    I still hope it will work out well. It's a pretty decent product, but there's obviously some room for improvement.

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  2. 20 minutes ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    Either way, there is blood on Jeff Zucker's hands.  Trump aside, he still nearly destroyed NBCUniversal during his tenure.


    Yes indeed. He was the biggest person responsible for the Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien controversy, and made NBC have a bad reputation during that time, and he's doing the same to CNN. I have heard many CNN employees were happy about his arrival. Did they not realize his time at NBCUniversal, and how disastrous it was?

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  3. The New York Times had an article about Zucker's fallout with Trump. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson decided to keep him in 2018. People in the business gave two theories on why the network's so obsessed with Trump. One theory is that Zucker just wants anything outrageous for ratings. The 2nd theory is that he's just wanting to take him down.  It does mention that Zucker's never been a hard news person, and only cares about ratings, corporate success and trying to win. A former NBC exec said that Zucker's quench for ratings blinded him to the point of nonstop coverage. He said it's one thing if you have a thirst for ratings but it's entirely different for news. ABC exec Ben Sherwood on the other hand basically defended him talks about how he's a great man. I prefer the former's statement over the latter.

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  4. I've seen Dan a few times on GMA Weekend and think he does a great job there.


    I'm more of a fan of the calm style delivery of news, but I'm guessing more people prefer the more urgent, "shouting" delivery of the news. At least Muir only does it for the opening headlines.

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  5. 1 hour ago, ns8401 said:

    Not until ratings tank... don’t hold your breath. 

    “Breaking As We Come On The Air Tonight!! That girl, dunking her chicken nuggets in what she thought was ketchup, that moment she realized it was blood, horrified onlookers calling the police. And later that moment that everyone realized that I learned to talk like this from William Shatner, the story, that Will warm. your heart.”


    Whatever happened to anchoring like they used to do? It’s not like talking conversationally is THAT hard. I don’t know a single person that speaks like David Muir. Nobody. It can be distracting.


    As soon as the ratings go down, something may change.


    As much as how David speaks dramatically, I think Tom Llamas is even more dramatic and always sounds like he's doing a Shatner impression. Even his facial looks on the air aren't natural. I wish they brought Dan Harris back to weekends, or even give Whit Johnson a chance.

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  6. I think both Amy and T.J. are a great pair. That being said, I'm not sure if the hard news hour will be a long term-thing. I wouldn't be surprised if ABC goes back to lifestyle and entertainment when the news cycle is less busy compared to now with the election and the pandemic.

  7. 4 hours ago, Vidifont said:

    Yes, and Nora at CBS bragged at her inauguration that she was proud that the headlines were reduced down in time in

    an interview. CBS is now at point where it's worse than ABC. Lead with the lead. Let the reporters tell their stories!


    New idea, Nora does the headlines from Washington and John Dickerson anchors the show from the Broadcast Center.


    How about Norah in Washington and Jeff Glor in New York?

  8. 41 minutes ago, YardLionREW said:

    WGNa wasn't salvageable to begin with. Did you miss reruns of Blue Bloods, In the Heat of the Night or movies? If so, just say it. But you don't have to be pissed off too much. @CalItalian2, who hurt you?


    Plus, Blue Bloods, In the Heat of the Night, Last Man Standing and various movies could all find new homes if WGN were to make the channel 24-hour news. 




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  9. 14 hours ago, wabceyewitness said:

    I’ve been dreaming of the day they brought back the Jennings-era theme... and am so glad it has finally happened! Love that the voiceover intros the newscast the same way it used to introduce Peter.. “from ABC  News world headquarters in New York...”


    another throwback to the Jennings era! :)



    I too am glad that ABC brought back the world headquarters phrase  in the open.

  10. The intro reminds me of the Diane Sawyer intro from 2009. I really like the new VO artist too. Always liked that theme over the new theme. I hope they bring back the old ending with the Times Square live photo and the same theme as well.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, 24994J said:


    Agreed. That updated, more rounded, L-shape desk from the TV3 thread would be much better.


    I wouldn't bet on it. I'd like to think the lower thirds within the safe zone, at some point, but I'd bet the rest of the package will hang on for awhile longer.


    The lower thirds probably might change, but I wouldn't be surprised to see entirely new graphics by next year except the new opening title card return of the old theme. I bet the current package stays intact for the remainder of the year.

  12. 3 hours ago, CLETVFan said:

    What is going on with Personal Injury Court?  Wasn't that show renewed?  Its Wikipedia page says it has been cancelled.

    I'm wondering about that Too. WUPW in Toledo moved it to 3:30 AM last week. It was on at 1 PM for its first season.

  13. 39 minutes ago, oknewsguy said:

    The preemptions by broadcast networks for Special Reports didn't help the cause. I think if it weren't for that and COVID ending the season early, I think Tamron would have maybe gotten a better rating than a 1.0


    I don't think we'll ever know how well Tamron's 1st season ratings could've been without COVID and.or constant marathon-long news coverage by the networks.


    I agree that all the special reports didn't help the cause as well as the pandemic. i think the ratings might have been the same or even better if not earth-shattering. I think the ratings might have been average, but not exceptionally great.

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  14. 149th of all cable programs for the day is not that bad. This might be better than WGN America's normal ratings for reruns. I know the ratings only count new episodes of shows, but I have a feeling the ratings will climb as more people discover it.

  15. You can add me to the list of not happy about the internet stream being moved to a "sign in with your provider" starting in October. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if streaming options like YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV were available, but WGN America is one of the few pay TV channels still not available on any streaming platform,  and with cable and satellite subscribers dropping like flies every day, this move could backfine on them. At the very least, Nexstar should put the live feed behind the paywall and put the other stuff completely free. I hope they reconsider that decision.   

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  16. 12 hours ago, LoadStar said:

    It's interesting; many of the stories on this that I saw are ones you'd see on your local news if they would have occurred in your area, but few would have "bubbled up" to the national news level, until now. This "local news on a national scale" allows those local news stories to reach the national stage.


    To me, this is really not produced anything like a national network newscast *or* a cable news channel would be produced these days. It really feels like they're producing it exactly how they'd produce a local newscast, except "the United States" is the market they're doing it for.



    I really like the fact that they showed the local-type news too.  I too love that that local news stories are getting national exposure, that might not be talked about on more watched news channels/broadcasts.

    4 hours ago, FmrENCNewser said:

    I enjoyed what I saw the first half hour on my phone. Would have liked to be able to cast it to my television or watch it on a Roku app. There's no way I'm going to watch 3 hours on the phone or tablet. And if it's true that Nexstar is going to charge for this, the first month is the last I'll watch of it. 


    It was infinitely better than the screaming matches or talking heads on the other cable news networks from 8-11. JMHO



    Yeah, I liked that they're not doing opinion and talking heads compared to the more mainstream cable news outlets. It's a definitely a breath of fresh air. 

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  17. I'm really enjoying this new newscast. It brings something new and different to the TV news landscape, especially as most of the main cable news channels are opinion and pundits and only cover a few years. I'm glad they're not repeating the same old stories either. 


    This done remind me a little of the old Headline News format with one story after the other.


    I love that they focus on weather too compared to the other channels. They were talking about a tornado warning in Texas when the Weather Channel went to tape.


    I also liked that the anchors had a little fun now and then too.


    I think if this is a big success, I wouldn't mind seeing this become a full-time channel as WGN is pretty much mostly reruns of movies and TV and has only average ratings.


    I loved seeing Dean Reynolds back on TV as I enjoyed him on CBS.



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  18. 23 hours ago, MorningNews said:

    I personally can’t stomach much of WNT under Muir’s hand but because he’s been a smashing success (even before COVID-19) I don’t see them changing anything up. We’re still waiting on them to move to a new set that they’ve managed to use for several other programs.


    Without a doubt, Lester Holt and NBC are producing the best news product anywhere at 6:30 pm. They blow ABC and CBS out of the water.



    ABC won't change anything with WNT as long as it's the #1 in the evening news lineup. Muir is a great anchor who does a great job, but I'm not a big fan of the sometimes overly dramatic presentation. 


    Ever since CBS demoted Jeff Glor, I too think Lester and NBC have the best newscast. I also like that NBC now puts the full newscast on Youtube and the Kids Edition of Nightly News is pretty interesting.

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