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  1. 20 hours ago, jase said:


    Not sure how you thought Craig was Matt, but I have a 2nd pair of glasses you can borrow if you need them!! 😆


    I can actually see why as their heads are somewhat similar. I'm sure NBC doesn't want any references to Matt anymore.

  2. 35 minutes ago, jrogo said:

    I honestly love Wolf and Anderson but I really wonder if they would be able to breakaway from the yelling panels, return to real news and drop the politics. Erin is/was better at business news. And let's be honest, Chris wouldn't have been moved to primetime if trump didn't win, he's good at arguing, yelling and hyping things up but that's what CNN wanted to increase ratings. I really like the people you mentioned but I don't know if they'll be able to return to real news. 


    Zucker's got to go, the sports division is big money, only a matter of time before he ruins that.


    Maybe if Zucker leaves, maybe the new CEO will fix all the problems he created.

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  3. 5 hours ago, CLETVFan said:

    WOIO/WUAB has been a mess for quite some time now.  The revolving door is the worst, especially with on-air talent.  Any of the attempts to replace some of the longtime personnel has not worked out too well, and some new hires have come and gone.  One reporter from Detroit was let go after only two months.  Another from Florida left after nine months.  The weather and sports teams have been a lot more stable than the news anchor and reporting teams.


    What is funny is that the management behind the "Cleveland 19" fiasco wanted Jeff Tanchak gone, but gave up on that idea when got out on that plan and his fans got upset.  Yet, that didn't stop others like David Wittman, Denise Dufala, Catherine Bosley, Beth McLeod and many more from leaving after that (botched) makeover was launched, which ended up not working (along with the Romona Robinson-Mark Nolan reunion).  Plus, some of the hires during that period didn't pan out and that management ended up getting the boot.


    Now, the stations are trying to go back to the "Action News" glory days with actually using that name, but only portions of it and some of the talent from that period.


    WTOL, which used to be a sister to WOIO under Raycom, is the same way with anchors and reporters leaving after a short time. Their main competitor, WTVG, doesn't really have this problem.

  4. 23 hours ago, jrogo said:

    Natalie Allen was a big loss even for U.S. viewers. I was surprised John didn't leave after what happened with Isha, he loved LA. Sadly George already left CNN (though they still have his bio online),  George announced he was leaving CNN on February 29, 2020 and I don't blame him, similar to Isha he said he was dissatisfied with the direction CNN has gone, they were both tired of talking about trump and politics all day, everyday, non-stop while other stories were ignored. 


    I feel bad for Brooke but I'm not surprised, no one is better at creating viral, click-bait, shareable moments than Kate (especially Kate) and Brianna. Brooke was once a great newsroom anchor and has sadly been forced to cover all this politics crap and it has essentially ruined her reputation which is why she won't be able to leave CNN, she's too associated with the network and its toxic format. 


    Jeff Zucker is the problem at CNN/CNNI/HLN, he has single handedly ruined something that was once untouchable. The "politics as sports", constant breaking news, the spin, opinion, talk and biased pundits all while claiming to be impartial and "the most trusted name in news" is ridiculous. The never ending D.C. and NYC focus is exhausting, I live in the midwest and couldn't care less about what happens there. It's time to blow the network up and start over, all new anchors and a return to real news (what made CNN successful), and base broadcasts in Atlanta, NYC, LA and Washington (if needed). They created this toxic news cycle and broadcast style, they can certainly end it.

    Jeff Zucker needs to go and should never be employed in broadcast media again. It's a shame AT&T can't see who he really is, or they just don't care. 

    Just my two cents. 



    I feel bad for Brooke. I think she has more longevity on CNN compared to Kate or Brianna.


    I've said before that Zucker is the main problem with why CNN is going downhill. The whole yelling panels haven't worked. As for all new anchors, I would really hate to see staples like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper leave, although Wolf will probably retire in 5 years or less. (he says he's not ready yet). I think Erin Burnett is better for financial news and always thought she was better at CNBC. I know many people think Jake Tapper should have been the permanent host for "This Week" 10 years ago. Chris Cuomo seems burned out but wants to stay at CNN. I'm not sure about what Don Lemmon would do, maybe anchor at MSNBC.  


    I wish AT&T would realize that Zucker has ruined nearly everything he's touched in his career and force him to resign, but instead they let him run all of their sports broadcasting divisions too. I'm not sure if he's ruined those assets too.

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  5. 46 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:

    Her season 2 premiere did pretty well actually, especially with the highly-anticipated interview with Andrew Gillum. Together with the interview she had with Stassi Schroeder, Tamron's demonstrated she's very capable of making headlines with her show when she strikes while the iron is hot. Disney's definitely trying to ride on that bounce her show's been getting (and also trying to treat her well -- hinthintNBC) so I think there's probably a fair bit of life in her show for a few more years, barring doing something that will get her cancelled. And Emmys also don't mean much to most, but she did win one for her first season so she's getting something right. 


    Her interviews have been decent, including the one with Gillum. As a woman who had bad luck with NBC News, I think Disney doesn't want to do what NBC did so they'll probably keep her on for a few more seasons.

  6. 9 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    It will come back in some form eventually.  Like when Roseanne was kicked off her own reboot and all of the networks pulled the run of the original series as the controversy was fresh in everyone's minds.  It's everywhere once again.


    Then again, I haven't seen Dukes of Hazzard or any Bill Cosby things since the events that caused these shows to go away. 


    I don't think Dukes of Hazzard airs anywhere. It might still be on home video. The only COPS home media there's ever been were best-ofs. Full seasons have never been released anywhere.

  7. 10 hours ago, mrschimpf said:

    It seemed to arrive on the platform before Viacom bought Pluto TV out, so it might be an issue where they have to wait out the contract because Langley Productions hasn't breached the agreement and VCBS isn't willing to breach it on their end.


    And I pretty much assume that there will eventually be a low-tier broadcaster or subchannel network who will pick up the new episodes because 'any publicity is good publicity'.


    I wonder which broadcaster or subchannel might pick it up? It looks like Paramount Network had 3 episodes set to air before dropping the series, and the Spokane episodes will probably be shown in the U.S. eventually. I don't know how many foreigners would be interested in American law enforcement enough to watch it on TV.

  8. 1 hour ago, Georgie56 said:


    I feel really bad for Brooke right now. I know Jake's very qualified for the job, but it looks like Brooke has no say in this whole thing. This seems possibly very shady.


    They also mention Erin Burnett. Does she even do anything else besides anchoring OutFront or moderating debates on occasion? She seemed to do much more with CNBC compared to now on CNN.  



  9. 2 hours ago, atlnews2 said:

    CNBC didn't have Crammer do "Mad Money" last night and let Shep have (at least) 2 full hours of coverage until 8pm - not sure about the 5pm hour


    CNBC had pretty much Shep lead the 5 PM hour. Fast Money usually is on at 5. A few of the traders that appear on Fast Money talked for a bit until Shep had more info. Cramer was on for a little while during that time too. Shep eventually took over the coverage full time until the Shark Tank reruns started airing at 8.

    17 minutes ago, TheGuru said:


    It looks like CBS had fairly robust coverage this AM lead by Jeff Glor. Seems like they were on for almost exactly 1 hour.




    Nice to see Jeff Glor doing hard news again. I wish he was still on the Evening News.

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  10. 9 hours ago, PTVNews said:


    Very interesting! Though Nexstar needs to decide ASAP what the plan is for WGNA and execute it. Is it going to be a 24/7 news network or not? (If NOT, then they need to not do breaking cut-ins....)


    For 2 reasons.....


    1: People who like News Nation aren't conditioned to tune in outside of its regular 3 hours (for news). They wouldn't expect to see news outside of that timeframe and thus wouldn't think to tune in and/or wouldn't be already watching the network at the moment because WGNA would be showing non-news programming. Contrast that to a CNN viewer who can expect to tune in at almost any time and see major breaking news coverage.


    2: The others viewers of WGNA who watch for the scripted programming get ticked off that "news" is interrupting their shows. It's not likely that those viewers would want NN to break in because they watch WGNA for entertainment shows, not news. I think it's different than when a local station breaks into programming, especially if it's for a local story. So if NN starts to break in often, WGNA will lose those entertainment viewers to other channels that carry the same or similar shows. 



    I agree that WGN breaking into entertainment shows is a potentially risky move, considering that the people that watch those shows aren't likely to also watch News Nation. Although it's all reruns so nothing of value really is interrupted. 

  11. About DIsh, I've always enjoyed their service, but I'm really getting tired of their disputes. I've had them for over 15 years. They claim that networks want to charge them much higher prices, which I don't agree with. But it seems like whenever a dispute happens, most of the time, channels get dropped. And with 7 disputes going on with them, I refuse to believe that it's just the owners of stations, and that Dish has to be part of the problem. It seems like you don't hear about  much disputes with Comcast/Xfinity.

  12. 1 hour ago, Adam MadMan said:

    You know, if it weren't for the rights being so blippin' expensive, I'd have suggested that the leagues would just give up on the RSNs and put the games on indie stations (including affiliates of MyNetworkTV, which is hardly a network at all by this point anyway) like the old days. As it stands currently, though, I think streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, or even ESPN+ are probably the most likely candidates to get those kinds of rights.



    I agree. With antennas becoming more popular, why not move all the games over the air for free like they did in the old days, and have the teams themselves produce the games?

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