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  1. Reminds me when Jim Cantore kneed that guy the one time during his live shot.
  2. A few of the stations in Toledo launched all-weather stations on local cable systems back in the mid 2000's. When the transition to digital happened, they became part of the subchannels. Now, only one, (WTVG) still carries a weather-related channel, running WeatherNation.
  3. Have those two shows been cancelled or just on extended hiatus due to the pandemic?
  4. Same thing with Maria. She used to be one of CNBC'S biggest stars. Now I don't think she talks about business or the stock market anymore. She and Dobbs have both destroyed their careers. Dobbs at 75 will likely retire. I wonder if Maria will be next and more will follow after that?
  5. Robb Webb, the longtime voiceover of 60 minutes and who also announced the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, has died from COVID-19 complications at 82. He became 60 Minute's announcer in the mid-90's, and did other VO work as well. I've noticed there's been another announcer used lately.
  6. I wonder if their control room is mostly automated. One of the Toledo stations newscasts went to an automated control room, and for a year and a half there were so many technical problems that it was hard to watch. It's pretty much all fixed now.
  7. I think ABC should've equally known better as she was known to run her mouth off even before the tweet.
  8. You'd think they'd do something after 5 minutes or turn on something else until they fixed it.
  9. This is just like what happened to Roseanne when she made that tweet. The reruns were gone for a month and than came back when it was only a memory. Same thing with Michael Jackson when that movie came about. This is why I'm surprised COPS or Live PD haven't come back yet, either new or reruns. Live PD's cancellation led to a boycott of A&E, which is still ongoing, although it's died down compared to last summer.
  10. That also happened to the Dixie Chicks over their Bush comments years ago. Brooks and Dunn opposed Cumulus's ban, saying that it's "Censorship" by banning any musician's songs.
  11. Do that and that might end these disputes or make them shorter once and for all.
  12. So WGN America during scripted programming and NewsNation during news programming.
  13. Congrats to both Whit and Linsey! Both great choices.
  14. Lester will probably anchor for at least 5 more years. He's not retiring anytime soon.
  15. I wonder what branding they'd use for non news programming?
  16. It looks like Tom is still anchoring weekends for now. He was on last night.
  17. And the crawl is a ripoff of ESPN's. I think this is the fourth sports channel to use a crawl similar to ESPN's.
  18. He's probably one of the best CEO'S they've ever had. He really made a lot of great decisions during his time as CEO. Good luck in his retirement!
  19. I noticed the map is pretty much the same that FOX used but instead uses the Bally's name and is now red instead of blue. This is the end of an era as Fox was the name for decades, using names like Fox Sports Net and FSN.
  20. My choices to replace Tom are Dan Harris or Whit Johnson. Both are very serious and calm. I wasn't the biggest fan of Tom's delivery. A little too theatrical and dramatic for me. A friend of mine thinks David will be there as long as Walter Cronkite was at CBS.
  21. All the syndicated programming they have is on other networks anyway, so no real loss there. It sounds very weird that they're already changing the name with non-news programming still airing for the time being. I agree with keeping the WGN America branding until the network exclusively goes all-news.
  22. Which means ESPN may be the last linear general sports network left.
  23. I'll probably record it.

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