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  1. Sad to hear about Dick's passing. Was such a legend and an institution in Cleveland for generations. I know he won the Guinness World Record for longest career as a weather forecaster. In the local news business, has there been anyone else that was on the air as long as he was?
  2. Keke not surprised of cancellation of SSK. ABC has not officially confirmed its cancellation.
  3. I too like that CNBC has had the same formula for years. I also like that CNBC has had much of the same staff for years too, compared to CNN or MSNBC or even FOX News. All three had a different on-air presentation and different on-air staff 15 years ago, compared to today. CNBC has had the same announcer for years and has not changed even one bit of their logo for over 20 years now. I know some will say CNBC declined when Mark Haines passed away 9 years ago, but I think he was near retirement anyway. I remember when they used to run business documentaries at night as opposed to more tradition
  4. CNN was in 3rd place before Zucker came along, but it's been dropping even more in the ratings since he came along. Their ratings have increased during the pandemic and the George Floyd protests, but have remained mostly flat these past few years.
  5. I don't have a problem with the pandemic coverage as its big everywhere. I was talking about the constant Trump coverage beforehand and Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which they talked for days on end 6 years ago.
  6. I always say the same thing myself. We have over 200 countries in this world and CNN just feels the need to focus on the same story or person for a long time. All the other big stories are on CNN International, which unfortunately, isn't easily available in the U.S.
  7. I wonder if someone like Nicole Wallace or Hallie Jackson would be good for the job, or even Stephanie Ruhle. There's quite a bit of younger faces working for NBC News.
  8. It's going to be a challenge, but I agree that this is a great start. I don't blame networks trying to launch unbiased newscasts in times like this. I hope this works out for CNBC.
  9. Plus, I'm sure people would be upset if Shark Tank reruns stopped airing. Just have Shepard's news program and go onto reality shows after that.
  10. Not a bad hire. The question I have, is this show going to be general news or business themed like the rest of CNBC'S programming? I also wonder if he'll be the new anchor of the CNBC News Update that they do every hour?
  11. I've watched some of Fox's golf coverage. It was OK but nothing special. Joe Buck was only there for the paycheck in my opinion and obviously wasn't an expert on the sport. NBC does a great job with sport and Dan Hicks is very underrated as a golf announcer. I think he's just as great as Jim Nantz.
  12. I liked SSK, but I think one of the biggest problems the show had was its identity crisis, undergoing 3 name changes in less than a year after it debuted. I know the show had a small but loyal audience. I like the harder approach but I'm sure some are going to miss the "fun" element that SSK had.
  13. I heard Peacock was carrying the series but didn't know it was also on NBC News Now.
  14. I saw an update of the syndicated schedule for 2020-21 and it looks like reruns of the former MSNBC weekend staple Lockup won't air starting this fall. National Geographic picked up reruns earlier this year and aired it all day on Fridays, but for the past few weeks, they've not aired any episodes. I wonder if this shows has been pulled completely just like Cops and Live PD?
  15. CNBC already runs the European version of Street Signs at 4 in the morning, so why not just run the international business shows from 7 or 8 at night to 4 in the morning?
  16. I knew Rick Santelli was very conservative, but had no idea Phil LeBeau was Phil's the automotive/arline expert for the network, and I have never noticed his politics on the air. I knew Roger used to be there before joining FOX. I don't think CNBC is nearly as conservative as FOX Business is.
  17. Yeah, American Greed is also very popular. It's been on CNBC for years it seems.
  18. There are rumors out that CNBC might go conservative in the prime-time hours. They already do a good job with Shark Tank Reruns and the Profit is a very popular show on the channel. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. Fox Business is already popular with conservative business people. CNBC already has a few conservative anchors/reporters including Joe Kernen and Rick Santelli. I'm worried this will cause some people to not watch CNBC'S sister network, MSNBC, and even outright boycott NBCUniversal. This is an extremly risky move, IMO. TVNewser reported this earlier today.
  19. Sad to hear about all of these layoffs. Dean Reynolds was one of my favorites. I enjoyed his reports on the CBS Evening News. Both Knoller and McCormick are big losses too. I feel sorry for everyone laid off from the local side of things too. I hope they all get back on their feet soon.
  20. I don't see Jim retiring soon. I know he and his show Mad Money is very popular with CNBC'S audience. I actually like watching it for the entertainment value alone. I think the show retires along with Jim. I think he might have 5 years left before retirement.
  21. It's interesting for sure. I think MSNBC is the best it's been in the past few years, and I don't see any talent/programming changes yet. Now that Mark Hoffman will report to Conde, I wonder if CNBC will make any changes. Most of their personalities seem to be there a long time. I wouldn't mind it if Rick Santelli or Joe Kernen left the network.
  22. I have to wonder how many years Andrea Mitchell has left. She's been at MSNBC forever, just like Chris Matthews was before he retired. I'd hate to lose Lawrence as I like him as a lot. I've not heard anything about him hinting at retirement though.
  23. I wonder how long before Chris leaves the network entirely. It looks like he's had enough of working under Zucker.
  24. I'm surprised MSNBC still hasn't changed its name yet. Since Microsoft no longer has any ownership ties and since the channel's constantly using the NBC News branding during programming and promotions, why not change the name from MSNBC to the NBC News Network, and change MSNBC Live to NBC News Live?

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