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  1. This is going to be very bad if NexStar channels are all gone on DISH.


    I know DISH brings up WGN America being minimally-watched. The problem is that they have an identity crisis and the schedule's a complete trainwreck. They should decide whether to be a news channel or be a channel of syndicated reruns.


    I'm not sure who to blame with this dispute.

  2. 1 hour ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    I could remotely understand this for out-of-town viewers, but at least make it free for people who live inside the market, for pete's sake!


    On the other hand, they have the NewsNation debacle and have done little to make WGN America available outside of cable and satellite.


    What a seriously misguided strategy they have.



    Maybe for Out-of Town viewers. I know newspapers have been under paywalls for quite a few years now and some are free but require you to create an account.


    The fact that WGN America is not available on any streaming platform in 2020 is absurd. Cable and Satellite will continue to decline in popularity. Wonder if NewsNation would be more popular if it was on any streaming platform ?

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  3. 2 hours ago, CircleSeven said:

    That's a damn shame. But I cannot be surprised.


    Before the M&A craze, Nexstar didn't even live stream their newscasts online. To this day, most of the pre-2011 Nexstar stations still don't live stream.


    This latest move is just a stark contrast (a complete 180°) to what the other groups are doing. Scripps, Gray, Cox, even the O&Os, have gone all-in on streaming (especially on platforms (ie Roku & FireTV)). Where's Nexstar on any of this?


    And what's worse about it, as many folks are cutting the cord like crazy, how about when the power goes out, and they can't watch the broadcast without authentication? You might as well call this a paywall. It's not like they're streaming the entire linear station online.




    I don't know why most companies nowadays still don't put streaming services on TV Everywhere paywalls. It's 2020 and traditional pay TV is declining every year.


    This is a bad move by them and possibly a safety risk. Will they do this during severe weather events?


    I swear these station owners are not evolving with the times.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Roadrunner said:

    After 8 years anchoring together at DC's #1 station (WRC) for the area's #1 morning newscast (News4 Today), Aaron Gilchrist and Eun Yang will be split up.


    Aaron will be heading national full-time as anchor and correspondent for NBC News Now; he's occasionally subbed-in for MSNBC before so this won't be entirely new to him.


    Eun will now be joined by Jummy Olabanji, who was originally the "live desk" anchor for the morning news but has since taken on a more significant role as morning co-anchor weeks at a time since the pandemic has caused the station's anchor lineup to rotate in and out of studio. The changes are expected to take place in January 2021.





    When was Aaron on MSNBC?

  5. 2 hours ago, mrschimpf said:

    DN is probably one of the cheapest shows to film though; just put some cameras into two radio studios, have great editors who can cut the best clips out and form it around 20 minutes of time, and the talent is mostly paid by somebody else. I thought it would have been dead in 2012, but in 2020 when you have even RightThisMinute having to do the same from home, it's a pioneer.


    Divorce Court is pretty much an ego renewal at this point so that The People's Court doesn't overtake them in years aired (and since conflict talk shows are pretty much down to only Steve, someone needs to have a place for these people) and 25 Words...again, cheap to do, even more so this season.


    I thought Dish Nation was only going to be on for two seasons, with cancellation.


    Divorce Court was much better 10 years ago with more variety of reasons for divorce. It used to be a lot more serious, now it seems to be mostly funny and repetitive. I've definitely noticed a change in style to the show compared to 10 years ago.

  6. 1 hour ago, jrogo said:

    “I think a lot of people will be devastated if he does leave the network, and are concerned that you won’t be able to find someone with his leadership style to fill that role.” 


    Exactly what style of "leadership" does he provide? Outside of NYC what employees will be sad to see him go? If CNN returns to news after the mess he's created, that will be a welcomed change. 


    I just don't see any CNN employees liking his style. I'd be embarrassed to work under a guy like him.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Spring Rubber said:

    Wow, that's ridiculous. Honestly, sports betting is a huge turn off for me. When SportsCenter started running full segments based around betting a few years ago, I tuned out.


    Watch ESPN News and most of the screen is covered with sports betting info. The main program is in a box to the right.

  8. 5 hours ago, justin2kx said:

    Caught in Providence, which just ended its syndie run past September, has been added to its primetime lineup at Law&Crime Network, started Monday, Nov. 16. No word if new episodes would be on deck or just reruns. Its YT page though have recent clips produced during the pandemic. 



    I honestly thought that show was a goner.

    6 hours ago, patlovestv said:

    Fox TV Stations have re-upped three strips: 25 WORDS OR LESS; DISH NATION; and DIVORCE COURT, for two additional seasons each, through the 2022-23 season.


    I'm surprised Dish Nation is still on the air. Divorce Court tends to be the lowest rated court show and 25 Words or Less is so-so ratings wise.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Georgie56 said:


    If Trump is convicted and imprisoned from his tax scandals from SDNY or the New York AG, his trial will garner nationwide (and possibly worldwide) attention. Cable news' ratings will rise from that.


    I'm sure it's going to be on all channels every single day if it happens, just like O.J.'s trial.

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  10. 3 hours ago, MorningNews said:

    GMA3: What You Need to Know is performing stronger than I would have imagined. They averaged nearly 2 million viewers during election week and have been averaging around 1.7 million viewers regularly according to ABC.


    This show might last for a few years if the ratings remain good.

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  11. 15 hours ago, johnnya2k6 said:

    Now that it's finally over...


    The 2020 election night coverage was a far better improvement from 2016's, especially NewsNation's on WGN America becoming the new alternative; they, Fox, PBS, and Univision relied on the Associated Press for their calls, but CBS were slowpokes and couldn't catch up to NBC or ABC.


    Speaking of NBC...the pandemic prevented Tom Brokaw from taking part this time, which is a bummer, but they still had Andrea Mitchell.


    I wish Tom was part of NBC's coverage too. And I also wish CBS had Dan Rather on for commentary as well.

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  12. 44 minutes ago, johnnya2k6 said:

    And if it’s all over on Sunday, Al Michaels will definitely pull a Cosell during and say something like “NBC News has now projected that Pennsylvania is going to Joe Biden, thus electing him the 46th President of the United States”; when Biden makes his victory speech, the game would be moved over to NBCSN with Lester Holt taking over on the mother network (it has happened before with President Obama’s remarks on the Sandy Hook massacre).



    Can't wait to see all of the complaints from fans who don't get NBCSN.

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  13. 2 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    Well, since it is 2020, could Comcast/Xfinity have a retransmission consent issue with (gasp) itself?!?!?!??!?!?



    Looking at the list, Weigel and others are up in October and Hearst, Cox, Capitol/WRAL, Hubbard and NBC/Comcast are up in December.



    I refuse to believe that there'd be a dispute with the channels that the company actually owns. A deal should be reached before the channels are dropped.


    What's next, a dispute with AT&T owned channels and Directv/Uverse?

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