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  1. I think both Amy and T.J. are a great pair. That being said, I'm not sure if the hard news hour will be a long term-thing. I wouldn't be surprised if ABC goes back to lifestyle and entertainment when the news cycle is less busy compared to now with the election and the pandemic.
  2. I agree, but ABC probably won't change anything.
  3. How about Norah in Washington and Jeff Glor in New York?
  4. Plus, Blue Bloods, In the Heat of the Night, Last Man Standing and various movies could all find new homes if WGN were to make the channel 24-hour news.
  5. I too am glad that ABC brought back the world headquarters phrase in the open.
  6. The intro reminds me of the Diane Sawyer intro from 2009. I really like the new VO artist too. Always liked that theme over the new theme. I hope they bring back the old ending with the Times Square live photo and the same theme as well.
  7. The lower thirds probably might change, but I wouldn't be surprised to see entirely new graphics by next year except the new opening title card return of the old theme. I bet the current package stays intact for the remainder of the year.
  8. I'm wondering about that Too. WUPW in Toledo moved it to 3:30 AM last week. It was on at 1 PM for its first season.
  9. I like the new darker logo and set. It has to be not long before there's completely new graphics. They've had the same graphics for nearly 5 years now.
  10. I agree that all the special reports didn't help the cause as well as the pandemic. i think the ratings might have been the same or even better if not earth-shattering. I think the ratings might have been average, but not exceptionally great.
  11. Tamron's show started out great in the the ratings, but kind of slipped later in the show's first season. I'm hoping the ratings will get better, but otherwise, it probably won't last by the end of the season.
  12. I think the new logo is half Vistaprint, half Vagisil and half Valvoline all in one. Even Vagisil's logo rips off the Valvoline colors.
  13. Nice to see Sara back. The logo is OK but looks very modern, similar to a lot of recent logo changes.
  14. 149th of all cable programs for the day is not that bad. This might be better than WGN America's normal ratings for reruns. I know the ratings only count new episodes of shows, but I have a feeling the ratings will climb as more people discover it.
  15. You can add me to the list of not happy about the internet stream being moved to a "sign in with your provider" starting in October. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if streaming options like YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV were available, but WGN America is one of the few pay TV channels still not available on any streaming platform, and with cable and satellite subscribers dropping like flies every day, this move could backfine on them. At the very least, Nexstar should put the live feed behind the paywall and put the other stuff completely free. I hope they reconsider that decision.
  16. I really like the fact that they showed the local-type news too. I too love that that local news stories are getting national exposure, that might not be talked about on more watched news channels/broadcasts. Yeah, I liked that they're not doing opinion and talking heads compared to the more mainstream cable news outlets. It's a definitely a breath of fresh air.
  17. I'm really enjoying this new newscast. It brings something new and different to the TV news landscape, especially as most of the main cable news channels are opinion and pundits and only cover a few years. I'm glad they're not repeating the same old stories either. This done remind me a little of the old Headline News format with one story after the other. I love that they focus on weather too compared to the other channels. They were talking about a tornado warning in Texas when the Weather Channel went to tape. I also liked that the anchors had a little f
  18. ABC won't change anything with WNT as long as it's the #1 in the evening news lineup. Muir is a great anchor who does a great job, but I'm not a big fan of the sometimes overly dramatic presentation. Ever since CBS demoted Jeff Glor, I too think Lester and NBC have the best newscast. I also like that NBC now puts the full newscast on Youtube and the Kids Edition of Nightly News is pretty interesting.
  19. Yeah, I feel like the headlines preview could be cut down to a minute or two. At least it's better than CBS'S "But first, the headlines in 60 seconds" that was used for a few months in Jeff Glor's run. I'm really getting tired of the "breaking news as we come on the air" or the "several developing stories" phrases. It sounds somewhat predictable and robotic and got old a couple years ago. I don't remember ABC doing this years ago. As much as I like Muir, I wish he could tone down the dramatic tone when reading the opening headlines. It won't happen though.
  20. I'm surprised Maury is leaving WPIX. The show has been on there for quite a few years. I used to get WPIX on Dish for customers who didn't have a CW affiliate using the superstations package. They had all the drama talk shows, Maury, Springer & Wilkos, all airing one right after the other with Maury running two back-to back episodes. This was back in 2010.
  21. Norah's an OK anchor but nothing special. I feel that Jeff Glor was pushed out when he was getting popular and I feel CBS has tried everything since Dan retired and still can't get out of 3rd place. Unfortunately, one network has to be in 3rd and ABC and NBC have been more popular with viewers for the past 15 years. In the year since Norah became anchor, the ratings have not changed. Glor was a great anchor who should have been given more time. Does Norah really add anything compared to Glor or Pelley, or even Couric? The only thing I notice is that they're copying the WNT route of an overly
  22. Sad to hear about Dick's passing. Was such a legend and an institution in Cleveland for generations. I know he won the Guinness World Record for longest career as a weather forecaster. In the local news business, has there been anyone else that was on the air as long as he was?
  23. Keke not surprised of cancellation of SSK. ABC has not officially confirmed its cancellation.
  24. I too like that CNBC has had the same formula for years. I also like that CNBC has had much of the same staff for years too, compared to CNN or MSNBC or even FOX News. All three had a different on-air presentation and different on-air staff 15 years ago, compared to today. CNBC has had the same announcer for years and has not changed even one bit of their logo for over 20 years now. I know some will say CNBC declined when Mark Haines passed away 9 years ago, but I think he was near retirement anyway. I remember when they used to run business documentaries at night as opposed to more tradition
  25. CNN was in 3rd place before Zucker came along, but it's been dropping even more in the ratings since he came along. Their ratings have increased during the pandemic and the George Floyd protests, but have remained mostly flat these past few years.

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