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  1. If YouTube found a way to get rid of all copyrighted material at once, you'd be down to pretty much junk.
  2. I'm seeing more and more people upload rare stuff to Archive. What amount money are these companies losing over newscasts that aired once? Even worse since Sloan said the one strike was over a commercial. I'm sure he could reupload all his videos to the Internet Archive as I'm sure he' still has everything he's ever uploaded. I'm not sure if NewsActive3 is on other video sites. Maybe he should start looking elsewhere.
  3. Possibly. I wonder if it's better to give Shep a daytime spot on MSNBC. There's a couple personalities over there that are not as well liked by the viewers. I think NewsNation could run a newscast at Noon, replacing one of the In the Heat of the Night slots.
  4. WGN America was only semi-popular from from the start of being a non-superstation to the end of the WGN America branding nearly a week ago. Outside of originals like Salem and Underground, it was mainly a dumping ground for long running syndicated shows like In the Heat of the Night and COPS. A channel of mostly reruns is not a great strategy in the long run. They even tried Canadian shows for awhile in primetime too and a Dog the Bounty Hunter spinoff. Agreed it was time to try something really different on the channel. I'll give NexStar credit for trying to make things access
  5. Shep started the newscast, and there was a blue screen at the beginning. Right before the 1st break, Shep was cut off during the coming up next portion. Brewer picked it right after that. Shep came back for a minute, but there were still difficulties, so Brewer came back, and she was there for the rest of the newscast. Contessa is the main fill-in anchor for Shep. Not a bad choice as she has more hard news experience compared to some of CNBC's other staff, particularly her run on MSNBC.
  6. Usually the spokesman for any law enforcement agency is an officer themselves so this is different.
  7. Maybe the show's staff saw complaints from viewers who liked the old team better and brought some of them back.
  8. You sure it wasn't a rerun from last season?
  9. Seems like Last Man Standing is the first show to have its contract run out.
  10. WUPW in Toledo still airs it. I watched it earlier today.
  11. I never liked Rush as a personality, but love him or hate him, he changed radio as we know it. Many of his stations carried the show for a long time. I also wonder if his persona was an act and if he really believed everything he said. I'm very sad for everyone who knew him as well.
  12. So in other words, CNN will be pretty much be the same with Zucker's strategies still in place.
  13. CBS having the big game this year probably helped its ratings.
  14. I don't know why some media outlets don't have generators these days. One of the local radio owners in my town has had a few power outages, and with multiple stations, that means they all go down at the same time, sometimes for hours on end.
  15. I knew her days were numbered when she wasn't on during the election, and it wasn't her choice. I think she'll be back on TV in about a year, possibly on MSNBC.
  16. WUPW still airs all 3 MGM/Orion shows in repeats, in early and late morning hours. Outside of Byron Allen's shows, we'll be down to Hot Bench, the People's Court, Judge Mathis, and Divorce Court by September for the new season. There seemed to be quite a few more court shows in the 2000's compared to today.
  17. I don't know if there's even room at CNN. Maybe Wolf will retire eventually and Shep will take his place?
  18. Wow. Maybe he still wanted to work during the election as he was fired by CBS in the midst of it and retire sometime after Biden's inauguration.
  19. This is not a good sign being suspended 2 times in a year and a half. It's likely he'll be fired if he breaks another rule again.
  20. Probably not a spot open on Weekdays on MSNBC, as they would have push one of their personalities to a different timeslot.
  21. It seems like a lot of reporters and journalists are dropping like flies suddenly. May she R.I.P.
  22. This is a big loss for ESPN. He was one of the their top baseball reporters. May he R.I.P.

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