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  1. I'd like to see WGN do a show that is similar to what SportsCenter used to be, just news and highlights. But with how costly highlights are, that likely won't happen.
  2. Agreed. I wonder how many viewers RSN'S actually get?
  3. Can't believe this!, Dan was there for a long time. Wonder who will now host HQ?
  4. That sounds like a great idea!
  5. Dish has even put their own crawl on WGN America, blaming NexStar for the dispute, probably covering over NexStar's message.
  6. I agree with that. But anything available free OTA, especially newscasts shouldn't be locked up behind a paywall.
  7. That can be said with radio and TV. So much homogenisation.
  8. This is going to be very bad if NexStar channels are all gone on DISH. I know DISH brings up WGN America being minimally-watched. The problem is that they have an identity crisis and the schedule's a complete trainwreck. They should decide whether to be a news channel or be a channel of syndicated reruns. I'm not sure who to blame with this dispute.
  9. Maybe for Out-of Town viewers. I know newspapers have been under paywalls for quite a few years now and some are free but require you to create an account. The fact that WGN America is not available on any streaming platform in 2020 is absurd. Cable and Satellite will continue to decline in popularity. Wonder if NewsNation would be more popular if it was on any streaming platform ?
  10. I don't know why most companies nowadays still don't put streaming services on TV Everywhere paywalls. It's 2020 and traditional pay TV is declining every year. This is a bad move by them and possibly a safety risk. Will they do this during severe weather events? I swear these station owners are not evolving with the times.
  11. I thought Dish Nation was only going to be on for two seasons, with cancellation. Divorce Court was much better 10 years ago with more variety of reasons for divorce. It used to be a lot more serious, now it seems to be mostly funny and repetitive. I've definitely noticed a change in style to the show compared to 10 years ago.
  12. I just don't see any CNN employees liking his style. I'd be embarrassed to work under a guy like him.
  13. Watch ESPN News and most of the screen is covered with sports betting info. The main program is in a box to the right.
  14. I honestly thought that show was a goner. I'm surprised Dish Nation is still on the air. Divorce Court tends to be the lowest rated court show and 25 Words or Less is so-so ratings wise.
  15. I thought David was a decent journalist too. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere soon.
  16. I'm sure it's going to be on all channels every single day if it happens, just like O.J.'s trial.
  17. So she came back right after the election was over. Wonder why she wasn't on for the last couple months?
  18. This show might last for a few years if the ratings remain good.
  19. I wish Tom was part of NBC's coverage too. And I also wish CBS had Dan Rather on for commentary as well.
  20. I'm sure if she was up to it, she would have been on ABC at midnight on New Year's Day this year to say "This is 2020".

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