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  1. OAN Plus already exists on apps like Pluto TV. Sinclair stations might pick it up. I could be wrong though.
  2. I thought they removed the ticker during daytime programming.
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert 11 years ago. Really nice guy who took the time to answer any of my questions about weather and the technology used to forecast. He even gave me a weather map at the end of the broadcast and thanked me for coming. He will be missed by so many on WTOL's airwaves.
  4. A&E actually had a policy of deleting unused footage after a certain amount of time, so they probably had no idea at the time that Ambler's death was going to be in the public spotlight a year later. I'm still a fan personally. I didn't agree with everything that was filmed (including Ambler's death). Maybe Abrams's own Law and Crime Network can air it again in primetime when the trials wrap up for the day.
  5. I personally think Shep looks good for 57. He could probably pass for 10 years younger.
  6. COPS has come back in reruns, sort of. COPS Reloaded made its debut on Reelz on Friday, and is airing everyday 8 times, with 4 episodes and the remainder rearing the episodes later in the day. Wonder if this means new episodes of COPS will air. COPS Reloaded originally aired on CMT and in syndication.
  7. Dump the ticker entirely, or just use a blank logo entirely, just like ESPN used to do for live sports except for the 15/58 hourly updates.
  8. It took a long time, but they did it. Will see if this continues with the pandemic and the new president.
  9. Some wore short-sleeve shirts, others wore long sleeve shirts with ties, but no suits.
  10. Not bad. I personally think the NHL graphics should be at the top of the screen.
  11. Yeah, CNBC has a unique style with the theatrical style music, flash graphics and constant sound effects. I'm thinking a font change too. The ticker's always been blue and white and I don't see that ever changing. Kind of like PTI on ESPN having looked and sounded the same since the show started 20 years ago. CNBC hasn't had any significant changes in at least 15 years, with a lot of the same anchors and reporters and analysts.
  12. Not a bad new look, they were probably about due. The new logo isn't bad, but I prefer the 2015 one better. MSNBC Reports isn't bad, although I prefer MSNBC Live a little better. Now it's time for CNN to upgrade their graphics, as they haven't changed much since 2014. CNBC might be due too. I didn't know they still did news cut-ins during non-news shows. I would have thought that they got rid of them when they added more hours of news. Tv Newser notes that this is the 2nd cable news channel to change the name of its general news program, as Fox N
  13. Saw that on my guide. I don't know if the MSNBC Live name was used that much on air.
  14. I agree with that. it's like the LinkedIn of video sites.
  15. I don't use it, but I've heard they're just as bad and strict with enforcing copyright as YouTube is.
  16. If I had a YouTube channel, I would never sue any of these big media companies as they already have lots of lawyers anyway. Still hoping that they will reverse their decision. I'm not sure if these companies are so protective of their copyright because of lost money or the same old corporate greed that's always existed.
  17. That sounds like a Big Brother move if I've ever seen one.
  18. That sounds like a cool idea, donating some of the newscasts.
  19. Sorry to hear about this. Loved all your old videos. Can't wait to see them again on your new channel. It stinks when that happens.
  20. Personally, I'd be more worried about people putting newer stuff unauthorized, than something from let's say, 1994. If they don't like people sharing their content, why don't they put it up themselves? I'm curious why you brought up the Viacom lawsuit?
  21. And it's probably over money that they believe they're losing. Seems very greedy on their part, over material that will never see the light of day again.
  22. Most people know CNBC best as a business/financial channel. Going from hours of business programming to Shep's general news show to business reality shows is a trainwreck. There have been rumors of CNBC going right-wing talk at night. I haven't heard about that in a few months, but I know Shep wasn't happy about Fox News towards the end of his time there, and I doubt he'll be happy if CNBC tries this strategy. Nexstar won't go back to WGN America at all. If Nexstar were to ever change Antenna TV, there would be a backlash from all over. MeTV may be the most popular c
  23. Reminds me of the one time when the TV station is Oklahoma had to evacuate and the personalities wondering if they were going to survive.

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