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  1. Ohio senator Sherrod Brown sent a letter to both TEGNA and DIRECTV as well as FCC chair Ajit Pai to end the dispute. It was sent about two weeks ago but I wonder if that's what it took to end it once and for all.
  2. This must be one of the most severe cases of Covid-19 among any TV newsperson if he's in the ICU. Hoping he makes a full recovery.
  3. I like both equally. Shep's show has more name recognition compared to NN. I can't watch NN right now due to Nexstar's dispute with Dish, which I have to get TV.
  4. Plus, MSNBC is more popular with viewers. CNBC is mostly a business network, so going from Jim Cramer to Shep has got to be a slight trainwreck. Maybe the ratings would be better if it wasn't on a channel with a small, niche audience.
  5. Maybe she'll retire to Hawaii.
  6. I wondered if she was Hawaiian. Maybe she'll retire to Hawaii. Beautiful place.
  7. There was no room for Shep at both MSNBC and CNN, which is probably why he's on CNBC. The 7:00 hour was mostly reruns prior to Shep's arrival.
  8. The set looks very modern to me. It looks pretty good in my opinion.
  9. If Sinclair forces Dish to carry the RSN'S, they will likely be carried again in the next Sinclair contract. Agreed.
  10. I personally like the new graphics. I don't have a problem with how it looks.
  11. Or for the past few years for that matter.
  12. It seems like there's no end in sight here.
  13. Will be interesting to see what changes Rashida makes to MSNBC. Phil was at NBC/MSNBC for so long.
  14. I think WGN-TV still has the sports show, I could be wrong though.
  15. I'd like to see WGN do a show that is similar to what SportsCenter used to be, just news and highlights. But with how costly highlights are, that likely won't happen.
  16. Agreed. I wonder how many viewers RSN'S actually get?
  17. Can't believe this!, Dan was there for a long time. Wonder who will now host HQ?
  18. That sounds like a great idea!
  19. Dish has even put their own crawl on WGN America, blaming NexStar for the dispute, probably covering over NexStar's message.
  20. I agree with that. But anything available free OTA, especially newscasts shouldn't be locked up behind a paywall.

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