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  1. 35 minutes ago, racefan_09 said:

    Reviving an older thread as many may have missed the brief return of Fox’s (in this case, Speed’s) early 2010’s graphics during NASCAR Race Hub’s throwback show this week. Was a pleasant surprise to see.





    Makes me wish for Speed to come back. It would be nice if they tried one of the graphics packages from the 2000's.

  2. 12 minutes ago, VHSgoodiesWA said:

    Good to know re Street Smarts and Change of Heart. 

    Jay Leno was also fine (my Headlines clips had tens of thousands of plays and 100+ likes), but very occasionally I did get a block for a segment (like if a celebrity was being interviewed and they aired a 45-second clip from the upcoming movie they were pitching). Conan O'Brien is a whole different story. I had blocks on about three episodes I posted, including an early episode with Sid Caesar. They seem to have left Letterman alone, even his CBS show was fine. The one Later episode I found was OK, but not the "Friday Night" broadcast I found from AFRTS.


    Talk shows are often blocked or removed nowadays. Obviously Harpo stuff is a no-no. And for Dr. Phil, even on Archive. That's because of the OWN reruns, I believe. Maury episodes got blocked, Geraldo got blocked, Sally Jessy Raphael was taken down, Regis & Kathie Lee was mixed, and Martha Stewart got taken down because of the streaming channel + Dabl reruns. I also avoid the few Merv Griffin clips I have and only put those on Archive. I've been OK with Rosie O'Donnell (surprising, that's a WB distributed show), Bertice Berry, Donahue, Joan Rivers, and a couple of others.

    I think Nosey has some of the later shows, like the 'baby's daddy' Maury and Geraldo, but not of Regis & Kathie Lee or Sally.


    It seems like of the Dr. Phil episodes airing on OWN, most are from the last few years. The show's own YT channel has put up some of of the more popular older segments.


    I believe Nosey used to air Sally, not sure if they still do. Maury, Springer and Wilkos are all on there, as are numerous court shows, like the later Divorce Courts. I prefer the older ones from like 10 years ago.

  3. 5 minutes ago, VHSgoodiesWA said:

    Warner Bros. is streaming old Street Smarts episodes? That would be cool to see. Shame Frank Nicotero's show rarely got good timeslots where I lived. One season they were at 11:30PM, but two or three seasons ran at 4 or 5 in the morning. This was in Seattle. It never got cleared in Yakima.


    Back in the olden days, Johnny Carson was an absolute no-no on YouTube. Anything and everything got taken down. Not the case anymore. I used to post clips from '80s episodes of The Tonight Show and no one ever touched them. It's a little interesting as the show is still reran on Antenna TV.


    Street Smarts is on YouTube now, and that one dating show that led to your channel takedown is also streaming on YT now.


    I'm a bit surprised that Johnny is allowed now. It's not just on Antenna TV, but there's also a 24/7 channel devoted to it on Pluto TV. Their main channel on YT has some rare stuff, like a 1985 Drew Carey stand-up skit. Those Carson episodes have a lot of value.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, VHSgoodiesWA said:

    WB is where my nightmares began. Anything Sony is a no-no of course. Vintage ABC soaps were on YouTube for years and years, and then Disney had time on their hands during the pandemic to take 'em all down. I'm sure the Susan Lucci fans are not happy anymore.

    The stupidest copyright strike I ever got was for a commercial...never post anything from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, at least commercials from about 1999 onward. They are known to take down their commercials (and they gave me a strike for a random CTCA commercial on a KMGH break from 2001).

    To make it fair on all of us - they need streaming apps for these shows. If they feel so protective of their copyright content, make us pay for a streaming app that has classic Y&R, All My Children and General Hospital. It's not like I can find the complete 1987-88 season of General Hospital on DVD complete with bloopers, you know.


    I don't get why CTCA would take down commercials, much less anything from 1999-2001. Have they done this to other accounts? I also mentioned the Don Henley song used in a TV promo.


    I found out that WB is now putting some of those same shows' episodes that got your accounts terminated.


    We're getting better with stuff not shown on TV in years with the advent of streaming, but we still have a long way to go.

  5. 2 minutes ago, dman748 said:

    Yeah any newer material stuff will absolutely without question be blocked. I know my channel viewers prefer more modern stuff but I can't upload modern stuff not because I don't like it or anything like that it's just that I can't take that risk like that.


    Not the case with Sony. Everything from the earliest seasons of Trebek's Jeopardy to Chuck Woolery's slightly forgotten Wheel of Fortune to even the polarizing Patrick Wayne Tic Tac Dough version. It seems like most people go to either Dailymotion or the Internet Archive to put Sony content. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, dman748 said:

    I'll chime in here since I'm one of the game show content uploaders here in this forum.


    I've seen other YouTubers that have uploaded Sony content and here's the thing about Sony:


    Sony is definitely relaxed if you were to say upload things like say the ending credits, intros things like that you can probably get away with saying the name of the game show without any issues and they for the most part never had any issues with uploading smaller type stuff, they did block them occaisionally but most of the time they blocked the more recent stuff.


    When it comes to uploading full episodes of Sony game shows mentioning the name of the show in the title and/or description is the quickest way of getting your channel terminated, by the same token doing things like what Sam Mitchell does with his "Mitchell Game Show Theater" and the late David Downs (R.I.P) did with "Fan Favorites" you'll notice the majority of them are all Sony stuff and overall what I've noticed is that if you were to occaisionally upload full episodes of Sony stuff, odds are you'd be fine, however uploading too many Sony Game Show episodes is asking for the channel to be taken down, in fact I might make an effort to at least make 1 or 2 uploads of Sony shows on my own channel and that would be it because I certainly don't want mine to be terminated for the things I just mentioned above.


    I'm surprised with the way ContentID works that Sony hasn't picked up on it. You can't even pitch/speed up or mirror the videos without getting blocked.


    It was actually David Downs himself that mentioned how Sony is inconsistent.

  7. 21 minutes ago, Jakob said:

    Fremantle also recently took a lot of Drew Carry Price is Right episodes off YouTube a couple months ago. Most notably the more recent ones from like 2012 to now. They didn't take down the earlier Drew Carry episodes or the Bob Barker ones (they did block some episodes from 1982 and 1983, but that's most likely because of Pluto TV.)


    Oh, and Let's Make a Deal too.


    Those 1982 episodes are the ones on Pluto.


    Didn't know that Fremantle has blocked slightly newer TPIR and LMAD.

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  8. 4 hours ago, racefan_09 said:

    Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk are expected to be Turner’s lead announcing team. NBC has also chosen Albert as the announcer for the Finals for this season.




    Not very surprised. With his Dad calling basketball, why not the son call Hockey?

  9. 16 hours ago, sanewsguy said:

    If you're talking about non-news or non-network content, then this is absolutely true. My channels only focus on local news properties and local broadcasters, TV and radio, as a whole. The only company I've had issues with is ViacomCBS. The funny thing is that they're extremely inconsistent with how they enforce copyright with their O&Os. I'm sure you know there was a channel/friend of mine they removed last year just for having CBS News content on affiliate newscasts. Which is why I usually trim or black out their stuff in my videos now. But have not had issues posting content from stations owned by Disney, Fox, or NBCUniversal, including newscasts from their affiliates which have their packages in it. 


    I did have a strike from ABC News over a decade ago as well for their World News Now open, so that is why I explicitly avoid network content now. Besides, there's like 10 different channels who all post network news opens and stuff, so that market is well-served.


    Of course if you upload game shows, soap operas, and movies, you're going to have a strike. I avoid that stuff for that reason and my channels have never had the intention of posting anything that's not: news opens/newscasts, IDs, EAS tests, promos, infomercial disclaimers, and anything along those lines. I've also spun commercials off onto its own channel for that reason.


    I've had a few copyright BLOCKS before, and that's fine, as they don't affect the channel. I can just trim the infringing material out and reupload. I want to avoid things that adversely impact the channel (strikes). 


    No, it was definitely at the local level, as I had uploaded things from other Raycom and NPG stations without issue. Remember, this was at a time (2007-2009), when stations were still leery of YouTube stealing their audience and things like that. Not to mention, copyright strikes did not "expire" like they do now.


    I do remember the WMC claim having a misspelling ("WMC-TB Action News 5") so I wanted to challenge it, but I was also 12 at the time, and didn't want to challenge anything legally.


    If it happened today I would likely file a counterclaim because the material I post is protected under "fair use".


    That's one way to look at it. For me, (I mainly archive present-day stuff but am slowly branching off into "vintage" stuff), it's about preserving history for the day that linear TV and radio (inevitably) disappear.


    Like I said, ViacomCBS is the most extreme example film and TV wise. Many years ago, during their fight with YouTube, they wanted to turn over IP addresses who watched their material unauthorized. 


    Just a newscast open should qualify as fair use, but fair use has to be 30 seconds or less I believe.


    Some game shows are allowed, others will lead to strikes. Any of Sony's or WB's game shows will result in strikes, although someone said a few years ago Sony's not always consistent. NBC targeted episodes of the original Weakest Link back in 2018, even though at the time those episodes didn't air in reruns since around 2005.


    I don't have a YouTube channel, but I'd have commercials on one channel and actual shows on the other. Most commercials aren't targeted. VHSGoodiesWA had at least 2 strikes on his channel, one for a Cancer Treatment Centers of America ad for 2001, and a 2001 break taken down simply because one of Don Henley's songs played in it. (Henley's known to be aggressive with copyright takedowns). If it's 30 seconds or less, I'd file a counterclaim for fair use. The law states that owners must consider fair use before issuing any takedowns. Too often, this never happens though.


    I think any material that hasn't been released in many years should be public domain quicker, say 15 years if the material isn't released. Won't happen as long as Disney has lobbying power.  

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  10. 11 hours ago, sanewsguy said:

    This is a thing with all of the major social media platforms. It's pretty aggravating in my opinion, especially considering that the "misinformation" label is so vague, and not applied evenly. I also don't think it's the place of these platforms to determine what's "true" and what's not, as that's very subjective, and they likely don't have trained staff who can make that determination.


    I stay away from modern-day material from CBS, ANYTHING from legacy Viacom. Individual stations I will not post include KESQ and WMC-TV as they've pulled my stuff before (over a decade ago, but I still have a sour taste in my mouth). I focus on local stations and just avoid national content if I can help it. The local stations usually understand, and appreciate, what we're trying to do as archivists. Or the chain owner's corporate legal team doesn't think it's worth going after an individual for a newscast that aired once. OTOH, the networks have bigger legal teams that have the time to search YouTube looking for content to pull (*cough* Viacom *cough*).


    It's not always the case, but usually the bigger the company is, the more protective they are  of their IP. ViacomCBS is the biggest one, though I'm not sure if it's changed since the merger. WB, Sony, Disney, and FOX are very strict. NBCUniversal is slightly more laidback, although do block/takedown on occasion, sometimes on older stuff. Fremantle is pretty laid back as well, and only block if they actually release the material someplace.


    Were the KESQ and WMC takedowns more of their parent company's thing?


    Except on a few occasions, I'm glad most local newscasts remain untouched.  

    10 hours ago, 24994J said:

    Speaking from a positive experience, I wish more stations/companies would just claim the copyright of the content, and monetize it for them. My effort remains up, and they make a few pennies off of it. Fine by me, since 99% of us aren't in it for money and would never think of trying to profit of our uploads.


    I wish all media companies did this, so they at least get some money out of it, instead outright taking down stuff.

    10 hours ago, sanewsguy said:

    This is exactly what Tegna does (through BBTV), and they've been doing this since late last year.


    I don't monetize my channel and have zero plans to. Not my content, I just love doing this, I genuinely enjoy it. I couldn't care less about the money (in fact I spend some of my own money to acquire content/equipment/graphic designs for my channel).


    I lot of the users in the "Vintage TV Community" don't do it for money, they just do it to archive material that hasn't been released anywhere.

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  11. 11 hours ago, TheRyan said:


    Sure.  It was an episode of a podcast I do.  It was not copyright-related.  They removed it citing misinformation.


    On a different note: Since you mentioned that you have a Do Not Post list, I will say that one video I produced last summer was later marked as having copyrighted material.  I'm not 100 percent sure if I remember right but I believe A&E was a claimant.  I thought at the time (and still continue to believe) that it was a false claim.  But nonetheless, I removed that video from YouTube on my own to avoid any potential issue.


    A&E has a history of filing false copyright claims on public domain footage, simply because said footage aired on one of their "Caught on Camera"-style shows, like the now-cancelled PD Cam, Court Cam, and I Survived a Crime.

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  12. 33 minutes ago, WCAUTVNBC10 said:


    Doesn't mean anything. With the exception of Mike Tirico, all of NBC's current pbp guys have jobs with teams. Kenny Albert is the Ranger's radio voice, Brenden Burke is the TV voice of the Islanders, Gord Miller does TSN games. Point being, having a local gig with a team doesn't preclude anyone from doing national work. 


    I too would be shocked if Forsy isn't on the roster of either ESPN or Turner when next season starts.


    It's always been the case with NBC, even going back to the OLN/Versus days.

  13. 18 minutes ago, VHSgoodiesWA said:

    My accounts will remain terminated. Sorry everybody.


    What a shame. And yet users like Michael Pannoni can still create new accounts after being terminated.

  14. 22 minutes ago, KS-IL-IA said:

    A couple of questions on the upcoming syndication year:


    * Will Leno's You Bet Your Life be a single- or double-run daily?

    * With Judge Judy going out of syndie production, will 4-6 episodes (reruns) still be offered daily?


    Thanks ...


    I'm not sure about You Bet Your Life, but Judge Judy's reruns will still be offered I believe.

  15. 5 hours ago, TexasTVNews said:

    With heavy hearts and prayers going out to WSB's Jovita Moore battling brain cancer, A CNN correspondent is mourning the loss of his two year old son.


    CNN's Rene Marsh's son Blake had died of brain cancer at the very young age of 2 years old. It's very emotional and difficult for a parent to lose a child to

    cancer. Prayers and condolences goes out to CNN's Rene Marsh and to her family in this difficult time.




    That's awful. No parent should ever have to bury a child. My condolences go out to Marsh and her family.

  16. It will be interesting to see NBC's roster.


    I'm thinking a new play by play announcer for Track. Leigh Diffey has been a big part of regular track events for a few years ago. Tom Hammond hasn't done anything for NBC Sports since 2018. He seemed to be phoning it in in 2016. I assume Basketball will be handled by one of the NBC RSN NBA announcers.  Can't wait.

  17. 45 minutes ago, Liugrad2020 said:

    How about Jane Pauley as the anchor of the CBSEN? Everyone knows her. Since can do it for 5-10 years. If someone’s who 78 can be the leader of the free world someone who’s 70 can anchor the cbs evening news. 


    I think they'll pick someone younger. Jane's a great anchor, but ABC has done great with a younger anchor in David Muir. You never know though.

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