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  1. 14 hours ago, nbc4ne said:

    I have a question about Hot Bench, why was Rino Romano replaced by  Christopher Thomas as its announcer? Thomas, IMO, stinks as the announcer.


    Thomas is an absolute bore. He sounds like he didn't want to announce the intro. Romano was much better.

  2. 1 hour ago, Gavin said:

    All three eastern North Carolina stations WCTI, WTIN, WNCT got a billboard possibly by Trump supporters and a Paid one calling all the stations serving Greenville, New Bern North Carolina, area AKA Trump Country Fake News. They freakin'  got a paid billboard calling them fake news!!! Posted by a person who a fan of the market and works in it at WITN defended all journalists in the market.9A9282F3-59DF-419A-A35D-97BA2B2D9C1A.thumb.png.9c878e339609f577ff077c32f4c445ba.png



    Never expected to ever see a billboard like this in my life.

  3. 3 hours ago, Breaking News said:

    I saw that with Wolf, but Wolf as well Leslie Stahl press Nancy on some tough questions. The people get upset, but isn't that the reporters job to be tough on politicians on both sides?  Not to sound

    like an ageist but Wolf is 72 years of age. One has to wonder if Wolf plans to scale back on his work. Time can only tell.


    If Wolf is 72 and might scale back, wouldn't Andrea Mitchell also do the same on MSNBC? She's 74 and she also doesn't seem all that favorable with viewers either.

  4. 19 hours ago, Spring Rubber said:

    I found it interesting that the commercial they ran tonight, they only used NewsNation branding and not WGN America branding. Makes you wonder...


    Maybe the entire network at some point will change its name to NewsNation?

  5. 3 hours ago, mightynine said:


    On their own website, it says G4 is a digital first network, which means it's likely going to be a live channel on Peacock and possibily a live stream on Twitch and Youtube. Why they heck would they want to put a gamer-first channel on a distribution platform their audience is moving away from?


    Is there a particular fetish here for NBCSN to go away or something?


    G4'S audience doesn't need cable or satellite. Some of NBCSN'S audience does. G4 would make a great live stream for YouTube.

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  6. 1 hour ago, ttvn2000 said:

    I hope so...Diane singlehandedly adds some “gravitas” to Toledo TV.


    2021 will be her 40th(!) year on Toledo television as she started at WDHO/WNWO before heading to WTVG in Dec. 1984.




    Overall, I like this move for WTOL.  I was hoping WTOL would make this move when Jerry Anderson retired - but it’s better late than never.  It instantly adds some much needed longevity to WTOL, and likely increases morale for the station, since Jeff Smith has been in Toledo for 20+ years and doesn’t view the market as a stepping stone to something bigger.


    40 years? I can't believe it.


    Jeff will likely stay there a long time, maybe as long as he was on WTVG.

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  7. 22 minutes ago, ttvn2000 said:

    In Toledo, anchor Jeff Smith crosses the street from WTVG (where he was morning anchor for at least 15 years) to WTOL, where he’ll join former WTVG reporter Mel Andrews as co-anchor at 5, 6 and 11pm.




    This, plus the addition of Tiffany Tarpley (from WKYC, but also of WUPW when it had its own operation) completes the anchor upheaval WTOL has had since Kristi Leigh left for KMPH in Feb 2020.


    Overall, solid hires...and folks with experience in NWO.  Smith put WTVG on the map as the morning newscasts, led by him, were the first WTVG newscasts to lead the ratings.  Now, 13abc is a dominant #1.  We shall see if his move makes an impact on WTOL’s numbers.  It could...as I would expect Diane Larson and/or Lee Conklin to retire in the next 3-5 years... 




    Nice to see Jeff back on the air. Hopefully he has staying power, as WTOL has struggled with a bunch of different anchors over the past few years.


    Diane and Lee will still be anchoring for a while on WTVG.

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  8. 12 hours ago, lugnuts6 said:

    Uh, for those talking about "PARAMOUNT NETWORK" remember THAT will be rebranded as Paramount Movie Network in 2021, 

    oh and EL REY Network signs off on dec. 31st 


    This is why Bellator MMA moved to CBSSN.

    1 hour ago, ScottJ said:

    I agree that it's not necessarily a good fit, but it makes sense because FBN and CNBC rarely have live programming on the weekends so it's easier to pre-empt the repeats/infomercials  they air (which probably don't get many viewers) than whatever their sister networks are airing.


    I think CNBC is a much better fit than MSNBC. MSNBC aired Premier League Soccer, 2 years ago and it ticked off much of MSNBC'S audience looking for AM Joy. 

  9. On 12/24/2020 at 10:34 PM, JCB4TV said:

    I personally could only see NBCSN go should they not be able to renew with EPL or the NHL, yet I can also see many of NBCSN's offerings moving to Peacock, USA, or CNBC.


    I can see CBSSN closing with many of their programs moving to Paramount+, or MTV.


    Many FS2 programs can potentially move to FBN.

    I still hope the news is wrong with NBCSN about possibly closing.


    CBSSN now airs Bellator MMA after formerly airing on Spike/Paramount Network. They are also getting the rights to a new auto racing series, and it's been moved to a more basic package on my local cable system, so I don't see them ceasing operations anytime soon, even if there's low ratings. CBSViacom has several low-budget and low rated channels that are somehow still hanging on.


    FBN has been used for an overflow of Fox Sports programming in the past. Weekends are pretty much infomercials, even more than CNBC, so it should be no problem to carry sports on there too.


  10. 2 minutes ago, RGSJenkins said:

    Most of the time I see on NBCSN is Mecum Auctions. 

    ESPNews hasn't been ESPNews since 2012. 


    The glory years:



    Mecum Auctions is on there all the time, and I don't believe they have another partner,  so would they make the jump over to Peacock?


    I always loved that music package that ESPNnews used to use. The graphics were great too.

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  11. 48 minutes ago, caliwxdude said:


    I mean, last night NBCSN was showing a night full of drone racing... which (even as a drone pilot) seems to me like it belongs on YouTube or another streaming service and not on linear cable. 


    NBCSN seems to show Dog Shows and American Ninja Warrior reruns when there's no live sports programming.


    I would expect FS2, the CBS Sports Network, and the Olympic Channel to go before NBCSN. I'm surprised ESPNnews is still around, to be honest. It seems like at night, they're running their talk shows on a loop for a few hours and there's not many advertisers compared to ESPN or ESPN2.

  12. 2 hours ago, Viper550 said:

    Meanwhile north of the border, TSN is finally rolling out a new insert graphics package, and unlike last time they had a major graphics update (last decade, where it took at 2-3 years for them to actually roll out every element since they only seemed to update the scoreboards at first, and then only use the new L3s/etc. around the 2013 Grey Cup, and then on SportsCentre after they got a set update).


    Unsurprisingly, it's flat and boxy, and we also have "pane" L3s too. The World Junior Hockey Championships pre-tournament games tonight appear to be the first in-game use of them. The score box isn't that much different from what they had before.




    It's OK, but could be better in my opinion.

  13. 50 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    The final Alex Trebek episode of Jeopardy has been postponed until January 8. 

    Seeing as most of the ABC stations that have the rights will be preempting it on Christmas Day for NBA basketball, a great decision.


    Agreed. I'm glad Sony changed the finale date.

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