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  1. Makes me wish for Speed to come back. It would be nice if they tried one of the graphics packages from the 2000's.
  2. No way on Lou Dobbs now. Agreed if it was 15 years ago. Plus, Lou is still employed by Fox even though he's not on the air anymore.
  3. It seems like of the Dr. Phil episodes airing on OWN, most are from the last few years. The show's own YT channel has put up some of of the more popular older segments. I believe Nosey used to air Sally, not sure if they still do. Maury, Springer and Wilkos are all on there, as are numerous court shows, like the later Divorce Courts. I prefer the older ones from like 10 years ago.
  4. Street Smarts is on YouTube now, and that one dating show that led to your channel takedown is also streaming on YT now. I'm a bit surprised that Johnny is allowed now. It's not just on Antenna TV, but there's also a 24/7 channel devoted to it on Pluto TV. Their main channel on YT has some rare stuff, like a 1985 Drew Carey stand-up skit. Those Carson episodes have a lot of value.
  5. I don't get why CTCA would take down commercials, much less anything from 1999-2001. Have they done this to other accounts? I also mentioned the Don Henley song used in a TV promo. I found out that WB is now putting some of those same shows' episodes that got your accounts terminated. We're getting better with stuff not shown on TV in years with the advent of streaming, but we still have a long way to go.
  6. Not the case with Sony. Everything from the earliest seasons of Trebek's Jeopardy to Chuck Woolery's slightly forgotten Wheel of Fortune to even the polarizing Patrick Wayne Tic Tac Dough version. It seems like most people go to either Dailymotion or the Internet Archive to put Sony content.
  7. I'm surprised with the way ContentID works that Sony hasn't picked up on it. You can't even pitch/speed up or mirror the videos without getting blocked. It was actually David Downs himself that mentioned how Sony is inconsistent.
  8. Those 1982 episodes are the ones on Pluto. Didn't know that Fremantle has blocked slightly newer TPIR and LMAD.
  9. Not very surprised. With his Dad calling basketball, why not the son call Hockey?
  10. I agree with you, especially with using a diamond in the graphics.
  11. Like I said, ViacomCBS is the most extreme example film and TV wise. Many years ago, during their fight with YouTube, they wanted to turn over IP addresses who watched their material unauthorized. Just a newscast open should qualify as fair use, but fair use has to be 30 seconds or less I believe. Some game shows are allowed, others will lead to strikes. Any of Sony's or WB's game shows will result in strikes, although someone said a few years ago Sony's not always consistent. NBC targeted episodes of the original Weakest Link back in 2018, even though at the time thos
  12. John was always one of my favorite color commentators, maybe ESPN will bring him back.
  13. Why even bother, and why didn't they launch the graphics at the start of the season? I think the NBC Sports Regional networks will use these same graphics as well, they'll be the only ones starting next season.
  14. It's not always the case, but usually the bigger the company is, the more protective they are of their IP. ViacomCBS is the biggest one, though I'm not sure if it's changed since the merger. WB, Sony, Disney, and FOX are very strict. NBCUniversal is slightly more laidback, although do block/takedown on occasion, sometimes on older stuff. Fremantle is pretty laid back as well, and only block if they actually release the material someplace. Were the KESQ and WMC takedowns more of their parent company's thing? Except on a few occasions, I'm glad most local newscasts remai
  15. A&E has a history of filing false copyright claims on public domain footage, simply because said footage aired on one of their "Caught on Camera"-style shows, like the now-cancelled PD Cam, Court Cam, and I Survived a Crime.
  16. It's always been the case with NBC, even going back to the OLN/Versus days.
  17. He will be announcing for the Seattle Kraken when they start up play.
  18. Probably that and the new administration.
  19. What a shame. And yet users like Michael Pannoni can still create new accounts after being terminated.
  20. I'm not sure about You Bet Your Life, but Judge Judy's reruns will still be offered I believe.
  21. That's awful. No parent should ever have to bury a child. My condolences go out to Marsh and her family.
  22. It will be interesting to see NBC's roster. I'm thinking a new play by play announcer for Track. Leigh Diffey has been a big part of regular track events for a few years ago. Tom Hammond hasn't done anything for NBC Sports since 2018. He seemed to be phoning it in in 2016. I assume Basketball will be handled by one of the NBC RSN NBA announcers. Can't wait.
  23. I think they'll pick someone younger. Jane's a great anchor, but ABC has done great with a younger anchor in David Muir. You never know though.
  24. I'm not sure if Norah would leave as anchor or not. I'd rather have Scott Pelley or Jeff Glor back.

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