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  1. My choices to replace Tom are Dan Harris or Whit Johnson. Both are very serious and calm. I wasn't the biggest fan of Tom's delivery. A little too theatrical and dramatic for me. A friend of mine thinks David will be there as long as Walter Cronkite was at CBS.
  2. All the syndicated programming they have is on other networks anyway, so no real loss there. It sounds very weird that they're already changing the name with non-news programming still airing for the time being. I agree with keeping the WGN America branding until the network exclusively goes all-news.
  3. Which means ESPN may be the last linear general sports network left.
  4. I think MAVTV, the motorsports-themed channel, could be on the chopping block. It was removed permanently from DISH 5 years ago, and is not often viewed in sports bars and restaurants, as well as being higher tier-packages. Being a motorsports fan, I'd probably watch it a lot if I could, but when DISH drops channels permanently, chances are they're not popular with viewers and have low ratings overall.
  5. This is very sad. Larry was popular for years and was CNN's biggest star for a long time. He's been through so many health issues for a few years now, including COVID, that I'm not surprised. I wonder if CNN will do a tribute tonight. R.I.P. Larry.
  6. I just saw that on NBCSN's Wikipedia article. That sounds very controversial and shouldn't air on a sports channel. NBCSN when it was Versus never had any top conference games (similar to CBSNN) now. I would have thought the same thing.
  7. Plus, Golf is more popular with the 50+ crowd, and they're still holding on to traditional pay TV. College football might have been a decent option for NBC Sports. Versus did air a decent amount of college football back around 2008-2010. MLS wouldn't have been a bad pick either.
  8. Even though he's been part-time since retiring from the NN chair, it's still the end of an era none the less. Maybe he will have a big social media presence like Dan Rather has.
  9. NBCSN was kind of a waste outside of NHL, Premier League Soccer, NASCAR and Indycar. They also would air National Dog Show reruns too. When did they stop showing outdoor shows? The network started out as OLN, the Outdoor Life Network. It was changed to Versus when they started showing non-outdoor content. I think E! might stick around for awhile. I think the Golf Channel might be next. They cancelled both Morning Drive and Feherty not long ago, and they're now headquartered in Stamford, CT. They were based in Orlando for many years. I think FS2,
  10. Posted about this a month ago when it was then a rumor. I'm surprised the Olympic Channel and Golf Channel will still go on. USA is probably in more homes anyway.
  11. GMA seems to be using the same usage that WNT uses. Over the top dramatic reporting.
  12. Not surprised that Maury is ending. The show was getting very stale anyway. I'm sure his show is one of those that makes people think, "That's still on?". I'm guessing Maury will retire completely from broadcasting as he's 82. People likely wouldn't know the difference between new and reruns since its been mostly the same thing for years now.
  13. Thomas is an absolute bore. He sounds like he didn't want to announce the intro. Romano was much better.
  14. I agree that this is sad. This shouldn't happen at all.
  15. I wonder what will now be shown on TV's where the CNN Airport Network used to air?
  16. Never expected to ever see a billboard like this in my life.
  17. If Wolf is 72 and might scale back, wouldn't Andrea Mitchell also do the same on MSNBC? She's 74 and she also doesn't seem all that favorable with viewers either.
  18. A new end tag will be created too. I don't think the end tag changed at all during CTD'S existence.
  19. Maybe the entire network at some point will change its name to NewsNation?
  20. I'll be watching. I'm sure the tissues will be ready on Friday.
  21. G4'S audience doesn't need cable or satellite. Some of NBCSN'S audience does. G4 would make a great live stream for YouTube.
  22. 40 years? I can't believe it. Jeff will likely stay there a long time, maybe as long as he was on WTVG.

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