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  1. The Revolution seemed from the beginning to be a failure as not even big-named stars could move the ratings. I feel like the Chew would've gone away in march of 2020 and possibly come back in the fall of 2021 if there was enough demand. Wayne Brady just won Outstanding Game Show Host in this year's Daytime Emmys. Him, Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne and keyboardist Cat Gray have some of the best chemistry of any game show personalities I've seen. It's one of the best revivals of any game show in recent years, so I expect to see it continue for awhile.
  2. Maybe BNC could be used a block for news programming on theGrio TV? Actually, according to theGrio's website, it looks like a merger between the two networks and it appears to have taken effect on Monday. If theGrio hasn't had a FAST presence before, it now does. Their website says that the commentary will still continue, so it looks like this is a name change.
  3. Probably one of the best announcers in all of sports. R.I.P. Vin.
  4. So now MSNBC, Fox News and CNN, all have shows ending in "tonight".
  5. Jerry Springer and Maury already have or will go into reruns now that they're both ending. Makes sense for Judge Jerry.
  6. With Chris and now Megyn now possibly joining NewsNation it's going to see if their ratings will increase. If these moves don't work I don't know what will.
  7. As I posted earlier, my Guess is Sherri wil be on WUPW, Jennifer Hudson on WNWO, and We the People on either WUPW or WTVGHD2. I'm betting that WUPW will have Karamo, probably in the same slot Maury currently airs in.
  8. Jon actually parted time on WTVG while they were searching for a replacement meteorologist. He seemed like a real good guy. I can't imagine why his own son would do this. Interesting that his own wife was charged too. Hope he makes a full recovery.
  9. I 've watched the Pluto Courtroom channel a few times. I enjoyed seeing Judge Mills Lane, Swift Justice with Nancy Grace and the first season of Hot Bench on there. I'm not sure if Judge Joe Brown is on there.
  10. I don't know if this is the main reason why these takedowns occurred. Sony and CBS have always been strict with J!, WOF and JJ long before these channels and content were made available. David Downs's and Sam Mitchell's channels were terminated about Memorial Day. Fremantle does a better approach by blocking instead of striking, meaning no harm to the users. They've done this every time new episodes are set to debut on TPIR the Barker Era channel.
  11. I hope Oxygen stays on OTA if it were to disappear on cable/satellite. Disney Junior and XD would make sense with Disney+ being popular as is. VH1 might get some revolt due to the station's heritage. I don't think MTV2 has been ever that popular. MTV Classic could easily move to Pluto TV in the music category. I'm thinking Destination America, American Heroes Channel and Discovery Family might be on the chopping block. TruTV just has Impractical Jokers and that's about it, maybe move it to TBS. FYI and Vice are pretty much reruns of A&E shows, same with Crime + Investigation. WeTV could easily be an AMC+ hub if the service is successful. NBCU has been cutting channels even before cord cutting became big, starting with the original G4, then Cloo, then Esquire Network, then NBCSN and now this. I'm wondering about CNBC World.
  12. I've said here in the past that I thought the Olympic Channel would cease before NBCSN ever did. It doesn't surprise me as it doesn't have too many viewers outside of the actual Olympics. Who knows if the Golf Channel will stick around or will their programming might eventually get moved over to Peacock as well?
  13. Pretty decent replacement. I know she was popular the first time she was on there.
  14. As another poster said in the past, you could use a Sony-owned show if you just changed the title. Not anymore it seems. I guess the British company Sony contracts with found a way to set off the algorithms. SME has always been strict about copyright.
  15. It appears several game show channels have been terminated in recent weeks on YouTube. Among them is the Fun & Games Channel run by the late David Downs, who died in late 2019. It appears that a British "Anti-piracy" company contracted with Sony to remove Jeopardy! episodes. David's channels were very popular with game show fans until his passing, so it's a shame.
  16. FAST is basically using linear-style channels over the internet for free. Pluto TV, Tubi and Xumo are a few examples.
  17. It's probably the most neutral of any Fox News Media venture.
  18. I'm thinking maybe WUPW. They also aired Sternberg's Protection Court and also aired the former Crime Watch Daily.
  19. It looks like we know what ICrime's about.
  20. I like Jim Acosta but I think it's time for CNN to go back to the more straight news approach it had pre-Zucker. If Acosta does get fired, MSNBC might pick him up for a show.
  21. Forgot about HLN. I wonder about American Heroes Channel and TruTV as well.
  22. Interesting rumor. If Adult Swim goes to streaming only, what happens to CN during nights and overnights? Do what the Disney Channel has done for decades and use the CN Block and programming during these dayparts? Adult Swim is very popular and some of the other linear channels in the WB Discovery family like Discovery Family and Boomerang are just "there". Plus, Kids channels are declining every year and are not likely going to gain viewers ever again.
  23. I only agree with breaking news if it's truly recent, not something from hours or a day ago. Not trying to go too off-topic but on NBC Nightly News, every story until the first commercial break is breaking news. It's a decent newscast overall, but come on!
  24. A channel filled with reruns may not work as well in today's age with on-demand streaming. The only ones that do well are the ones that are niche or are available OTA.
  25. Has WOIO always been like this or has this just happened in the past few years?
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