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  1. In other syndicated news, Fox First Run renewed all their shows for next season, including You Bet Your Life, Pictionary. Divorce Court and Dish Nation. I don't think these shows will ever die.
  2. Dr. Drew had a CW daytime show that failed after a season or two in the early 2010's.
  3. He was hosting a LIve PD ripoff for Fox called First Responders Live a year before the pandemic. I'm not sure what he's doing now.
  4. Yeah, all 3 big broadcast news divisions, PBS, BBC World News, a cable news channel that's trying to go back to the center, one that's a slightly right-leaning but not nearly as extreme as Fox News, the Weather Channel, a business news channel that has a few right-leaning personalities, and a channel that's all staged court shows. I'm surprised they didn't actually list Fox News on there. By replacing Newsmax with the First, which has personalities like Bill O'Reilly and Buck Sexton, proves to me that they aren't censoring conservatives and right-wingers.
  5. I wonder what happens to GMA3 from here. The current form started with updates about the pandemic. I wonder if they bring back Strahan and Sara. I know people were discussing potential lawsuits. I know Amy's had cancer in the past and with both having an interracial relationship, if that could mean something as well.
  6. I've heard that the main Newsmax may go linear only and the company will launch a different feed called Newsmax 2, which isn't live for the free services.
  7. Sounds just like Sinclair when they automate. WNWO has had bad automation since they moved their tech ops to South Bend. Shows often come back a few seconds late during local breaks, and even for a couple minutes at least a few years ago.
  8. At least Scott is a fan of streaming newscasts.
  9. Even though I don't have a Nexstar station in my market, I find this a bad and regressive move on their part. Cable and satellite continue to decline each year and the retrans fees are getting crazier as well. They think they're doing viewers a favor when in reality, they're encouraging viewers to go to their stations competitors to stream. In 2023, broadcasters need to evolve or die and start streaming everything, otherwise they'll fail. Then again, they launched NN as a linear network right in the middle of a cord-cutting boom, so this shouldn't surprise me. Didn't they paywall or "TV Everywhere" some of their newscasts too a while back? I hope this will come back to bite them eventually. I bet their competitors are going to run ads boasting of their option to stream live.
  10. I wonder if they've been considering getting Robin Meade?
  11. MTV Classic doesn't play any videos post 2009, and probably doesn't have a wide selection of songs. The few times I'm at a house which carries it, which is rare, sometimes I'll see a video I saw there before. I liked it better when it was VH1 Classic and aired documentaries about music.
  12. In the age of streaming, the majority of networks have declined. Only a few have increased.
  13. I don't get why Paramount Global doesn't move some of their lower-watched, nothing but reruns channels like MTV2, Teen Nick, Nicktoons, and MTV Classic to Pluto TV. We know the way retrans works is that all the big conglomerates want ALL of their channels carried on a provider, and if not, channels that people actually watch will get blacked out. Paramount and WBD seem to be the worst when letting minimally watched channels survive. Even NBCU has shut down channels that had almost no viewers. I think MTV2 and MTV Classic have long been among the lowest rated channels overall.
  14. Barbara was a legend in broadcasting and was great at interviewing newsmakers. May she R.I.P.
  15. WTOL in Toledo has had alert days for a few years now. They do it for severe T-storms, tornadoes, extreme heat and cold, high wind, and accumulating snow. WTVG has done it since earlier this year too. I don't mind it myself.
  16. It will be the end of an era when one or both retire as they've been the only duo since I started following the news.
  17. They must own the most networks of all companies.
  18. Another option for Robin and Company is how about Scripps? They've made good money with Newsy by building it up over the past few years. With them rebranding it the first of the year, this might be their best shot with a big name. Plus, Newsy is easily available OTA, on Streaming devices, on FAST services, on Smart TV software and audio devices, so pretty much anywhere. Scripps has handled the transition to Streaming really well, whereas NexStar is still very much standoffish regarding it. I'd also love to See Shep on there as well. I see Scripps has a building in Atlanta too.
  19. My opinion of Meade is that there wouldn't be a place for her on the main CNN. She's not a hard journalist compared to Wolf Blitzer, she's more of a fun personality. I don't know if CNN would even have another spot for her. Very sad over the past month with these layoffs around multiple networks, including Meade and Shep.
  20. I would hope the simulcast of CNN This Morning is temporary. If not than HLN will still be run on the cheap with different programming. I would've thought Robin would stick around considering her popularity. Not everyone liked Chris Cillizza but I actually liked his "The Point" videos. I hope everyone lands somewhere soon.
  21. What would the "Zip-code based cut-in" do?
  22. Yes. The original Whose Line ended in 2007.
  23. Knowing the way revivals are big these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see Whose Line come back eventually, plus of how cheap it is to produce. Maybe ABC can give it another go alongside its other game shows.
  24. Wonder if he'll be back Monday in time for election coverage the following day.
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