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  1. It looks like Judge Mathis, Dr. Phil, and Rachel Ray ended their long runs last week. Not sure when the People's Court has its finale. In other news, Judge Mathis and the People's Court reruns will live on the Nosey app, famous for Springer, Maury, and Wilkos reruns.
  2. CNN's new graphics seem fairly mediocre to me, but I'll wait until they debut on TV to give a more detailed opinion.
  3. The only other reference on FYSA about TWC was when Jon Lovitz made a joke about Byron buying the network, which made him laugh. I'd love an evening show like TWC had for many year but I don't know if Byron will eventually do that. If FYSA is on three other networks, plus syndication and even via a FAST channel on Local Now. I don't know if Byron saw the success of Gutfeld and CNN running Bill Maher's segments, and decided to run comedy on a mainly serious network. This is a worse fit than any of the times TWC has run movies.
  4. It looks like since the beginning of May, TWC has aired reruns of Funny You Should Ask, a show that doesn't have anything to do with Weather. This seems different than other game and reality shows TWC has aired in the past. I laughed when I found that out.
  5. I laughed when I saw FYSA on the schedule. I'll put more information about it on the TWC thread.
  6. John didn't used to do cheap productions. He was the VO for the short-lived big money revival of 21 with Maury and also the original version of the Weakest Link back in the early 2000's. He also was the voice of TVG Network back in the late 2000's. Besides Byron's shows and the awards last night, I'm not sure if he does anything else anymore.
  7. I would love to see the Tigers and Wings back on WKBD like many of the games prior to 2004. If a conflict happens, maybe WKBD could put said games on one of their subchannels. Not surprised about Paramount dropping their CW affiliations as they've been wanting out for awhile now.
  8. Plus, if NBCNN were to be a subchannel, NBC News Daily would be simulcast on both the main NBC channel and NBCNN. Also, why not turn LX into a one-hour newscast on NBCNN for more younger viewers?
  9. Not totally surprised. NBC News Now is the more successful network, and always wondered what the point of LX was other than being a younger leaning NBC News brand. Plus, NBCLX I don't believe was ever really promoted at all compared to the other NBC News brands.
  10. Same with me. She was great on TWC.
  11. I didn't know Jennifer and Jeff were still on there. I wonder if Vivian Brown freelances or not.
  12. I see they mention Daniel Rosen in the article. He was one of the people who tried to replace Rod Roddy on TPIR, and wasn't well-received. Didn't know he also announced that version of Candid Camera as well.
  13. I was totally shocked by the news that Jerry has passed. No matter what you thought of his show, he was a legend for sure in Daytime TV. He hosted TPIR Live in Toledo a few years back. He was OK but you could tell he was there for the paycheck. Can't believe all the TV legends that have passed since the start of this decade, Regis, Alex Trebek, Larry King, and now Jerry. Protect Maury, Bob Barker, Pat Sajak, Judge Judy, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw at all costs.
  14. I agree that they should've kept Robin. Morning Express tended to do better in the ratings than any of CNN"s morning shows for at least a decade. Robin and her staff all had great chemistry together and Morning Express has always had a loyal following.
  15. Interesting duo, although of course this isn't the first time Gayle's been paired up with an ex-athlete with Nate Burleson as one of her CBS Mornings co-hosts, so it might work here as well.
  16. I couldn't tell the changes myself.
  17. It looks like NewsMax is in another dispute, this time with Frontier. It apparently started earlier in the week.
  18. I suggested earlier on here that maybe Fox handle production of the People's Court as Harvey Levin has been involved since the current version debuted in 1997. Even though it's not OTA syndication, Amazon has been making progress with real live cases with Judy Justice and the upcoming Tribunal, with former Hot Bench Judges Tanya Acker and Patricia DiMango and Judge Judy's son, and the return of Bailiff Byrd. Other than that, no one seems to want to start a show with real people and cases with no script. And I think Byron started the trend of scripted court shows when America's Court with Judge Ross debuted back in 2011. I hope Mathis's and Millian's personalities are at least the same on the new shows.
  19. Nice to see they're both getting new shows. I think it will be weirder to me not seeing Marilyn on the People's Court. I'll miss so much of the elements People's Court had, such as the music, the iconic logo, the typewriter and gavel sound effects, and Curt Chaplin's deadpan introductions. Now I'm waiting to see if Byron brings back judges Joe Brown, Alex Ferrer or Lynn Toler back to Daytime TV. I just feel Byron's new shows won't be the same compared to WB's longrunners.
  20. Don's always struck me as a bit arrogant of times. I agree with his political opinions, but there was always something that rubbed me the wrong way. The fact they kept him and got rid of the likable and no baggage Robin Meade upset me in a way. Her ratings were always better than anything CNN's done with mornings over the past decade. If I was in Licht's shoes, I'd bring back Robin and the Morning Express crew, perhaps in a different place than Atlanta. CNN This Morning isn't bad, but the ratings won't increase until Don is fired or resigns at this point.
  21. My guess is WUPW picks it up. They've aired Mathis possibly since the original Judge Mathis aired in 1999. Wonder what this means as WB plans to carry the reruns of the original as well.
  22. Love Brendan doing Isles or TNT NHL broadcasts. We'll see how well he does on MLB broadcasts, as he's also the heir apparent for John Sterling. I thought Bennetti was a freelancer, kind of like how Kenny Albert is on multiple networks.
  23. Not that surprised. The show was just "There" for at least a few years now. It seems almost like a mutual decision on her part. The syndies keep dropping like flies.
  24. I wonder if Judge Mathis the original is still taping and that is why the case submission page is still up?
  25. Sounds like a waste of Mathis's talents. He sounds great with the real cases.
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