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  1. Very cool! The top promo was funny! One of the reasons why Peter was one of the best!
  2. Maybe if Zucker leaves, maybe the new CEO will fix all the problems he created.
  3. WTOL, which used to be a sister to WOIO under Raycom, is the same way with anchors and reporters leaving after a short time. Their main competitor, WTVG, doesn't really have this problem.
  4. it looks like ESPN may possibly have more layoffs (possibly up to 700). You may remember ESPN's layoffs from 2017 caused longtime on-air employees to lose their jobs. https://awfulannouncing.com/espn/further-espn-layoffs-coming.html
  5. I feel bad for Brooke. I think she has more longevity on CNN compared to Kate or Brianna. I've said before that Zucker is the main problem with why CNN is going downhill. The whole yelling panels haven't worked. As for all new anchors, I would really hate to see staples like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper leave, although Wolf will probably retire in 5 years or less. (he says he's not ready yet). I think Erin Burnett is better for financial news and always thought she was better at CNBC. I know many people think Jake Tapper should have been the permanent host for "This Week" 10 years ago. Chris Cuomo seems burned out but wants to stay at CNN. I'm not sure about what Don Lemmon would do, maybe anchor at MSNBC. I wish AT&T would realize that Zucker has ruined nearly everything he's touched in his career and force him to resign, but instead they let him run all of their sports broadcasting divisions too. I'm not sure if he's ruined those assets too.
  6. Her interviews have been decent, including the one with Gillum. As a woman who had bad luck with NBC News, I think Disney doesn't want to do what NBC did so they'll probably keep her on for a few more seasons.
  7. I'm somewhat surprised that Tamron's show got renewed. The show seems to have had mediocre ratings but I guess there's enough of an audience to bring it back. The pandemic didn't treat the show the best either, with interruptions for news conferences.
  8. It seems like a demotion for Brooke if this it's what's happening here. I think she has more name recognition over Brianna and Kate.
  9. I don't think Dukes of Hazzard airs anywhere. It might still be on home video. The only COPS home media there's ever been were best-ofs. Full seasons have never been released anywhere.
  10. I wonder which broadcaster or subchannel might pick it up? It looks like Paramount Network had 3 episodes set to air before dropping the series, and the Spokane episodes will probably be shown in the U.S. eventually. I don't know how many foreigners would be interested in American law enforcement enough to watch it on TV.
  11. I feel really bad for Brooke right now. I know Jake's very qualified for the job, but it looks like Brooke has no say in this whole thing. This seems possibly very shady. They also mention Erin Burnett. Does she even do anything else besides anchoring OutFront or moderating debates on occasion? She seemed to do much more with CNBC compared to now on CNN.
  12. CNBC had pretty much Shep lead the 5 PM hour. Fast Money usually is on at 5. A few of the traders that appear on Fast Money talked for a bit until Shep had more info. Cramer was on for a little while during that time too. Shep eventually took over the coverage full time until the Shark Tank reruns started airing at 8. Nice to see Jeff Glor doing hard news again. I wish he was still on the Evening News.
  13. I agree that WGN breaking into entertainment shows is a potentially risky move, considering that the people that watch those shows aren't likely to also watch News Nation. Although it's all reruns so nothing of value really is interrupted.
  14. I watch the 24/7 Pluto TV COPS channel occasionally, and I'm surprised it's still on the lineup, since it's owned by ViacomCBS which also owns Paramount Network, who cancelled the show in June.
  15. I wonder if it will ever come back at all in the U.S.? I still believe it may come back to syndiation in reruns if not new episodes.
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