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  1. Thomas is an absolute bore. He sounds like he didn't want to announce the intro. Romano was much better.
  2. I agree that this is sad. This shouldn't happen at all.
  3. I wonder what will now be shown on TV's where the CNN Airport Network used to air?
  4. Never expected to ever see a billboard like this in my life.
  5. If Wolf is 72 and might scale back, wouldn't Andrea Mitchell also do the same on MSNBC? She's 74 and she also doesn't seem all that favorable with viewers either.
  6. A new end tag will be created too. I don't think the end tag changed at all during CTD'S existence.
  7. Maybe the entire network at some point will change its name to NewsNation?
  8. I'll be watching. I'm sure the tissues will be ready on Friday.
  9. G4'S audience doesn't need cable or satellite. Some of NBCSN'S audience does. G4 would make a great live stream for YouTube.
  10. 40 years? I can't believe it. Jeff will likely stay there a long time, maybe as long as he was on WTVG.
  11. I think we should create a new thread for NBCSN's potential shutdown.
  12. Nice to see Jeff back on the air. Hopefully he has staying power, as WTOL has struggled with a bunch of different anchors over the past few years. Diane and Lee will still be anchoring for a while on WTVG.
  13. This is why Bellator MMA moved to CBSSN. I think CNBC is a much better fit than MSNBC. MSNBC aired Premier League Soccer, 2 years ago and it ticked off much of MSNBC'S audience looking for AM Joy.

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