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  1. The graphics are pretty good for a network which hasn't had any racing in a few years.
  2. Shep kind of surprised me as host until I found out he actually is a huge sports fan when he's not anchoring. I knew Kathryn was going to be a studio host as she's already a studio host on a lot of NBC Sports events.
  3. YouTube cares about money. The more higher the interest, the better they care, So many users are getting demonetized over small things as well. Soon all that will be left will be gaming, cat videos, rant videos, sports highlights, viral news/opinion clips, and interviews. YouTube never encouraged uploading copyrighted material in the first place, but if you ask me, people were going to find a way to upload rare television broadcasts/commercials.
  4. It's time for a graphics change as well as they haven't been updated since Rogers took over the national rights in 2014.
  5. NBC will have swimming and track as well.
  6. Not surprised. He has the 2nd highest seniority after Robert.
  7. Leigh Diffey will be the new PXP for Track and Field, replacing longtime announcer Tom Hammond as well.
  8. I still like the 1988-2007 logo better. Just very simple.
  9. Makes me wonder if WTVG may drop it as well in Toledo, and move to a different station.
  10. They made the logo more 3D for a time starting around 2010.
  11. Both the peacock and eye had slight changes done in the past.
  12. Actually for national broadcasts, Kate Scott did play-by play for one game on NBC for International Woman's Day last year.
  13. The end of an era in sports broadcasting. Marv's done so many things, but basketball has always been his best-known work. Good luck in retirement Marv.
  14. Not a big surprise. All of their other big name talent have their names attached to their shows.

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