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  1. It will be the end of an era when one or both retire as they've been the only duo since I started following the news.
  2. They must own the most networks of all companies.
  3. Another option for Robin and Company is how about Scripps? They've made good money with Newsy by building it up over the past few years. With them rebranding it the first of the year, this might be their best shot with a big name. Plus, Newsy is easily available OTA, on Streaming devices, on FAST services, on Smart TV software and audio devices, so pretty much anywhere. Scripps has handled the transition to Streaming really well, whereas NexStar is still very much standoffish regarding it. I'd also love to See Shep on there as well. I see Scripps has a building in Atlanta too.
  4. My opinion of Meade is that there wouldn't be a place for her on the main CNN. She's not a hard journalist compared to Wolf Blitzer, she's more of a fun personality. I don't know if CNN would even have another spot for her. Very sad over the past month with these layoffs around multiple networks, including Meade and Shep.
  5. I would hope the simulcast of CNN This Morning is temporary. If not than HLN will still be run on the cheap with different programming. I would've thought Robin would stick around considering her popularity. Not everyone liked Chris Cillizza but I actually liked his "The Point" videos. I hope everyone lands somewhere soon.
  6. What would the "Zip-code based cut-in" do?
  7. It was announced on Friday that his last show was Wednesday.
  8. Yes. The original Whose Line ended in 2007.
  9. Knowing the way revivals are big these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see Whose Line come back eventually, plus of how cheap it is to produce. Maybe ABC can give it another go alongside its other game shows.
  10. Wonder if he'll be back Monday in time for election coverage the following day.
  11. The Variety article said his last show will be in late November, and I believe he's the host of CNBC's election coverage, so he could've taken a day off.
  12. Not surprised. I liked Shep's show but it was so out of place on a business channel and especially after Mad Money. As said earlier in this thread, no one watches CNBC after 4:00 anyway. I wonder if NBCU could move him over to MSNBC or NBC News Now and move the newscast over there. I know he'll never return to Fox News again.
  13. Not a bad choice. No one had heard of Schitt's Creek over here until Pop picked it up and it became popular with a lot of people. Maybe another foreign show will become a hit when/if the CW picks it up.
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