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  1. The new logo looks straight out of the 90's.
  2. Well, Disney's the one company that lobbies to extend copyright law, and ABC has filed strikes on people who've uploaded classic soaps in the past, even though they aired just once. With streaming in full swing, I wonder if they'll ever release those seasons, even if it's a lot of episodes. If it's a newscast that aired that once that was the result of the account being banned, that's petty on their part.
  3. This isn't the first time he's been suspended. He was suspended quite a few years ago as well, and he might have had another account suspended as well. I assume it's copyright related, although I don't know who filed the strikes.
  4. I liked Judge Lynn Toler when she was on Divorce Court, but 3 judges in 3 years doesn't seem like a good sign. Plus, I'm surprised it's still on. I liked the show during the late 2000's and early 2010's compared to the last few seasons.
  5. You think Disney Channel will go away entirely? If so, it would be the end of an era. I know in other countries it's been shut down. Losing VH1 and TV Land would also stink as they were both very popular for years. MTV2, BET Her and NickMusic were never that popular to begin with.
  6. I guess NBCSN had a very basic shutdown. They aired a rerun of a Mecum Auto Auction, followed by a promo for the Premier League moving to USA, and then a blank slide telling viewers to watch the Premier League on USA. I would've hoped they did something bigger, but I'm not surprised.
  7. Blame it on 90 years of copyright terms in this country.
  8. Agreed. Larry was the face of CNN for decades. Why not put a show similar to it in the 9 PM hour? It would be different than what FOX and MSNBC do in that timeslot and CNN pretty much rehashes the same headlines with a different anchor every hour.
  9. Hasn't Oz's show pretty much had low ratings for a while but only stays on because of how cheap it is to produce? With his campaign announcement and stations dropping it for obvious reasons, why not drop it everywhere, have the affiliates run a different show for a few months, and then his daughter's show can replace it on every one of the stations it airs?
  10. It looks like there are no plans for Tegna stations to return to Dish at this point. A few weeks ago, Dish filed an FCC complaint arguing that TEGNA was not negotiating in good faith. TEGNA calls Dish's claims "Baseless". Charlie Ergen said earlier today that the loss of TEGNA stations might be permanent, and they have a better shot of reaching a long term deal with Sinclair, as they're larger. Sinclair has agreed to several extensions since August.
  11. ESPN has really winded down ESPN Classic for years now, so this was going to happen sooner or later. The channel's been either dropped completely or pushed to higher-priced packages. I used to watch racing reruns and Stump the Schwab on there years ago. With and the advent of YouTube and league/conference channels showing old games, the channel's purpose has decreased in recent years. Sad to see it go in a way, but not surprised either.
  12. Put Live PD on and maybe revive its spinoffs and Newsnation will be in the top 10 in the ratings. It would probably one of the few things needed to keep a cable/satellite subscription as it would offer something no other network or streaming service would have. Do the 9-midnight slot Fridays and Saturdays and re-air it from midnight-3 AM, and maybe run highlights of last week's shows before the new episode airs, just like A&E did. The ratings would be on par with live sports that evening. It was that way until its cancellation.
  13. Such a shame. Remy was not just a legend in Boston, but baseball broadcasting in general. He will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Jerry.
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