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  1. Sounds exactly like What ABC does on WNT all the time, which Tom used to anchor on weekends.
  2. What a total ripoff of CNN's graphics.
  3. It's also on both Pluto TV and Reelz, but on over-the air syndication, it's probably finished, although Langley Productions has acquired the syndication rights from FOX/Disney.
  4. Used to watch her on the WGN Midday News back when WGN America was still a superstation. May she R.I.P.
  5. Not a fan of this change. The CBS eye logo on the right was fine, and was not dated. This, on the other hand, is very small. If you have a TV that has part of the picture cut off, you won't even see it. I hope they make it bigger eventually.
  6. I forgot about that first graphics package.
  7. I've noticed this on some of my smart TV apps as well. I don't think CBSN has had a graphics change since its launch.
  8. I wish the government would put a stop to it, but it won't happen I'm sure.
  9. Even though I never used Locast, it's still a big loss for cord-cutters. I know it was very popular as it had over 3 million subscribers. It wouldn't shock me if it comes back under a new name and model and hopefully can operate with no legal issues. I'm surprised the broadcasters haven't found a way to end over-the air broadcasting and hope it never happens.
  10. It was originally going to be Sept. 13 according to TV Newser.
  11. There'd be lots of complaints if they interrupt Blue Bloods or Last Man Standing, even though they're reruns.
  12. He wasn't terrible, but he just seemed nervous. Stumbling over his words and getting too excited during responses. They should've given him two weeks. I had high expectations for him.
  13. It looks like there's a short-term extension for now, so it looks like it's not over yet.
  14. Sinclair stations are still on Dish at this time.
  15. Live with Kelly & Ryan is moving to WUPW. They will also be the Toledo affiliate for Young Sheldon as well.

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