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  1. Does anybody know if KTVO in Kirksville, MO or KHQA in Hannibal, MO were affected? I am outside of their viewing areas & was not able to check.
  2. It seems to be mostly kids that are doing this.
  3. About a week, or more, ago, WDAF-TV in Kansas City, MO swapped the time slots of Jeopardy! & Judge Judy. Jeopardy! now airs back-to-back from 4-5PM & Judge Judy now airs back-to-back from 2-3PM. Judge Judy aired in the 4-5PM timeslot, on WDAF-TV since about 1998 (23 years) Before that, Judge Judy was airing, back-to-back, from 11AM-12PM from 1997-98 & when it premiered in 1996, WDAF-TV aired it in a post 11PM timeslot.
  4. The video of the 1990 Worldwide TV & FM DX'ing (WTFDA) in Manassas, VA has been reuploaded!
  5. Yeah, I just found this clip yesterday. I didn't think to check back here. From what I've heard, this news clip came from a tape that had a home video recording of a 1990 "Worldwide TV FM DX'ing Association" convention in Manassas, VA. As you mentioned, this clip could have been from an older recording.
  6. A 1990 news report about the hobby of TV DX'ing from WSMV-TV in Nashville, TN. Featuring a rare mid 1980's ID from KCWS-TV, Ch. 3 in Glenwood Springs, CO.
  7. This video is silent. The TV stations featured here are: WSJS-TV (Now WXII-TV.), Ch. 12, Winston-Salem, NC WTOB-TV, Ch. 26 (Defunct), Winston-Salem, NC WNAO-TV, Ch. 28 (Defunct - Frequency later occupied by WRDC-TV), Raleigh, NC WFMY-TV, Ch. 2, Greensboro, NC WGVL-TV, Ch. 23 (Defunct), Greenville, SC
  8. Here is a little bit of an update, including exactly where exactly where the ATSC 1.0 broadcasts of KMCI & KSMO are moving to, about the launch of ATSC 3.0 in the Kansas City area on August 24, 2021. According to KyL416 on the AVS Forum & Jay Nix, Director of Engineering at KSHB-TV & KMCI-TV, the following will be available in ATSC 3.0: KMCI (RF 25): 4-1 WDAF (FOX) 19-1 KCPT (PBS) 38-1 KMCI 41-1 KSHB (NBC) KSMO (RF 32): 5-1 KCTV (CBS) 9-1 KMBC (ABC) 29-1 KCWE (CW) 62-1 KSMO (MyNet) These will be the locations of KSMO's ATSC 1.0 simulcasts: 62.1 MyNetwo
  9. A few years ago, I came across a video on YouTube, which was a news report from, what I believe was, WSMV-TV, Ch. 4 in Nashville, TN (Or one of the other TV stations in that area.), about a guy who's hobby was picking up & logging distant OTA TV stations (The hobby is known as TV DX'ing.). This report aired in 1985. I would like to see this video again, but I can't remember what the name of the video was.
  10. KSHB-TV in Kansas City, MO is airing repeats of their 10PM newscast at 12:37AM.
  11. A pre-ABC KSPR-TV, Ch. 33, Springfield, MO, from 1985. They switched from being an independent to ABC the following year & launched a newscast in 1987. Featuring clips from the KSPR-TV produced local kids show "Sammy's Place".
  12. That's too bad. I wonder if that was the channel that also had the stuff from WQEX-TV in Pittsburgh, PA on it, including a recording from their Black & White days, as well as all 3 of the humorous signoffs that they had. Do you remember what the name of the channel was?
  13. I just received the following message from Jay Nix, Director of Engineering at KSHB & KMCI: It looks like almost every full-power TV station in the Kansas City area, except for KTAJ-TV & KPXE-TV, will be participating in ATSC 3.0 starting on August 24, 2021.
  14. A behind-the-scenes look at KYUS-TV, Ch. 3, Miles City, MT, ca. 1979. From an episode of "Real People", featuring the late Fred Willard.
  15. Some rare classic, over-the-air, TV DX & other stuff. From 1966!
  16. Some signoffs from WQEX-TV, ca. 1990's.
  17. When I had uploaded a partial 1993 newscast from KTVO-TV, Ch. 3, Kirksville, MO\Ottumwa, IA to YouTube last year, I was contacted by somebody that now works as a news director there, who was looking for old news clips to compile into a reel & thanked me for uploading what I had of the newscast. They also said that while the TV station does have some of their old newscasts archived on U-Matic & DVC Pro tapes, they no longer have the equipment needed to play them. I was also contacted by another person who, at the time I think, worked as a producer there as well & thanked me for uplo
  18. KMBC-TV, Ch. 9 in Kansas City, MO use to do this as well with both The 10 Commandments & the Sound of Music. They would start the movies at 6PM, instead of 7PM.
  19. KPXE-TV, in Kansas City, MO, has dropped HSN & is now carrying QVC2 on Ch. 50.6.
  20. Has anybody had problems with Vimeo?
  21. Here are some promos & ID's I found on a tape that I have announcing PAX-TV's transition to i - Independent Television, from Summer 2005.
  22. In Kansas City, MO, as a result of the Katz networks starting to move to KPXE-TV. KMCI-TV, Ch. 38.4 has changed from Court TV to HSN (In 16:9 widescreen.) & KSHB-TV has added GetTV to Ch. 41.4. KPXE-TV is still showing HSN on Ch. 50.6 (In 4:3 letterbox.).
  23. A couple of "NewsChannel 4 weather advisories" from WDAF-TV, Ch. 4 in Kansas City, MO, ca. 1996.

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