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  1. There was also a YouTube channel named Alton Wright that was doing the same thing, only with PBS TV stations. He hasn't uploaded anything in over a year & seems to have given up on the channel.
  2. A behind the scenes tour of WBOC-TV, Ch. 16 in Salisbury, Maryland, circa 1960's.
  3. This will be the first time, that I can remember, that KMBC-TV has aired The View at 10AM. I wonder if the 12PM Noon news on KCWE-TV was a test run & what will happen to it.
  4. Starting next week (6/27/2022), WDAF-TV, Ch. 4 in Kansas City, MO, will debut a 4PM newscast. Current weekday daytime schedule: 2PM Judge Judy (x2) 3PM Family Feud (x2) 4PM Jeopardy! (x2) Current late night schedule: 2AM Family Feud (x2) Weekday daytime schedule starting 6/27/2022: 2PM Judge Judy 2:30PM Family Feud (x2) 3:30PM Jeopardy! 4PM Fox 4 News at 4PM Weekday late night schedule starting 6/28/2022: 2AM Jeopardy! 2:30AM Family Feud
  5. I watched this show, on a somewhat regular basis, during the first 5 seasons. The TV station that I watched it on was KMCI-TV, Ch. 38 in Kansas City, MO. For the first 4, or so, years, the had it on between 7-8PM.
  6. Some commercial breaks from KDEB-TV (Now KOZL-TV.), Ch.27 in Springfield, MO, from the last few weeks of their ABC afilation. They switched to Fox\independent in October 1986, changed callsigns to KSFX in 2005, dropped Fox, switched to being independent & changed callsigns to KOZL-TV, in 2011 & picked up MyNetworkTV in 2014.
  7. They're probably replacing it with Story TV.
  8. A 10PM news teaser open & first few minutes of a 10PM newscast from KMTV-TV, Ch. 3 in Omaha, NE, from February 4, 1986. This was about 5 months before the switched networks from NBC to CBS. I found this, recorded in Beta III speed, on a Scotch Beta Tape that I got off of eBay.
  9. I've recorded the launch of Story Television, off of KMBC-TV, Ch. 9.3, in Kansas City, MO, & uploaded it here.
  10. A "Reception Repair" PSA from KZKC-TV (Now KSMO-TV.), Ch. 62 in Kansas City, MO, ca. 1985.
  11. Sorry, I forgot all about the Speculatron thread, I just wanted to provide something of my own in addition to posting a link to, & quoting, the site. Thanks for the correction anyway.
  12. "The network will be available nationwide on the TV stations of Hearst Television, Marquee Broadcasting, Maranatha Broadcasting, Weigel Broadcasting and other affiliate partners." "Story Television marquee series will include Biography, The Men Who Built America, World War II in HD, Modern Marvels, Mankind: The Story of All of Us and more." I wonder if this will be carried on KCWE-TV, Ch. 29.3, in Kansas City, MO? They currently have their main programming on Ch. 29.1, True Crime Network on Ch. 29.2 & HSN on Ch. 29.4.
  13. A commercial break from then WB affiliate WBFX-TV (Now CW affilate WCWG-TV.), in Lexington/Winston-Salem/Greensboro & High Point, NC, from August 10, 2000, just 18 days before they changed their callsign to WTWB-TV. At the time, they were owned by Pappas Telecasting (Now owned by Hearst & a sister station to WXII-TV.) & had cheap, primitive graphics.
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