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  1. The local 24/7 weather channels kinda predated the popular smartphones by about 4 to 5 years.
  2. There are still some TV stations that carry WeatherNation (Some carry the raw feed & others include local weather information.). I think it's pretty safe to say that their popularity has waned, not just due to smartphones, but also due to the internet & streaming (WeatherNation has their own online stream.) One thing that I've read is that the first TV station to operate a 24/7 weather channel was ABC affiliate, KMIZ-TV, Ch. 17 in Columbia, MO, which launched in late 2003 (It was replaced with MeTV on January 9, 2012.).
  3. Some clips from KEKR-TV (Now KSMO-TV.), Ch. 62 in Kansas City, MO.
  4. I've got some old prerecorded "public domain" VHS tapes that have old cartoons on them. One tape called "All Star Cartoons Video featuring Porky Pig" actually had a technical diffuculty recorded on it (I've seen technical diffuculties on TV, but very, very rarely on prerecorded, store-bought VHS tapes.). I am wondering if anyone else have seen technical problems on prerecorded tapes.
  5. A 6PM newscast from KCMO-TV (Now KCTV-TV.), Ch. 5 in Kansas City, MO, from October 1959.
  6. KMBC-TV, Ch. 9, Kansas City, MO, Complete Late Newscast From 3-24-1991, with Peggy Breit (Now retired.), Dave Stewart (Who also worked at Metro Sports.) & Meteorologist Bruce Jones (Now at Midland Radio Corporation.). Mike Walter, who was featured in the lineup, but was taking the night off on the evening of this newscast, is now at CGTN America.
  7. KCWB-TV (Now KCWE-TV.) Ch. 29, Kansas City, MO, Technical Diffuculties, Circa May 1997. KCPT-TV, Ch. 19, Kansas City, MO, Viewer Discretion Advised Disclaimer, Circa May 2004 KCPT-TV, Ch. 19, Kansas City, MO, Tornado Warning & Weather Crawl, Circa May 2004. KCPT-TV, Ch. 19, Kansas City, MO, Technical Diffuculty Moments, Circa May 2004. KTWU-TV, Ch. 11, Topeka, KS, Signoff (Circa Spring or Summer 1998), Classic TV DX.
  8. A WDAF-TV "NewsChannel 4" 4:00PM news update with Dave Helling (Now of The Kansas City Star.).
  9. A WDAF-TV, "NewsChannel 4" promo, featuring Harris Falkner & Phil Witt, from ca. Spring 1996.
  10. A mostly complete 10PM newscast from KTKA-TV, Ch. 49 in Topeka, KS, circa February 1993.
  11. A custom made KTKA-TV, Ch. 49 "It Must be ABC" promo from February 1993.
  12. KTVO-TV, Ch. 3, Kirksville, MO-Ottumwa, IA, Rare EBS Test & Station ID, Circa 1992.
  13. An incomplete KTVO-TV, Ch. 3, Late Newscast from April 4, 1993. A very rare incomplete newscast from KTMJ-LP Ch. 6 in Junction City, KS, circa 2000. This was when KTMJ-LP had their own inhouse news department & before they transplanted the KTMJ-LP callsign to their Ch. 43 translator in Topeka, KS (In 2001.) & moved their operations to Topeka, KS (In 2004.).
  14. A couple of WDAF-TV "NewsChannel 4" Weather Advisories from circa Spring 1996, that I found on an old VHS tape.

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