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I’m a news junkie..so what

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  1. They only did it for that night. They had the Nexstar ABC gfx pkg for their 11 AM show.
  2. Their set looks so Sinclair to me. The graphics are alright. Better than some of the other stations that use the same ones.
  3. WMC got a set 2 years ago. All they ever do now is tight shots. I’ve seen many other stations with similar sets do great things with them.
  4. Plus in Memphis WMC and WATN are failing by the newscast. Let’s see what happens to WREG
  5. I don’t know if there is a thread for this, but Gray Television has updated their livestream players into HD for some legacy Raycom Stations. They are no longer pixely like the Raycom live-streams. Also when they go to break it says that you are watching a gray tv station. WMC’s livestream has been re-playing Friday’s live update during the Today show. They used the new livestream for the 3pm newscast yesterday. They also updated WLBT’s
  6. I was going through YouTube and I found a part of WDBD’s possible open with the WLOX graphics.
  7. Do you think WATN will get a new set in the future?
  8. I wish that every Gray station that picked up WMC’s pkg could pick up WAVE’s package, but that’s a dream.
  9. Has KSWO in Lawton, OK gotten Gray’d yet?
  10. I think that if they use the graphics like WTOC,WCSC, and WXIX and better lower thirds, the graphics would look better. They need more options of graphics customizable to the station. I haven’t seen any station use WRLH’s graphics.
  11. Is Scripps giving out new sets to their stations with their new gfx package?
  12. WMC did the same thing. They only got cousin upper thirds.
  13. I wonder what this will mean for Memphis station WMC and WATN/WLMT
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