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  1. I'm so glad East High got that set. They really need a good studio.
  2. WAGM unveiled a new studio last fall. I don't think it's been covered on the fourms or Discord, but take a look at the set. It's FX Design Group's cookie cutter set that was used for a lot of ex-Raycom stations with duratrans and eventually placed with BMWs or BAMs. Also look how washed out the talent is on the set. I think this set only has the main anchor desk with duratrans, a wx center, and chroma key wall.
  3. Falling or the WLOX Package would have been better.
  4. Ehh….honeycomb is worse. The WBTV graphics are the best hands down! It’s a Bruce evolution of the LIM4 graphics package. I wish that WOIO’s graphics would become available to all stations.
  5. If you look at the graphics package on the monitor behind Liz or what’s on Sat 16 above the teleprompter, it’s the WMC Graphics package.
  6. It’s no surprise, but this might be the graphics package WVUE Fox 8 is getting. This was inside their control room.
  7. A bit of anchor shuffle at WMC in Memphis. You all know by now that Kontji Anthony will not extend her contract as weekday evening anchor at WMC. Her last day is set to be sometime in mid April. Current morning co-anchor Joy Redmond has been promoted to co-anchor the weekday 5, 6, and 10pm evening newscasts. Weekend evening and weekday reporter Arianna Poindexter will become the new morning anchor. Weekday nightside reporter Keli Cook will replace Arianna's role. https://dailymemphian.com/section/metro/article/27938/action-news-5-kontji-anthony-joy-redmond-kelli-cook-arianna-poindexter
  8. I don't know if this is the new set, or they moved to something temporary: They've been on this for close to a week now.
  9. KAIT has been very tight lipped on updates on their new set. If you look closely, you can see it behind the glass. No word yet on when it will debut.
  10. KAIT in Jonesboro got the new Gray look as well.
  11. WREG has started putting previews of News Nation on their 5pm shows.
  12. If anybody took a long time to get their set, it would have to be WREG. They took about 5 months to get rid of the newsroom, repaint the walls, and build the new set. They are now doing construction to build a new newsroom.
  13. Here is some talk about racism at my local TEGNA station. It's a really goof video, and I think we need to have more conversations about this in media. Racism at Local 24
  14. When I saw that yesterday, I was like I could barley read it. It was worse with a document today! I just want to say that they could have tried a little more with the open.
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