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  1. WREG has started putting previews of News Nation on their 5pm shows.
  2. If anybody took a long time to get their set, it would have to be WREG. They took about 5 months to get rid of the newsroom, repaint the walls, and build the new set. They are now doing construction to build a new newsroom.
  3. Here is some talk about racism at my local TEGNA station. It's a really goof video, and I think we need to have more conversations about this in media. Racism at Local 24
  4. When I saw that yesterday, I was like I could barley read it. It was worse with a document today! I just want to say that they could have tried a little more with the open.
  5. It seems alright. I was watching Fox 13 this morning, and their rejoin for Coverage sounds pretty scary. I’ve lived in Memphis all my life, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time in about 15 years that they have ditched elements of the Fox O&O Graphics.
  6. The station on Dothan,AL uses the same graphics as the new network news station Local News Live. WDAM’s Jessica Bowman left her morning anchor position to do something with them.
  7. Here is another package called Hippo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=untMZ-ivJE8
  8. Found one of the old Gray TV Packages. If I'm correct, it's called 41 Degrees.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvHTfb14yA
  9. I suprised WHBQ has not taken 2nd place in the 5,6, and 10pm, time slot. This was leaked from a producer at WREG. It talks a little bit about ratings.
  10. So they also got a new set. I noticed they changed their website to the gfx pkg that they are currently using.
  11. here is the website to the old gray graphics. https://sites.google.com/site/graygraphichub/home
  12. They only did it for that night. They had the Nexstar ABC gfx pkg for their 11 AM show.
  13. Their set looks so Sinclair to me. The graphics are alright. Better than some of the other stations that use the same ones.
  14. WMC got a set 2 years ago. All they ever do now is tight shots. I’ve seen many other stations with similar sets do great things with them.

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