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  1. It's a shame lawsuits like this become a long, drawn out ordeal. Based solely on the info in this article, I'd say she has a more or less open-shut case against KUSI. Just because age and gender aren't discussed doesn't mean they weren't a factor, and to be paid that much less than those who are younger, less experienced, and male is quite the slap in the face. Asking to be treated equally (i.e, pay) and being let go is pretty blatant, unless they have hard and fast proof of the things they claim.
  2. I guess that explains why we were locked out of the CNN Newsroom yesterday. Terrible, horrible, no good, really really bad move that disproportionately affects non-affiliates imo. CNN was a godsend when we were in the first few weeks of covering protests. I can't imagine this policy holds up for long, but time will tell. Exclusives don't matter if you don't have the viewership. They'd be better off funneling all of their VO through NewsNation and making CNN run that as the courtesy.
  3. Lot of strong opinions in here for a show that's three days old. They're laying the foundation for a cable news network. The writing is on the wall, and i have to wonder why some of you feel so strongly after three days that it's a failure. It's well produced, they have all of the right people and equipment, and Sook himself /claimed/ they broke even on startup costs by ending some shows that aired on the WGNA, and Nexstar isn't exactly hurting for money right now. They've got big ticket ad revenue, at least based on commercials, so there's absolutely no reason in the near term for anyone to think NewsNation will fail. This is a long term commitment, and Nexstar has no intention of selling any part of WGN. Some of you are so willfully ignorant and stuck in the past that it hurts. Let the media landscape change for once without kicking and screaming the whole way.
  4. Not a bad debut imo. Is that cumulative for the whole three hours, or just the first hour?
  5. Is that a LOWER THIRD COPYRIGHT?! Who are they and what have they done with Nexstar? Definitely glad to see they didn't stick with the usual 10 second copyright tape. Would have been hilariously out of place.
  6. I'm hesitant to sing it's praises this early, but I am genuinely impressed with the style, look, and delivery so far. It has that familiar local feel at the National level, which will work for it. With the power of time, patience, social media, and sustained effort, I think they will slowly pull viewers from all of the big cable networks. I hope they drop the overt "We have no bias" soon. The way they carry themselves says it all, so that will get old quick.
  7. Trying to watch the live feed on the app exposed some bugs. Screen rotated but would never rotate back. Had to close and kill the app to get it back to normal. If you press the home button, you still hear audio until you kill the app. All simple things I'm sure they'll iron out as people come across them, or may just be specific to my device.
  8. If you click through the site, it's obvious they've been treating it as if they were live for a while. There are even full packages and live shots complete with graphics embedded in articles. Just one example. Graphics are definitely unique, but we already knew that. I'm sensing good execution so far, but only time will tell. Still need viewers to make it work. Also, if I may, I happened across THIS article, which has the "NewsNation Now" tag on it (a digital exclusive?) and it may or may not have made me cry. I'm a sucker for sick-dog stories.
  9. The idea that just by axing a few shows makes them break even on the startup costs is unfathomable to me. That's /probably/ about a half million dollar operation, was WGNA really forking over that kind of cash for some of their shows? Or do I not fully grasp how much money is tied up in those shows? At any rate, with the sheer depth of talent and content Nexstar has access too, I wouldn't be surprised if Nexstar starts filling WGNA with Nexstar Originals, if that ever becomes a thing.
  10. That's one of, if not the best, packages SAM has ever done. Very traditional, but very modern.
  11. I've been impressed with Tegna and Sinclair's coverage so far in the Beaumont DMA. Hopefully stations close to the coast have evacuated or have backup plans. I assume Tegna has already, or is ready at a moments notice, to fall back to KHOU. I don't know off the top of my head where Sinclair's stations could go in order to keep coverage going. This is a guaranteed natural catastrophe with some areas bring uninhabitable for months. Hopefully these stations and there staff are prepared.
  12. I wonder how long their weather segments will be? I mean, a whole six or seven minute block would give them ample time to bounce across national weather headlines and get some regional forecasting in. Honestly, it's a good way to break up the news itself. Still, I also wonder how long it will last.
  13. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but (barring technical issues) I don't think the other national networks usually air "live" in the west unless there's a major event or other reason to.
  14. The open is a little clunky... but moreover, what is that package? That's quite a variant from C Clarity.
  15. I've never considered Gray to be especially heinous when taking over stations, so hopefully those who don't get re-hired get preference and assistance should they choose to go to other Gray properties. Either way, I hate it for their newsroom. They had such a solid operation, and it sucks to see it get picked apart like this.
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