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  1. They get a bunch of walls blown out for an expanded studio and new weather offices, and we can't even get a damn switcher?! /s Nexstar seems to love going all in on their duopolies. Makes us little guys feel left out.
  2. When the generals in question are disgraced and pledge loyalty to Trump and not the people nor the constitution, they lost any right they had to be heard or respected. It's been proven time and time again that these claims are false and dangerous because their goal is to undermine democracy, not reinforce it. Hopefully time shows you just how clouded your vision has become. That's the last thing I'll say on that. Wish you nothing but the best after January 20.
  3. This... I... maybe it's my exhaustion, but this post and that link are just bait, right? I mean, everything you just said and linked are... nevermind.
  4. Man, where did this guy get this recording from? That Breaking News open definitely running at a crispy 60fps, and I love it. Is WKRN airing in 60fps? I'd assume they may be switching at 60 but transmitting at 29.97, unless I'm missing something? Either way, I think this package is an excellent fit. Also, mad props to the talent for just rolling with the punches off the top. I've seen an anchor or two absolutely crash and burn when stuff goes wrong, so good on them.
  5. So it was I who was late to the party. Whoops.
  6. I have yet to see NewsNation cut in to WGNA since the AP called the race for Biden. That's quite the bad look when you're trying to compete at the national level.
  7. All of the networks have called the Presidency for Biden. I find it humorous that FOX News hasn't cut in to network programming, while ABC and CBS are blowing out their early football games and NBC is coming up on a soccer match that they will most likely cut into.
  8. No networks or other news organizations have called the race yet. The writing is on the wall, but I suspect at this point network decision desks are planning on making the call in primetime.
  9. We made a Breitbart appearance during the Primaries for the same thing. It's so simple to have it happen, and in our case, we didn't even know it had happened until after the fact. Someone was fiddling with the ticker, and our MC had stepped away to use the restroom. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/03/16/illinois-news-station-mistakenly-airs-election-results-day-before-primary-showing-joe-biden-victory/
  10. tsk tsk, some of you are SO quick to jump to your own conclusions and decisions about this thing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a long game. They didn't pour X amount of dollars into NewsNation just to sell it off with the rest of WGNA. NewsNation is the first step in a much larger idea to (more than likely) create another CNN or FOX News. NewsNation as a show may not live forever, but you don't pour that kind of money into an operation if you aren't playing the long game (5-10 years). There are logical next steps they can take to gain viewership and exponentially increase exposure (see: NewsNation airing in 30 minute, 1 hour, or 3 hour chunks on affiliates) so its far from dead. Any assumption to the contrary is very misinformed and simply not very well thought out.
  11. That is the standard Nexstar Closings / Severe Weather crawl. These are usually housed within "NewsTicker" or a similar solution, integrated directly into the station website, and fairly simple to install and setup. It's the same standard design applied across all stations, with some exceptions. Most of the Nexstar packages are designed around the same common ticker/bug height so it can be easily integrated. I'd say it most closely resembles the look of the CBS package, but I believe it predates that by a few years. It's an obvious sign of Nexstarization, but I recall the same thing being brought up a few months ago. More likely, as soon as KFOR switched to the Nexstar website, they launched this crawl package for Closings.
  12. Who's asking? Lance Schroeder's team built the set, but I couldn't tell you who designed it. Perhaps Lance did as well, but I'm not 100% sure. Also, I just checked out your website. I'm glad to finally know who did the WGN News set. WGN and KTLA are lowkey my favorite active sets. I'll be sad to see them go if/when it comes to that.
  13. I think, based on everything i've seen, we'll have a clear winner within a day or two. If Biden carries the Great Lakes States, it won't matter what happens in some other swing states (see: FL and TX). Obviously there are hundreds of ways things could play out on Election night, but if States like PA, OH, MI, etc swing as hard left as some polls suggest, then it may very well be just a bog standard election night. Yes yes, I know we're all caught up in polls in 2020 just like we were in 2016, but when you add context, knowledge, and history to the 2020 polling, I think it's still fairly clear what will probably happen on election night. Networks will call the race when they see fit. Now, whether the President concedes on election night or not is an entirely different story, and what actions certain parties take after election day remain to be seen.
  14. looks like it's Fox's turn to have a mid-week game.
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