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  1. Looks like they’ve dusted off the ol’ Action 16 moniker from the 70s-2000s for their new investigative reporting. I feel like it’s the first we’ve seen any WNEP branding onscreen without the big surrounding box and call letters for quite a while. Doesn’t look bad.
  2. After nearly 30 years, WNEP-TV 16's longtime morning anchor Tom Williams is leaving the station. https://www.wnep.com/article/news/local/tom-williams-leaving-wnep-after-nearly-30-years-morning-anchor/523-3958c7ab-85b5-4968-95de-21526d4e46de
  3. It seems in the past week or so that newscasts on WBRE/WYOU now have the reporters referencing the channel numbers of the two stations for the first time in roughly 15~ years. It's VERY awkward when you hear it spoken in a toss to a package like: "WBRE 28 WYOU 22 Eyewitness News reporter, Chris Bohinski tells us..." What could have prompted this change?
  4. The morning weather when Snedeker is on makes a graphic artist like myself CRINGE. The 7-Day looks slapped together by a 5 year old. Nothing in-line, differing fonts, the boxes just put wherever. Not to mention, in the AM and Noon, Temperatures for all days are displayed "High/Low", but in all other dayparts, it's "Low/High". Why? I realize WNEP can get away with most anything it seems in the TEGNA empire, but my god, I wonder if anyone at corporate pays attention to their broadcasts.
  5. If I remember, when the graphics switched to the Tribune set a couple years ago, Talkback showcased moaning about tiny text, ESPECIALLY with the lottery numbers. I'd expect similar as some of the ticker text, and the temp bug are in such a thin text older folks will want that bolded up cause they won't look great on those old Zenith tube TVs.
  6. Even as a local it makes me wonder how Scranton, of all markets, gets to keep its signature sound, but all the others stations needed to toe the corporate line. Is WNEP that special?
  7. Website for WNEP has flipped to the new TEGNA format:
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