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  1. It took 12 days after the network launch but the Bally Sports website has finally went live! Still no update on the Fox Sports Go app which is now all thats left of the Fox brand on the regional sports networks. https://www.ballysports.com/
  2. Looks like Bally's has plans to introduce exclusive graphics for each sport once the new NBA and NHL seasons start in October. Makes sense since they launched with only a month left in the current Basketball/Hockey season. Seems a lot better if they do a full rollout at the beginning the season. Baseball will probably get the same treatment next Summer as well. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2021/04/02/bally-sports-broadcast-design-insert-graphics/
  3. The logo bug for Baseball looks a little different. They do not use the team logos. Instead, they are using the Bally's logo by itself.
  4. Yeh I think the idea behind this is to mainly get viewers to notice the Bally Sports name. It's a brand new sports media brand entirely so it's important to get it out there as best as possible in it's first few months on the air. I think there are plans to eventually go back to different graphic packages for each sport at some point down the line. They also put these graphics together within months which is not easy to pull off. Most networks take years to do graphics like this. I think once they have more time, they will introduce more new graphics exclusive for each sport.
  5. YES Network who is now affiliated with Bally Sports debuted this new ticker today. YES Network has still used the same ticker as FOX Sports with a different font until now. Could this be the official new ticker for the Bally RSNs?
  6. Still a sneak peek I guess but more graphics revealed... I guess they are going to use a lot of sky blue and bright red coloring with their branding. https://www.sportsvideo.org/2021/03/30/how-sinclair-pulled-off-the-gargantuan-bally-sports-networks-rebrand-amid-the-pandemic/
  7. Bally Sports is live! A few affiliates have started showing this new On-Air logo bug. Looks like the new game time logo bug will keep the same similar look with the team logo next to the network logo. I guess they are going to use the "B" a lot more often than just Bally Sports text. I kinda like it with the red shade. It helps the logo look more visible so it doesn't blend in with the ice for hockey games.
  8. New score bug has been revealed! Looks like the new graphics will be cloned from sister channel Marquee Sports Network. The score bug itself is modified to be a straight line across the bottom of the screen for Baseball. Wouldn't be shocked if Marquee adapts the same change at the start of Baseball season.
  9. First look at the new studio desk that is being used for the Bally Sports networks. New look also gives a tease at the new graphics but this all that they are showing. I guess Sinclair wants to wait until Wednesday (The day it launches) to show it all as one big reveal. Similar to how they launched Marquee Sports Network.
  10. First look at the new promo graphics. Love the red coloring. It really sticks out compared to the blue branding they have had during the FOX era. I'm really curious to see if the new broadcast graphics will copy Marquee or if it will be something new entirely. This promo also gives a tease of the new music at the end.
  11. First look at the new graphics. I kinda miss the practice facility look but the lower thirds look so much better. I think this looks better than the lower thirds that CBS debuted with Super Bowl LV.
  12. Got a teaser of the new graphics and the CBS studio look inside Raymond James Stadium. This was part of a halftime segment for the College Basketball game on CBS. Looks like they didn't want to reveal too much of the graphics as they only revealed the lower third for the On-Air panel. The animation was just a clean wipe. Looks like they are planning to go more dark grey and less blue with the new graphics package.
  13. Wow, I'm glad they aren't going to dramatically changing the score bug like FOX keeps doing ever Super Bowl. Looks like they are going for a sheen and gloss look similar to FOX Sports from Super Bowl LI.
  14. If the eye is going to play big a role in the new graphics, then maybe the graphics could have more of a rounded ends look similar to the March Madness graphics from 2011. CBS obviously needs to get rid of the box shape. Both FOX and NBC are now going the slanted route with their NFL broadcasts getting away from the boxy look. Maybe CBS will go the same route but instead have the outline shape of the graphics align to the CBS eye.

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