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  1. I have no idea if Gray will carry on with their plans for a new transmitter near Freeport or will they just put the CBS channel on a sub channel of WREX. Either way, it really marks the end of an era for television in that area.
  2. They might pick up circle if it’s not carried in the market already. Most likely it will stay in its current form.
  3. To say you’re stunned is an understatement at this point. It truly is shocking, but expected considering they were on a buying spree these past few years.
  4. jd285

    In Memoriam

    What a legend this guy was. Even after he left CNN, he never stopped doing what he loved. Rest In Peace to a true legend.
  5. Tuned into NewsNet a few minutes ago and they seemed to be live covering the inauguration. Branding was under the breaking news banner.
  6. WXLV posted a video of their morning update https://abc45.com/news/local/wxlv-morning-update
  7. There are some differences here. For one, I think there’s two video walls that WCIA doesn’t have, not including the two screens next to one video wall, and the screen behind the weather center is larger. But the anchor desk side of things and the big video wall are basically the same as WCIA. Overall, nice job to Nexstar for creating, in my opinion, Rockford’s most advanced set. Far more ways to tell stories here than WIFR/WREX.
  8. Set will be debuting at 5pm. Looks like they are getting the WCIA set.
  9. I recall seeing something similar when NBC was showing some b roll footage during their evening newscast with the “News Nation” credit on it. I believe this is another way Nexstar is trying to promote News Nation, via footage credits. Clever indeed.
  10. They’ve been on the temporary set for a month now. Apparently the set is finished and ready to go, and the crew is training on the set, as shown in the video below. A rather quick set up, think it will be ready to go by Tuesday.
  11. They’re working on a new set over at WTVO.
  12. Here’s a video from last week showing the new weather graphics. Seems like they started using them on Friday.
  13. WIFR debuted this set of graphics when they launched their new 4pm newscast last Tuesday. The weather forecasts also rebranded under the “First Alert Weather” branding, with minor modifications on that end.
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