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  1. They’re working on a new set over at WTVO.
  2. Here’s a video from last week showing the new weather graphics. Seems like they started using them on Friday.
  3. WIFR debuted this set of graphics when they launched their new 4pm newscast last Tuesday. The weather forecasts also rebranded under the “First Alert Weather” branding, with minor modifications on that end.
  4. It doesn’t really mean much if they still have the searchlights in the logo. It’s easy to associate it with the FOX brand and it saves management money since they don’t have to spend money to replace all the logos with the new one. Hence why WRLH still had the searchlights in its logo until a few years ago.
  5. I’m surprised Nexstar gave them a new set. I was originally expecting they just give them some new graphics. This pretty much kills off the idea that the on air broadcasts would be merged into one.
  6. They really did a good job customizing the open to make it more unique.
  7. The 11pm open includes the Tegna breaking news graphic, looks like we can expect changes within the next week.
  8. There’s so many things wrong with it. The voiceover, the gold and black in the graphics, the new branding. This is just not a good look.
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