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  1. In the previous construction photo, the new curved wall is not installed yet, but part of it'sn black frame can be seen on the right. The old WNT home base was on the right and GMA Weekend was on the left. This photo from earlier during demolition of the old set taken from almost the exact same spot in the upstairs gallery should help you get your bearings.
  2. Thats it on the left side before the frosted glass wall was put up in front of it.
  3. Tucked away in a corner of TV-3, this tiny workhorse set has been the home of the highest ratings for WNT in decades.
  4. False alarm. Testing ongoing. We'll see.
  5. I'm starting a new TV3 thread here since all the posts about the new set are getting stacked on the WNT thread. So far, we've seen election coverage and the 20/20 Coronavirus broadcast from the rebuilt studio. Tomorrow morning we are expecting weekend GMA to return from TSS. Testing is going on today.
  6. For those wondering which show would be the first to use the new set... check out 20/20 tonight.
  7. Here's a better shot of the "ABCNEWS NEW YORK" part of the room behind Jennings. The window to the downstairs control room now can be seen. The monitors behind were visible behind Jennings on WNT in the 80's.
  8. The removal of false walls from the former news bays on each side of the studio revealed windows to the outdoors which were part of the building design. You can see them on the far wall in the picture. Also note the spaghetti of wires talked about in the article. Finally, you can see the black curtain (with protective plastic in front of it) on the right side of the large part of the studio. Behind that was the first temporary set. It would be later removed when it was time to work on that part of the studio.
  9. No more. Those spaces will be used differently.
  10. Was there today. The set is a little over halfway finished. It maximizes the space in a manner similar to 30 Rock's 3A. Different functions for different parts of the studio, all integrated into a single unifying set. If you remember the midterm election set you have an idea of the look. Just over 2 weeks to air!
  11. The old curved video wall is gone. The L shaped desk is in front of a temporary video wall. There are only two flashcam areas, one on the second floor at NewsOne, the other on the fifth floor in the newsroom. Neither was used.
  12. It's actually in a different area now. Just the desk and a single videowall behind, not on the side. Work on building structure mainly complete. Set has been going up for about a week.
  13. An update from W 66th St: The temp set is now gone, as renovation has expanded to that part of TV3. The GMA studio will be getting even more use now, with that new small ABC News Live studio the only one operational at 47 West.
  14. The small WNT set IS in TV3. It's nothing but a desk and video walls, except for a small portion of the old set moved to the the right of the video wall behind the desk. A temporary partition has been placed near the east end of TV3 and WNT is broadcasting from behind it in a small space, opposite from where the curved video wall used to be, and behind the former GMA Weekend portion of the set in an area that was used for storage. The rest of the set is under massive construction. The faux back walls in the news coves on each side of the old set have been removed, revealing for the first time, windows which I don't think were ever exposed since the studio first went on the air in the early 80's. Those areas are now gutted to the steel beams. Lots more work to be done.
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