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  1. So who was hosting Prime tonight? I don’t recognize this host.
  2. Today on Dan Abrams one of his guests pined for Live PD to come back and Abrams said he was working on it every day. Quite frankly, they should run Live PD after Prime on Saturday, and Sunday nights for two or three hours, and rename Abrams' show to something more generic with someone else hosting earlier in the week. The general perception is that NewsNation leans right anyway.
  3. Nobody wants to run KTVA though. There is only one TV news operation in Alaska because ABC/Fox is a joke, but who will subsidize it?
  4. Those were "very special episodes" of Banfield which were pre-taped. Adrienne Bankert hosted the last couple of nights. As far as Leland Vittert I know he is trying to be edgy but we really don't need his opinions on Rush Hour. And it is interesting that NN is going back to putting full shows on their Youtube, maybe for those who have actual cable subscriptions but can't access NN because of Nexstar not granting access (hello Spectrum).
  5. Who’s the new house voiceover guy on NewsNation? Sounds familiar.
  6. They really going to let Jeff Gianola go though?
  7. Rich McHugh is bringing stories, though. He was Ronan Farrow's producer at NBC, although he is clearly not very comfortable in front of the camera. The nurse practitioners running their own urgent care story got quite a bit of traction among the MD community. The fact that NN can't seem to connect with Spectrum, one of the larger cable providers. to allow them to watch them on the app doesn't help. They've also been posting fewer stories on their Youtube channel, which makes sense as they don't want to give it away for free, but also reduces the possibility that their content could go viral.
  8. I thought that was what Michael Shure was for - general national reporting (Rich McHugh for investigations, although clearly he needs more practice in front of the camera). Dean doesn't travel, and I haven't seen Joe Khalil leave Washington, but all the other correspondents, and the weekend anchors travel.
  9. NewsNation is bland but it fulfills the need for an unbiased news program. OTOH, talking heads jousting is how you get the ratings, otherwise you just become an older skewing version of Newsy.
  10. The Mediaite article says that he's going to be consulting on talk shows, so they might do more chatter during the day. I honestly don't see the need for that. Also, Nexstar needs to get its act together on TV Everywhere access to NewsNation, as Spectrum is not one of the options, unless they want to hold them hostage to retransmission consent fees to show NewsNation (it's also not on their OTT subscriber platform, when all other news channels including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, Newsy, Cheddar, Newsmax, and the Black News Channel are).
  11. Midday you could do what Sinclair does with AM All Day on STIRR - have morning segments from around the country play as a video jukebox outside of three or four minute news headlines in the style of the NewsNation Now morning updates (although I'd use much b-roll video instead of the still photos that NN Your Morning uses). There have got to be 100 different Nexstar morning shows around the country and repurposing a musician on the KTLA Morning News, or some cute kid on the KARK morning show, could be cheaply done until they figure out what to program in the midday. It also wouldn't be that much to do better than The National Desk on Sinclair stations as well.
  12. I wonder if NN broke in on some of the non-big four Nexstar stations.
  13. Looking at the branding of Banfield, is this a Today Third Hour/GMA3 situation? Where it will still be branded as NewsNation and Banfield simultaneously?
  14. I can't imagine it's much of a "bureau". It could just be a videographer storing equipment at their house. Tom Negovan and Brian Entin can work from their homes.
  15. I watched some of WBBM during the Anjanette Young case and not being from the market, I do think Brad sounds smarmy and overdramatic. Pulling out the fingers to do air quotes to describe Mayor Lightfoot's initial nonresponsive statement may seem like what the viewer wants to hear, but is not professional. Maybe if you use that umbrage selectively, like when Ted Koppel infamously used the word bullshit on air a decade or two ago, but if that's his usual style then I think it's polarizing. I guess the hope it will polarize people toward WBBM.
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