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  1. I wonder if NN broke in on some of the non-big four Nexstar stations.
  2. Looking at the branding of Banfield, is this a Today Third Hour/GMA3 situation? Where it will still be branded as NewsNation and Banfield simultaneously?
  3. I can't imagine it's much of a "bureau". It could just be a videographer storing equipment at their house. Tom Negovan and Brian Entin can work from their homes.
  4. I watched some of WBBM during the Anjanette Young case and not being from the market, I do think Brad sounds smarmy and overdramatic. Pulling out the fingers to do air quotes to describe Mayor Lightfoot's initial nonresponsive statement may seem like what the viewer wants to hear, but is not professional. Maybe if you use that umbrage selectively, like when Ted Koppel infamously used the word bullshit on air a decade or two ago, but if that's his usual style then I think it's polarizing. I guess the hope it will polarize people toward WBBM.
  5. Who was the other one? Michelle was off the air before COVID, if I recall. It looks like she took off May, came back in June, then took off July and came for a bit in late July and August before going back out again. https://www.thefocus.news/opinion/what-happened-to-michelle-tuzee/
  6. Which should mean that the "free trial" of NN on the app and online should come to an end. It's interesting that they show the crawl for DISH customers on NewsNation... "You have lost access to NewsNation" when someone is actually watching it.
  7. The Black News Channel already exists though, and Fusion tried but failed.
  8. No. Tom did the normal newscast on the day after and tossed to MSNBC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpCgGMboGEc ABC just used Nightline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk4bseu5Io8
  9. NBC Local X has coverage on the digital subchannels of LX (which I've never watched, but apparently is the new LXTV?) coming from the KXAS studios. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nbclx-presents-election-night-in-america-301160956.html Beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT on November 3, LX News hosts will deliver election results from the network's new virtual reality set. NBCLX's Storytellers who are embedded in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C. will report for LX News with voters' sentiments. In addition, NBCLX's election night coverage will
  10. I hope so, but we'll see. At the very least, after COVID dies down (and the need for a separate backup team is lessened), I don't see the weekend show staying, and if any of the quartet leaves I don't see them being replaced (except maybe promoting Ashley Ketz from the newsroom weeknights to the anchor desk, on par with her husband who is on the weekend anchor desk - which unfortunately creates that one degree of separation that makes it not a true bubble). The weekend show has notably poor production quality, graphics, etc. akin to something in market 50. Same with the correspondents - if the
  11. When did CBS go to the derivative "America Decides?" The "Campaign" moniker was much better.
  12. If the polls continue to hold with Team Blue leading by double digits nationwide and five to seven points in battleground states, we'll know by 11 pm eastern. North Carolina, Florida, and Texas will have most of their votes already present and counted election night. Georgia has seen a huge shift to the early voting modality. I expect rather than using the misleading "precincts counted" number, you would compare it either to the number of registered voters in a state, or total votes cast in 2016. If the number of ballots tabulated exceed 100% of votes cast in 2016 and counting has stopped then
  13. More people probably read this message board than watch either KYUR or KTBY. It is essentially irrelevant in Alaska.
  14. Chuck Weber at WPEC retires. https://cbs12.com/news/local/saying-good-bye-to-chuck-weber There's an interesting video using old clips with some guy in a bad mustache
  15. Looks like KTTV is hiring for a chief meteorologist regardless, I guess Rick may not be too keen on being confined to the weather desk. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/28/guess-its-official

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