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  1. Too bad Q13 has to switch to new graphics. IMHO, the current Trib graphics are one of the best-looking graphics packages.
  2. I used to be one of the haters of these graphics when they first came out, but, I gotta admit, they have grown on me (including the music) the more I see them on KGTV. Even that speech bubble thing doesn’t bother me as much anymore.
  3. Remember when they had those beautiful Renderon graphics?? This looks really sad compared to those.
  4. This is like the bastardized version of their old graphics. Kinda looks cheap. That ticker is ugly. The font clashes with the rest of the look. That “FOX 5 NEWS SO San Diego” banner looks out of place. And what’s with those rounded blue bars on the sides of that banner? Barf. They seriously need to ditch “SO San Diego.” It’s so late 2000s. The logo would be 100 times better without that white border around it. Honestly, if they weren’t gonna go with a completely new look, they didn’t have to mess with the previous graphics. Still better than those blue Scripps graphics though.
  5. Back to the chopper discussion... Does KGTV still use Chopper 8 footage, or do they have their own chopper again? I’m asking, because I saw a new Sky 10 graphic (in that old-CNN-ish box to the left of the L3s) with an animated chopper.
  6. That speech bubble is one of the most stupid-looking things I’ve ever seen in news graphics.
  7. Nice and clean. Much much much better than the previous graphics.
  8. So what is up with the weather situation at KSWB? They have Justina Myers doing the evening weather, and she’s horrible. Aloha only seems to be on during the afternoon.
  9. So, according to this article (about a month old), Nexstar is looking to sell KSWB and KTXL to Fox as well: Exclusive: Nexstar looks to sell Sacramento, San Diego stations to Fox
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