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  1. 615's Propulsion survived, just like WHO-DT with The Tower in 2019.
  2. Similar to Futura "G" and Akzidenz Grotesk.
  3. WITI with new Fox O&O graphics.
  4. New theme from WPRI, Aerial by SAM
  5. WJW Longtime meteorologist Dick Goddard passed away at 89.
  6. BREAKING AND SAD NEWS: Dick Goddard has died at the age of 89.
  7. 6pm newscast of CTV Atlantic open from Saturday, May 2nd 2020. With Bruce Frisko
  8. WKYC updated the website layout and reverted to old logo.
  9. See what's breaking right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSNFnZIo6Ws
  10. KRON 4 is using Aerial (Stephen Arnold) during the commercial break of KRON 4 News.
  11. TEGNA(former Belo) station in Houston, TX.
  12. Flagship station WGEM and WVVA still haven't changed Quincy's 2016 news graphics package.
  13. Stations currently dropped Young by other announcers: Scripps WTVF: Josh Goodman WFTX: Chris Corley(died in 2019) and unknown announcer(current) Quincy WKOW, WREX and WEEK: Craig Klein
  14. Announcer John Young is gradually being replaced by other announcers. Recently, WKOW swapped Young for another announcer. Sister station KWWL is still using his voiceover. KWWL still with John Young WKOW with new voiceover
  15. I'm thinking change theme from WTOC: Overture to Aerial.
  16. KCPQ was PBS(Public Broadcasting System) member station from 1976-80.
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