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  1. I hope they don’t dignify it with a response. Ultimately, this is another example of our society’s obsession with learning intimate details about strangers. Plus, if the viewers want romance drama, they can keep the TV on until General Hospital
  2. FWIW, he denied it on air https://www.mediaite.com/tv/nothing-in-the-piece-is-true-chris-cuomo-and-dan-abrams-mock-ny-post-report-on-newsnation-drama/
  3. These are all non-profits, so they are much more willing to make it public domain. Nexstar, on the other hand, wants to line their pockets with money because capitalism. Just how it works . Also, we have this magical thing called the internet, making it available for anyone with a connection to watch.
  4. This article from the Cincinnati Enquirer says the debate aired on WSTR, which means they shared with Sinclair, which in turn means they didn’t keep it to themselves. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2022/10/10/j-d-vance-tim-ryan-how-to-watch-u-s-senate-debate-tonight/69553404007/
  5. For the upcoming Georgia senate debate, they partnered with Sinclair and WAGA to fill in some gaps. I wonder if they had a similar agreement in Ohio. https://www.nexstar.tv/nexstar-to-broadcast-debate-for-us-senator-from-georgia-on-oct-14/
  6. https://www.mediaite.com/daily-ratings/cable-news-ratings-wednesday-september-28-cnn-jumps-into-second-place-fox-news-dominates-ratings-during-hurricane-ian/ Lower than their Blue Bloods reruns and behind Newsmax in every time slot.
  7. Does size really matter when it comes to news desks?
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cic-oc3M0U2/ Missed this post from September 13. Kim Gusby gave a little walkthrough of the new studio. It appears mostly finished, but it still hasn’t made its debut on air two weeks later. As expected, it looks awfully a lot like WCBD. Perhaps the most unique part of it is the engraved “On Your Side” slogan.
  9. KTVU has “Mornings on 2”, and KGO used “ABC7 Mornings” for a while. Probably didn’t want to muddle the market with the “Mornings” name
  10. To be fair, she was officially the queen of those countries as they’re part of the commonwealth, so it makes sense they would prioritize coverage. Still, your point stands. France 24 and Germany’s DW had live coverage all day. Anyway, back to NN. Covering major events raises a news organization’s credibility. It means viewers will instinctively turn to them whenever something breaks. If they continue to miss news that break between 10am-5pm, like this or the July 4 shooting, people will be conditioned to not tune into NN for breaking stories in the future. I had faith in NN, but going from “the most impartial unbiased news you’ve ever seen” to less rabid political shows and indifference to major stories just isn’t it.
  11. Dispatch from Savannah: WSAV: Other than the mid-season changes they made in April, Rachael Ray moves from their CW subchannel to replace the Good Dish at 2pm. WSAV CW: Apart from CW Plus changes, Pictionary replaces Rachael Ray at 1pm WTOC: They're dropping Drew Barrymore in favor of a local talk show called "Afternoon Break" at 3pm, which is a continuation of their "Morning Break" franchise at 9am. This brings their weekday output to 8½ hours (trust me, there isn't that much that happens here). Entertainment Tonight is now their only syndicated show at 7:30p WJCL: Sherri Shepherd replaces Wendy at 10a, Dr. Phil moves to 3pm to replace Ellen, and Jennifer Hudson is at 4pm WTGS: iCrime runs at 6:30am and 11:30pm. Apparently only half of Barrymore runs at 9:30am, with an infomercial at 9a. Looks like the other half is not going to air here. Judge Mathis replaces The Real at 3pm, while also keeping its longstanding timeslot of 12pm.
  12. An article from a tabloid site owned by the same geniuses that ran the National Enquirer? Can you find one from a slightly more reputable source?
  13. As many quotes in the article make clear, they aren’t dancing on TikTok to bring in ratings, they’re doing it so they can have a life and so people can see they have a personality outside of being a stone-faced reporter. Any ratings increases are side effects more than anything. One’s personal hobbies shouldn’t center around increasing your company’s revenue, they should be something that you’re passionate about and makes you happy. If that’s dancing on the internet, great. Sure, there are some types of posts that are unethical, like taking selfies at an active crime scene or shilling a product. But just because something doesn’t explicitly advance your company’s bottom line, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. Do traditional community outreach events, like toy drives or hosting picnics or volunteering, really bring in huge ratings? If ratings are the only barometer we’re supposed to look at, then all of those would be failures and they should stop them, right? But they don’t because those events have a different purpose, just like there’s a different purpose for them dancing on TikTok.
  14. To answer the streaming question, all NBC and CBS broadcasts will be simulcast on their respective streamers: No word on any Fox streaming simulcast, which I guess makes sense because they don’t really have a paid service. Wonder if that’ll change soon
  15. Nexstar's New Set Express™ has arrived in Savannah. Expect the duratran to be replaced with the window look, as usual. https://www.instagram.com/p/ChSNW8auyY9/?igshid=YTgzYjQ4ZTY%3D
  16. Took them long enough to make a flat package. Maybe there is hope for Gray’s graphics hub
  17. Peacock Premium and Paramount+ combined are $10 a month ($8.75 with Paramount’s student discount). In fact, all five services you mentioned in your post come out to around $45, still far less than the average cable subscription of over $100. People tend to be mindful of their money and choose to not overspend on entertainment. So for many, including myself, that amount is even lower. The point is moving a game online isn’t a “banishment,” it’s putting it where an increasing number of viewers are. Not to mention the broadcasters future proofing themselves as cable continues to decrease, and keeping the entire subscription fee instead of sharing with the cable companies. Plus getting free marketing for the rest of the shows on the services. Come for the football, stay for The Office or the iCarly revival or something.
  18. In the age of cell phones and instant gratification, I didn’t know anybody who watched soap operas on TV at my university. In fact, many off-campus apartments are dropping cable TV service in favor of faster internet. And unfortunately, DOOL can’t compete with TikTok and Netflix etc.
  19. “Banished” is an interesting word, implying that putting a game on streaming is negative. On college game days last year, people at my university would clamor to find someone whose parents pay for cable, just so they can use their credentials to stream it. By putting it on a more affordable service, it’ll be accessible to a wider audience who can’t afford a $60 monthly bill. And in turn, gives the broadcasters some extra revenue
  20. Fair point, but I think MSNBC has spent the past decade and a half communicating that they’re a political network. I mean, they literally called themselves “the place for politics,” so I don’t know if an extra network newscast is the thing that signals that. Plus, I was mostly confused about what an earlier comment said, about signaling to Chris Jansing that they don’t care about her show
  21. I seriously don’t understand what message this is supposedly sending to the people at their cable channel. Can’t the network and MSNBC coexist? Also, wouldn’t this mean they were “sending a message” when they expanded Today years ago?
  22. According to TVNewser’s write up, Daily will be simulcasting on News Now, and stations apparently have the option of replacing it with local newscasts. I wonder how many would actually do so And FWIW, the press release says a “large percentage” of viewers already watch DOOL online, so this probably wasn’t a short sighted decision
  23. *she I mean they also have two other national news channels, News Now and LX (which the O&Os run). Just because one of them gets an hour on the network doesn’t mean they don’t care about their other properties. MSNBC caters to a different audience than the network anyway, so I don’t see much of a conflict
  24. According to the article, it'll be anchored by some of NBC News Now's anchors, Aaron Gilchrist, Vicky Nguyen, and Morgan Radford (plus Kate Snow), so they're probably trying to align it with that, instead of Today. I believe the 1pm hour of News Now is a repeat of the live 12pm hour anyway, so I wonder if they'll simulcast Daily.
  25. Actually YouTube TV is their first pay TV provider. Verizon would be their first cable provider. Considering FOX Weather is streaming first, I don't think they'll lock it down anytime soon, or else they'll lose most of their user base. Also, look at Newsmax. Their stream is completely free despite being on many cable providers.
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