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  1. To answer the streaming question, all NBC and CBS broadcasts will be simulcast on their respective streamers: No word on any Fox streaming simulcast, which I guess makes sense because they don’t really have a paid service. Wonder if that’ll change soon
  2. Nexstar's New Set Express™ has arrived in Savannah. Expect the duratran to be replaced with the window look, as usual. https://www.instagram.com/p/ChSNW8auyY9/?igshid=YTgzYjQ4ZTY%3D
  3. Took them long enough to make a flat package. Maybe there is hope for Gray’s graphics hub
  4. Peacock Premium and Paramount+ combined are $10 a month ($8.75 with Paramount’s student discount). In fact, all five services you mentioned in your post come out to around $45, still far less than the average cable subscription of over $100. People tend to be mindful of their money and choose to not overspend on entertainment. So for many, including myself, that amount is even lower. The point is moving a game online isn’t a “banishment,” it’s putting it where an increasing number of viewers are. Not to mention the broadcasters future proofing themselves as cable continues to decrease, and keeping the entire subscription fee instead of sharing with the cable companies. Plus getting free marketing for the rest of the shows on the services. Come for the football, stay for The Office or the iCarly revival or something.
  5. In the age of cell phones and instant gratification, I didn’t know anybody who watched soap operas on TV at my university. In fact, many off-campus apartments are dropping cable TV service in favor of faster internet. And unfortunately, DOOL can’t compete with TikTok and Netflix etc.
  6. “Banished” is an interesting word, implying that putting a game on streaming is negative. On college game days last year, people at my university would clamor to find someone whose parents pay for cable, just so they can use their credentials to stream it. By putting it on a more affordable service, it’ll be accessible to a wider audience who can’t afford a $60 monthly bill. And in turn, gives the broadcasters some extra revenue
  7. Fair point, but I think MSNBC has spent the past decade and a half communicating that they’re a political network. I mean, they literally called themselves “the place for politics,” so I don’t know if an extra network newscast is the thing that signals that. Plus, I was mostly confused about what an earlier comment said, about signaling to Chris Jansing that they don’t care about her show
  8. I seriously don’t understand what message this is supposedly sending to the people at their cable channel. Can’t the network and MSNBC coexist? Also, wouldn’t this mean they were “sending a message” when they expanded Today years ago?
  9. According to TVNewser’s write up, Daily will be simulcasting on News Now, and stations apparently have the option of replacing it with local newscasts. I wonder how many would actually do so And FWIW, the press release says a “large percentage” of viewers already watch DOOL online, so this probably wasn’t a short sighted decision
  10. *she I mean they also have two other national news channels, News Now and LX (which the O&Os run). Just because one of them gets an hour on the network doesn’t mean they don’t care about their other properties. MSNBC caters to a different audience than the network anyway, so I don’t see much of a conflict
  11. According to the article, it'll be anchored by some of NBC News Now's anchors, Aaron Gilchrist, Vicky Nguyen, and Morgan Radford (plus Kate Snow), so they're probably trying to align it with that, instead of Today. I believe the 1pm hour of News Now is a repeat of the live 12pm hour anyway, so I wonder if they'll simulcast Daily.
  12. Actually YouTube TV is their first pay TV provider. Verizon would be their first cable provider. Considering FOX Weather is streaming first, I don't think they'll lock it down anytime soon, or else they'll lose most of their user base. Also, look at Newsmax. Their stream is completely free despite being on many cable providers.
  13. Sounds like they're trying to replicate Sinclair's News Central. Hmm... maybe News Central was two decades ahead of its time, now that a major network is copying them
  14. Gray's WBKO in Bowling Green, KY airs Lee and Hayley on their Fox 13.2 subchannel at 11am.
  15. Not a fan of the graphics. The sound effect for the “forecast first” is annoying, the clutter underneath the lower thirds is unnecessary, and a lot of elements give me $34 VideoHive vibes. I’m mostly fine with the other Nexstar packages, but this one just isn’t great IMO.
  16. (Feel free to move if this isn’t the right thread) Live PD is coming back, this time as “On Patrol Live” on Hubbard’s Reelz. Dan Abrams will return to host, but it looks like he’ll still be with NN. I wonder why Nexstar wouldn’t bite and let the show go to another broadcaster. It could’ve been a shot in the arm for NN or (probably soon to be acquired) CW. https://deadline.com/2022/06/live-pd-return-on-patrol-live-reelz-dan-abrams-1235040651/amp/ https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/live-pd-return-reelz-dan-abrams-1235288210/amp/
  17. Since when does CBS daytime have anything to do with “Nexstar buying The CW”? Seems like that discussion should take place anywhere else. As for rebranding, if they decide to change their target audience to “middle America,” as some articles speculate, then I could see a name change. But then again, name recognition is one of the hardest things to earn. Maybe they would consider “WGN America.” It has some recognition and the name was recently vacated by their new corporate owners… /s
  18. Top Story is a show on NBC News Now which airs at 7pm. It premiered September 20, 2021. According to Tom Llamas Wikipedia page (feel free to take with a grain of salt), the overnight repeat started March 28.
  19. I don’t even understand the point of MyNet anymore. Two stale NBC shows a night that any station can get from the syndication market? If it were an all day schedule, like ion, then it would make more sense to me. As for the CW, I don’t know anybody who watches their shows on the actual channel. My friends in their target audience just watch them on Netflix (meaning their previous Netflix funnel strategy worked). They have to adjust their target audience to survive. It’ll be interesting to see how Nexstar would attempt doing that.
  20. I saw a video on YouTube from JCD Creative showing a vastly improved and well produced graphics package. I don’t know if or when it’ll be implemented, but I really hope they do so soon.
  21. I commend them for trying to expand into the streaming world, but trying to charge people for what are essentially video podcasts was the wrong approach. They should've made the shows free with ads and maybe a paid ad-free option. Cord-cutters don't like extra paid subscriptions, so you have to meet them where they're at. For example, for people who like in-depth interviews, there are many podcasters and YouTubers who are good at them, and many of them are free to watch. Or for those who just want a fast-paced headlines show, CNN already produces five episodes a day of their "5 things" audio podcast for free, so why would someone pay for a video version? By putting everything behind a paywall, they hampered their own chances at success. Or, they just could've emulated the successful streaming news channels that CBS, ABC, and NBC have (which are all essentially based on CNN2/HLN's original format). I think it's very embarrassing that after spending hundreds of millions and framing it as an integral part of CNN's future, it only lasted a month. However, I also feel bad for the employees who worked hard to launch it. To cut their losses, I hope a number of the shows will move to the cable channel or HBO Max/Discovery+. I doubt they'll show up on HLN though. I think they would rather rename it "Investigation Discovery 2" before trying to build out their news offerings again.
  22. From Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources newsletter: Norah O'Donnell renews with CBS News The link to the story referenced in the newsletter: https://puck.news/norah-odonnell-makes-her-next-career-move/
  23. According to Nexstar's very own Zap2it, WSAV is in fact adding a newscast, called First News at 4 (not to be confused with the current First News at 5, which I assume they'll rename). It appears Maury is coming off the schedule, with The Good Dish keeping its place at 2 (for now), and Judge Judy moving to Maury's old spot at 3.
  24. CNN+ has announced their schedule. https://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2022/03/24/cnn-plus-daily-weekly-schedule/ Their weekday lineup (eastern time): 7AM: 5 Things w/ Kate Bolduan 8AM: Go There 9AM: Big Picture w/ Sara Sidner 11AM: Reliable Sources Daily 4PM: The Source w/ Kasie Hunt 5PM: The Global Brief w/ Bianca Nobilo 6PM: Who's Talking to Chris Wallace? 7:30PM: The Newscast w/ Wolf Blitzer TVNewser says "During the times in between the programs (and the programs are not full hours), the CNN+ home page and main screen will offer shows that have already aired and are available on demand." Honestly, I don't see anything that catches my eye and worth me paying a monthly fee, especially since the other news organizations have free streams. I'm also disappointed they didn't add Morning Express. I currently watch NBC's "Morning News Now" which essentially has the same format, but not quite the chemistry that Robin Meade and her team have. Maybe if they moved it over I would consider subscribing. It's not exactly doing wonders on HLN anyway.
  25. I saw this while driving by an electronic billboard, but I can’t find any info online. But anyway, WSAV is apparently starting a 4PM newscast on April 4 (or 4/4 @ 4 as the creative department wants to call it). I assume it’s to compensate for their abysmal afternoon syndicated lineup (Dr. Oz/Good Dish at 2, Maury at 3, and Judge Judy at 4). Considering all of those shows are out of production and about to end, they decided to stretch their news team even thinner instead of paying for another show. At least it gives WTOC a bit of competition as they’ve been solo at that time for years. Found it. I’m not sure why they decided to pay loads of money to get a billboard but not put it on their website or socials for free. But I guess that’s Nexstar.
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