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  1. It’s actually CBS Local from Stephen Arnold Music. I remember someone on this thread noticed that they were using the CBS Local election theme during their automated election results video stream last year. I recorded a brief clip from CBSN Bay Area: IMG_5808.MOV
  2. From the New York Times (paywall): But hey, I know it's fun to dream.
  3. The labels on some of the maps need to stand out more. The snow cover map spans multiple states, but I can’t tell what they are. And the labels on the satellite map are mostly covered by the clouds. Also I’m not sure why there’s a live bug when it’s all automated. I was thinking the same thing. They’ll probably call it “America’s Weekend Weather” or something, hopefully with some frequent live updates.
  4. Keep in mind that the New York Post is a tabloid, and the whole story is based on anonymous sources. Try not to get ahead of yourselves. Also, even if she does end up leaving, her contract is up in the spring, so it'll be a while before anything happens.
  5. I don’t want NewsNation to fail either. In fact, a year ago I pointed out that people were calling for NN to shut down, but nobody was calling for Newsy to shudder even though their cable numbers were lower. Just because I make a joke about their crummy set doesn’t mean I’m bashing them. I actually think the idea behind Abrams’ show is great: a host that respects people with other opinions, instead of calling them stupid. The problem is that isn’t NewsNation’s original mission: to bring a straight news program on cable. Instead it’s now the same type of content people already get elsewhere, just less rabid. Another problem is that their primary medium is cable TV. My parents cancelled their cable, and I'm not paying $60/month for Youtube TV or Hulu Live, just for the channel to get pulled during an inevitable Nexstar retrans fight. Cable TV is a declining business. Why do you think Newsy is prioritizing streaming and over-the-air? It's good they post a bunch of their stuff on Youtube to make it more accessible, but unfortunately their cable channel is coming first, which isn't great for growth. As for their website, SimilarWeb, a website analytics company, says NewsNation's site gets over 1 million total visits a month. Some of Nexstar's stronger stations, like KHON, WHNT, and WREG, get around 2 million. However, those stations have been around for decades, and NN is only one year old, so that million is nothing to scoff at.
  6. As I said above, my guess is their broom closet. However, NewscastStudio says the final setup is still to come. Hopefully they can add more brightness or texture to the dark areas so it can look less desolate. Also, Dan Abrams’ own website Mediaite has posted yesterday’s ratings. Morning in America averaged 12k viewers and Dan Abrams Live got 43k viewers.
  7. Looks like they’re taping the show in WPIX’s broom closet
  8. Here’s the averages from last week, which was the first week of the relaunch. Down 9% from the week before, and down 8% from last year. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/week-of-sept-6-morning-show-ratings-today-repeats-as-most-watched-morning-show-a-rare-feat-outside-of-olympics-weeks/488690/
  9. Yeah, it’s just the ticker. The over sensational graphics are still in place. Then again, Gray stations that get a new graphics package get the ticker first so
  10. They also switched the music to Aerial after using the same cut of The Rock for 7 years. And the slogan is now “Live Local Now” instead of “late breaking” because that makes all the difference.
  11. From what I recall, they already do that. All their newscasts are produced in Little Rock and they only have a few local reporters. If they decide to keep it, I could see them changing the music and graphics to fit the News Net template. Two examples, but all of them look and sound virtually the same.
  12. I wonder if they'll move or at least simulcast Morning Express w/ Robin Meade on it. I don't know why it's still on what is now a true crime channel. If they move it to CNN+, it'll fill a few of the 8-12 hours of live programming they promise, and HLN can finally become the full-time murder porn channel they desperately want to be.
  13. For some reason, I'm getting low-rent WSVN vibes. The overly edited headline tease, the gaudy 3D animations, the presenters introducing themselves before the main title sequence, the guy pointing at the camera (that's how you know he's serious), and even the "news station" branding and circle logo. I may just be overthinking it though.
  14. From the Daily Beast: So yeah, she know exactly what she was doing. I guess she wanted a head start on her Newsmax/OAN audition, unless she considers them to be corporate media.
  15. Someone posted the open for FL24 this weekend. I had no idea what it was but it appears to be their answer to CBSN local but statewide. Graphics are standard Scripps apart from the open, and it sounds like they got Stephen to make a custom theme.
  16. I liked the current logo, it’s a shame they’re getting rid of it. The gradients flowed nicely and it wasn’t irritatingly flashy. The smaller letters in the new one make it look cramped and uninviting. If they wanted to make it plain for digital, I would have preferred the original 1962 one. The reason why flat design is everywhere is because young people, like myself, prefer it. Since companies are desperate to appeal to us, they feel the need to make their branding and graphics as flat as possible. I never understood the need for news to rely on gaudy 3D effects and lens flares. The story should be front and center, the graphics should only supplement it. When I watch or read the news, I want to be informed, not distracted by unnecessary clutter. Sports are for entertainment, so they make the graphics entertaining to watch. News is meant to inform about serious topics, so I prefer flatter and subdued graphics. I’m not saying it’s bad for news graphics to be creative, but it shouldn’t take away from the main subject.
  17. This what you're talking about? Other Scripps stations use that open for their 4pm shows. Here's WFTS from late 2019: Many of the stations that use this open, like WFTS, use production music. Appears WTMJ stuck with the standard music.
  18. As someone who uses TikTok on a regular basis, I can confirm he was very viral. Recently he was doing a series that got millions of views and likes where he would sneak in modern slang into his weather reports, like bussin, sheeeesh, and "that's kinda sus." I hardly know what those words mean and I'm in that generation, but the videos were quite entertaining nevertheless. I checked this morning and he deleted all of them. Not sure if that had anything to do with his departure, but such is life.
  19. Humph, I feel cheated. I guess they wanted to feel special by calling it custom. Oh well. As for the new graphics, it’s Gray’s least ugly package IMO. Hope they pass it along to other stations soon enough.
  20. Something I noticed at the end of the WTVY article: Interesting that a station in market 172 commissioned a custom soundtrack, unless they're talking about a few updates to an existing package. I guess we'll see Thursday.
  21. My guess is that they wanted to see if Jake could handle two hours and if people would watch, similar to how they let Chris Cuomo do a couple shows in prime time before he got the permanent spot. It makes sense since it appears his little audition went well. (Then again if they tried they probably could’ve found a slot for Brooke but I digress)
  22. If you thought that was bad, look at their morning show’s open. It looks like they made it in Windows Movie Maker or something. Btw, if I saw this show first thing in the morning, it’d probably put me back to sleep. Also, the almanac at the end of the clip is an assault on the eyes. But I guess it has that hometown feel that the people of Cordele, GA apparently love
  23. Savannah: WSAV: First-run Maury is finally moving out of its longtime 2pm time slot. The bad news is that it's moving to 3pm, replacing Mel Robbins. Dr. Oz returns to SAV at 2. It's still surprising that an NBC affiliate still has Maury. I know there are a handful out there, but it's disappointing. Why can't they switch it with Rachel Ray, which is on their CW plus subchannel in their local slot at 1pm? WTOC: 25 Words is already gone after a year. Drew Barrymore moves in at 3pm. No other changes. WTGS: Caught in Providence is living out its last week at 1pm. Stale episodes of The People's Court will replace it next week (first-run episodes still air at 5pm) WJCL: Nothing new in daytime. The only change is a rerun of Kelly and Ryan at 2am, following the trend of preempting WNN.
  24. I guess the most analogous example would be Newsy. Their cable channel had access to 25 million households at its launch in 2017 and currently sits at 40 mil. Yet, their primetime numbers are considerably below NewsNation's (20k vs 60-100k). I don't live in a Scripps market so I can't say how much they market it on their stations. Sure you can factor in the fact they have an online stream, but anyway. The point I'm trying to make is that even though NewsNation didn't have millions of viewers out of the gate, it doesn't mean they should just give up after 2 weeks. Plus, in this day and age of political tribalism and waning numbers for cable overall, one shouldn't expect them to come super strong out of the gate. Sure, if after a number of months they still struggle to pull a decent viewership, then they should review their options, but 2 weeks is far too soon. They spent millions on this, I don't think they should throw it all away based on a slow start. As with many things in life, persistence is key. Actually Scott Jones is reporting that the numbers are starting to perk up. This past Wednesday, according to him, they averaged 105k viewers, the first time they reached six digits since the premiere. Maybe a one-off, maybe the start of a trend. It's far too early to say. Just like it's far too early to say they should shut down right this instant.
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