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  1. My guess is that they wanted to see if Jake could handle two hours and if people would watch, similar to how they let Chris Cuomo do a couple shows in prime time before he got the permanent spot. It makes sense since it appears his little audition went well. (Then again if they tried they probably could’ve found a slot for Brooke but I digress)
  2. If you thought that was bad, look at their morning show’s open. It looks like they made it in Windows Movie Maker or something. Btw, if I saw this show first thing in the morning, it’d probably put me back to sleep. Also, the almanac at the end of the clip is an assault on the eyes. But I guess it has that hometown feel that the people of Cordele, GA apparently love
  3. Savannah: WSAV: First-run Maury is finally moving out of its longtime 2pm time slot. The bad news is that it's moving to 3pm, replacing Mel Robbins. Dr. Oz returns to SAV at 2. It's still surprising that an NBC affiliate still has Maury. I know there are a handful out there, but it's disappointing. Why can't they switch it with Rachel Ray, which is on their CW plus subchannel in their local slot at 1pm? WTOC: 25 Words is already gone after a year. Drew Barrymore moves in at 3pm. No other changes. WTGS: Caught in Providence is living out its last week at 1pm. Stale
  4. I guess the most analogous example would be Newsy. Their cable channel had access to 25 million households at its launch in 2017 and currently sits at 40 mil. Yet, their primetime numbers are considerably below NewsNation's (20k vs 60-100k). I don't live in a Scripps market so I can't say how much they market it on their stations. Sure you can factor in the fact they have an online stream, but anyway. The point I'm trying to make is that even though NewsNation didn't have millions of viewers out of the gate, it doesn't mean they should just give up after 2 weeks. Plus, in this day
  5. Fox Business had around 6,000 viewers in 2007 when they debuted. No calls from TVNT to immediately shut it down. Newsy's cable channel currently gets about 6,000 viewers and they've been on cable for years. No calls to shut that down either. NewsNation gets over 10 times those numbers and it must shut down immediately. Interesting...
  6. I was lucky enough to catch their NewsNation Now newscast. It aired live at 8am et and lasted about 3 minutes. Luckily I was already awake for my zoom college class. I recorded it but it’s too big to upload here. Fortunately they did upload it on their Twitter page: The music is nice, graphics look good, and the presenter did a nice job. However it didn’t leverage the whole concept of local news. The stories were about Donald, covid, and a flying car. Hopefully the full thing will have more local stories. Granted this was only 3 minutes vs 3 hours. Unfortunately the only reaso
  7. My vote is for murder porn. I'm not really into it, but it does get higher numbers than the Express. Plus their revival of Forensic Files got renewed for 2 more seasons. With that, it's obvious they're going to stick with it, at least until their next identity crisis. What I want to see is CNN launching a streaming news channel a la CBSN. I mean, CBS literally copied HLN's original format; they could definitely take it back. They could even put Robin Meade and Mike Galanos and whoever's left from HLN on it.
  8. Here’s his interview from this morning previewing the new show. (The interview took place right as today’s Supreme Court decisions came down, which is what the cut in the middle is and why he’s talking about it so much. In a way he’s already filling his role as breaking news anchor.)
  9. Just saw Shep’s interview on CNBC previewing the show. He said that there’s not going to be any opinion from him, just the news. Good to hear, we need less opinion in prime time, not more. Also I miss his wit, so I’m glad he’s back. I think this is different from Megyn. She disrupted Today's Take which was a show that worked. Shep isn’t disrupting much, just an hour of Shark Tank which already airs all night. I don’t think they’ll be going conservative for all of prime time. That field is already dominated by FNC, and their entertainment shows are doing relatively well.
  10. WTIC is starting their Tegna transition. Also WNYW rip-off at the start but hey, never miss an opportunity to sell an ad.
  11. Yeah, and what about the stations that produce their own news in primetime, like WTNH and KRON? Sure, in KRON's case, they could advertise the live airing at 5PT, but that still conflicts with their 5 and 6pm news. Actually, it would conflict with all of Nexstar's west coast evening newscasts. They would essentially be competing against themselves.
  12. You do know that Universal Music broke away from Universal Pictures in 2004 when GE bought them so they’re actually not subsidiaries. Via Wikipedia NBC makes their own graphics packages in-house, as well as several other companies, so how would that be different than production music?
  13. Live PD is officially cancelled on A&E. Also, it appears the CW Plus has moved Cops and Live PD to late nights. According to the CW Plus's website, Cops should air at 6am and Live PD at 5pm eastern. But, I checked the TitanTV listings for various affiliates and Judge Jerry is now at 6a and Blackish is at 5p (an appropriate choice imo). Live PD and Cops now air at midnight and 1am respectively. Guess they're getting the can warmed up for them when the contract ends.
  14. As a Gen Z’er, here’s my take. I think the graphics are fine. Yeah they’re basic and bland, but when I watch the news, I don’t want the graphics to distract from the content. Having a fast paced 3D design is good for sports to hype up the viewers, so why do we need that for news? I don’t want to be amped up when I watch stuff about the latest robbery/murder/bakery that sells cupcakes for dogs. Plus, young people are obsessed with aesthetic. Just look at Instagram. A flashy 3D graphics package doesn’t fit with that. So, if you want to appeal to millennials, a flat package won’t guarant
  15. News Music Now has been on a roll lately. They just put up Impact V6 and V7. V7 sounds super good, especially with good headphones. Since V7 was commissioned by WKBN, I felt this was the logical place to post this.

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