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  1. So I see WQAD is very close to launching them sometime imminet because they have the TEGNA backgrounds and is begining to use Proxima Nova on this photo above.
  2. I do wanna see the weather graphics because I was just online and I saw the temperature map got refreshed from Neue to Nova.
  3. I do agree! And I bet they'll use these graphics as good as WTHR is. Because WTHR absolutely is blowing the original TEGNA stations out of the water using the C Clarity graphics. Plus WTHR, WATN , WZDX unlike the other TEGNA stations use Baron Lynx opposed to WSI MAX. And WATN will probably be the 2nd station to get C Clarity using Baron weather graphics.
  4. WTXL says" you're lying". WTXL got a new set with the graphics so far.
  5. That's funny because Standard General is making the same claim that TEGNA is investigating them for The reported acquisition multiples are grossly understated TEGNA has done deals at much higher multiples (well over 10x), which are above average transaction multiples in the spaceIn its presentation of valuation multiples, TEGNA makes several non-traditional adjustments and misleading synergy categories like “revenue improvements” and “amortizing TEGNA’s successful strategic initiatives”
  6. TEGNA doesn't have to sell it's their decision and it looks like Kim and Standard General was doing something they weren't suppose to do with the stock trades.
  7. At the end of this Battle Soo Kim will take over and win. Don't be surprised if he starts to get a new graphics package done to replace C Clarity.
  8. I think WQAD is next for the TEGNA graphics because of this down below.
  9. I was on YouTube watching the latest weather forecasts but I saw this for KERO 23. So is KERO next?
  10. Very big mistake. I'm not gonna speculate but I have a feeling they're going to get a new logo i'll just wait til noon to see myself.
  11. I just got told that the name of the new graphics pack will either be Look Y or Arthouse Owned 2020.
  12. I just got told supposedly at NOON and another TEGNA source just told me WTHR is due late on this week.
  13. I was gonna say they've already had the TEGNA Graphics for about a month now.
  14. Also my source at NBC Arthouse just told me about the new graphics "NECN Was just the start, the NECN package won't be the new look coming this Summer. But , we have a huge surprise. The recent font refresh was just a tease. Also the new animated real weather icons was just a refresh. There will be new weather icons and new flatter graphics coming soon for the NBC O&O's" And then he told me to look at this website https://thisiselevation.com/necn And told to note " With only about a month and a half to do this, we began by examining a look started by Arthouse, the "NBC owned stations graphics hub" located in Dallas, borrowing their notes on tone and color. "
  15. The new font is called "ARTHOUSE Owned"
  16. Tegna is probably going to shrug them off like they did Apollo. And TEGNA would rather make a deal than get taken over.
  17. Poor Micheal. I would leave too if they treated me like that.
  18. WMAR also now uses Baron for their weather graphics replacing WSI MAX.
  19. WATN started using the vote now graphics I just noticed tonight.
  20. I agree with you ryan. But the new logo somewhat looks good and reminds me of WCPO and their new logo.
  21. NEW L3 New Full Screen Graphics
  22. CBS 3 and WBZ have the new weather graphics. I haven't seen them start to use any of the newer full screen graphics or anything like all the 2's and CBS 4
  23. Not yet. CBS is using the new graphics on the some of the stations CBS 2 NY , CBS 2 LA , CBS 2 Chicago , and the new Lowe 3rd has been teased on CBS 4 Denver.
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