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  1. Hothaus has always been 1 of the best companies when it comes 2 local TV news graphics. Other than WFAA, who else did Hothaus do graphics for during the 2000s?
  2. I’ve run across 3 videos from this week. It’s widely believed that it’s almost certainly Stephen Arnold, especially since they’re now using SA’s sound effects. Some of the speculation hints at an update of an existing package, but from what I’ve heard so far, my prediction is an entirely new package - maybe specifically for Cox Media stations.
  3. As far as WPVI, 615 did a modern update of MCTYW a while back. It may be time for another. Graphics wise, the standard package should come from either Hothaus Creative or whoever did that on air look at WLS. Even a custom take on the WPVI graphics isn’t a bad idea. Music wise, Gari’s Eyewitness News hasn’t been updated since 2014, & it seems like 615 has taken over that task (Advantage, CBS Enforcer, & This Is Home). Stephen Arnold hasn’t done any type of ABC affiliate package since 2003 (currently Pinnacle). Something needs to happen soon.
  4. What’s happened to 360 Music Production? I just watched the latest video from News Music Now, & all 360 Music packages are being listed as Stephen Arnold instead of 360.
  5. It sounds like a track from 615’s High Velocity Version 3.
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