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  1. Why is Matt Brickman doing the weather from home? Raphael Miranda worked out of 3K this morning. And speaking of morning, where is Pat Battle?
  2. Well, the morning's anchor's audio level was back in the basement! Amazing that no one hears this problem. Amazing that no one does anything about it. Amazing that the audio level coming from a street reporter wearing a mask is better than the anchor's! There very well could be one audio "engineer" who should be working with mimes!!!!!
  3. Anchor's audio finally back to normal this morning. Let's hope this holds.
  4. The anchors' audio in the mornings has been incredibly low. I realize that it's so difficult to produce live television during the pandemic, and then add on summer vacations. It's just in the mornings - newscasts later in the days are fine! But, it makes to sense, and you don't need meters or graphs to indicate that there's something very wrong. How can the weather reporter have normal audio levels? How can a split screen with Chuck Todd from D.C. provide correct audio yet the anchor's mic level is in the basement? This has been going on for more than a week. Doesn't anyone in the control room or an exec at home listen and realize that there's something very wrong????
  5. Let's not forget Chuck and his great bookcase!
  6. 6B is hardly a relatively small space - if that's what meant. In fact, depending upon whose measurements you want to use, 6B's floor space is more than a 1,000 square feet larger than 3K's! More than likely, the only reason the local station was able to use this network studio was that NBC Telesales couldn't rent it out to an outside entity.
  7. The other way around, as of this morning, Darlene was in Studio 3K and Michael was at home.
  8. For those who were wondering if the 7 p.m. local news would continue after the coronavirus crisis, it's gone already! The station went back to regularly scheduled syndicated programming at 7; at 7:30, WNBC continues to repeat NBC Nightly News.
  9. Once we're back to "normal," the schedule will follow suit.
  10. WNBC is acting responsibly, more than I can say for WCBS. Channel 2 is either not pre-empting the network for important NY state and city virus related news, or is joining-in-progress as it did this morning. "Tiffany" is showing tarnish these days!
  11. Hope this new addition had better journalistic chops than another recent hire, Myles Miller. Last week, Miller did a standup, reporting on a heinous crime, there he was, his eyeglasses propped on the top of his head, referring constantly to the police as "the cops." UGH! We deserve better!!!!!!
  12. He joined WFXT, Boston in August. It was torturous to watch him during his 3 years at WNBC - he was so uncomfortable on camera.
  13. More importantly, and what makes Stefan Holt's comment even more inept - A kosher deli has a Jewish/Eastern European heritage and a bodega is connected to the Latino community.
  14. You would have thought with all the editing that the station did to remove those who are no longer with 4, that they would have removed that shot. Once again, the bar keeps getting lower and lower!
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