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  1. I'm totally confused! What does reporting the news have to do with if the program following the news is an original or repeat? That makes no sense.
  2. Thank you helping me find what I consider to be his ineptitude - Phil Lipof @lipoftv · Oct 5 Easy to say when you have Walter Reed and drugs not available to anyone else. 208,000 Americans didn’t. None of us do. POLITICS ASIDE - this is about health and safety. Of course you don’t hide in a closet - but this message is completely Irresponsib
  3. I totally disagree with your justifying his inappropriate Tweets. Fortunately, for Mr. Lipof, his Tweet pages have been removed!
  4. The standards for journalistic integrity should apply up and down the line - from freelance, per diem reporters up to those at the anchor desk.
  5. The point is - a professional "journalist" should not express personal views. They should be kept persona'! Since he was a member of the O&O family, I wonder how much vetting took place????? Probably little if none. The bar keeps getting lower!!!!!
  6. According to Phil Lipof's Twitter page, today is to be his first at WNBC. Unfortunately, I also noticed on the pages that he inexplicably makes political comments! How wrong and unprofessional. His role at WNBC, and I'm sure as an anchor at two Boston stations, is not to editorialize, just to report the news not to express his personal feelings. He couches the comments with "POLITICS ASIDE" - that doesn't ameliorate his lack of judgment. Professionals are expected to keep their political thoughts to themselves In fact,
  7. This goes back to when Stefan was there. Lots of things don't make sense!
  8. That's surprising!!!!! Really strange. Had fully expected Gilma to be flying solo.
  9. That's too bad. The green eyeshades have prevailed!!!!!
  10. OK His wife hated living in New York! First when they lived on the UES and now in New Rochelle. Pain and simple, she's homesick!!!! David had been considered by many to he the heir apparent to Chuck, that was until Stefan was given the 11 when Chuck cut back. Stefan was clearly the chosen one. He will be the #1 anchor at WMAQ, the path isn't just clearer, it's a reality, part of his deal.
  11. David Ushery is now "The Crown Prince"! Chuck cut back on his work when he gave up the 11.
  12. Adam Kuperstein is replacing David, who's replacing Stefan. I would imagine that Phil will replace Adam co-anchoring the weekend 6 and 11, and doing general reporting.
  13. On good authority, Stefan Holt's move back to WMAQ had nothing to do with NBC cost cutting, it was the anchor's family's choice. Supposedly, New Rochelle didn't cut it for Stefan's wife, Morgan.
  14. The Empire State Building was finished in less time!

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