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  1. I currently live in the Charlotte area but I like being able to occasionally watch the local news from KOLR10. If they go behind a pay-wall, it will leave me without the ability to watch them (since I'm not currently living in the market). I really, really hope that Nexstar doesn't start restricting access to the live streams.
  2. That would be a terrible mistake if Nexstar rolled out restrictions to the remainder of its stations. And besides, it makes zero sense for them to do for local stations. They broadcast OTA, so why they would require people to sign-in via a TV provider has me confused as to the logic of it.
  3. On WBT radio, they are now using a modified ident at the top of the hour. The ident is the same as before, except it omits the "A Radio.com station" portion that was at the end of the ident. My busy schedule has kept me from listening to the station as much lately, but notably I have yet to hear any mention of the Urban One/Entercom transaction on their air. If anyone knows of a segment where they addressed it, I would appreciate the info.
  4. Before the current graphics, the WTNZ newscasts actually used Raycom's Limerick graphics for the opens for a time until 2018. I like the unique approach WTNZ has, instead of just using C Clarity. I hope the trend continues.
  5. As a regular listener of WBT radio, I wonder how this deal will impact their programming.
  6. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of mess it would be to update an open as complex as that
  7. Exactly, they don't need a new set...because they practically still have a set that is "new"...at least it looks new. I could see new graphics coming eventually, but even with that I think KFOR looks fine as it is. I think KFOR should keep things exactly the way they are.
  8. I'll give them credit for being original in creating the gfx, instead of just "copying" what others are doing. I'll also give them credit for not going to the other extreme of being anemic like Scripps or Tegna. I'll speak especially to the 10pm open. That has way too much going on in a short space of time. If they want to go with that style of news open, they should try to stick with one or two transition patterns...instead of using everything in the software to animate the B-roll of the reporters. And frankly the slogan just gets lost in those transitions. I do,
  9. I wonder if they'll get the updated cuts of 360...I think it would sound great for them. But we'll see what happens.
  10. Definitely an overreaction by the station. Good for her to take the high road in the announcement. I think the station should rethink their decision to terminate.
  11. Wait, WGN is getting a new set? I like how the anchors walk along the video wall as they are doing the tease. And I also really like the glass elements behind the anchor desk. The set looks really cool.
  12. The eyewitness, in my opinion, is credible. He is a Marine veteran who personally witnessed the things he said in the interview. There was nothing hyperbolic whatsoever in the interview. I thought he gave compelling evidence as to the "security guard" and his behavior before and during the murder. Based on what my current understanding of this situation is, I do not believe that KUSA itself is criminally on the hook for anything. That being said, I believe they are still at risk on a civil basis (along with Pinkerton, or whoever actually hired him) if the victim's f
  13. This is the part that is still murky. Did the "security guard" repute himself in public as being with KUSA? Was he issued an ID or did he carry anything that would identify him as being with the station? If it's a yes to any of that, then the station could be civilly liable for at least part of it. Without knowing what the laws say on the matter, I would've assumed that anyone working for a station (regardless of who signs their paycheck) would be vetted at least on a basic level by the station.
  14. I might've conflated the words on my posts slightly, but what I meant to say was the "security guard" is most definitely going to be charged for murder. On the other hand, separate to that, KUSA could be civilly liable for any negligence. And the security company is likely to face countless legal (civil) issues as well. Even if KUSA didn't directly hire the security detail, inevitably an attorney is going to find a way of holding the station accountable for not doing their own background checks or whatever other factor was there leading up to this. We'll see what
  15. This screenshot is from Kyle Clark's Twitter page. KUSA alleges that they do "not contract directly with individual security personnel" but rather via a firm. Something is not adding up with this, but hopefully we'll get a better picture on the exact relationship between KUSA and Pinkerton in the coming days.

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