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  1. As much as I like the NN graphics, there are many markets where Nexstar operates multiple separately branded newscasts. It's going to be a hard sell having the exact same gfx pkg on multiple stations in the same market. I could see a NN "inspired" look on some stations, but I highly doubt we see it roll out beyond that. Even though we now have certain markets that are adopting one gfx package on multiple stations per market (St. Louis and Denver), I see it being an individual station decision...not a corporate trend. I like how Nexstar has a wide assortment of gfx packages for stations to choose from (same thing with Gray). I hope they allow that to continue. Besides, you need NewsNation to have a unique look to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, they would run the risk of watering it down if stations took on the same look.
  2. Yeah that was kind of bizarre...at most their pre-show tease might be pre-recorded...though I would suspect even that is live.
  3. Not to get the thread off-topic, but I have to ask... Is it normal for KDVR to begin their news at 6:56...FOUR minutes to the top of the hour? I'm used to seeing things begin something like two minutes before, but FOUR? That's seems a bit early even by that metric. They could easily fit a full commercial break there and still begin the 7am news before the top of the hour.
  4. It could be worse, but I'm very disappointed (though not surprised) they used the same package on both stations. The Fox pkg is alright on KDVR. But I would've preferred they revived the 2011 KWGN logo and adopted the KOIN gfx on Channel 2. At least they kept unique music pkgs instead of merging those. On KWGN, though, the logo animation is a bit odd. And seriously...what's up with the multiple trademark icons? The "We're On It" slogan needs to go...it sounds something a college newscast would say (although there are college newscasts with much better slogans than that).
  5. I like those graphics on WIFR a lot.
  6. That only works if you're within range of the TV signal. Recording off the Internet is trickier. I'm grateful for those who put in the effort to upload news opens and such, regardless of the means of recording it.
  7. I don't think that cut of Aerial fits them too well. It's too understated for a DMA as large as San Francisco.
  8. Can't they just preempt the 11pm rerun for breaking news? Or is there a contractual obligation to end it at 11pm?
  9. Actually I understand very well how news works today. And I believe NewsNation has a future. Many successful channels began with lower ratings and became household names. This is just the beginning. I'm sure Nexstar has a plan for continuing its development beyond this launch phase. FBN was not unique. Obviously, CNBC was already around. And yet FBN became wildly successful. It wasn't that there was a need for a business channel (because there was CNBC), but it was because people wanted an alternative. I entirely agree @oknewsguy. That was also the impression I was getting.
  10. While in the short term this could be a drawback for Nexstar, it might be just what the doctor ordered to get the trend started of breaking newsrooms free of CNN. Anything with CNN's name on it takes away from the credibility, regardless of what the product is. Whenever I hear someone say in a newscast "CNN is reporting that..." I immediately consider the story's credibility suspect. We'll have to see how this plays out, but I believe that NewsNation has real potential of offering a competing service to CNN NewsSource as they continue to develop. Nexstar might just be doing everyone a favor here in the long-run. Change can be difficult, but it's long past time to get CNN out of local newsrooms nationwide.
  11. The set on WTKR now looks really depressing with the dark blues they implemented for the Scripps look (especially at 11pm). I think they need much lighter shades of blue.
  12. I wonder what the odds are that Nexstar would consider producing original series on WGN America, much like what Tribune did with shows like Manhattan, but as either a lead-in or lead-out for NewsNation. I thought at the time Tribune was on to something with making original series that gave people a reason to tune in. It would be tricky considering that they would have to run it either at 7pm eastern or 11pm eastern (if the NewsNation rerun was bumped back one hour). Probably not a likely scenario, but it's something I wish Nexstar would explore to give WGN America more original content than just NewsNation.
  13. I've said it before, but why are people not willing to give NewsNation a chance to prove itself? The level of disdain people have for this fledgling operation, specifically, is stunning. I'm extremely picky over any subtle bias that's masked as objective. So far in my estimation, NewsNation is doing an outstanding job in being objective. There is always room for improvement, but NewsNation is exceeding every expectation I had for them. As for the CNN controversy, would it be that disastrous to do without CNN for news content? When was the last time anyone regarded CNN as an objective news organization? This is merely my opinion, but I view any shared content from CNN (whether it be on a station website or newscast) as a negative--given how much bias and spin occurs on CNN. There needs to be a better choice for local newsrooms. Maybe with time, as NewsNation develops into its own identity, NewsNation can fill that gap of offering that service.
  14. That cut is from the C Clarity package and it has been around for a good while. I don't know if it was part of the pkg when it debuted, but it's definitely not a new cut.
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