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  1. My intent was to say that Fox should get some different syndicated shows for MyTV. I can think of several shows that would instantly benefit their ratings.
  2. Tegna desperately needs new corporate leadership. If common sense prevailed, they shouldn't have spent whatever it costs to anchor "from home" only to then announce that workers are going to start getting furloughed. Now is not the time to be betraying its own workforce (or even have the appearance thereof) when they are tasked with relaying important information to viewers under difficult circumstances. There was surely a way to achieving a reasonable budget for having remote broadcasting without it leading to a situation where furloughs come into play. Or at least that's how I'm interpreting this discussion. If anything, this only further makes me convinced that Tegna needs a completely new board to lead the company--now.
  3. Maybe MyNetworkTV can stick around, but perhaps they don't need to be in every market. I do see its value for stations that would otherwise not have any "major" network to affiliate with at all. As for me, the few times I watch WMYT at all it's usually something other than programming from MyNetworkTV. I think Fox should invest in more content for MNT's primetime lineup.
  4. Honestly I'm not that big of a fan. If they had the 10 numbers solid instead of those lines maybe I would like it more. But I do like the Tampa Bay font below it. I'm going to miss the coastal "wave" theme of their outgoing logo. We'll have to see how it looks when they actually roll this out OTA. Maybe it'll look better than this preview...we shall see either way
  5. There's no need to attempt at race-baiting. Nobody mentioned race until you did. People on this site are just having a healthy discussion as things continue to develop regarding Tegna. Just because someone mentions a person by name has nothing to do with race. You really need to lighten up a bit, with all due respect.
  6. Especially if competing stations have traffic reporters, WTHR should have one for their newscasts as well. But given that we're talking about Tegna...nothing surprises me anymore.
  7. I wish Jeff Glor was still the CBSEN anchor. They didn't give him enough chance. He was a class act of a news anchor...rarely seen these days...
  8. I wonder if they keep somebody in the building prepared to take over just in case whatever streaming platform they're using goes down. It would be wise if they did. Last night on Judge Jeanine's show on Fox News, she was having "technical difficulties" from her remote live shot forcing a reporter in the newsroom to start the show in place of her until she took over at the start of the B-block.
  9. Once they're back to normal in CBS Broadcast Center (and especially once everything calms down with COVID-19), I would imagine they'll get the 12pm newscast restored...if not sooner.
  10. Exactly, it's possible that KY3 is having many behind-the-scenes work from home and maybe consolidated the floor crew into one studio until COVID-19 passes. But even if that were the case, I don't see why they couldn't still have them work out of the KSPR studio since it's in the same building. I will add that both Steve Grant and Lisa Rose were working the 6pm newscast on KY3. So they seem to be keeping their main talent at the station--albeit with social distancing in effect.
  11. Does YouTubeTV still carry WJZY? I find it odd that they would dump WMYT...but not WJZY.
  12. Today I caught some of KSPR's 11am newscast on replay. They are using "This is the Place" music, at least for the close. However the replay didn't include the open (for whatever reason) so I don't know how the opening is done or how it's officially called right now. I wonder if this might be temporary due to COVID-19, which might be requiring KY3 to consolidate any operations still done at the station. Time will tell. Hopefully KSPR will get its remaining branding and set restored once things calm down.
  13. One of the best pkgs I've seen in awhile. Very nice.
  14. The imagery is pretty good on the graphics, notwithstanding that I don't particularly like the gfx pkg in general. But "C Clarity" is a sorry replacement for "The Tower". And of course they just had to drop a perfectly solid brand name for something uninspiring.
  15. It appears that KSPR is now using KY3's studio with KY3's graphics on the 4pm newscasts. I don't live in the market right now so I don't know if there is a new open for KSPR's 4pm news or not. It's unclear if this is permanent or temporary. In 2017, Gray shuttered KSPR's news department and merged it into that of KY3's. They also have been simulcasting newscasts from KY3 on most newscasts except for 11am and 4pm which remain uniquely KSPR News--which has kept its own music, set, and graphics.
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