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  1. If this is the first sign of CNBC wanting Conservative personalities on its air, it's not a good start.
  2. This should be interesting. I personally will be happy to see a station take the graphics and customize it...as long as they do it right.
  3. They could really do without the big space between Montana's and News Leader.
  4. I forget at this point, but did Gray ever appeal the ruling on KGWC?
  5. Fair point. The music is actually OK. I do wonder if this was a custom pkg made for WLIO or from something else. I'd be curious to find out where this music originated from.
  6. I'm assuming it was the newsroom setup, or was it from the studio?
  7. The graphics is pretty good. I'm not that big of a fan of the music. I think they could've done better even with royalty-free news music (and there are some good pkgs from that category).
  8. I'll admit I actually kinda like that WSFL logo. I don't think it'll work for newscasts though, but we'll see how they choose to brand that.
  9. I like that about WSPA. They do what works for them. That's a good question. I would imagine WISH is pretty satisfied with those gfx, but obviously there would be the issue of maintaining the gfx pkg as Nexstar no longer owns them.
  10. WSPA in Spartanburg just got the WISH gfx, with CBS Local still in use for music.
  11. I can tell he has a really good eye for re-creating all the nuances and subtle details to the graphics. Very nice work.
  12. Here's an article done by NewscastStudio about the new WTSP logo. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/05/27/wtsp-new-logo-design/
  13. I believe that once things return to normal (which I believe it will happen sooner than many think), social distancing will not be an issue. Many modern day set designs already allow for flexibility. I don't think it's necessary for set designers to outright design a set to factor in "social distancing."
  14. I agree. The set itself wasn't bad although it had an odd florescent look to it at times. The graphics pkg is actually superior to some of the current Nexstar gfx...just my opinion. Here's to hoping whether they keep the graphics or switch them out that they are allowed to keep Guardian as their music pkg.
  15. Although I generally take the laissez-faire approach when it comes to the FCC, there is a part of me that wants to see the requirement (for having a legal counsel attest to the application being made in good order) required of all companies. But I'm glad there is finally some type of resolution to this dispute and Sinclair can finally put the Tribune merger fiasco behind them.
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