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  1. Glad they didn't dump the yellow/black logo. But this gfx implementation is, again, such a downgrade from the Renderon graphics. That speech bubble in the open looks even more ridiculous than before. The "Taking Action" text is awkwardly spaced too far apart and doesn't look like a finished product. And they seriously need to go back to the drawing board on that logo bug. Scripps might as well not bother with having a bug if it's not even legible. And that's true of other stations as well, especially WFTS. But I don't dare say more.
  2. Probably doesn't count, but I do know that WINK in Ft. Myers published a guide for hurricane preparedness. WSVN also published a hurricane guide that was available at Miami-area Publix stores. I haven't been back to South Florida in several years so I don't know if they still do this.
  3. KRBK was a good example of an independently owned station to start up from scratch who ended up getting the Fox affiliation from KSFX (now KOZL). Of course, the irony there is that KRBK is now owned by Nexstar and is thus part of a virtual tripoly with KOLR and KOZL. I think that KRBK was making good progress as a station. They gradually introduced news programming and at least made good efforts in being a quality-run station. Could Koplar do that in 2020? I think so. The reason is pretty simple. People want competition--and competition is always good. It encourages their competitor stations to output better product. In the case of Boston with WBTS, that market was already saturated with options for newscasts. To try to persuade people to change the remote from a station like WHDH (a very news intensive station) to something like WBTS is a tall order, at best, to even attempt. Viewers need a good reason to change the channel. And in my opinion, NBC-owned WBTS just doesn't compare to Sunbeam's WHDH. On the other hand, markets like Springfield, MO, and similarly sized markets could see the opposite effect. If there are only a "few" options for stations (and particularly newscasts), people generally want more choices. KRBK found success in providing an additional choice in the market, yet Koplar decided to get out of the TV business. If they hadn't, I'm confident that KRBK would've continued as a successful independently-owned station. But to be balanced, I'm sure the competition with well-established station owners was enormous then and is still enormous now. When KSPR got its news department shut down and merged into KY3, the sentiment from viewers was overwhelmingly negative (proving that people do want options for newscasts). Yet Gray kept with that decision. All of the aforementioned to say that I think it comes down to having the right owner and being in the right market.
  4. I wonder if Fox will bother updating WJZY to this before the deal with Nexstar closes. I kind of wish they would get those L3s. They look pretty nice.
  5. Interesting to note that Nightline is using the WNT desk. I can only speak for tonight's broadcast, though. I don't know if this is just tonight or if they have been doing this for a while.
  6. From FTVLive--a fire broke out at the KCRA building. Thankfully it wasn't widespread and was apparently contained to just an older portion of the building mainly for storage. Does anyone know how their newscasts were affected during the fire? https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/1/7/fire-rips-through-hearst-station Edit: There is also this article from the Sacramento Bee. Apparently they was an evacuation at the KCRA studios. Also, the article clarifies that the fire took place early Sunday morning. https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article238981353.html
  7. And agreed it's 100% major in some way...otherwise they wouldn't have so much workarounds made with how they normally produce their shows. This Week originated from Times Square studios. What does that tell you? To me, there is something major going on. I think we can safely conclude that much. And I agree with you. It's not a question on if something major is happening. It's only a question of how major it is.
  8. 100% agreed. And btw, here is a screenshot I just got of one of the OTS shots. The backdrop is a dead giveaway in that shot as well with the pixelation. I will say that the monitor to the left side looks more realistic than the rest of the backdrop in that frame.
  9. To me that is 99.9% likely to not be the actual newsroom backdrop. That again raises my suspicions they are doing major renovations in TV3. And I'm watching them right now and it looks like a video backdrop given the slight pixelated look on the 2-anchor shot.
  10. Totally agreed. They should make that bug more visible, which is especially problematic when a L3 is not on screen. Ideally they should have the full-color version of the station logo on screen. At least that would remedy the problem with the bug. Alternatively, they should encase the bug in a box that always remains on-screen during newscasts.
  11. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/01/06/abc-news-times-square-temporary/ Towards the end of this article from NewscastStudio, there is an interesting idea that was raised. Is it possible that WNT is not even in TV3 at the moment, but in a temporary studio?
  12. At least that logo bug is actually somewhat legible (compared to the WFTS one).
  13. It's very subtle, however I'm noticing the lighting is very slightly different than what I recall being normal. The best way I can describe it is the lighting appears a bit duller than normal. Maybe it's nothing, but just something I noticed. This is what WNT looked like over the weekend: Compare that with a few months ago:
  14. Plus I would imagine the set pieces were likely pre-fabricated.
  15. Clearly ABC has plenty of time to get its use out of any new set/graphics elements before any such move to Hudson Square. Are they also planning a move from Times Square?
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