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  1. Perhaps Hearst...maybe. I will say that it would've been a huge bet on Hearst's part.
  2. I'll keep this brief but it won't get any better with Tegna. Nexstar was the best thing to happen to WATN. With Tegna, their fate has been sealed--sadly.
  3. And all I can say about WATN's rating is ouch.
  4. It certainly has the same tempo to the percussion as Fox 98--I can say that much. And if I had to guess, it is Fox 98.
  5. Coincidentally, earlier today, I made a spoof of the new Scripps gfx. I wasn't planning on posting it on TVNT, but now I can't help myself. Enjoy!
  6. Certainly Scripps' WSFL newscast could last through 2020 before low ratings (if they are low) compel corporate to rethink having a newscast on WSFL. But time will tell how the graphics will have a negative effect on WSFL (which I think they will).
  7. Wow, that's really cool to hear that package in use again!
  8. They will probably update that, if they haven't already. But I don't see the problem if they simply continued with the former Viacom font. I'm sure they will continue maintaining that trademark, at least nominally.
  9. We're just having a healthy discussion/debate on this. I could care less at this point what Scripps does. But since I have some interest in graphics design, I do have my opinions when gfx get rolled out to a station group.
  10. I totally agree. The gfx stand no chance against WPLG and WSVN's graphics...even WTVJ's gfx. If their only competitor was WFOR, then maybe, but this is the Miami DMA. Unless they have a higher velocity variant to this gfx pkg we haven't seen yet, then expect the newscast to be dead on arrival. The s-l-o-w pace of these graphics will not work in Miami's very fast-paced market. While graphics aren't the most important element to a newscast, they do help set the pace and tone of a newscast and are extremely important to get right. These graphics are not the right fit for many markets...including Miami.
  11. Any chance Studio 57 gets renovated to bring the look more in line with the current DC look? I'd imagine that they would want the studio to look comparable in design in case they the show gets anchored from NY from time to time (like when a guest anchor is hosting or major coverage from NY).
  12. I've said it before in a different thread but I'll say it again: What works in France or Germany may not always work in America (and vice versa)...and that's okay. Every country is different and therefore the trends will reflect that. But make no mistake: these graphics will not work on WPIX--and especially WSFL. A person would have delusions of grandeur if they think that these new gfx could possibly work in a fast-paced and hyper-competitive market as Miami (WSFL). What gets me is how Hearst, Sinclair, and Nexstar all use some form of modern 2D graphics (with at least some 3D elements) that look great and are very functional...yet Scripps had to go completely bland with their gfx. I would prefer Scripps look and sound as best as possible, but it's their company so I just shrug my shoulders and move along.
  13. They also didn't consider WSFL having a newscast in the Miami market.
  14. As far as WATN goes, it's not really like getting bought by Tegna could make things much worse. But stations like KFSM have a lot to lose by being under Tegna ownership. For example, KFSM has been a reliable news station for years in NW Arkansas. Now, Tegna might change that. And as for WNEP, Tegna would be incredibly foolish if they dumped MCTYW as their theme. The viewers will not be happy if they did, and I wouldn't blame them. It's a great theme and a great asset to the station. At the least, I'd expect the station to get standardized with graphics. We'll see what Tegna does about the music, but I'm not holding my breath much that Tegna makes the wise call
  15. I wish I could give you 5 thanks because this might be the best comment in this whole discussion. Great comment
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