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  1. I'm saddened to hear Rush has passed. He has left a legacy that will endure for generations on talk radio and beyond. It's really unfortunate that some people are celebrating his passing. I can only hope that those celebrating Rush's death are a small minority of people; I believe that people, regardless of political persuasion, should at least agree to offer their sincere condolences to Rush's family.
  2. Sad to hear this. He has become a mainstay in the Springfield-Branson DMA. Whoever replaces him has big shoes to fill. I hope he doesn't have to leave the market.
  3. I love the scenery they use on the KRNV opens. Someone has a good eye for what looks best with these graphics...nicely done.
  4. I can't say I'm that surprised about Gray buying Quincy. I appreciate how Quincy retained unique newscast identities for certain stations, including "Heart of Illinois ABC" (formerly HOI 19), on WEEK's sub-channel. There are other examples of course. But I hope that Gray doesn't meddle with that -- only time will tell. That is perhaps my biggest concern regarding the Quincy stations. On a separate note, I'm especially glad that WSIL and KVOA are getting re-sold, instead of being absorbed into Gray. Hopefully they will go to a good owner.
  5. I understand the need to innovate, but I feel like that's a lot of legacy branding down the drain. I wish Nexstar would retain the 'WGN America' name, even if in name only -- much like a station having call signs but branding as something else. I feel as though Nexstar can and should find some way to retain the WGN America name, even after the complete transition to NewsNation.
  6. I find it really odd that they chose a city as far away as San Antonio to handle the newscasts (or most of them at least) for WXLV. I wonder why they didn't opt to use a station closer to Greensboro; I can think of so many stations much closer to Greensboro before San Antonio.
  7. Without major changes to the status quo, I do not see Nexstar and Meredith doing a complete merger. Maybe piecemeal but not likely for the whole company.
  8. Glad to see that WSYM got its own in-house newscasts. I wonder how it is that Scripps can get WSYM's in-house newscasts going in mere months after the announcement, yet WSFL still doesn't have their in-house newscasts more than a year later after the original announcement.
  9. Regarding KCTV 5, I think this new package is a very big improvement for them. I wish they kept the old logo though. I was never much of a fan of KCTV's implementation of the WFTV package (even though I like WFTV's package). KCTV's 2015 gfx pkg was superb; I was disappointed at the time when they decided to switch to WFTV's package. I must give Meredith credit for commissioning a package that is energetic, current, and bold (in a good way) -- instead of something anemic and lacking. Kudos to them for that. Overall, this Meredith package is a nice improvement across
  10. I really like this package; it's impactful. I would've gone with slightly lighter shades of reds/blues, but other than that I think it's great. I'm amazed by how quickly the gfx package is getting rolled out. They must've pre-rendered everything (or at least much of it) before rolling these out, notwithstanding WSMV.
  11. That is a very interesting observation. Now that I think about it they do sound similar.
  12. I like the music, but I agree they could use better gfx for the open. The set looks great too.
  13. My question is whether the contract allows the station to choose to opt-out if a game takes place outside of the regular time. Either way, I personally don't think the station did anything wrong by opting out...especially since it was airing outside of normal airtime and was impeding on their schedule. I don't see a big controversy with this...tbh.
  14. Are they planning to upload the 360 pkgs to SAM's website? A quick search only turned up "360" and NBC O&O. I wonder if they plan on adding the other packages, such as Frequency, Connection, Viral, etc., to the SAM website.

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