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  1. Time will tell, but I continue to believe that they are still getting a new set. Their current set-up in the newsroom definitely has a "temporary" look to it. There seems to be a large printed curtain to one side of the newsroom behind the talent...or at least that's the closest thing I can compare it to. I also believe it's increasingly possible that they will adopt Nexstar graphics...given that the Fox graphics is now over a year old for the station. Besides, Fox 46 losing big talent is only half the story. A number of people have also joined the station in the more recent p
  2. It should be very interesting to see how CNN is affected by this merger. I wonder if the merged company will seek to move CNN to a more politically balanced hard news approach.
  3. It's an exceedingly boring logo, but not the worst I've seen. I wish they stayed with the old logo.
  4. Sure. It was an episode of a podcast I do. It was not copyright-related. They removed it citing misinformation. On a different note: Since you mentioned that you have a Do Not Post list, I will say that one video I produced last summer was later marked as having copyrighted material. I'm not 100 percent sure if I remember right but I believe A&E was a claimant. I thought at the time (and still continue to believe) that it was a false claim. But nonetheless, I removed that video from YouTube on my own to avoid any potential issue.
  5. For the first time ever last week, one of my videos was removed from YouTube. I never had YouTube remove a video before, but I see that I'm in good company. I find it completely ridiculous that YouTube is seeking to punish the very people who contribute content to the platform. If this trend continues, I really hope there is a comparable video platform for people to go to.
  6. They haven't dumped the name at other time slots, as far as I know. What really bothers me is they have been running cold opens for a few years now. They really need to bring back an actual open.
  7. If Nexstar isn't planning to keep WJZY, then why build them a new set? It makes zero sense to give them a new set if they would just sell them right after.
  8. This is an incredible find and thank you for sharing this. In my opinion, Martine Croxall handled the breaking news very well. I imagine the pressure had to be unimaginable to deliver such a headline to millions of people worldwide. They can prepare and rehearse such a scenario, but at the end of the day it's always a shock when it actually happens. On a side note, I'm mildly surprised that they didn't cut to a filler or some type of break to allow her a brief opportunity to get ready for the announcement. The fact she was able to prepare for the "official" bulletin while talki
  9. At this point in time, I think it's safe for me to say that Mr. Kim is declaring an all-out war on Tegna leadership.
  10. Apparently my earlier statement regarding BBC's initial coverage was incorrect. As I understand it, the news of Prince Philip's passing was first reported on the BBC News Channel (which was being simulcast on BBC Two). Their 12:00 news was already in progress; the news anchor reported it right after a news story had finished. And then, a few moments later, it was reported on BBC One (which I'm assuming included the other BBC TV channels). I would be curious to see if anyone has a more complete recording of the BBC News Channel after the initial report. Someone put together a montage of
  11. I did manage to find this video of how BBC first broke the news of Prince Philip's passing. This was recorded from BBC One, which shows a few seconds of normal programming and then the interruption. And here's how ITV broke the news on their channel.
  12. Has anyone recorded what (if anything) BBC is showing during the programming suspension? I'd be curious to know.
  13. Just because you disagree with their viewpoints doesn't mean they're a "fascist." It's one thing to say you disagree with them, but to go as far as calling them fascists...that's a bit much. But that's the problem with much of the mainstream media these days. Instead of presenting a news story in an unbiased way, only one viewpoint/talking point is tolerated while the other viewpoint is either openly rejected or shown in a distorted way. Unless or until this changes, there will continue to be a market for alternative news outlet options.
  14. The competition is certainly getting to be quite crowded OTA these days, as far as news networks go. But I think this could be a smart business move on OAN's part. They certainly have a large audience with plenty of growth potential. I have a large range of channels on my Spectrum service, and yet I still do not get OAN as of yet...even though I get Newsmax. So this could be a way to reach people who may still not have full access to their channel.
  15. Perhaps more details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks or months, but I don't understand why they couldn't build a new building on the same property. Just a quick glance at Google maps and it would seem they could take the parking lot and build a new modern building there, similar to what happened at WEAR and KFOR. Obviously, parking would need to be figured out until the new building is built. Perhaps they could lease adjacent land to temporarily serve as a parking area for station staff. But if they end up relocating to a whole new site, it should be interes

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