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  1. In Tucson Young Sheldon Well Airing On KMSB At 6pm And 6:30pm Full Hour Bumping Modern Family Which Starts September 27th Which Moves To KTTU At 5pm and 5:30pm And Leno Your Bet Life Well Airing At 10:30pm and 11pm Weeknights Starts September 20th Bumping Friends And Finally Nick Cannon Well Airing At 3pm Weekdays Bumping 25 Worlds Or Less Which Moves To KTTU Weeknights At At 10pm And 10:30pm And Relative Justice Has Aired On KTTU Weekdays At 1pm And 1:30pm Highway Thru Hall Has Aired On KWBA Weekdays At 3pm S.W.AT Well Airing On Sundays At 9pm And MacGyver Remake From 2016 Well Also Airing O

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