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  1. I feel like some of the "major" long-lasting ones that are active enough to justify it can be consolidated, otherwise i don't think that we'll lose much by doing away with them if i'm honest lol.
  2. apologies if this one was posted before, but as of 2013 the Sri Lankan NewsFirst was using 615's Rainmaker package, kind of a surprise to hear all the way over there if i'm honest
  3. really liking the flattened out eye transitions that are reminiscent of the current ones, if this is evidence of anything big they're working on group-wide i hope they keep those kinda design cues! the current package is really nice and i like the idea of them just. freshening up 'n modernizing some of the concepts of it tbh.
  4. heh, it is, don't worry i forget that kinda stuff doesn't come off too well in text...
  5. you'll change your mind once i finish writing my essay about how the stretched helvetica WJZ graphics were the pinnacle of creativity in graphic design for broadcast media and literally everything that came after it is depressing and awful and on par with (gasp!) the WKYC rebrand!!!
  6. i’m not going to make ANY friends here, but i’m gonna be the one to say it. well, i’ve already said it on the discord, but still - the package is growing on me. i kinda like it! i wish that it had a bit more motion to it (like the KABC package mentioned earlier) and fonts that have more of a presence but honestly? i see what they’re going for and i can kinda dig it. it definitely won’t be as flexible with existing station branding like the Renderon package is but... sometimes it feels like i’m the only one who wants to give this one a chance it took time for the teg
  7. honest question, is this attempting to look like the Tribune (or. uh, Nexstar) CBS graphics?
  8. honestly? the entirely way this is cut feels really awkward. it's amazing how much a simple transition effect and a more defined background like the current ones can change that tbh!! the concept is definitely interesting though...
  9. oh man one of my posts got spun off into its own thread. can't tell if i did something right or if this is my first screw up, wooooof 😳

  10. well now you have me curious. i'm gonna be keepin an eye on 7 and lookin for some of these elements, never really bothered to pay attention until now so i can't compare off memory. i need an excuse to watch my locals anyway
  11. holy crap, that renault ad at 24 minutes!!! between this and the president talkin about them, i feel like fate is gonna bring me a renault in the very near future... also, you couldn't get away with larry's "newscastery" hair today. pure late 70s/early 80s aesthetic.
  12. i had a feeling that this proooobably wasn't supposed to be on-air with how rough the talent shots are! good to have you confirm it uwu i really dig that circle 7 transition in the intro. did that ever make it on-air? i never see it in the current package. i feel like that form-up pops up in promos from time to time but i've never seen that transition, lol
  13. not sure if i'm in the right general for this one but i didn't feel like this warranted its own thread and i'm pretty sure the graphics subforum is only for new stuff, but. i was lookin on bill ratner's website after hearin his voice on some downstate public access show (thanks @22MinWorld for showin me *that* gem), i wanted to see if he ever acknowledged it. ended up finding this WLS open with the newer stimulus package that i've never seen before on air. not sure if this was used on a special occasion, it was very early in the package's history, or what. those glass panel things seem mo
  14. is that a nexstar trope? it feels like every station no matter who the owners are feel the need to bring up station history and “a commitment to telling your story,” as if a set has anything to do with that lmao. WJZ was proof that viewers can recognize a good product even if everything looked like 90s vomit oh, and. this is a nice set especially for the market, i’m with @MorningNews and @who?cares on this one
  15. not sure if this would go here or in one of the international threads (let me know if it's in the wrong place, didn't see an international knockoff thread), but Vizion Plus's news open is a blatant knockoff of ITV's offerings. i'm also pretty sure they're tryin to go for an ITV thing with the set and are... failing, to say the least. seems to be some kind of weird mix of the regular ITV news intros with elements from the News at Ten open. here's Vizion Plus Lajme - and here's ITV - speaking of ITV, here's Granada attempting to copy one of the 90s he

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